SML Movie: Picture Day!

SML Movie: Picture Day!

Jackie Chu: Alright, Class. Let’s go over the four states of matter. WE HAVE SOLID… LIQUID… GAS… AND DOES ANYONE KNOW THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER? “Uh… ‘Black Lives’?” CORRECT! “BLACK LIVES… MATTER”. ALRIGHT CLASS, REMEMBER… PICTURE DAY TOMORROW. SO MAKE SURE YOU LOOK YOUR BEST ‘CAUSE THIS PICTURE GOING IN THE YEARBOOK AND YOU DON’T WANNA LOOK LIKE UGLY FREAK Bowser Jr.: “PICTURE DAY TOMORROW???” “Hope their camera has a wide angle lens… they’re gonna need one to get my giant biceps in frame!” [Grunts, flexes] “Oh dude I can’t wait to wear my new outfit, I’m gonna look so good…” Toad: Oh! Picture day! Ha ha ha! no [Toad] I’m gonna look a pimp tomorrow. I’ma be super fly! Junior: I wonder what I’m going to wear for picture day tomorrow… Cody: Ooh! I wonder if they will let me have Ken in my picture! Joseph: Wait, Ken?. Junior: Ken?! Cody: Yeah, we can be cute. Joseph: That’s stupid Cody! Junior: Yeah, when you’re 30 one day, Cody, you’re gonna look back at you’re yearbook And say I wonder why I had that doll with me Joseph: Yeah Cody: No, we’ll be “Class Couple.”. Junior: W-wait, speaking of Ken, where do you keep Ken when you’re at school? Cody: Oh, he’s at flute practice… …under my desk!… Junior: Ken can play the flute? Cody: Oh hell yeah, he can! Joseph: He’s a doll, Cody! Junior: He’s a stupid doll. Huh, I just wonder what I’m gonna wear tomorrow… Cody: Ohhhhhhhh, Jesus Christ! Jeffy: Hey Junior, I got a question. Junior: Uh yeah Jeffy? Jeffy: What’s picture day? Junior: Oh, it’s where they take a picture of you for the yearbook. Jeffy: Ohhhh I like pictures! Bully Bill: Yeah, but the camera might break because of how ugly you are. (Laughing Sarcastically) haaaha-haha Jeffy: Um, Junior, have you ever seen someone with a fucked up face in the yearbook? Junior: Um, no. Jeffy: You’re about to. (Jeffy Screaming) (Jeffy beating up Bully Bill) TAKE THESE HANDS, BITCH! TAKE THEM! THIS IS THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME YOU’LL SAY SHIT TO ME!!! Jeffy: Hey, Daddy? Mario: *Sigh* What is it Jeffy? Jeffy: Tomorrow’s picture day at school. Mario: Wuh, picture day? We have to get you a nice out- Jeffy?! Jeffy: What? Mario: What happened to your eye?! Jeffy: I got in a fight at school Daddy! Mario: Wha, a fight?! What happened, Jeffy?! Jeffy: Well, this kid was talkin’ all kinds of shit, so I had to spank that ass Daddy! Yeah, He got one good hit on me, right in the eye, but you should see him. He’s all kinds of fucked up! Mario: Wuh- Jeffy! Now you’re gonna have a black eye for your yearbook photo! Jeffy: I don’t give a shit! Mario: *Sigh* Jeffy, I think I got an outfit for you You’re- you’re gonna wear this! Jeffy: Daddy, I’m not wearing that. Mario: Yeah you are, Jeffy you’re gonna look nice with this. Jeffy: No Daddy, I wanna pick out what I wanna wear, and if you don’t let me, we’re gonna be twins, Daddy. Mario: *Sigh* (Junior snoring) Junior: *yawn* Oh man, I’m ready for picture day! I’ma get Chef Pee Pee make me some breakfast! Picture day! Chef Pee Pee: I crackin’ the egg! Ooh! I’m makin’ the omelet! Crackin’ the egg! I’m makin’ the omelet! (Lots of omletts) I’m makin’ the omelet, makin’ the omelet, makin’ the omelet… i’m makin’ ome- Junior: Uh, Chef Pee Pee? Chef Pee Pee: *sigh* What, Junior? I’m making an omelet. Junior: Uh, can you iron my bib? I gotta look good for picture day. Chef Pee Pee: Uh sure-(Chef Pee Pee laughing childish) Junior: Wuh-wuh-what? Chef Pee Pee: Oh God, you got a PIMPLE on your face! PIMPLE