SML Movie: The Test!

SML Movie: The Test!

Alright, class. And that is how
a photosynthesis work: You take a picture of a flower, and the flower grow. So, does anybody
have any question? Yeah, uh, uh,
I-I have a question: Um, h-how would
that even work? Because when flash on a
camera go off, it act like sunlight.
and feed flower. You understand now? Uh, n-no, th-that
d-doesn’t make any sense. Alright, class, tomorrow,
you have biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig test, very big test. [ Chuckles ] And for those of you
who pass big test, you get pizza party. But for those of
you who fail big test, no pizza party for you! Because you dumb,
you dumb as shit, Extra homework for you! Pizza party?
Yeah! I’m gonna be rolling in pizza! I’m gonna pass that
test so hard, I’m gonna bend
the test over, and be like eh, eh! Take it test! Eh!
Take my Cody brain!
Eh eh! W-w-wait. Did the teacher say
we have to pass a test to get pizza? yes junior thats what he said . Huh I’m not getting any pizza. I’m not gonna pass that test! Sucks for you junior That just means more pizza for me. Eh Eh E- Um, junior, I really want to eat pizza… but there’s no way a ballsack is gonna pass that test. Oh, me nether. Jeffy I don’t know anything what’s on that test. Well, I guess I can tutor you guys. W-wait. “Tutor?” [Cody] Yeah. “Tutor?” Sounds like “pooper.” Yeah, but what does tutor mean? Oh it means that come over to your house, and they teach you everything you need to know for the test Wait, you would do that, Cody!? Well, sure yeah, I’ll do that alright. I’ll come over tonight. Thanks, Cody. Yeah, thanks Cody. (Cody gets REKT) Alright, class I’m profressor Cody, And I will be your tutor today. So no goofing around you too Or I’ll have to give you a spanking and that goes for you too, Ken. Alright Cody, what are you going to teach us? Oh I’m going to teach you everything that’s going to be in the test tomorrow so math, science, and history. J-Jeffy could you please stop smacking your diaper. It’s distracting. UUUUUUHHHHH! Okay, I’m going to show you guys out with something easy, okay, okay, alright How many stars are on the American flag? Oh God Cody.That’s that’s a lot of stars. Yeah. Okay. Li- Like that’s a lot of stars. Alright. We-Well just guess. How many stars do you think there are? Uhhh. Oh. Like 15? 15? Uh ah i mean 14. Why did you change it? Why did you go down? Well I don’t know you yelled at me kinda and I was like I’ll change it. Okay. What about you Jeffy? How many stars do you think there are? [Jeffy] Star (x50) [Cody] J-Junior, what is he doing? [Junior] Jeffy, what are you doing? [Cody] Jeffy? [Jeffy] Star (x50) [Jeffy] star (x50) [Junior] Jeffy, What are you doing? [Jeffy] (x50) Star (x50 ish) If you guys what How many stars were there jeffy? I don’t even know You don’t know?! you said star forever. Where you counting? Nope, c-come on guys? How many stars on the flag w-w-w-wait…on the flag? yes the flag Junior What did you think I was talking about? I thought you were saying how many stars are in the sky in the sk-J- Junior.. You thought there were 14 stars in the sky!?! Well there’s a lot of stars up there cody what no Junior, On the flag!! Th-There’s 50 there’s 50 stars on the flag wh-50? yes, Jr. 50 well there’s 50 on the flag there must be 80 in the sky all right f-fine we’re moving on to Math now Math? yes, wherever I can get if I could get the stars of the Flag How can I Get math Jr. It’s just 50. It’s not hard to remember. It was a really hard number to remember Cody. It’s a nice round even number It’s like it’s not like 83 or 71 is 50 50? yes 50 wait. What was it again? Junior, screw it! We’re moving on to math! Okay, guys. We’re gonna do some math, and I am going to start off with a very easy division problem. Nine divided by three equals what. W-what is divided mean? O-Oh, okay? I’ll make it easier How many times does 3 go into nine? Um? Um Cody that three won’t fit on that 9 what yeah cody that wouldn’t fit. What are you talking about? We do not know your shapes cody There’s no way that three would fit in that nine where that three is too big it won’t fit Oh, I see what you’re talking about, but no that that’s not that’s not what I mean I mean, how many times will the number three go into the number nine? Yeah, is zero Yeah, three too big yeah, we won’t fit at all There’s no it will never fit inside that not the size of the numbers doesn’t matter yesterday that three is way too big It’s not going to pen side that not weird cody guy. I don’t know no. He was in there three times, okay? No I know you’re fucking high because you got three we’ll go in there one time What the hell makes you think I’m going three times, so yeah, sure it does. No way. That’s for you We’ll go inside that 9 three times. What guys I’m not talking about the size of the shape of the numbers I’m talking about the number nine in the number three, so you’re telling me. That’s where you’ll go. It’s like nine Three times yes, so I can’t show F****** why what I said, you’re saying you can make that three if it’s inside that nine is three times to do it? I want to do it you better draw that three three times inside that nine had better fit perfectly Did you is drawing it does that have division where you said that three will go in five nine three times? Yeah, what a sit and let you write that sorry really really small Vinnie could probably fit But