Soft Movie Theater. Ep.4

Soft Movie Theater. Ep.4

KGB is everywhere who’s the button facilities this is the time from folds hello comas hello boys and girls let me tell you what you do now now you’re watching the Soviet boy channel and that’s me I am you hear I am the Soviet boy and this is my channel my name is Sergei baklanov I’m from Russia born in the USSR lived in Russia which is the biggest parts of the former Soviet Union and this is the city of Olfa that’s the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan of rock that’s where I was born and where I live and where spend most of my time this is this route which is called Lindsay leave dmitri mendeleev street yes that’s the great Russian scientists who actually invaded the periodic table of the chemical elements you know and this is district dedicated to his name and that’s right so here we can see one of two huge Ferris wheels in the city of ovah but today we came not to ride on a ferris wheel but we came to the ear ml e Rimmel that’s a huge mall where you can find nightclubs restaurants cafe boutiques and what’s more important the first soft movie theater we Coppola’s and that’s where we will go now yeah that’s where we will go because I love movies you know and here and because I’m not a PewDiePie who all the time even those have millions of subscribers just silly with poo in front of his computer I am NOT sitting at home because I’m from Falls I go to the Falls into the streets into the places and see the people so let’s go home the first source movie theater in this city of over megapolis writes on the entrance we can see that KGB is everywhere KGB is watching you but mostly it works only in an hours when the nightclub is opened together with the security guards megapolis not only the movie theater that’s the complex of culture and entertainment besides the movie theater here is also the restaurants and CAF where let’s say the restaurant an American diner which is called prettiest Bailey pretty lady nightclub which is cold yeah that’s where people are dancing now that’s the cashier place where you can buy the tickets you come here just to check the movies and see the places which are busy and which are not and you can also buy the ticket or bukas on a official website of the megapolis movie theater let’s see what’s the snacks you can give here in this movie theater well it’s like everywhere popcorn you know caramel Seoul popcorn coke different toys with the heroes of the Carson’s but I know that the most surprising thing for foreigners is that in a Russian movie theaters you can buy a beer so yep many brands of the beer are presented here for a big basket of popcorn it will pay about five American dollars if to convert it into the doors numbers no double six popcorn US Cellular I really love salt popcorn I don’t understand those ones who love caramel popcorn I think this is the you know this is one of the the most high margin products ever makes the main profit for the movie theaters all over the world so you can pay as buy cash as buy credit cards and now ladies and gentlemen let me tell you that my pin code is six six four eight yeah yeah thank you spicy what the exchange rate today is 64 rubles for one American dollar and exactly for two you know for two big baskets of popcorn we’ve got charged $10 so five dollars per basket come on and now ladies and gentlemen let’s get inside of one of the holes of this first alofa sauce movie theaters come on guys I’m really excited about this what about a big white screen hands the sound system actually everything here is like everywhere but really unique thing is why we came here is this leader since but I’m not sure if I can see this is this seat because this seat is easily transforms into the sofa and that’s why between every right here the distance is pretty big never anymore anyone will beat in your back of your chair here and that’s really great now let me show you how it works in every seat we have a buttons and all you need is just push the button push the button this part is getting raised and you know the back of the chair is going down oh yeah and see how you feel yourself oh yeah what about an armchair rest so you can place it or you can remove it if you’re coming let’s say with your love friends with your wife or maybe your girlfriend your boyfriends so you can just sit in here and you know hug hold together and delay and watching the movie everybody knows that in a movie theaters in a usual movie theaters the scenes on a last raw names as a love seats because there nobody behind you and so you can see it with your lady you can hug and kissing but you know what I’m not sure that in a soft soft movie theaters these places wouldn’t be called sex seats because once this is actually almost as so far it’s not a fact that somebody will not start making love in such a high high you know another fun thing that will happen and actually already happening in a soft movie theaters is that you know when the viewers are coming and sitting in such a cheers so first they are just falling asleep and actually it’s not that bad bad thing is stars snoring okay guys that was another episode of the Soviet voice channel behind the camera eager eager if other comments like and subscribe see you Soviet boy

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  1. I can't believe you told the PIN code :O anyway, the movie theater looks sooo cool and I wish I had one in my area ^_^ looking forward to see the next episode 🙂

  2. That guy behind the counter picked popcorn off the dirty counter with his filthy bare hands and put it back in your box. YUCK!

  3. Outrageous prices are charged in our theaters for the confections too. The same idea of making that margin on the candy and soda has been around since I first started going to the movies in the sixties. We're not allowed to bring in outside goodies but we smuggle them in anyway as contraband.

  4. hey serguei, kinda random question but i asked myself for a while when watching your videos: do peoples often recognise you in ufa?

  5. I have never see a movie theater in the US that has such comfortable chairs. Thanks for sharing Sergey, and best of luck with the new channel

  6. hahaha no SNORKING lol lol, (snoring) very funny vid also very informative. Nice theater. How much does the ticket for movie costs?

  7. Those are some comfortable looking seats. I'm glad that they don't have them here because I would never get through a whole moving without falling asleep.

  8. Oh man Sergey! 😄
    My family thinks I'm crazy!
    I laugh so loud while I watch this episode on my laptop ……. ahahahahaha 😄😄😄
    Very nice the internal of the cinema.

  9. In Russia of Soviet period the people not used a word "popcorn" in everyday life. The other similar product like a corn flakes with vanilla and powdered sugar was very popular.

  10. I'm an old guy but back when I was young the seats in the far back of the theatre just like the back of a drive in theatre was called party roe

  11. OK, I know those chairs are nice but from my experience, I get to comfortable and yep! You hear strange noises accompanying the movie. I try to stay awake but I get my best sleep there for some reason.


  13. Сергей, когда ты говоришь feel(ing) *self это значит мастурбация просто говори feel good итд.

  14. Lol, I read the name of pyervi myagki kinoteatr and was like wtf that's an odd name "first soft movietheatre"? Then read the title of the video… wtf kind of movie theatre is called soft?

  15. I notice the Cashbery scammer Baklykov has removed his Cashbery videos.
    Is he in jail yet? Are his ill gotten gains going back to his victims?
    Lets hope so soon!

  16. Sergey, thank you for giving us a look inside into a soft movie theater. I was surprised to see one could buy beer as well. I don't know why but in the U.S. they don't allow one to buy beer in movie theaters. It's not available.

  17. Sergey, if you are jonesing for popcorn at home here is a trick: keep it in the freezer until you pop it. It pops better and more kernels will pop. I'm watching your vlogs in order from first to last. You have wit and intellect. And you're funny. Spacebo bolshoi.

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