Smash Mouth – All Star (Official Music Video)

Smash Mouth – All Star (Official Music Video)

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  1. Alright, by the power of instinct and autocorrect, I will type the lyrics of all star while closing my eyes

    Something once told me the work is gonna take me u ain't the sharpest tool in the shed she was looking kinda dumb with ER finger and her thumb in the shape of an L in her fore head well the years tar doubt and they don't so p coming fed up I the rules and they hatched the ct i-in running didn't make s ends bit to live e for the. Your brain gets S. Art. He throws head gets dumb do much to do so much to see so whTs wrong with taking the abckstreedt you'll never know if you go by go you'll never shine for you don't gki
    Hey know your an all free get your game on go loaf gray no you're q rockstar get the show ibcg put WNT wkly hat flutters IE your ibkycehitting stars break the mild winter is d a go to place and they say they T get free of tbyout v nto e yocbi be iwtbtukkcy cyst older but the meteor or men beg to differ judging by the hole in the stroller picture the I e we don't I'd getting pretty you. The waters Hetty g eat. Do you. Isn't as well swim the world's on fire how bout yours that's the way y on ur IY anf u never get voted heat bow you're an all star get the game on go play Hey now they're a tocistarbget thebshowbibcget pair que wkly hwtctl t series ew UE turn Ho velour by e wres
    Somebody once asked if I spare some change for gas u need ed TI get myself w et f outta m this plwc I'd Evie t prefer W cibc o make fire in pen é be 👌 with you on ur own é El WNT you are four wood e q lol OK at our fywjft they years star coming game they don't stop coming RRR tux he rules and ht y Hut the grid d running wow T. Wow so ER. KY rocks e for the crime. Raj Crete smarty bu your bead gets stun so much to do so much to o wet ep what's wrong tugs taking th vwfket you nerve keep it you don't go totoo never shine if you did g glue hey the you're an kakkvrtwrcget your can't K. Got pakychrh K or your a rockstar get the show K Chet paid S f all tbsp glitters djdgkmd Ky dbkktj g dvgD. Team the mkhkd

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