Star Trek: The Motion Picture (3/9) Movie CLIP – Spock Reports for Duty (1979) HD

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (3/9) Movie CLIP – Spock Reports for Duty (1979) HD

While still more than
a day from earth. Warp .8.[ engines revving ].9. [ sulu ]
warp 2, sir. Warp 3. Warp 4. Warp 5. Warp 6. Warp 7. Science officer spock,
reporting as ordered, captain. Please, sit down. Spock, you
haven’t changed a bit. You’re just as warm
and sociable as ever. Nor have you, doctor, As your continued predilection
for irrelevancy demonstrates. Gentlemen. At last report,
you were on vulcan, Apparently to stay.Yes, you were undergoing
the “kolanear” discipline.Sit down. If you are referring
to the kolinahr, doctor,
you are correct. Well, however
it’s pronounced, mr. Spock,
it’s the vulcan ritual… That’s supposed to purge
all remaining emotions. The kolinahr
is also a discipline
you broke to join us. Will you, please, sit down ?

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  1. "Spock, you haven't changed a bit. You're just as warm and sociable as ever."

    "Nor have you doctor, as your continued predilection for irrelevancy demonstrates"

    LOL Best. movie. put-down. EVER.

  2. I can't even hear the dialogue in this scene. The hair dye and makeup are too overwhelming. Three corpses chatting about old times…

  3. Man, Spock really isn't one for warm and comfy greetings. Even towards the guy he declares is his brother. Lol. Spock fail.

  4. for a guy devoid of emotion, Spock has always had a certain ready wit. Especially with regard to McCoys' constant jibes.

  5. Can anyone tell me why Spock and Kirk suddenly act so cold towards each other? I'm new with Star Trek, just finished watching TOS (where it seemed like they felt very varmly for each other), and this is the next movie, yes? What happened?

  6. In the novel adaptation (written by Gene Roddenberry as well), Spock never told Kirk he was going to go and undertake the Kolinar. When a Vulcan undergoes Kolinar not only are their emotions purged, all of their relationships are too. They keep their memories, but nothing they had before matters anymore.

    I think that was why Kirk seemed so cold; because Spock was just going to throw away everything that they all went through just like that, without even saying goodbye.

  7. Thank you for clarifying that. There seems to be much more to Star Trek than just the television series and films. I'm going to look into the Novel now. 🙂

  8. Bullshit…it had only been 10 years since the last episode, they were hardly Old" here , only in their 40's. in fact.

  9. You have a point, but Shatner and Nimoy were close to 50; Kelley close to 60 when this was made. There are other factors that contribute to my revulsion: the makeup and hair dye (and in Shatner's case, the wig) are too obvious, and the film is so bad, so utterly tired, that they seem older than they do. For me, ST will always be the original series and nothing but. Anything beyond that is a blatant money grab.

  10. Well I respect you and your opinion but if you look @ the follow-up Khan and trek 3 and 4, plus the finalie UC Trek 6?, they never lost their way, imo, how about that TOS frien? , (by the way TOS is still my favourite version!) best wishes to you! 🙂 Cathy

  11. I would wish you to never grow old, but alas, that is an impossibility, so i can only hope you will be able to treat inevitable old age in yourself with more grace than you do others.

  12. I'm not against growing old. I'm against terrible movies, boring scriptwriting, and the casting of actors in parts they've outgrown.

  13. While I can relate to the idea that you are protecting the integrity of the original tv series, I just look at it differently. I watched the syndicated reruns of the original tv series in the 70s. I also had the Mego action figures and the Power Records from that era. I was very familiar with the product by the time I heard they were doing the movie in '79. I was 8, but already nostalgic about Star Trek. The movie was phenomenal for me, regardless of the weak storyline. They were back!!!

  14. You were 8; I was 13 at the time. I can't tell you how I looked forward to this film, or how the publicity buildup grabbed all of us Trekkies by the neck. I still remember the rumors about casting and plotline, the cover stories, the photos. I could even quote to you some of the stuff that was coming out of Hollywood about this film long before it premiered. But when I saw it, I thought it was so unlike the series that I instinctively rebelled. The films and TV shows gave the same bad taste.

  15. This is a bit off-topic but it's space-related.

    I hope everyone knows that the Apollo moon missions were faked in a studio. Here's a link to some of the proof.
    spurstalk (dot) com/forums/showthread (dot) php?t=144487

  16. I know this is a little hard to accept but try to be objective. Look how the flag moves without being touched at the 2:35 time mark of this clip.

    Air is what makes it move.

    Here's another one.

