*Scream* On this episode of make it real, we’re going to be building a real James Bond inspired spy car! Now people have been suggesting this idea to us for years And the tricky part about building a spy car is getting a cool car to modify, and luckily, all of that changed when we got some interesting fan mail a few weeks ago Hmmm… that’s kinda weird Dear Hacksmith team, you know what would be a real challenge? Making a real life James Bond style spy car I just so happen to have a 1979 MGB MkIV collecting dust at my farm. It is in need of some repair, but your mission Should you choose to accept it, is to turn it into a spy car. I’ve had it delivered to your driveway. Good luck agents. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds James: Will self destruct… Huh? What the! We do a lot of awesome projects here at Hacksmith industries, and its all thanks to our generous sponsors! This video’s sponsor is brought to you by a company that has sponsored more Hacksmith projects than anyone else Thats right, I’m talking about War Robots! War robots has a huge variety of robots and weapons which allows you to create a war machine that fits your own gameplay style With rich 3D graphics and constant updates including new robots, maps and even game modes, it’s no wonder over 90 million players have downloaded it I love being able to crush my enemies from the sky! Come play with me and if you install war robots now you get a huge starter pack of one Boa robot with a unique skin. Boa has tons of HP which gives you a huge advantage It also includes a full set of weapons, 400000 silver and 100 gold to upgrade it any way you like. Use my link in the description below to play War Robots today! *Engine noises* Alright so we were able to fix up the MG and it’s looking pretty good now there weren’t too many major issues with it, although there was a lot of leaks in the engine bay, some hoses missing and we had to replace the suspension and engine mounts, a whole bunch of stuff Anyways, its all fixed up now and we can start converting it into a James Bond inspired spy car! I’m talking rockets in the headlights, grappling hook in the grill, tactical smoke grenade launchers Dispensers for tire spikes and oil slicks, more levers and switches than we know what to do with, a bulletproof rear visor And for romantic nights out, a built in projector so you can have a movie theater wherever you want. This glove box will be far from just a glove box, and for defensive driving, maybe even hubcap spikes! And you know, me might even have to upgrade the engine too. And what I’m most excited about is jet engines in the trunk, but for the first upgrade, I’m talking something simple, how about an ejector seat. Lets get started! Riley: Hiya Dave what’s today? Dave: Today is removing seat Riley: Why are we removing the seat? Dave: We need to make way for an ejection seat Riley: There’s nothing worse than an annoying passenger you can’t get out of the car Look at all this room for activities! We need a big red button Maybe right under the shifter, or the glovebox Back to the drawing board More duct tape! On 3… 1, 2, 3! So, just a little bit of damage… the pipe got shoved into the fitting an extra 2 inches Yeah, smell some burning I smell something, is that burning flesh i smell So now that we’ve got the ejection seat built, we’re gonna have to test it obviously And who better to test it on than an unsuspecting passenger I’m pretty excited to see how this test goes, so lets see what happens! As soon as I pull this lever, bye bye Becky! Thanks for coming on this date with me. Becky: If the earth is round then how come I can’t see the curvature on the horizon? Hack that! James: Wait, what?! I’ll show you the curve! Deadpool: Hey this is a really cute red car, your boyfriends must love it! Grant Thompson: It’s pretty impressive what you’ve done, your workishop is really amazing but I’m really surprised you havent done anything cool with your car James: Oh well uh… let me show you! *Scream* Well that was an awesome video and we had a ton of fun filming it! But this is just the tip of the iceberg, we’re planning on adding so many spy car features to that car it’s not even funny! It’s gonna be awesome, so dont subscribe and do not hit that notification bell It’s not even funny, why, why’s it not funny? Riley: I smell burnt hair!

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  1. We originally planned on using an airbag to eject the seat (which would be powerful enough to launch a person), but we decided against it due to numerous safety risks. We're not mythbusters and we don't have a huge budget. Using an airbag could cause serious damage to the car, the driver, the seat, not to mention if the seat came back down on the car, then the car is wrecked too.

    Enjoy it for what it is, a fun video =)

    (and the James Bond ejection seat didn't shoot any higher xD)

  2. I was kinda hoping you would put an airbag under the seat or something. I kinda wanted to see a real person fly out….

    Onto a mattress of course.

  3. The plastic set would of worked because the car will be driving and then the seat would go right over the car

  4. The letter was supposed to be like mission impossible but it was talking about James Bond,
    It's like Comparing MARVEL to DC

  5. I have been wanting to see a video on someone making a James Bond type ejection seat for a long time, I wish someone else did it

  6. You can use the design of mythbusters ejection seat on spy car episode just improve it a bit and also to avoid the seat from coming back why not put parachute in it just like austin powers ejection seat😂😂

  7. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was my weird imagination wondering what would happen if you Uber-ed someone and then launched them away

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