Spotlight TRAILER 1 (2015) – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton Movie HD

Spotlight TRAILER 1 (2015) – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton Movie HD

MIKE:I know there’s things
you cannot tell me.
But I also know
there’s a story here,
and I think everybody’ll
hear about it.
MITCHELL:Do you think your paper
has the resources to take that on?
I do. Do you? MARTY: The Boston priest molested
kids in six different parishes over the last 30 years.
The church found out about it, but did nothing. We haven’t committed
any long term investigative resources -to the case?
-No, we haven’t. And that’s the kind of thing
your team would do? Spotlight? Guys, listen. Everybody’s gonna be
interested in this. Obviously the church will fight us
very hard. MIKE: I’m trying to get some
background information– I don’t want you recording this
in any way, shape, or form. Nothing. SACHA: We understand you’ve settled
several cases against the church. -I can’t discuss that.
-SACHA: There aren’t any records -of any of these settlements.
-Nope. PHIL:When you’re a poor kid
from a poor family,
and when a priest pays attention
to you, it’s a big deal. How do you say no to God? -(PHONE RINGING)
-Spotlight. -MAN:Is this the tip line?
-You think he’s got something? I want to keep digging. MARTY:We need to focus
on the institution.
Show me they came from the top down. RICHARD: They’ll tryto silence
anyone who speaks out.
You leave me alone.
You hear me, God dammit. RICHARD:Six percent act
out sexually.
-MATT: Six percent is 90.
-ROBBY: 90 priests? If there were 90 of these bastards,
people would know. Maybe they do. ROBBY: You’re gonna give me the
names and the names of their victims. Are you threatening me? -JIM: I was doing my job.
-Yeah. You and everyone else. SACHA: I am here because I care.
We’re gonna tell this story. We’re gonna tell it right. PETE: I’m hoping we can keep this
between us until we all get -on the same page.
-Is that why we’re here? To get on the same page? We’ve got two stories here:
The story about degenerate clergy,and the story about a bunch
of lawyers turning child abuse
into a cottage industry.
What story do you want us to write? ‘Cause we’re writin’ one of them. I’m not crazy.
They control everything. PHIL:This is not just Boston.
It’s the whole country.
It’s the whole world.MIKE:
They knew, and they let it happen.
It could’ve been you.
It could’ve been me.
It could’ve been any of us.

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  1. I came to see the trailer long after watching this film, and listening to this version of "Dear God" brought me to tears. Thank you for one of the finest films I've seen, everyone who made this film what it is.

  2. I am amazed I never heard anything about this picture…just watched it and find it compelling …..We need to get more people on board on how important this picture is.

  3. this is a liberal piece of propaganda, despite that some cases of child molestation did occur with the catholic church.
    would any movie be made on how muslims, homosexuals, teachers, or hollywood moguls molest children?

  4. I love the profession of journalists. They just want one thing – The Truth. It's sad that there attempts today to muffle them .. But there's one absolute truth – The truth always comes out.

  5. Almost the end of 2018. The world today needs such journalists, they worked with conscience and they don’t care about money like a lot of journalism!

  6. I remember when I saw this movie first time so emotional that I feel someone is pulling my heart down..And this is based on true story….Speechless

  7. a movie against Catholics? i don't think so…. a movie against the tendency of man to hide his skeletons, yes definitely…. this is for all my goodness…. this is a very beautiful movie though…

  8. Looking back i dont think people understood how important it was that that film won best picture. People liked to say it was an underwhelming choice but the fact that a movie about something like this won does a lot for what it exposed.

  9. Only after watching it several times was I able to appreciate the understated theme of the deterioration of modern journalism.

    It’s important to remember this film is based on the work these journalists did several years prior to the screenplay being written. By now, this kind of “investigative journalism” hardly exists and I don’t think there is any way to resuscitate it.

    I don’t work in journalism thankfully because if I did I probably would have entered the field expecting this and instead wound up writing top ten lists for BuzzFeed.

  10. I knew the catholic church was a loathsome institution that no one with even an iota of a conscience would belong to but this movie shows it's even worse than I imagined. If there is a satan it's the Catholic church.

  11. Spotlight – was a good inspiring movie^^ The wonderful movie with an unexpected turn, I have this watched using boxxy software, for free…

  12. britlliant movie. shows how corrupt the catholic church is.
    thats why i hate religion. pretty much all god men are rapists. they should be sentenced to death, but bullshit vatican is corrupt and shielding their crimes.

  13. church is lame and stupid. catholic priests are all rapists. lets alll become atheists. we will make a exception for pope francis cuz he is chill

  14. This has got to be one of the best movies i've ever seen. Scary that this is a true story. So happy they had the courage to print the article and make the movie. May not help everyone but if even a few children are saved from parents being informed by this story its worth it. Religion of all varities seems to be the root cause of segregation and hate. Something I think the world could do without

  15. Yall notice its always little boys…the Bible says that the anti christ has not natural affection for women. Any religion that forbids a man from having a wife(that God said "it is not good for man to be alone", then He made Eve for him) is of the devil.

  16. It’s a great film, don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, Carol was robbed of all the Oscars it could have won. It was even snubbed a Best Picture nod.

  17. Why have i stumbled upon this just now?! THE CASTS!! This is a freaking package!! And I see that a lot of people are saying this is actually a good movie. I’m gonna put this on my “Movies I Missed Cuz I’m Stupid” list

  18. Happy to be an atheist. And it's not just Catholics who do this, was raised in a "christian" church-saw it there too.

  19. Tom McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar for directing 'Spotlight', and he won an Oscar for co-writing it. The year before 'Spotlight' he directed and co-wrote another movie. Any guesses????? 'The Cobbler' starring Adam Sandler. That's a pretty hard 180 in a year.

  20. I’ve seen this movie only twice… It’s one of my favorite movies… Not wanting awards… I’ve seen several movies, in my top 20 at least 15-20 times start to finish… And varying other stages there of… This is like the passion, Difficult to watch, PERIOD… 🤘🏼😢🤘🏼

  21. It's not just Boston, it's the whole country, the whole world. It could have been me, you any of us…. that's real..

  22. Such a beautiful and bold movie about the newspaper that exposed the truth and also led the way for such abuses being exposed in many other places.

  23. they did us catholics a favour by breaking this story. question is do some priests still have access to chldrn and young adults . are they still abusing ? i think so. scary to th ink

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