“Spanish Radio” – Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

“Spanish Radio” – Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

Oh my God, yeah We had a lot of fun… We got to promote on a lot of different
radio stations here in town To get the word out to you guys about the show They tried to get me set up on the
Spanish radio station and… I’ve done that in the past And it was ok… But the last
few times, I had to say no Because they put me on the radio with the guy who’s
like… from Mexico And I can speak Spanish But you put me up against somebody from
the motherland… You know? I walk in the studio and I’m dealing
with this one guy, right? We go on the air and he’s like… I meet that same guy in the
hallway He sounded just like that… Oh hey, how’s it going? Que paso! Are we on the air? Noooo! Why are you talking like that? And I freaked out cause You imagine this guy goes home talking like that to his wife and his kids Come two, three o’clock in the morning His wife maybe wants to do a
little ‘something’ And she tells her man Honey, tonight when the kids are sleeping What are you going to do to me? Si! Si! Si! Si! Pepsi! Si! I know somebody who doesn’t speak
Spanish Is gonna go home and try that tonight, right? Si! You better stop that Si… not at all

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  1. Over half of the people trying to translate this get it wrong is not an ass whooping is not a slap either or a punch is a spank and also the one part this spank is brought to you by Pepsi is correct the only guy that got it right is snsdtwinkle

  2. I speak Spanish fast, but still couldn't get all the words, but am laughing. Te queremos Fluffy.

  3. Fluffy man we need to hang. I look like Mark Anthony and my usual pick up line is he is my cousin!! It works 90 % of the time?! LMAO

  4. Lol this hits close to home. I speak Spanish, but I get lost talking to Mexicans. Their accent is different than the rest of Central America

  5. a guy I liked asked me if I liked comedy and I was like "huh, what's that?" later I realized how stupid I sounded lmaoo but anyways he told me to watch this guy so that's what I'm doing right now😂

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