Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1/9) Movie CLIP – Kirk Takes Over (1979) HD

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1/9) Movie CLIP – Kirk Takes Over (1979) HD

I want to show them
what we’re facing. He wanted her back.
He got her.[ man ]
and captain decker ?He’s been with this ship
every minute of her refitting. Ensign, the possibilities of our
returning from this mission… In one piece
may have just doubled. Check cleary on number six. [ woman ]
need your cooler status.
[ man ] stand by. [ woman ]
space matrix restoration coils.
Dilithium crystals. I knew it.
The transporter sensor
was not activated. [ woman ]
air equalization.
Automatic off. Faulty module. Cleary, put
a new backup sensor
into the unit. Aye, sir. Admiral kirk ! Well, we’re
getting a top brass send-off. Don’t worry,
she’ll launch on schedule, If we have to tow her out with
our bare hands, right, scotty ? Aye. That we will, sir. Let’s talk.
Sure. Let me know
when that backup’s ready. All due respect,
I hope this isn’t some kind
of starfleet pep talk. I’m really too busy.
I’m taking over
the center seat. You’re what ?

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  1. There ought to be a law against any character in any movie, TV show or stage play saying "with all due respect." The pompous line is everywhere and I just can't stand it anymore.

  2. Kirk: "I'm replacing you as Captain of the Enterprise."

    Decker: "May I ask why?"

    Kirk: "My experience. 5 years out there dealing with unknowns like this…."

    YEAH! You tell him Kirk!!!

  3. Decker's Worst Day Ever. First, he's replaced by Kirk at the last minute, reduced to Commander/XO, then becomes the Science Officer. I'd hate to be him.

  4. So true! It reminds me of the phrase "the foreseeable future". Unless someone has magical clairvoyant powers, the future is never foreseeable.

  5. It wouldn't be very realistic for a movie such as this considering it is a military based setting, and in the real military in our reality, that is exactly what they do from subordinate to superior. I know i had to say that line when I served in the navy, and yes, I will say it did or does seem petty.

  6. I thought it was a bad move on treks part to set he year as 2271 considering this movie was filmed in 1978 (released in '79 to accomodate post-production) and it was quite apparent everyone aged at least 8 years between the series ('66 – '69) and the first film, I wonder why they did that. along with the span of time between "The Wrath of Khan" and this film which was set in 2282. What happened in between? anyone know?

  7. Its just a movie. They were pretty much ignoring the Original Series when the movie was made, almost "rebooting" it.

  8. I'm just curious. How exactly did Gene Roddenberry and all the others involved for so long in bringing 'Star Trek' back in the 70's ignore The Original Series? It was all the same characters, a bit older and all promoted, and a refitted / improved USS Enterprise.

    Did you know 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' was supposed to be a new TV Series called 'Star Trek: Phase II'?

    How did they "reboot it" exactly?

  9. This is such an intelligent movie Gene Roddenberry was the most intelligent man in the whole universe next to Einstein and Newton and so on! I LOVE SCIENCE and man do I love Star Trek!!!

  10. I'm not a huge ST fan but I've enjoyed many of the movies but like most people, I found this one plodding and dull. Even this scene, which could be full of dramatic tension, lacks interesting conflict. Also, the look of the film is just too drab. The uniforms and the Enterprise itself look muted and dross.

  11. Have to remember that ST was out of the public eye for almost 10 years before this movie was made, so finding their way again was pretty difficult. Only true fans can appreciate this movie. I loved it, in many ways simply because it had the spirit of Trek. Yeah, it's long, sometimes boring, but you can't deny it was a spectacle. None of the other movies captured the true spirit of the TV series like this movie did in my opinion.

  12. I totally agree with you. I was in 1st grade when Star Wars came out and that was spectacular. But I had seen the Star Trek tv series in syndication as a kid and had the MEGO action figures. Along with the Power Records Comic books, I was very familiar with Star Trek. When the movie came out, I was so excited. I was already nostalgic as an 8 year old, for the continuation of a tv series that was broadcast before I was born. I could care less that the movie is lame. It was amazing to me.

  13. The Motion Picture would not have been made without the sucess of Star Wars and while the George Lucs film was great it did not have the same gravitas as The Motion Picture, as others have mentioned before STAR TREK THE MOTION PICURE is still underrated.

  14. Great movie! I do like the uniforms from this era but I prefer the red ones they had from the second to the sixth movie

  15. The script really should have been adjusted (in many other ways too) to not have a just refit and not yet fully operational Enterprise being the only Starfleet vessel adequate to intercept V'Ger, which has just passed by the Klingon sector of space.  V'Ger is heading towards Earth from at least the boundary of Klingon space and Starfleet has no comparable vessel to the Enterprise in that line of travel (with the Enterprise starting out from Earth orbit itself)!!!!!!!!!!  That's really something you should avoid writing.

  16. My Star Treknician is building Voyager as well as all the other ships, so who wants to pilot!

  17. It's about time Kirk got a star ship command again that's what that guy does best is being the captain of a star ship. Really glad he got back with it after years behind a desk. Why would they even put him behind a desk anyway He was awesome at what he did?

  18. Can't blame Decker for being pissed, that was a dick move on Kirk's part, stripping him of command like that without a good reason.

  19. Who wouldn't be upset if Shatner did this to anyone of us in our homes? We'd be star stuck then pissed off.

  20. Here you can see the Korvet 038s "Klingon" table playing the Klingon attack theme of Star Trek

  21. Willard Decker sure had to restrain himself from striking a superior officer when Admiral Kirk took command of the Enterprise because of a destructive probe heading toward Earth. Even if Willard's father,who was a Commodore and cin command of the USS Constellation tried to reason with Kirk not to take his son's command away,it would've been to no avail.

  22. i am having a hard time finding a reference to someone mentioning this – didn't anyone notice ?
    at 1 : 27 in the original movie – you see a picture of the NASA space shuttle – this is 1979 – two years before it began orbital testing …

  23. Even if Captain Williard Decker were to go over Admiral Kirk‘s head to regain command of the Enterprise after being told why he‘s been temporary relieved of command,his request would be denied.

  24. Wiliard Decker‘s mother would‘ve been proud of him getting his 1st command,a Constitution Class starship just like the Constellation,which his father had been in command of. If she heard that Admiral Kirk temporarily relieved him of command as the Enterprise was nearly finished being redesigned & refitted,would she go over Kirk‘s head to let her son be in charge of the Enterprise despite that it was an emergency and that Kirk has 5 years of experience in dealing with unknowns?

  25. extremely unprofessional behavior for any kind of officer, especially one with a high grade, it's nothing short of insubordination, keep your dissapointments private, but personal animous could get you written up. Are they equal rank or is Kirk his superior?

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