you’re saying he’s desperate decide that it is will finish like that guys before. God no. I’m taking a side to position You know what forget it move on you a new problem Okay report zero aboard cody a zero click that are your problems do so but a deal right there. There’s no way He’s got three we’re going YOU’RE ARE GOING…TO ADMIT TO ME, TO THAT THREE…WILL GO INSIDE THAT NINE..ZERO TIMES..YOU BETTER DO IT RIGHT NOW Okay, fine junior. Just for you. It will not fit in the nine Damage changes, we’re gonna move to a new problem now okay guys hopefully this comes going to be a little easier, okay? What is ten divided by two or how many times does 2 go into ten what? why? Why because yes to open John Donne 0 one time so yeah? That’s you will fit inside that zero one time you give a lot of space this time so at least one time guy See what you’re saying, okay? I really do but that too will go into that ten about five times HOLY FUCKIt’s like your eyes must be really messed up. There’s no way that you will go inside that like the other thing this Outfit one doctors buh-bye. Are you fire? You can show us please with a lot of God’s alright guys I can’t show you how showing is in tony no, sir. They’re only going there one dog. Yeah, you watch. What’s this? Jay boom what does it show us? How farm work is fitting there Daddy? Does it yell it if I want to say four more to six pence? I bet he has one barely fit It doesn’t literally fit inside of it. No, go down. What a fucking G4 to go inside that bit well are we sure we wanted to be our tutor because I think we’re Gonna fail Yeah, make sure I have no idea yeah. Yeah, you’re definitely going to say like a brother Yeah, because you’re our tutor all right fine. We’re gonna move on to multiplication that okay So why are you always running for the problem? I want to see if this one more juice inside there? It’s not going to happen Jr. Of course it because that’s not going to happen It only goes that one time you turn the bar about here with one say all right, hi Hi, 10 divided by 2 is 1 you got it yeah Mac. You’re this might break never collected to multiplication, okay? All right. Yeah Okay guys, we’re going to try something a little easier this time. We’re going to do some multiplication okay, so what is 3 x 3? 9 9 yep okay, so how did you get that answer? Oh show you see you this three right here? Yeah, all right right here what and then you multiply it great dark. What whoa? What see? 9 oh that makes a lot of sense I get it now you’re wow Wow, that is like genius levels of stupidity. I would never have even thought of that. What was the job you got it, right? No, God no the answer is nine nine doing your furnace stupidest. Oh, oh, I’m stupid. What’s over you are pretty stupid You’re always bringing up 9 to 3 then you think three will go inside 9 3 times, you’re stupid Jr. 23 Plus 3 Plus 3 3 plus 0 3 yeah, oh, how about many fingers click ok Chevy. What is 3 plus 3 Plus 3? 333 oh it was that I do is that I do that one you guys are going to fail you’re going to fail I can’t help you what we’re gonna fail. Go you’re going you’re talking about junior. I get a you got every yes I mean, we were supposed to take clothes off of ten every time you got an answer right? He’s wearing a onesie He should have been quite naked by now. Oh cool. Y’all want to fail I really want out this pizza party guys the only way you’re going to pass now is if you cheat cheat Yeah, how we’re gonna cheat you sit behind me? I can’t look at your paper. You don’t know Jr. Oh, I don’t know why don’t you ask where we go grab walkie-talkies? How about that and then you like tell the answer to the walkie-talkies walkie-talkies? Junior, huh, do you know how loud walkie-talkies are what do we truck drivers, okay? Well? Why don’t you like write the answers on note and then toss it at us or something no junior to be too obvious? Oh, or I could write the answers on my biceps, and then I could flex and then you would see them But that that wouldn’t work because my biceps are do gigantic everyone in the class would see it What are we going to do pop gosh? All right click on? Okay, you get sick all the time right? Yeah, okay? So how about this. How about like? What is the test is multiple choice right? Yeah, okay? So let’s say the answer is like a so how about you call us the answer you like A Huh, okay. I know they said you’re coughin, so we’ll get the right answer Okay, I guess that could work. Oh, it’s going to work, but it’s still going to work or even help us cheat tomorrow But guys, I don’t know if I feel okay about cheating come on. Go you ever get caught over fight We’re geniuses guys yeah good on cody. Yeah, we’re gonna cheat tomorrow. You’re gonna conference the edges big It’s going to work in a raw and eat pizza. Yeah, let’s go to ball Cody through a Cody to the tribune class yes, but there’s no way. I’m shaking junior I’m nervous What knows about what we’re going to be cheating during your free time. We’re going to be in so much trouble We’re not going to get caught Cody’s junior. I may be causing really loud is not going to be that loud for you Hold on pretend to answers beat let me hear just one okay That’s it be Think away that was good. I don’t even notice it. Okay. You save those you yeah? Yeah, we’re gonna pass the test We’re all good eating pizza. All right. Hey, jase you’re here Oh, we’re gonna get pizza just listen for cody