FACE!! Junior: Wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-pimple on my face? Chef Pee Pee: Oh my God, you haven’t noticed that big ass pimple on your face? Oh my God, you could see it from space! See it from space, see it from space! Junior: Wuh-wuh-what are you talking about?! Pimple on my face?! Chef Pee Pee: See it from space! WOOOOOO! Makin’ the omelet… (Junior screaming) I’m a big, pimple-faced loser! Look how big that pimple is! What am I gonna do?!!!!! It’s picture day, and I have a pimple on my face! DAAAAAAAAD! (Bowser sleeping) Dad, dad, dad, wake up! Bowser: Ugh, what Junior?! I told you not to wake me up unless the house is on fire or Chef Pee Pee’s naked! Junior: Dad, today’s picture day at school, and look! Bowser: Puuuuuh-puuuuuh-puh-puh-puh-pimple face! Oh my God, that is a pimple face! Junior: Dad, what do I do about the pimple? Today’s picture day! Bowser: Huh, well there is nothing you can do Junior. You were chosen! Lemme tell you a story. Every year, somebody is chosen by the pimple to be the pimple-faced freak. And you were chosen! Yeah, it was this kid in high school named Pete! And man, he was chosen too! He had a huge pimple! Ah Man, we called him “pimple Pete,” “pimple freak,” even “pizza face freak.”, Ah Man, we even called him ugly, ’cause damn! That pimple made him SO ugly! Heh heh. Huh, I wonder where Pimple Pete is now. Eh, he probably killed himself. I know I would’ve! Heh heh heh. Well, the moral of the story is… well…it was nice knowing you Junior! Heh heh heh heh. Junior: Uh, uh, what do I do?!., Bowser: (quietly)Heh, that was funny Cody: Hey Junior. Joseph: Hey dude. Cody: It’s really early in the morning, Junior. School is about to start. What’s up? Joseph: Yeah dude!’. Cody: Hold up, I know what you guys are thinking… DAMN! Cody’s one tall glass of water! And I know y’all thirsty, but it’s okay. Grab yourself a straw and take you a SUCK! Joseph: Hey guys, what do you think about my new outfit? Ha ha, it’s pretty nice, huh? Cody: Well it doesn’t even match, Joseph. Joseph: Well, it doesn’t have to match, I look super fly in it! Cody: Well, I look like a Boeing 747 ’cause I’m so fly! Joseph: Well, um, I look like a spaceship, that’s how fly I am! Cody: Well people are always trying to swat me with a fly swatter ’cause of how fly I am! Uh how fly are you, Junior? Wo-woah, Junior! Why do you have a bag on your head? Joseph: Yeah dude, why does it have a sad face on it? Junior: I’m ugly guys. Cody: What are you talking about, Junior? I’d still bend you over like a naughty child. Joseph: Yeah dude, what’s wrong? Junior: I woke up this morning and God hit me with the ugly stick! Cody: Wuh-Junior, you’re not ugly! It can’t be that bad! Joseph: Yeah dude, just take the bag off. Cody: Wuh-WOAH! Woah, oh my God Junior! Y-You are a pimple-faced freak! Junior: I know Joseph: Yeah, that pimple is huge, dude! Cody: Oh my God, Junior, what is your pillow, a slice of pizza?! Joseph: Oh man, it looks like a planet on your face, dude! Junior: Shut up guys I know I’m ugly I know I have a big pimple- what do I do?! It’s picture day! Cody: Well, you could try standing next to me, and everyone would be looking at me and not your stupid ugly pimple face. Junior: Uh, uh, guys… Cody: Oh that’s actually a kind of a good idea! What if we added something to you that’s so distracting that no one noticed your pimple? Junior: Like-like-like what? Cody: Uh, like, like a hat! I’ll get you one of my hats! Junior: Uh, okay. Alright guys, did the hat block out the view of the pimple? Cody: Uh, no, but it blocks the