Star Trek: The Motion Picture (7/9) Movie CLIP – VGER is Voyager 6 (1979) HD

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (7/9) Movie CLIP – VGER is Voyager 6 (1979) HD

Logic and knowledge
are not enough. Spock, are you saying that
you found what you needed… But v’ger hasn’t ? What would v’ger need
to fulfill itself ? Each of us, At some time in our lives,
turns to someone– A father, a brother, a god
and asks…“why am I here ?What was I meant to be ?” V’ger hopes
to touch its creator, To find its answers. “is this all that I am ?
Is there nothing more ?” Captain. Forward motion slowing,
captain. Captain, I believe
that is our destination. I read an oxygen-gravity
envelope forming
outside theenterprise.Forward motion stopped,
captain. V’ger. Sir, I’ve located the source
of v’ger’s radio signal.
It’s directly ahead. That transmitter
is a vital link between
v’ger and its creator. The carbon units
will now provide v’ger… With the required information. Mr. Spock. Bones. Mr. Decker, I will contact you
every five minutes. Captain. I’d like to go along.

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  1. it is stated somewhere in the star trek universe of books that vger encoutered the borg and this is what they made him

  2. I think it is cool that, even though Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have left the Solar System, they are still transmitting and NASA is still receiving data from them!

  3. For me,the very finest Star Trek film. A great director as Wise couldn't have done a better job. The only reason it got so much hate and was even referred as "Star Trek:The Motionless Picture",was due to its lack of space battles.

  4. William Shatner's novel 'The Return'- featuring Kirk being resurrected after 'Generations'- included the idea that V'Ger was repaired by a branch of the Borg Collective that focused on technology rather than the organic assimilation we're more familiar with

  5. That's true. This is a pretty good movie; when I figured out it was Voyager when I watched this as a kid, I was amazed. However, most would agree that it isn't exactly the best; given the rushed production, it could have been done better.

    My favorite's always been Voyage Home. That was the first of the Trek movies I ever got to watch. I still enjoy watching it.

  6. Most of the comments on this section are done by kids who expected this movie to be some violent "cowadoody in space".

  7. As I get older (40 at the last count) I really appreciate this film in a way I did not before.

  8. Thus we meet Vger, the progenitor of the Borg….Deckker will become the Borg King, and ILia the first Borg Queen…who knew the Borg the most superior and destructive enemy of the federation and the universe comes from an archaic piece of satellite created by man… imagine what the other species will think if they find out the Borg an enemy that destroyed and assimilated their people was created by the earthlings! LOL

  9. I have to agree, the movie was rushed, but technically, this movie was not to be outdone by any other Trek since then.

  10. Surely you don't believe that, I see a lot of people here proclaiming that this was the best Trek movie, I would like to see their comments in other Trek movie videos.

    In my opinion Into Darkness was the most entertaining Trek movie, yet the less 'Trek' movie.

  11. Only its programming.. to seek and assimilate knowledge. The BioTech that downloaded its program is something else all together.. the birth of the nanites that would bekome the Borg Drones.

  12. "TMP is the only truly unique Star Trek movie of "

    Unique? It ripped off the old tv episode "The Changeling" that had you guess it… a probe that came to life and threatened the ship. Fans in the 70s called this movie "Where NOMAD has gone before"

  13. Kubaz Enigma I would insult you thoroughly but my time is far more important than that. Oh wait I just did.

  14. Also Kubaz Enigma if you want to see the entire movie just go to Netflix on your computer. -_- Clearly you have one.

  15. This film is very cerebral and underrated. This film is not for Star Trek fans that want to see battles and exploding ships. I find VGER scary!

  16. I saw the film back in 1979 and while I didn't expect there would be a surprise revelation at the end, the fact that they were still writing the script while filming this scene is indicated by Kirk and Spock taking turns at making all kinds of assumptions as explanation of how Voyager became V'Ger (just after this clip ends).  It's not speculation as presented in the film, it's the actual history of the probe, because they hadn't time to properly work the script out: there's an info dump instead of any real reasoning it out.  It's the same kind of thing that happens during Spock's jetpack ride into V'Ger's interior: why Spock makes the connection between the machine planet and V'Ger is because of time constraints in the story.

