Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

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  1. Disney has ruined my favorite saga with weak storylines, killing off all the best characters and forcing a bunch of sjw bs. I’m done giving them my money.

  2. Me: Did you see the new Star Wars trailer?

    Friend: Yeah! Dark Rey is INSANE, right?

    Me: I don’t care about Rey!!! I just hope they don’t mess up C-3PO!!!!!!!!

  3. So Disney how did kill the past go? Oh wait now we are glorifying it and also darth Rey? What? Or is this another subversion lol wow so sad, i hope this movie flops.

  4. Star wars was/is never an artistic movie. it was made solely for profit. Fan were still able to finds something in that. Kathleen Kennedy even destroyed that by forcing her toxic feminist ideology.

  5. They show scenes from the original trilogy, but JJ Noob and Disney can not keep up with it, what they've delivered so far is rather immature Copy & Paste stuff

  6. Rey should have been turned in episode 7, that would have made for some interesting story line. Now there is only so much you can do with it in a ~2h movie

  7. I figured out what’s going to happen. In the trailer c-3PO has red eyes he was made by Anakin so in a way he is a skywalker. this leads me to believe that the entire movie is about C-3PO and his struggles between the dark and light side

  8. I think that we Will see a 10 years later like the endgame. This is Disney after all he wants to see us crying 😂😂😂😂

  9. @1:15 Yet another desert planet, Disney?
    What is that @1:16? A Jawa county fair on Tattooine?
    Seven out of nine films with a desert sandy planet setting.
    Jesus Christ, you guys definitely won the Gold medal for lack of originality.

  10. Ever since Disney bought Star Wars I’m starting to hate it not because of Disney but because Disney is making it crappier
    But this one…. I have to see it. I’ve still seen every single one, but the last one is always the most important

  11. I hope Shmi is back and a Sith. Hmmm, who else can we ruin with IX? Porkins, turns out he survived and is the key to it all.

  12. We all know Disney ruined Star Wars! Don’t go opening weekend! Don’t go at all! Boycott this movie!
    Boycott all things Disney!!!

  13. Here's the problem. Fans aren't as excited about this one, breaking the Internet, and talking about it non-stop because this time there's no blind fanboy enthusiasm. With Force Awakens we had no idea what to expect. And biasness aside it was at least a competently made film. The Last Jedi was so weird/divisive that instead of people being excited for this one… they're hesitant, skeptical, curious. They have their reservations… They don't wanna get their hopes up again after The Last Jedi "betrayed" them. With Force Awakens we were all sooo overly optimistic! But that optimism has turned into disdain and hesitance. It makes me sad but, that's the state we're in right now.

  14. I want to be excited, I just feel like TLJ wasted so much time that it's going to be hard to make this a feel like a proper conclusion.

  15. I want to be excited, I want to love these movies but I just can’t. Ep XII was ok enough, needed more world building but i feel there was a solid enough foundation for the new characters. Ep XIII… not going there. Rogue was was super awesome and felt like a Star Wars film. Solo… ugh, why? I think this is a directionless incoherent mess.

  16. I hate spoilers,
    I'd rather see Daisy making wooden canes for wounded shrimp from Monty python skits.Those shrimp don't get welfare or waffles.

  17. I remember watching Episode VI in the cinemas since then I have loved Star Wars, my room is full of Star Wars props everywhere. But when Disney got in charge I just dropped Star Wars. And after watching this trailer I’m going back to Star Wars, by the looks of it I got hope for Star Wars again. I’m 100% sure that I will cry in the cinemas cause I have been a fan of Star Wars for about 30 years, and seeing the series I grew with ending is going to very hard.

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