South African vs. American Culture – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

South African vs. American Culture – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– If there was one aspect
of South African culture that I could — [Female Guest] –
transplant to America. – Transplant to America
what would it be? What would it be? I think it would be
maybe our general ease at talking about race and
our racial past, you know. Cause South Africa and
America have very similar histories you know in that
there was many things that were done to people of color
that were extremely heinous. But we, just maybe because of
the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in our country,
we’re forced to talk about it. And we just talk about it. It’s painful but we laugh
about it and it’s out there. Whereas in America I find
that there’s like a lot of tension in and around that. People are just like “Come on,
do we have to bring that up?” And it like, dude, I’m not
saying you did slavery. Calm down. Do you know what I mean? Cause that’s how a lot
of people treat it. They’re just like
“I wasn’t there”. I didn’t say you were there. I’m just like slavery happened. “Yeah but I swear I wasn’t–” Dude, you’re 37, calm down. You know what I mean? And I feel that
there could be — It helps to be able
to have conversations about those things
because then it helps you understand how you got
to where you got to. But if you can’t have
those conversations then you just have
to operate in a blind space of like “How
did this happen?” “Why do so many
black people live in “this part of Harlem?” “I don’t know why do you think?” “I don’t know.” Do you get what I’m saying? It actually opens
it up, I think. That would be like the one part. And it doesn’t fix everything. Don’t get me wrong. But I do think it
makes it easier to address issues,
to have conversations when you can just be like
“Yeah man, this shit happened”. You know what I mean? You can just be like
yeah, that was crazy. That was wild that that
happened, that this happened. And that’s the thing,
a lot of the time people think it’s
about assigning blame, but it’s not. It’s about addressing
what happened so that everyone can move
forward and understand why things need to
be fixed or how they got there in the first place. Does that make sense? Like imagine — (applause) Imagine if like you want
to talk to your doctor about something that
happened inside your body. And then your doctor
scans and you’re like “Doc I think I might
have a cancer”. And your doctor is
like “I wasn’t there. “I wasn’t eating with you”. You’re like “No I just
need your help fixing it”. “Yeah, I wasn’t there though”. No man just like chill out. That’s the one thing. I’ll transplant
that and chickens that don’t do weights and stuff. (laughter) That’s the other part, like chickens that
just like are normal. Cause American chickens
is just like what is — I’m sorry, what, is that
the thing I’m eating? Oh, like I remember
when I first saw a chicken wing in America. This is the dumbest
thing you’ve ever heard. And you’re going to judge
me but I judge you back. I remember the first
time I had a chicken wing in America, is like I
ordered like buffalo wings. Okay, I know this sounds
crazy, but the reason I was intrigued cause I saw
it on someone else’s plate. And then I was like
“What are those?” And someone said those
are buffalo wings. And I was like “Oh, is this
like part of the buffalo “that I don’t know”. And I was like I wanna
taste buffalo wings. And then I remember eating
it and then I was like “It’s sort of like chicken.” And someone’s like
“It is chicken.” And then I was like
“But it’s buffalo.” And then they were
like “No it’s chicken.” Then I was like “What
chicken is this?” I was like “How big is
the wing of this chicken?” What dinosaur chickens
do you guys have here? Cause that’s not the size
of any normal chicken anywhere in the world. So, yeah, that’s the one
other thing I would bring is just normal animals. (laughter) That’s all. Yeah, I would bring
normal animals and conversations about race.

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  1. I don't understand why white people would get defensive about the slavery/racism topic, is that like their hidden desire that they think they are being called out on or something? lol

  2. If you're white, especially those whose ancestors have been here since slavery times, and you're still poor, you have wasted your whiteness.

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 it's funny because it's true 💯

  4. That’s cool, I can identify with Trevor. I remember going to Red Lobster and playing with the lobster and was in awe at the size of the lobsters. I also had no idea it was the tank where customers chose the dinner and it was actually dinner. I always had blue lobsters as pets and whenever they had lobster for dinner they went out and caught it. I never ate seafood. I would go whale hunting with family then catch lobsters for fun. So I was amazed to see that amount of lobsters in one tank.