haters! Junior: Uh, Joseph, what does it look like? Joseph: It looks like it’s your bedtime dude Junior: Wha-Cody, this hat’s stupid, it’s not working. Cody: Uh, okay, well you can try popping the pimple! Junior: Try popping it? Cody: Yeah just squeeze it. Junior: Uh okay. (Junior reaching) Cody: You can’t reach your face? Junior: I can’t reach my face guys, my arms are too short! Cody: Oh. Well, I’m not touching it. Joseph: Yeah I’m not gonna touch it either dude. Junior: Wuh-how are we gonna pop it? Cody: Uh, I kinda, I kinda just wanna bite it! You know, just pop it in my mouth like a grape, like n’yah! Junior: You gonna do it? Cody: No, God no, ewgh. Junior: Uh, alright guys what am I gonna do? It’s picture day today and I can’t get a picture with this big ugly pimple on my face! Cody: Uh, well we can still try the distracting thing. Junior: Okay, uh, what would be distracting? Cody: Uh, what if we shaved your eyebrows? Junior: Sh-sh-shave my eyebrows? Cody: Yeah, everybody would be looking at where your eyebrows should be and they wouldn’t look at your pimple! Junior: Hm, that is a pretty good idea, right? Cody: Yeah, let’s shave your eyebrows! Junior: Let’s try that, let’s try it! (Electric Razor in Background.) Cody: Ahhhh…uhh-oh-oh God. Ah, oh my God Junior I.. I am so sorry. Junior: Wuh-how does it look Joseph? Joseph: It looks real bad dude, real bad. Junior: Well is it distracting from the pimple? Cody: Yeah. Yeah it’s all.. it’s all very distracting. Joseph: Oh, very dude. Junior: Do you still see the pimple though? Joseph: Yeah. Cody: Yeah a little bit. Junior: I don’t want to see the pimple at all, I want to be completely distracted from this stupid pimple. Cody: Uh, okay. Joseph: Well, maybe if you shave your head dude. Junior: Shave my head? Okay do it, do it. Cody: Okay, yeah, I guess we can try that. Uh, hang on, let me, let me… (…) Ahhhh… ahhhhh… Junior: Alright guys how do I look? Joseph: Dude you look racist. Junior: Wha-racist? Cody: Ahh, oh God Junior, you look horrible. Junior: Well do you still see the pimple? Cody: Yeah. Yeah that’s ALL I see Junior, you don’t have any other features, you just look like a normal turtle with a giant pimple on its face. Joseph: Yeah dude it looks bigger. Cody: Yeah I think it’s growing. Joseph: Growing? Guys! We’re supposed to make it where you don’t see the pimple and now all y’all you see is the pimple?!.,’ Joseph: Yeah. Cody: Yeah… Junior: Guys! School starts in five minutes, what are we gonna do?! Cody; Well, I guess there’s one more thing we can try. Junior: What? Cody: I-I made this gun that’s supposed to shrink things. Junior: Shrink things? Cody: Yeah but I’ve never tried it out before so something could go horribly wrong. Junior: Guys, I don’t care, school starts in five minutes, try it on me, try it, I don’t care what happens, try it. Cody: Are you sure Junior? Junior: Try it! I want this pimple GONE! Cody: Alright. (Laser sound effect) (Cody and Joseph in shock) Junior: Gu-guys, how do I look? Did it shrink it? Joseph: Uh, uh, I’ma see you at school dude! Cody: Yeah, good luck Junior! Junior: Wha… GUYS! Did it shrink it or not?! (Junior screaming) CODYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Cody: …Yeah? Junior: WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FACE?! Cody: Look Junior, I told you something horribly wrong could happen! I guess I duplicated the pimple instead of shrinking it! Junior: WHA-CODY I’M A FREAK! Cody: Yeah, I know, Junior, Hell even Ken could read your face at this point. Junior: Cody what am I gonna do?! Today’s