coughs yeah, all right You are these desolate so remember if you have you get these apart but if you know that you’ve done and no reason for you extra homework Shotcrete you wrote up here. You would help all right. Thank you. Hey What’s wrong with you and consummated in four five ah here? You are happy all right Laurie bill here you work out Okay, oh, you’re just your day all right, cody you get this c d a D and C You have any questions jeffy Jared. You don’t need answers. What you do Jus now right dad okay? How do you don’t with your – yeah? Yeah, okay with a ninja number? What what no sake then why you’re talking again you pal? Yeah, you’re sorry What I’m going to do now junior. I don’t know call me the antrum number one. Okay, it is C right yes C My gosh Jeffy did you get that? No wonder you’re a hero or were the ways of a Bender garlic cream sauce here? No, I can’t get to enter a seat. Okay be Thursday. Call. Yeah member to yet. Yeah. Yeah, what is it? D Can understand you’re going I don’t know what it is D Wait, you don’t really sick without a coughing you’re doing turning your panting off. You’re not even oh yeah, okay, I Get that allergies nurses office right now! Yes, sir. Sorry Jr you Know your baby’s coming to school system you’re gonna get everywhere else sick well that mean hate it on your coughing oswald in the world, but Everyone sit well I just have a really bad cough that makes me cough out answers to my friend in court going on oath of office right now Okay, oh, Cody is gone Oh, no dear. We are so asked. There’s no way. We’re gonna pass this test so much. We’ll get back to writing let An idea good idea what if I go distract the teacher but question about the test and then while he’s distracted You grab Cody’s test There’s a girl a girl window up or more pPL. You don’t put your peepee. I’ll distract the kitchen Oh, or use as a back-up plan. Oh, you guys trying to cheat. I’m gonna tell the teacher Alright, Jeffy. I’m Gonna Track the teacher Uh teacher I need help with my test. I can’t help you with your test. I mean, I don’t need help with it I didn’t need you to clarify one of the questions. I’m confused, okay. Woody. Well, you see number five It says what is the fifth planet from the sun correct and I was wondering if that includes the sun or not? Were you talking about or you see the sun two planets terry says? What is the fifth planet from the sun? I was wondering if that includes a side of the planet or not you thought the sun is not okay? Well Yeah, what is a soft or yeah did? So the sun is a star so regardless of what you’re talking about. You just help us roll that uh uh That was uh that was someone trying to sharpen their pencil oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know What would I say? Uh never mind? I got it beside the plane. I got it alright. Thank you Alright. Can you get cody test over here alright? Copy every single thing on it and give it to me over here? Right here, okay. What are you done? Alright d. A D a Alright, I copied everything jeff you drop everything. Yeah, you’re turning out yet Man that test. We’re so easy harder. You did. Oh, I think I got a I don’t have that yeah, I use a cubed All right, all right cross all this has a point in now for my praises and global passages so funny today Oh my God. Tell me we’re gonna get a pizza party. We still got that check. Oh hell. Yeah, hell, yeah Hey guys How was the nurse’s office she said there was nothing wrong with me fix it right there? Oh, sorry you guys didn’t ask your test. Oh cody. We definitely passed the test. How we went up then we distracted a teacher We took your test out of the bin, and we copied all the answers really unique I know we copied all thing to get caught on. It’s badass. Yes, so we’re going to beat the party. Thank you party. Yeah Crap I finished braiding your hair, but before I pop them out cody. I need to speak with you Okay, it’s really good. I ate that hat I told you I bend it over and be like it. Take it yeah, yeah How’d I do – man let me hear it you call it a prosthetic Riolu you hear yeah, but how’d I get through you because you turned in three different tests did manually secondly seize all three tests have your Name on it what you idiot happy my name to order through all the thrifty no no as in the area doffing are they all cheat all three cheer? So you turn off and get be no get me the body? Oh rats! We don’t get big okay? Oh shit You knew you copied my name. I’m sorry cody always in the zone, and I’m always talking your toes I was nervous, and I guess I just wrote down your name by mistake. That is great. Yeah now We go get a cup. I’m sorry don’t happening here. Oh All right class so what we’re going to eat pizza and laugh at Cody, Jr And Jeffy, because they’re cheaters they dumb so remember class do not cheat on your test

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  6. I was in high school and I didn’t know this test so I gave someone my phone but it was on record so I saw the answers and copied it down and I made sure I wrote my name on it and then at recess I asked for my family then they told me that you scammed me because they don’t know the password to my phone so that’s the most get me in trouble

  7. There are 50 stars on the flag and 9 divided by 3 equals 3 and 10 divided by 2 equals 5 3 times 3 equals 9 and the sun is a star

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