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  1. Okay dude this is what you're doing wrong. If you're gonna have that southern accent then you gotta dress the part. Flannel button-down with light blue denim jeans, work boots and a well-worn ball cap. Don't come out in some Millennial get-up that looks like you use an app to tell you the best time to bang your girlfriend. I don't know it's like I want to say the material wasn't working but I think it's the presentation and how you got the whole thing packaged.

    So my advice is for you to go shopping in Hicksville USA before tweaking the material…. see how that goes.

  2. Y’all need to watch his specials. I don’t think you guys understand how difficult clean comedy is to do, and I laughed quite a lot at this clip. His specials are truly something else I promise you. Definitely worth your time, if you rent Ugly and Angry and don’t like it I’ll fuckin pay you the cost back personally for your time. This man is one of the greatest comedians out there today.

  3. In my opinion this started good, then fell apart halfway through and got weird. I don't even have kids but it seemed weird…..

  4. Girl in the front row was trying so hard to be offended why go to a comedy club if you get your panties in a bunch for no reason

  5. Lmao! People didnt wanna laugh too hard. Gimmie a break. Theres no way you dont ever get the sudden urge to punt your baby. Great job 🙂

  6. first time I seen him in a long time hes changed a bit his delivery is slow and he seems abit off did he have a health issue?

  7. Not funny at all I wouldn't watch his show. He has an annoying tone of voice. Also he does not sound like he is from Kansas, more like western Missouri.

  8. What is this garbage? Feels synthetic and inauthentic- almost like someone’s constipated and barely squeezes out a few nuggets of laughs. Real comedy is George Carlin- raw, fearless and real.

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