picture day and now I have like a million pimples on my face! Cody: Uh, I think you’re all out of options, Junior. You should probably just put that paper bag back on your head and th-that’s your life now. (Junior sobbing.) (School bell ringing) Jackie Chu: Alright class. Today is picture day. So I’m gonna call you up one by one to have your picture taken. I hope you all look really nice. ‘Cause this picture gonna be in the yearbook forever. Joseph: Oh man, I can’t wait to get my picture taken! Cody: Me too. Me and Ken look BANGIN’! Joseph: Hey did Junior ever fix his face? Cody: No don’t talk about it. Joseph: Oh ok. Jackie Chu: Alright Cody. You’re first. Cody: Woah. I thought they would save best for last. Oh well. Guess we’re just gonna have to make everyone look bad. Come on Ken. Alright. How do you want us, Chu? I was thinking we have Ken on his hands and knees and I’d be tongue punching his fart box. Jackie Chu: Cody. Why you bring your toy with you? Cody: Wuh-toy? No, we left those at home. Wa-wait. You mean I could’ve brought those?! Oh my God! Jackie Chu: Alright Cody you done get out of here. Cody: Uh, alright. Send that to me on the ol’ snap. Well, that was one, sexy photo Ken. Anyway, back to flute practice. (SEXUAL MOANING) Jackie Chu: Alright Jeffy. You’re next. Jeffy: I’m ready for my picture to be taken. *Moment Of Silence* Wha-a-t? (Jackie Chu takes the photo in silence) FUCK THE HATERS!! Jackie Chu: Alright Junior. You’re next. (Joseph and Cody cringe) Junior: I’m coming. Cody: Not Junior. Joseph: Oh dude, he’s gonna get made fun of! Junior: *sigh* Jackie Chu: Junior! Take the bag off your head. Junior: Wh-what bag? Jackie Chu: The bag with the frowny face! Take it off! Junior: It-it’s against my religion to take this bag off. Jackie Chu: Junior. We don’t know who you are. Take the off the bag, now! Junior: You know who I am, you’re saying- Jackie Chu: Junior, take off the bag! Jackie Chu: HOLY SHIT YOU KUNG PAO CHICKEN POCK FREAK HAHA!!! YO-YOU HAVE PIMPLE ALL OVER YOUR FACE! This going to be a hilarious picture Junior: NO NO DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE! *poof* Jackie Chu: Wha-what happened to your head?. Junior: What do you mean?. Jackie Chu: The pimples are all gone! Junior: They’re all gone? Really? Jackie Chu: Yeah. Junior: Wh-wha-okay! Joseph and Cody: Uh… Junior: Hey, Guys, are my pimples really gone? Cody: Yea-yeah. Joseph: Ye-yep dude. Junior: So your gun must’ve worked Cody! Cody: Y-Yeah… Yeah, especially the shrinking part. Junior: Yeah, it must’ve had a delayed reaction or something. Cody: Yeah… Junior: *sigh* man at least my pimples went away before my pictures was taken Cody: Ya. SML Question: What is the most EMBARRASSING thing that has ever happened to you? Subscribe Kill me

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  5. The most embarrassing thing that happened to me when I was in school I was laughing at a joke and then farted by accident

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  7. Yall notic how codys desk is open LITTERLY RIGHT INDRONT HIS PENIS and that the kendoll was in his bed playing the flute IN HIS DESK! yeah i think we all know what he keans by that

  8. My most embarrassing thing that happened is that in hat day I didn’t wear one and then I saw that my dog was walking into the door and I was Laughing

  9. SML QUESTION:What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
    My Answer: When I spilled water on my private part and it looked like peed in my pants😐

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