Stand Up Comedy… On Acid!

Stand Up Comedy… On Acid!

JOSH HADDOW: Hi. My name’s Josh. I’m about to take some acid. And then I’m going to go to a
open comedy mic night and tell us some of my original jokes. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAMIE TAETE: Hi. I’m Jamie Taete, Vice
journalist. And I like watching people
trip on acid. I especially like watching
people trip on acid in really awkward situations. Tonight, I’m going to be going
with our friend, Josh, as he performs open mic nights
in London on acid. Hi, Josh. JOSH HADDOW: All right, Jamie. JAMIE TAETE: When we were
filming downstairs a minute ago, you seemed a bit worried. What was going on? JOSH HADDOW: Yeah. You were definitely out of the
room for, like, an uncalled for amount of time. JAMIE TAETE: I think it was
probably about four minutes. JOSH HADDOW: Yeah. Four long, long minutes. JAMIE TAETE: And how are
you feeling right now? Talk us through it. JOSH HADDOW: I think a
bit fucked, really. JAMIE TAETE: What
are you seeing? Are you getting sort of
any kind of visuals? JOSH HADDOW: Yeah, I can see. JAMIE TAETE: That’s good. JOSH HADDOW: And then,
do you know what? My mind’s gone about three
triples inside of itself now. [LAUGHTER] JOSH HADDOW: I can’t fucking
understand what’s going on. I don’t know. It’s just so weird. I could tell it was starting
to kick in because, well, everything was getting a lot
more vibrant to start with. The visual started
coming along. You held your hand out in front
of me and it was, like, withering away. And I felt embarrassed
to tell you. I felt like you’re going
to take it as an insult, so I didn’t. Am I going to get
through this? JAMIE TAETE: Yeah, you’re going
to get through this. JOSH HADDOW: I’m probably
going to throw up by the end of it. JAMIE TAETE: Are you
feeling nauseous? JOSH HADDOW: Everything’s
very trailey. So that’s happening. Can you take care of me? [LAUGHTER] JAMIE TAETE: Oh, Josh. I’ll take care of you. JOSH HADDOW: Oh, my God. What the fuck am I doing? I was kind of not enjoying it. And not giving myself a chance
to enjoy it because I was so busy dealing with the whole
premise and the reason that we were doing it. Do you know what’s really
hard to, like, comprehend right now? JAMIE TAETE: What? JOSH HADDOW: The fact that I’m
in a documentary right now. It’s just such an intense
environment to start with. [LAUGHTER] JAMIE TAETE: OK. JOSH HADDOW: Doubled onto the
fact that I’m on acid. JAMIE TAETE: You’re panicking
a little bit, but you don’t need to panic at all. JOSH HADDOW: In the flat, my
mental state went from not great to pretty awful, really. As it became apparent that we
were going to have to leave soon, I just, my mind
was, like, shit. Like, I’m only just getting used
to this environment of having to think about what
I’m going to do. And I got that thing where you
kind of, everything’s quite sort of focused in on just the
fact that I didn’t want to go. No. What are we doing? JAMIE TAETE: We’re getting
in the cab. JOSH HADDOW: OK. OK. JAMIE TAETE: You ready? JOSH HADDOW: Can I just have
a little bit more water? JAMIE TAETE: Are you done? You ready to go? JOSH HADDOW: I can’t work out
the stairs let alone– OK, let’s just– No. Fuckin’ hell. JAMIE TAETE: I’ll be with
you on the stairs. JOSH HADDOW: Cheers, man. Thank you. It was just becoming
more and more like, OK, this is happening. This is happening. That pressure was just sort of
insurmountable at that point. I can’t do this. I don’t know. JAMIE TAETE: All right. Let’s just– Shall we get in the cab and
see, like, you’ll be in a different room. JOSH HADDOW: Oh, no,
no, no, no, no. OK. Just two seconds backwards
from there. Let me just process that. I feel like a lot of that
pressure was definitely backed up by myself. And you guys could probably
sense that. So you were sort of wanting
to push me along. It was horrible, really,
in the cab. I mean, apart from anything
it was ruining my trip. On top of the fact that I was,
you know, literally on the way to the place. And every second was taking me
closer to it, which meant there was a sort of very sharp
growth of dread in my mindset. Now we’re on the way
now, aren’t we? For all I knew at that point,
you were going to shove me on a stage in a Western theater in
front of, like, thousands of people expected me to
do a song and dance. Like, I literally
have no idea. OK. Let’s just go for it and
see what happens, eh? I’m going to go walk here. Is this a point? It’s so intense. JAMIE TAETE: It’s a picture
of Michael Jackson. JOSH HADDOW: It’s so, so
intense right now. He’s dead, newly dead. The environment around
Shaftesbury Avenue is so intense. It felt very much like I’d got
to this sort of culminating scene in some action film where
something very, very bad is about to happen. And it’s very, very close. Like, if it was a heist film,
like, we were about to go into the bank or something. I was going to get shot. [CITY NOISE] JOSH HADDOW: Is it like, 3:00 in
the afternoon or is there a bunch of kids around? It’s amazing. I didn’t feel like I should
be around them in my state of mind. Not that I was going to do
anything or, like, not like I was dangerous. But it just felt wrong. Yeah. Getting to the club
which interesting. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] when you empty my wallet and
leave me sexually frustrating? And babe, you’ve been doing
that all fucking week. [LAUGHTER] JOSH HADDOW: Yeah, I feel
like I’ve bullied myself into doing it. JAMIE TAETE: That’s not good. You OK to go on? JOSH HADDOW: Well, fuck it. I’m here now. This just looks like a cruel
human experiment doesn’t it? That’s fucking what it is. [LAUGHTER] JAMIE TAETE: Do you think
you can handle it? Do you think you can
mentally handle it? JOSH HADDOW: Probably not. Everything like that. What is that, like,