  17. A super race of beings is able to take one of our space probes and build a ship around it that is capable of destroying anything in its path…but none of them could take a rag and wipe off the name plate!

  18. According to what I've found, V'ger is the largest (in length) vessel ever developed in the sci-fi world.

  19. So because Aliens don't have cleaning products they've been calling Voyager the wrong name for centuries… hahahahahaha

  20. The dude was cucked by a satellite. That is probably less embarrassing than being cucked by another guy.

  21. I had a problem like this. My Roomba carpet cleaning robot smashed into my clothes dryer. Now all the Roomba does is drive around my bedroom destroying all my socks.

  22. This is one of a few Star Treks that were based on real life events (Voyager, Chenobyle to End of Cold War, Environmental message).

  23. I loved this movie and Star Trek overall. But.. I always felt this was a series ripoff of itself, The Changeling.
    Then for these Super Intelligent Robots (Somehow related to the Borg maybe??) to just not clean the damn scoring on the nameplate..
    Well I still loved it..

  24. Vger refers to the constellation where voyager went and lost ct. The rest will astound, a trend setter. To try and locate the source. It begins.

  25. Thinking about it ( Voyager 6 ) getting pulled into a black hole…and it actually was able to escape it in one piece..
    is somewhat I call a miracle

  26. I don't believe that the Borg were responsible for VGER. The universe is a big place with uncountable species. I do think that VGER "downloaded" Borg ships and planets during its long journey back to Earth, though. If it were the Borg, Spock would have known because of his mind meld with the entity. However, when Spock said, "To resist would be futile," had to have come from some sort of Borg influence.

  27. Voyager 6 was never made lol. Might never be made either. And if it is it'll probably look nothing like this one. I wonder why they didn't use voyager 1 or 2 for this scene

  28. The story says that Voyager 6 was launched alternate to the Real Voyager
    1 and 2 in the 1970s to explore the outer space behind oure solar
    system. But many centuries after the probe lost contact with earth, it
    fell into a black hole and traveled back in time into another part of
    the galaxy. there where living machienes which found the probe which
    came out from the black hole, and tried to interpret the human probe
    back to its creator. All what the alien machienes got from the probe was
    the plan to assimilate all creatures which based on carbon..( Like the
    creator of V´ger existing of: Humans ) So they called the probe V´ger
    cause the name plaque on it was damaged, so they could only read V´GER
    from: VOYAGER 6

  29. Oh V'ger… you amassed the knowledge of trillions of sentient beings across entire galaxies, yet you still weren't smart enough to get some Brillo pads to clean the dirt off your nameplate.

  30. It was the borg that created that ship correct? Because in STO the borg have a ship just like v'ger.

  31. They sent out voyager 1 in 1977. I'm afraid it's going to achieve consciousness, become a living thing and control us.

  32. So…dang…SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. This film was obsessed with making camera-love to the "new" Enterprise as a type of fan service, but even as a 15 y.o. I saw that Voyager thing coming from a parsec away.

  33. Kirk rubs off 300 years black interstellar space-gunk with his fingers… and his fingers never turn black!?

  34. I wonder what Star Trek The Motion Picture would have been like if Nasa sent out a squeaky rubber dog toy out into space instead of Voyager 6.

  35. I love Star Trek and hate this movie so much. It ruined my childhood while I was still a child. Then I saw Wrath of Khan and felt alive again.

  36. This is my theory of V'ger-Borg connection: Voyager was found by beings from the machine planet. Those beings are The Borg without their organic parts. Voyager fell into a wormhole created by a unknown race long ago and travelled back in time. Hundreds of thousands years back. The sentient machines didn't know what Voyager was, so it created the gigantic ship. At that time the ship's technology was the same as the Borg tech in the 24th century. But through out as time went, it evolved and became much more advanced. I think the borg could have build such a massive ship, since they managed to construct Unicomplex that are 6th bigger than V'ger. V'ger evolved, but the machine planet didn't and went stagnant. A catastrophic event happened in the machine planet and most of the planet was destroyed, leaving most of the machine's technology forgotten. They started to rebuild slowly around 1000 bc but they had to start from scratch. That's when the Borg came to be as we know them.

  37. If anyone could supply me with more information on the connection between V'ger and the Borg it would be helpful. I have read theories of how V'ger isnt/is connected to the Borg but it is interesting to read about.

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