SML Short: Jeffy’s Haircut!

SML Short: Jeffy’s Haircut!

Blippi Jeffy: Hey umm, Daddy? I think I’m blind. I can’t see anything. Mario: Wha- JEFFY!!! Jeffy: What? Mario: What happened to your hair Jeffy!? It’s all long and gross and… (Triggered voice): IS THAT A BIRD!? Jeffy: Where? Mario: In your hair, Jeffy! *Feels Mr. Birdie* Jeffy: *gasp* Oh Hey Mr. Birdie! What doing? (birds don’t talk) Mario: Ew! Jeffy, it’s laying eggs in your hair! Jeffy: It’s laying eggs? *Gasps* Does that mean I’m gonna be a mommy Jeffy? Angry Mario: NO JEFFY BECAUSE YOUR GETTING A HAIRCUT! What’s a haircut? It’s where they cut all your hair off, Jeffy. No Daddy! Where’s Mr. Birdie gonna live!? In a tree, like a normal bird! He’s not gonna live in your hair! He must have thought your hair was a nest because it’s so gross! So, I’m gonna go call a barber or someone to cut your hair because your hair is gross, Jeffy, you’re getting a haircut! Mr. Birdie I don’t want you to leave… TRIGGERED JEFFY Brooklyn T. Guy: HEY THERE! I JUST GOT MY Cosmatology Licens Which means I know pretty much know everything there is to know about outer space! … Brooklyn T. guy: y-ya get it? like cosmo and space? Brooklyn T Guy: but i pretty much cut hair (you’re secretly depressed buddy.) Wait, you’re gonna cut hair with those scissors? Yeah, yeah, I picked these up at Office Depot on the way here I thought you were supposed to use special haircutting scissors? Mmm no, no these are just scissors They’ll cut, pretty much anything. Well, I need you to cut my son’s hair. Woah! Yeah, these… these probably aren’t gonna do it Ugh, I’m gonna need something a little bit bigger These oughta do it Mario: *GASP* Got these at “Home Depot” All the Depots…is that a bird? Look, Mister! I got a tweet tweet in my hair! Yeah so basically what happened is that bird started laying eggs in my son’s hair cause it thought it was a nest so I need you to cut his hair to get rid of it. Yeah… no can do on the cutarooni of the hair. Wait, you can’t cut his hair?? No, you see when I became a cosmetologist I also became a birdologist; and that right there is the Lime-Green Cockadoodle Tweet-Tweet It’s extremely rare and endangered there’s only two in the entire world and one of ’em is living on your kid’s head. A Lime-Green Cockadoodle Tweet-Tweet? Yeah. Is that even real? Well, yeah, I know a Lime-Green Cockadoodle Tweet-Tweet when I see one and that is the only one I have ever seen. Well, I don’t want it to stay in my son’s hair! How do I get rid of it? Can I just move it? No, no, that would be illegal. You see, once a bird’s made it’s nest it’s illegal to move it. Especially if it’s that endangered. And uh, I’m a cop so I dare you. So how do I get rid of it? Um, well you could wait for it to leave on it’s own… Uhh, or you could try scaring it away. Wh- scaring it? Yeah, I have an idea, hold on… BOO! Wha- I-I-I-I-I’m sorry.. Yeah, that is… that is one tough bird. That usually works So- so, ok I can’t move it because it’s illegal and scaring it didn’t work because you just tried scaring it so I’m gonna have to wait until it leaves on it’s own? Yeah, looks like it, so uh whenever the birds are gone you call me and I’ll cut some hair. *sigh* …Jeffy… …What are we gonna do? *Tweeting* Eat it. Jeffy, stop it! But Polly wants some cracker, Daddy! No, no Polly does not want a cracker because you’ve been throwing crackers in your hair all night long and she hasn’t been eating it! Well she’s a slow eater, Daddy! *sigh* She won’t shut up… She won’t shut up, she just keeps tweeting and tweeting and tweeting! La la la, la la la, sing birdy sing sing sing! Jeffy, stop it! You know what? I can’t take this anymore. I’m gonna hire somebody, a professional to get rid of that bird. *Sigh* *Tweeting and crackers crunch* Oh, hello? Hey, can I help you with something? I heard you’re the type of person that can help me get rid of a problem that I’m having. Hmm you wanna whack someone, huh? Alright, uh, who’s it gonna be? Well uh, it’s uh, it’s a bird. Oh.. was he pooping on your car or something? No no no he’s living in my son’s hair and he’s being really annoying So I wan’t him, “taken care of” if, if you know what I’m talking about. Alright, uh, do you want me to whack your kid too? It would be pretty easy. I’d just