some sort of– JAMIE TAETE: He banged
the mic. JOSH HADDOW: But is that
like some sort of– MALE SPEAKER: At that moment
I learned a very important life lesson. JOSH HADDOW: Am I getting– What is going on? You must know. What’s going on? Up to that point, basically,
everything had become sort of like this black hole of
despair around me. It sounds like it’s hyperbole,
but honestly, it was horrible. It just seemed like I was
faced with the most just unclimbable mountain. I was just like, if I go up
there, I’m just not going to be able to face the crowd. They’re going to start
jeering me. Because I’m probably not going
to be able to say anything. I’ll be so frightened. MALE SPEAKER: Make some
noise for Josh Haddow! JOSH HADDOW: So when they called
my name out and they cheered, I just remember sort
of going into auto function. Part of me was just like, you’re
going to do it now. It was definitely some part
of me just sort of taking me up there. And it felt like destiny. Getting up there and
then it was silent. And it was suddenly like,
because it was silent, like, my mind kind of took a breath. There’s this space for me
to think, I may as well just tell my joke. So the SAS, they’ve not got
any people left in them. So they have interviews,
open interviews. And a farmer comes along
and he goes, I want to join the SAS. I’m really brave. And they say, well, what’s
brave about you, what in your life? And he says, well, one day,
I was out farming. And the tractor broke down three
miles away from where I lived with my wife,
Mrs. Farmer. And she– the tract– Yeah, the tractor, the
tractor broke down. I looked into the tractor
engine and it bolted back to life. And it ripped one on
of my arms off. So I was, like, shit. I’ve only got one arm. And so I grabbed it– grabbed that arm– and
ran all the way back. Mrs. Farmer, she sewed
it back on. And now here I am. And they said, that’s
very brave. Well done. [LAUGHTER] JOSH HADDOW: You’re definitely
in to the SAS. Then he said, thank you. I’ll see you on Monday. And now only that’s it. MALE SPEAKER: Give it
up for [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH HADDOW: As I said, at that
point, all the anxiety was kind of, was melting away. And I was starting to
have fun, actually. It was like, chariots
of fucking fire. I was like, I’m going. I’m like, and I’m
on my way now. And then literally, like almost
running into your arms, like, I fucking did it! Seriously, violins started
playing in my head. It was like da, da, da. Fucking amazing. JAMIE TAETE: When you
were going up I was very anxious for you. And I did feel a bit like
I was going to die. But I thought you did a lot
better than I thought you were going to. How long do you think you
were on stage for? JOSH HADDOW: Probably
about an hour. [LAUGHTER] JOSH HADDOW: I remember just
being very, very happy. And I was still tripping
quite hard. So it was really cool. Because it was like, I
could enjoy my trip. And although I was in quite an
intimidating environment, I felt so invincible. I felt like I’d achieved such
a massive thing that that threatening environment
was really not threatening anymore. It’s just quite fun
to play around in. And my inhibitions completely
dropped, probably so far that I probably annoyed and pissed
off quite a lot of the public I interacted with. JAMIE TAETE: Did you see
Josh’s performance? MALE SPEAKER: Yes. JAMIE TAETE: And what did
you think of Josh as a first time comedian? MALE SPEAKER: You know,
first time was cool, pretty confident. JAMIE TAETE: Have you ever
done stand up on acid? MALE SPEAKER: Have I ever
done stand up on acid? I don’t think so. But if you’ve got photos
I do apologize. JAMIE TAETE: What do you
think it would be like? MALE SPEAKER: I think you could
do it and the audience wouldn’t actually know. Are you on acid? JOSH HADDOW: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: No, seriously? JOSH HADDOW: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: That’s
fucking crazy. Are you serious? JOSH HADDOW: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. You know, so. JOSH HADDOW: It’s just fine. It’s nothing. MALE SPEAKER: But the reality
is, the reality is– JOSH HADDOW: Do you have any
idea what I’ve been though? JAMIE TAETE: And what about the
guy you spoke to outside? Do you remember much of
the conversation? JOSH HADDOW: I was elated. I was almost ecstatic and
euphoric at that point. So I was just carefree. But I just couldn’t help myself,
because he was just so absurd to me. I wanted to play with him
like a kitten plays with a ball of wool. Oh, my God. What are you talking about? I thought he was a fool. [LAUGHTER] JOSH HADDOW: What I took
away from it– I mean, the whole night was
hugely introspective. It’s an introspective drug. I felt like I was starring in my
own movie, which I actually was in a way. Can you help me light this? Like, I’m fucked. Like, I can’t even light
this cigarette. It was all very, very strange,
and very intense, and introverted. And with acid and the way it
enhances your emotions, it sort of amplifies them. One of the emotions that it
really amplified for me was pride in myself, which was
really, really good. It was amazing. Achievement’s only worth it if
you feel quite proud of what you’ve achieved. That was actually an
amazing experience. It was incredibly cathartic. And it made be actually have an
appreciation for religion and things like that. Because I actually thought,
you know, people who spend their lives just doing something
for this higher being, that is actually
quite a nice thing. You feel like you’re
giving something. But then I realized I was
equating you to my God. And yeah, so that was
probably not true. See you later. Bye. [INAUDIBLE] Gotta go.

