SONGS in REAL LIFE | Julien Bam

Songs in Reallife three When you drop your phone OK, I’ll call you later We lived together already three years Your skin in silver We laughed so many times Smartphones are popular But for me you were much more… Even when your battery was empty I gave you new energy I’m nothing without you I don’t have money for a new one. please don’t let me down… If your display breaks… Who’s there and makes me sleep better in the night? And now, whose sound wakes me up every morning? Where can I ask my friends, where I can stay tonight? Who’s there and makes me sleep better tonight? My declaration of Love She , She’s just really indescribably beautiful. I could swear I saw her in my dream. Her curves makes my heart beat faster. oh yeah. yeah Externally, she’s a 10. She’s almost perfect, but there’s one problem. But I can’t find a way to tell her friendly… She is stupid, drivels constant imbecility and she isn’t ashamed. And her ignorance is intolerable. I want to leave, because it dawns on me a little bit. She is stupid She and Einstein aren’t similar at all. Her beauty is almost a crime. but in her brain is it unfortunately miserably. How can such a beauty be so stupid? Keeps the menu wrong around. It can not be her serious. She’s recently vegan , so she orders chicken. Pull rather than push the doors. Her brain is made of gaps… When you’re clumsy. ooh ! That hurts. I have such a pain , such a pain. That hurts. There’s nothing to joke , nothing to — Ooh! That hurts. I have such a pain , such a pain. That hurts. That really hurts. Almost every day I poke my toe. It can’t be. It hurts so much. Why am I so clumsy , does anyone have an idea? Ooh! The cooker plate was still hot. I need quick some cooling Ice. You could almost say ‘ bad karma ‘ I know… Just hit the head again. And then I fell off the longboard. Door handle-Electric shock. That was a drag. And it was all today. No lie. Ooh ! That hurts. I have such a pain , such a pain. That hurts. There’s nothing to joke. Nothing to — Ooh! That hurts. I have such a pain , such a pain. That hurts. That really hurts. I have enough !!! My satement…. Listen carefully. What I have to tell you today. The thing, that I hate , disturbs me since forever. disturbs me since forever. It does not only affect me. Don’t tell me I’m alone. This Hype. damn, this can’t be true. This can’t be true. You use them for the lips. Even while cleaning – lovely! As protection from the mosquitoes. Universally applicable , even for the hair Colors are green or black. — Vitamins for your salad. Even in martini – phenomenal ! — But my opinion is still… Ewh !!! Who tf, who tf likes olives – Olives. Ewh !!! They taste unbelievably bad, Olives. – Olives. Ewh ! They are just unappetizing. Olives I find just really …. Ewh!! Who tf, Who tf likes olives Olives. My allergy. Want to go in my room — on the outside it’s worse. Hat-chi! EY! have a malfunction of the body’s immune system Now it reacts hypersensitive to pollen. Also thinks my body now I have a health problem. Although these are harmless substances -Pollen is a phenomenon. Taking pills can make tired, so I can not even stand straight. The only thing that really brings something is going to shower before sleeping. So that the pollen does not stick in the bed or even the pillow. And yet wind will blow the pollen to you tomorrow. When the nose starts to run. And you never… can wipe away the tears in your eyes. Somehow… It itches all over your body. You get a blow. And you sneeze ! Then you are like me, bro ! You have a pollen allergy. I also have an allergy against apples. It is still confirmed by air pollution. Shock therapy and the medicinal plants do not really help. Without cortisone it becomes ugly! — hay fever! Hat-chi! hay fever. hay fever. hay fever hay fever When Wap-Bap,Ba-Da-Di-Da-Dá I’d like to be a singer, but I can’t sing I would like to write a lyric, but I can’t. For the success a refrain is missing. Which one recognizes. So I just invite all animals, cause I don’t have talent. They sing… All the animals sing… AND NOW A REMIX!!!! End Card etc.

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