Ye who enter, abandon all hope Let’s be fast Michael Something doesn’t feel right… Come on! Don’t go too far Michael Michael? Michael? Michael! Michael!! Hey! Hey! Let me go! Michael! What’s wrong? Tell me! I lost my son! It can’t be happenning… Ok, let’s see… [Mumbling] On the aisle 2… And… nothing here… Let’s move down to the next… [Mumbling] and maybe you’ll see the greatest, the funnest, the pitiless PACK OF SOUL EATERS!!! Michael? Mommy… Honey, you’re ok? Come here What were you doing? Michael…Did you take it off? What happenned? Tell me! Do you want to be happy? Or maybe you want your mommy to be happy? Well, come here and win the flake of Happiness! A little drop out of the flake and all your problems will be gone! There’s only one way… The easiest and the funnest… Insert your medaillon Turn the handle And you’ll see the greatest, the funnest, the pitiless PACK OF SOUL EATERS!!! STAY BACK! You are lucky I found you first, child Your mother… I have to talk to her Remove hers What did he ask you? He wants you to see him… It’s her? GET HER!!! The Witch Ad inferno… LUMEN! I see your power hasn’t faded, Witch Al? Many things have changed since you vanished Lucifer is back We need you

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  1. Summer 2019(!!!): Why isn't this the next biggest blockbuster after Avengers Endgame? Something is with wrong this world!

  2. Man I watched this the week it came out and just stumbled across it again. Still waiting on more from u guys.

  3. Que bosta, this is shit, que mierda cabron, nada a ver, coitado do spawn a única coisa que presta são as HQ s.
    E os toys.
    Jogo e filme da vontade de chorar…. 😞😖😩😦😢😭 (😡)!!!

  4. マクファーレンが新たなSpawnの実写映画企画中というニュースを見て、期待しながら待っているが、どうなんだろう?実際進んでいるんだろうか?DCではジャスティスリーグもバットマンも次回作が見通せず(ベン!おまえのせいか!)、マーベルではアヴェンジャーズが終わり、Xメンも終わろうとしている今、世界は新たなアメコミヒーローを待っている。それがSpawnの帰還であるなら、ファンとしてこれほど嬉しいことはない

  5. Not very welcoming to new fans is it? I assume it's made to be a little subtle reference to something pre-existing fans are familiar with because that didn't teach me a god damn thing about spawn.

  6. It would of been so awsome if spawn's white part of his eyes didn't connect, but so far this is awsome.

  7. Captain Marvel eat your heart out, I would love to see Spawn cross over into Marvel comic book story at some point this year or next year.

  8. If the hollywood movie had been anything close to this then Spawn would be a way bigger name now than it is. This is awesome!

  9. That boy looked mildly inconvenienced, I won't lie; however, this was very cool and I enjoyed it very much! 😀 I wish this was a show.

  10. Woah, that was incredibly well done. I wasn't prepared for it to be that good. And a fan film?! Absolutely awesome 👌👍

  11. Dude you need to contact Todd McFarlane. He's trying to do a new spawn film and tv series. Just show him this and boom. I'm sure it's not that easy but regardless you have my vote and money if it's made.

  12. kinda mad max… ok… doesn't need to be the next spawn movie, but was great. I'd say direct your own thing…. have you already… focus on length… dont just expect a pilot to win you an award. I appreciate the story and the special effects beyond Spawn. Spawn tho was underwhelming, which made it lame for me. I still really liked the score and the cinematography, even the story, and how effectively it was told in such a short amount of time. Give this director gmod with facial recon and a map editor and tell him to do a short film.

  13. 2019 & I'm still waiting for sequel, 5 years! …. And no I can careless about that reboot of ps4 MK11 fighter Spawn, like seriously they finally put in for begging fans, 🖕 em

  14. i know this took a Ton of work, but PLEASE dont stop making more, this was an adventure that i would LOVE to see continue, spawn on his hunt to recruit his fellow demons that satan royally screwed. This was an incredible film and a work of art to the highest degree. thank you.

  15. This would be absolutely perfect if the white part on his face wasn’t connected in the middle man. Other than that, this is the coolest shit ever.

  16. If spawn is to be remade
    They have to consider using the original actor Michael Jai White
    He was the only good thing about the film

  17. Не. Всё таки фанатское говно-это говно с большой буквы. К стати оригинал,тоже говнище ещё то.

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