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  1. Bruh I was getting anxious af sitting in inside a takeaway when I was tripping I had to leave because I was panicking so much around sober people

  2. I can’t even imagine doing this. Just tripping at your house can fuck you up if you’re not in the best mood. I hope this series doesn’t fuck anyone up

  3. My first time in London was at Pink Floyd in “94” on LSD …… London is not the place to be tripping, but Floyd is ⚒

  4. I don't eat acid or any drugs anymore. Life is messed up by default and no drugs are needed to distort things!

  5. "Will you take care of me? looks him back in the eyes and smiles I will josh… I will…

  6. sorry but 1 tab aint gonna do much. i had 4 tabs the first time i took acid. i did 1 first but it did nothing to me at all. so ye, 1 aint done shit to him. he needs at least 3

  7. I've had this experience, for a few hours. I felt like it was a bad trip. When this was happening, I was quite happy but there was this ball of fear in my stomach that I had to tell " It's not real " before it went away. Focusing on doing this whilst smoking and enjoying my friends phases made me understand where a bad trip comes from. They are all different, mine was beating the fear that causes it. Sometimes it feels like I have more control of my own brain. It's all quite intriguing if you ask me. Point is, it's worth trying, even if you risk a bad trip. I must add, the trips can be quite severe. You need to have been through a few undisclosed experiences in life before one can truly enjoy this gift. ( No opinions were harmed in the making of this comment )

  8. Haha his eyes.. All pupils. I absoloutley could not/would not be able to do that. Now that weird dude thats likes to watch people trip would freak me out and id probably beat em up.

