SML Movie: Bigfoot!

Junior: So guys, what do you want to do today? Cody: Ooh, I know. Joseph: Oh, I don’t know, dude. Junior: You wanna watch TV? Joseph: Oh, yeah, let’s watch TV. Junior: Okay, we’re gonna watch TV! Cody: Okay, I guess I’ll just save this for another day then. Okay, what do you want to watch? Junior: Uh, what do you want to watch, Cody? Cody: Oh, I was thinking we would prob- Junior: Dr. Finkleshits? Joseph: Oh, yeah. Dr. Finkleshits. Junior: Yeah, let’s watch Dr. Finkleshits. Joseph: Yeah! (Cody sighs) Hello! I’m Dr. Frendrick Finkleshits, and today we’re going to be talking about… Bigfoot! Now, I know what you are thinking: “Dr. Finkleshits, you are cuckoo! Bigfoot does not exist!” Oh, really, well, if he doesn’t exist, then it explains this photograph! Not me, I am NOT a cuckoo bird. No it is you are cuckoo, not Finkleshits. So to prove it I will go deep into the woods There is 1 million dollars as a reward for anybody who captures Bigfoot And I will go to the woods and find him all right I am now is a middle of the woods where Bigfoot was last seen and I am dressed like a big juicy banana because that Is what Bigfoot likes to eat he is not a monkey, but he does enjoy bananas. I will now do the Bigfoot dance Bigfoot, come and get this juicy banana. Banana. Banananananananana… Bigfoot, it is you! Dr. Finkelshits just got killed! This show is so fake. Dr. Finkelshits dies in every episode and besides Bigfoot isn’t even real. Bigfoot is real Cody. No. He’s not jr.. Just because there’s one picture of him does not make him real well They’re more than just a picture this footage of Dr. Finkleshits getting killed by Bigfoot. What your mom was a costume no she does a bat suit oh? Yeah, I got that okay big fat is a great Bigfoot isn’t real yes, the end it Bigfoot wasn’t real Why would they give out a million-dollar reward to find something real? They’re not jr. It’s a TV show well. I think Bigfoots real, and I think we should go in the woods try to find him oh Yeah, we should go Get a million dollars if you find. Oh, I know we got a five big-footed Cody could be a banana Why do I have to be a banana because Cody yet the dress of a banana because dr. Figo said dress up as a banana and look Bigfoot appeared so someone has to be the banana And you’re the perfect fit for it cuz you got a banana shaped head you bein a shaped head freak. Well. Yeah, that’s true I’m not dressing up like a banana you’re dressing up like a banana Cody. No. I’m not See Cody. I told you you’d be the perfect banana Oh, hey chef peepee you were about to go outside look for Bigfoot look for Bigfoot Do you Bigfoot doesn’t exist coming from somebody who doesn’t even have feet ooh sick burn junior right? Well, you’re not gonna find Bigfoot cuz he doesn’t exist oh. He doesn’t exist well It’d be really jealous when we get a million dollars for finding him come on guys. Let’s go look for Bigfoot You guys are idiots all right guys. Are you ready to fight, Bigfoot? Yeah? Yeah, I really don’t feel comfortable dressed up like a banana in the middle of the woods Why you’re afraid Bigfoot’s gonna eat you no because Bigfoot doesn’t exist if paper doesn’t exist Cody the figure should be in by Bigfoot Because it was a TV show Junior. That wasn’t Bigfoot. It was a guy in a suit We’re gonna hide behind that tree over there, and you’re gonna say you’re make banana noises banana noises Okay, Cody. Go go. What is the banana even sound like junior Co? Do you know what a banana survivor dude, okay? What is he retarded Cody? You’re supposed to say banana sound I’m doing what bananas do they don’t talk Cody you know Cody all right fine banana come on Cody Enthusiast motion Cody, okay fine fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah Why jr. I was doing the banana car well, it sucked you shot at nothing like a banana. Yeah, dude I was doing a best side cutter. He’s being the best damn banana that I could be well It wasn’t good enough to the clock tomorrow Junior. What is a banana even supposed to sound like show me it sounds like this? Junior you’re an idiot Cody your idiot how about we just look for Bigfoot footprint in the ground no Steve’s not working. Oh my god Junior It’s a hand no way we’re not looking for a big hand we’re looking for a Bigfoot. Oh yeah, that’s a human Head I think somebody died out here, so you think it’s a leftovers of dr. Finger since when you’re eatin could be do refugee died jr.. We need to get out of here I think there’s a bear around here. I Don’t want to do this Cory look. Oh my god now. That’s a Bigfoot That’s a human foot well first we found a human head and now that’s a human foot. There’s a murderer out here. No Cody You’re just back if we felt Bigfoot. We’re gonna get that reward I’m not touching that It stinks it’s writing and now that you’ve touched it your fingerprints are all over It well so now that I’ve read words on it. We can prove that we’ve found it I don’t want anything to do with this what you’re just mad cause you’re in a banana suit. You look ridiculous Oh, yeah, come on guys the thing is home. Oh my god guys. I can’t without Bigfoot. No right dude We didn’t find Bigfoot guys. We found a severed human foot ah Cody. What’s Bigfoot’s name? It’s it’s Bigfoot, and what is that? It’s a Bigfoot. Uh-huh, so why are we even arguing Junior? Okay? If this is Bigfoot? Why doesn’t it look like the picture of Bigfoot and dr. Fagel shitshow? well Maybe Bigfoot shaved what you hear then it makes sense luckily and then the picture he had a lot of hair and look He doesn’t have hair so he shaved Junior you are an idiot Well Cody your idiot because you don’t know what a Bigfoot looks like that’s a Bigfoot and who like off my roared You need you call the police because