  17. I know its hard to accept facts when you are a pot-smoking conspiracy theorist. The flag, shadows, photo crop marks have all been explained. How do you explain that lunar orbiters have photographed all Apollo landing sites, complete with rover tire tracks and that the seismic monitors and laser reflectors placed there by the astronauts still work to this day? Please move on to 9/11 conspiracy theories. This one has had it's day.

  18. Start watching this video at the 3:26:15 time mark.

    Reflectors can be attached to unmanned remote-control craft. Pictures can be faked so they aren't proof of anything and they don't make the mountain of hoax proof go away.
    spurstalk (dot) com/forums/showthread (dot) php?t=144487


  19. Of course, it all makes sense now! Thank you so much!!! If I can't explain away facts, just say they are all conspiracies. Feeding time is over troll, move along. Don't forget your tinfoil hat or "they" will be able to read your thoughts.

  20. Whatever other flaws TMP has, the undercurrents of this scene are beautifully acted. Spock is so guarded, basically wearing a warning sign that says "don't come near me," but then when Kirk, in return, dismisses him abruptly at the end, he looks briefly hurt… Nimoy shows with his eyes how much it costs Spock to turn away from his friends!

  21. holy shit the way kirk kind of glares at spock because he is so unemotional since coming back from vulcan, you can tell he is so displeased

  22. :38  I wonder if oh such and such a Secret Society of great thinkers, would invent for themselves such a discipline of emotional composure as is how Vulcan's learned to evolve

  23. My trekkie friend is building the voyager! look:

  24. In the director's edition of this scene, the Enterprise's warp nacelles can be seen out of the window. I personally feel this was a big improvement. Because although the stars are going backwards meaning we are facing the ship's rear, the nacelles gives us a rough idea of whereabouts this officers lounge is on the Enterprise.

  25. Ill just add this much, before star trek pplz start hauling me out, I like how spock just stands there and kirk nas to tell him to sit dooooown!

  26. Explain what happened here: is Kirk annoyed or upset that Spock didn't reciprocate his excitement at reuniting on the Enterprise? Even for a Vulcan Spock seemed emotionally distant and I think that hurt Kirk's feelings a bit.

  27. McCoy- what have u been up to Spock since last time?
    Spock- Well I've been narrating a show called in Search of,….
    Spock- Have u seen it?
    McCoy – Can't say I have.

  28. Captain Kirk was a flat out arrogant prick in this movie, or was it Shatner's ego? In star trek II he was much more mellowed out.

  29. Dang, I'd forgotten how much the crew of the Enterprise looked as though they hadn't aged at all since the show. The only character who looks like he's aged at all here is Kirk, and that's not by much.

  30. Slick, the way he makes the same appeal to Spock as to Bones. It's powerful…what more striking a statement could any commander with all the options in the world open to them make if not "I need you."

    Not to mention it's nice to see some non-life threatening examples of why Kirk is an exemplary captain in his own ways. The loyalty isn't just about dodging death together. There's something, ironically enough, INTELLECTUALLY here, as well.

  31. This movie was awesome. Some people say it's slow and dull, and it does have those moments. But this movie established the new setting for the original crew, and showed how things had changed in the ten years since we last saw them. It set the stage for future movies, and showed what SFX could be used then that weren't before. That's a big load for a movie to carry, especially without any previous work to follow. Just sayin'…

  32. One of my favorite movies, but this scene is a great example of why it's called "The Emotionless Picture."

  33. Spock found it fascinating that the Enterprise was remodeled and that it had more than 1 elevator to get to the bridge.

  34. Decades in the future, forget the fact that the possibility of Spock even existing is beyond mathematical absurdity, he still believes life magically came from rocks, that the universe magically popped into existence from nothingness and one taxonomic life group can magically transform into another – Logic? LOL- what a dumb-ass ~

  35. i am having a hard time finding a reference to someone mentioning this – didn't anyone notice ?
    at 1 : 27 in the original movie – you see a picture of the NASA space shuttle – this is 1979 – two years before it began orbital testing …

  36. Best exchange between Spock and McCoy. The whole scene is great with the interaction between all three, with a large amount of information conveyed in under 3 minutes. That's pretty effective writing.

  37. Much of the dialogue could still be used, what could be dropped?! Loads of times where they're just travelling through V'Ger, by ship and by spacesuit.

  38. 2:03, the angry flash in Kirk's eyes when Spock says "Of Course, Captain". It's so tiny, many people might not even see it, but it's Shatner at his very best (in my opinion). My favourite Kirk moment in my favourite Trek film!

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