  9. If I was on acid while doing stand up I’d just say “ask me something”. Because when I’m tripping and someone asks me something I take such great thinking to that question and go to a different planet then come back and explain what I think. I asked someone what there favorite color was they said red and I explained the color red and how it is. I don’t know how to explain it when sober 😂 but overall I’m funny when I’m high😂

  10. Wow that is some BAD LSD if he has that much Anxiety. May need to find a different batch. If it was good he would have zero anxiety.

  11. Crazy to think most of this comment section has consumed LSD in some way and is still quick to stereotype and bash on the man with the hat. judging his awkwardness and appearance before actually knowing him. shame on you.

  12. God vice people are such assholes whenever they give someone acid they try fuck with them and don’t give a shit what there going through

  13. this guy is a fuckin trooper….wow that is so fucking brave hhahahha. but what boring friend to not even encourage him into it. even saying "do you think you can mentally handle this" could throw him off

  14. dude mad respect for trip sitters, i’ve been one
    but this guy
    this guy’s a dick

    he doesn’t try and calm him down or reassure him, he doesn’t encourage him he will get through it and it’s just a trip, he really is useless as fuck and the fact he said “i like watching people trip on acid IN AWKWARD SITUATIONS” wtf buddy u want to make someone on drugs, hallucinating probably pretty hard feel shitty? yes he agreed to do it by maybe the effects became a bit too much more than he thought

  15. Who the hell likes to watch people trip?? It sounds like this dude wants to trip so badly but is too afraid to actually do it himself hahaha

  16. me and a friend were trippin on a few tabs once and ridin down the highway one night, out the corner of my eye i just kept seeing him turn in his chair and crack his back like every 5 minutes. but it wasn't him it was like his shadow-traces or some shit just in my peripherals. you know how on windows xp when you'd open a program that's not responding and you drag the window and it leaves a trace of all the windows. or when you win a game of solitaire. that's what i saw of his body like a fucking ghost turning in his seat. the whole time he hadn't done it one time.

  17. I went to work once on a tab and I deadass felt how he felt at the beginning 😂 (I work as a housekeeper so I was by myself about 98% of the time). Tripping alone or around people who aren't tripping is weird. I was listening to music tho and had a fun day bc I'm alone and just got in the zone of cleaning but when I saw people, I felt so awkward and it was like they're robots to you bc they dont have your vibrations or get what you're going through so I felt so bad for this guy in this video. Get someone who knows how to tripsit for any further acid videos please, this guy couldve seriously went into a bad trip (honestly surprised he didn't). The guy was just nagging him on and teasing him to do stuff he was questioning or said he felt uncomfortable doing.

  18. i wouldn't be surprised if we find out that the host of this show whilst being kind of caring for the guy who took the acid, will some day be found out that he likes to watch people be beat up etc. he seemed like he was damaged in a way and confused. i hope he finds a way out of that trauma!

  19. 2 minutes in, & I KNEW I was about to watch one of the dumbest things I will ever watch in my entire life.

    Just noticed it was VICE. I should have known 2 minutes ago.

  20. The first couple times I did acid were fun and the last time was not good at all the outcome it gave me was not good

  21. Vice: you wanna watch us try to push people into that bad downward spiral?
    Me: that's not what the fucking title said

  22. Worst tripsitter ever, if I would ever see him while tripping I’ll beat the fuck out of him. Fucking weirdo. Im a really peaceful person but this things get me mad as hell. How could you even alloud a person like that to handle your mindstate for hours

  23. Its the best thing to just tell yourself its just the drug 😂. And make sure to hydrate well before and after. Really helps to take potassium after as well.

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