  5. It's also critical to moving forward for white people (and anyone non-Black who contributed to Black oppression and atrocities than and now) to admit and face their blame and get some help with putting aside their white fragility so we can move forward while facing, addressing and repairing amerikkka's past and present race issues.

  6. South African here! And me too, I wondered that same thing about buffalo wings! I really thought its part of that animal for some reason…not a wing, but some part? Because aint no chicken with a wing that huge! Definitely a dinosaur chicken! 🐔🐔😂😂haha!

  7. our chickens used for commercial meat production are cornish crosses. They take a normal chicken and cross it with a cornish chicken and somehow they come out bigger than either parent.

  8. American chickens do have a lot of hormones in there, its why America is one of the unhealthiest countries per pharmaceutical expenditure

  9. He forgot to mention that we say voetsek to chase a dog away. This is something we should teach the world. Overseas dogs can’t understand us.

  10. The best thing about South Africa as a South African for me is you have no enemies. The country doesn't have to spend on the military.

  11. Thank God the British won the war against the Dutch or Harlem would be spelled Harrlem. New York would be New Amsterdam.

  12. Racists be like: "OMG stop talking about race and it'll go away. Trevor made it, what's the rest of y'alls excuse" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. The dude no exist, information , investigation 2 Year validation working me. Exist . Trevor the not pendient. The Familia Real problem ,estupic esposa Harry ,eating not the union Kings acta ,not exist , publiquen . The but feeling exponga. jajaja jajaja jajaja. Slavery come principales etc etc etc.

  14. have an honest discussion about slavery in the u.s.a.? SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!

    thats not happening anytime soon while certain groups keep playing revisionist historian.

  15. Had a Caucasian man come to my door trying to sell me something not too long ago. He tried to talk down about a “black” woman because he said she had about 8 kids, on section 8, and no father. I cut him off and told him we were brought here and enslaved to do what? He looked silly and said, “I don’t know.” I told him he does know. We were brought here to BREED. Then just left out here wondering around with much of nothing. And because so many are still just breeding you want to now speak badly of them. He started talking about he just wanted me to see he was a nice guy….🙄 When one reaches out to wound a crucial part of the body. They don’t know how deep that wound may go. They don’t know how far the affects will reach. Nor how far its wave of pain will ripple through the Cosmos.

  16. Don't look now but there's a giant turkey advertising a quit smoking medication. Makes buffalo wings look like hummingbird wings.

  17. America has distorted the history of slavery. They tell lies in history books to hide the truth of what really happened during slavery and how black people built America and won all of its early wars. Then broke treaties and promises to black people and created laws to suppress them.

  18. And properly teaching it in school. I attended elementary and high school in the 60's and 70's, and our history was so blippin' white-washed that I had next to no clue what really happened until college and afterwards. I've since been living in Europe for quite a while, and an amazing number of them know more about American history than most Americans. Since my time in school, it's only gotten worse…

  19. I'm not saying all white Americans are like this, but a lot of them that I've encountered get very weird when you bring up anything about ethnicity, race, or racial relations.

  20. No offense Trevor but you've missed out on a lot if you think we're still laughing about race issues in SA. We stopped joking about that a long time ago, in fact I don't even think people were even laughing at all… I don't know maybe your white friends were joking with you back in those days but black people, we've always been sensitive to racism.

  21. The reason that Americans don’t want to talk about slavery is because the government does not want to take responsibility for slavery or any of the racist policies and ACTIONS that followed it.

  22. I have a young (20 year old) coworker whose Afrikaner father moved from South Africa to the US during the end of apartheid. My coworker is completely American but from little he's told me about his dad and his own political commentary, they don't have that enlightened a view on the history of race relations in SA or the US. It's kind of disheartening.

  23. Aspects of South African culture to bring to the US? Well, the world can always use more awesome people like his mom and grandma, that wouldn't hurt!

  24. Jsut don't bring it up if it isn't being brought up by a man of color bcs you could bring it up but the reason you don't or the reason you shouldn't is bcs it can hurt people

  25. So why are buffalo wings so much bigger than any wing a chicken can have? Do they use the wings from turkeys or is it more like restructured meat from chicken?

  26. The US didn't have an equivalent to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission because the majority is not interested in truth and doesn't care about reconciliation.

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