get a steamroller and be like, squish! You know? It would be like a deal. Two birds with one steamroller. What- No no no no no I just need you to take care of the bird in his hair. Hmm Well my schedules pretty full… and I’m not that good with birds… Uh But uh, my buddy Mr. Whiskers specializes in birds, I can get him. Wha- O-ok can you get him for me? Yeah, hold on.. What’s up, man? Wha- are, are you Mr. Whiskers? What’s it look like, man? Well uh, your partner was telling me that you can get rid of a bird for me. Sure, yeah man, birds, goldfish, mice, whatever you need, dude. O-o-ok so umm how much is it gonna cost for you to get rid of a bird for me? Hmm, a job like this, it’s a uh… two cans of tuna? Two cans of tuna? Yeah.. I-I’ll be able to push that as long as you get the job done. Pshh don’t worry about me man, I always land on my feet! Ok, then it’s a deal then! Purrrfect! Ok so how are you gonna do it? Alright here’s the plan, man… *Tweeting and Jeffy going UH* Alright, Jeffy. Look what I got you for an early Christmas gift. A kitty-cat!? Meow, holmes! You got me a kitty-cat, Daddy!? Yeah, I got you a kitty-cat! Can I pet him? Sure! *Whacking* He’s petting me too hard, man! Uh Jeffy, Jeffy try not to pet him so hard. Uh, what are you, what are you gonna name him? Butthole My name’s not butthole man, it’s Mr. Whiskers! Who’s a good butthole? *Whacking* *Pants* *Pains* *Mad Angry Kitty-cat Groan* *Hiss* Bad Butthole, bad bad bad! Uh J-J-Jeffy just calm down. I don’t think I can do this, man. U’h, c’mon stick to the plan b! I’m going to Plan Blippi! Daddy, Butthole was being a bad Butthole! *Party Music Playing* Hey there, Birdie! Come over to the Bird Club! (Jesus you naughty Cat.) There’s a lot of sexy eagles in here taking their feathers off! (Lmao kids just close your eyes…) Oh, hey what’s that? *sigh* Oh, you here that music? (Kid cat) That’s DJ Squacky Squack, he’s playing in here man! Lmao Oh you know you wanna come over get out of here! *Tweeting* Oh, no Mr. Birdie. “Don’t go!” Haha, I knew that would work! *Fewing* *Tweeting* Wh- look Jeffy! They hatched! Wha- I can’t believe they fell FOR it! Haha. Oh, I’m gonna have a tasty lunch today! …Heheha! …Daddy, where did my birdies go? …Uh, they- they grew up, they all group and they all went on to live they own lives, Jeffy. …But look, the birds gone and now you can get a haircut! …So, let me call the barber… ….So, you got rid of the bird that fast, huh? …Yeah yeah, the bird decided to leave all by itself. …No, one made it leave or anything, it just left and took it’s eggs with it. …Oh that’s great! I just, *sigh* I really hope it stays safe and that a cat, doesn’t get it. -Daddy, where did my (kitty-cat?) go? !Shut up, Jeffy! …So, uh, you ready for that haircut? – Ohh yeah, brought my hedge trimmers and everything, I’m ready to cut some hair. Alright, uh Jeffy take your helmet off!. Alright, Jeffy, are you ready for your haircut? “No,” is it gonna hurt, Daddy? “No”, Jeffy, Haircuts don’t hurt. Hold my hand Daddy, I’m really scared! I’m not gonna hold your hand– HOLD IT! Fine! Are we ready to do this haircut now? Yes, he’s ready. Argh! (BAM) *Groans* Jeffy, what was that for!? He cut my hair, Daddy, and it hurt really bad! Wha- I haven’t even started yet! He hasn’t even started yet, Jeffy! You can cut his hair now. Okay. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *Music Starts Finishs* J-JJEEFFFFYY I look gorgeous! You,-were-wearing.-a-wig,Jeffy! What is that? You’re telling me I was about to cut a wig this whole time? SO.. WHEN THAT HAIR Uh! Jeffy! Ugh! Jeffy! *Low Pitched Uh!* Jeffy! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! (Cunt Jeffy Grunts) Uh, *sigh* That will be 14.99… Plus tip. Thanks for watching! Subtitles by WILSON PEREZRAMOS. Roblox has a lot of fun! You can try it if you want to! The next video is gonna be the Christmas Special 2017! (December 25th) (It will NOT be age-restricted again this year) Have a nice day! It will be called Jeffy’s Christmas Micarcle!

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  1. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA BIRDIE SING YOU IDIOT:cat cmon in the bird club we got some sexy eagles cmon in :bird OMG I NEED A BOY

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