we found out body part wouldn’t you call a doctor when you find a body part? You’re right Junior. No you call the police because this is illegal okay fine Cody I’ll call the police, but they better get my reward okay, so uh? I don’t want to be here when the police come because I don’t want anything to do with this okay So I’m leaving all right fine Cody when we get our million dollars look I’m gonna split it 50/50 right yeah, you’ll get a share of it. Let’s call the cops all right. Let’s do it June You’re such an idiot What is she happy be doing Man, I can’t wait to stare to you. This is gonna be so funny. He’s gonna think that he’s actually getting a Bigfoot Shit, baby. What are you doing Cody look look? I’m dressing up like Bigfoot the scared genius. Oh my god. That’s hilarious I know right so can you help me put my head on yeah, shit? Oh, yeah, it’s a zipper bag Don’t make sure you zip it up. Okay? Oh? The zipper broke wait wait Yeah, it looks like you’re gonna be stuck in that costume for a little while it doesn’t matter. I’ll just cut it off later I get that scary Junior. Okay, now those stairs and hanging out with junior and Joseph until you come scared okay Hello hey kid did you call 911 what’s your emergency? They should ask you that on the phone, but they don’t tell me nothin. I’m so glad you came I caught Bigfoot oh Oh you got Bigfoot. Huh? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Oh, where is that Bigfoot? Oh? He’s upstairs Oh, it’s upstairs. You got the tooth fairy a bit too. Huh well wouldn’t what about the Easter Bunny. Are they locked up there? No, I only got Bigfoot. Oh just just the Bigfoot. Okay. Well. I’ll tell you what kid 911 is for emergencies Only okay, we can’t have kids calling us because you found a spider under your bed And you think it’s a monster well. No no I have the real Bigfoot upstairs. I promise I swear All right show me what you got go on all right officer here’s Bigfoot Well, you’re not lying that that is a Bigfoot. Yeah, it’s Bigfoot Sara Where’s our reward yeah? What reward what reward? Well the million dollars is a million dollar one whoever could find Bigfoot, so we went out to the woods And we felt Bigfoot you found this in the woods, yeah Did you find anything else we found a hand but yeah? We didn’t want a hand we want a Bigfoot No of course not you you’re just looking for the foot Yes, so are we in that reward well before I give you any kind of? Reward I’m just gonna take this back to the forensic lab and see how this Bigfoot got detached from its big body And then I’ll be back most likely with the warrant. Okay. Take this and be on my way. Please hurry Yeah, yeah those kids are going to jail So Joseph, what are you gonna do with your? $500,000 oh dude my new ball. That’s awesome guys. Oh, what’s up loser? What’s up, Jody? Dead one junior, so what did the police officer say? Oh? He say if you could get our reward and our warrants Oh yeah, jealous much. I think you’re jealous. Yeah. Yeah, I sure am so what are you doing here chode? I thought you left oh, I didn’t have anything to do so I came back. Oh. Oh well That’s good, so when they bring us on a million dollars. You’ll watch us bathe and our money Yeah, you know you didn’t catch the real Bigfoot right wait what we talking about well Jenny I think the real Bigfoot’s still out there somewhere no way no. We caught we caught the real Bigfoot. No I don’t think I don’t think you did. I think you might be closer than you think what what? Take us down to the forensic lab run some tests boy. I am really thirsty I you know what I’m gonna go get a drink out of their fridge like I come here all the time I practically live here, man. I really hope they don’t have diet drinks We finally got you after all these years, we finally got your Bigfoot. The legends were all true okay, Bigfoot. You’re coming with me Cody what are you talking about? We caught the real Bigfoot? Yeah, Junior. I don’t think you did. I think it’s still out there Goodman: Breaking news m’kay. Bigfoot the real Bigfoot has been filed. Let’s go to the press conference. No good, okay Hello, yes press conference the reports you are hearing are true. We have captured the real Bigfoot and here he Look at it. Isn’t he such a majestic creature look. I am NOT Bigfoot. I am just a chef in the capital minutes After all of these years we finally found Bigfoot hiding in a child’s home in his kitchen, but yes So now that we have Bigfoot scientists are gonna do all kinds of painful excruciating Experiments on him and you know just to see what kind of freaky Olli is I? Think it’s all for the greater good No No, no, no, this is bad. Well. What’s wrong Cody. Oh my god get guys That’s that’s chef peepee what he won. Yeah, yeah that Bigfoot on TV. That’s that chef peepee okay, Cody? I understand that we call your mom a pig all the time, but calling chef, baby, Bigfoot Just cuz he’s hairy that that’s an insult. No no jr.. I mean that’s that’s literally chef peepee in a costume He put on a Bigfoot costume to try to scare you guys and I guess somebody actually thought he was Bigfoot That’s not chef peepee well, yes, it is jr.. I promise what that’s Bigfoot jr. That’s not Bigfoot that is chef peepee in a costume confused now well I’m gonna go check you got lion Cody chef peepee Cody says you’re Bigfoot Ch-Chef PeePee? Chef PeePee! Guys I can’t find Chef PeePee! Yeah, I know junior because he’s in that cage so Cody you’re really telling the truth about chef peepee yes Junior Oh, then. What are we gonna do guys? Well Junior there’s only one thing we can do *Mexican noises* Oh i cant Belive im operating on the REAL bigfoot w… wait a second Nah it’s just me nigga! *Laughing*

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