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  1. Why do I need On the Day Co-ordination? My venue has a wedding co-ordinator! This is a question I'm often posed, below is a summary of the reasons. – The 'wedding co-ordinator' at your venue is often just a venue co-ordinator rather than a fully fledged co-ordinator. They won't, and don't, liaise with all your suppliers. So by using an independent supplier it allows you to enjoy the run upto the wedding rather than you going here, there and everywhere. Someone else will make sure those last minute details are followed through and saves you the stress on those last few important days. – An independent planner will also confirm the final details with all your suppliers to make sure they know what is required of them on the day. They'll double check the final details, confirm arrival time, confirm the suppliers know the venue(s). Do you really want to have to do this in the final days before your big day? – It allows you to thoroughly relax on the day itself knowing that someone else is running the show and managing all your suppliers. Often many wedding co-ordinators at your venue are not actually there on the day, they are replaced by the day Duty Manager. So there is no continuity for all the details that you've so carefully considered. – Your venue co-ordinator or Duty Manager at the venue will not manage the other suppliers, so no one is actually running the day as a whole. If you had 10-12 members of staff in a work scenario you'd have a 'team leader'. That's the job on the day – not to tell the florist how to do the flowers, or the photographer how to take photos but to act as a 'go to person' should there be a problem or an issue that needs solving. The last thing you, your Mum or your bridesmaid wants is a tug on the sleeve – "we've got a problem". That just spoils the day as it moves your focus and causes tension. – If you have 2 venues on the day of your wedding then that's potentially double the amount of issues to manage. You want someone else to manage the transfer of your wedding effortlessly from your ceremony to the reception venue. You don't want to wonder whether your cousin has remembered to pick up the church flowers and move them to your reception room. And even if you've only got one venue its another thing to worry about. Will the venue have remembered to move everything, the turnaround of a room or venue needs to be done quickly, will all your details be remembered – an independent planner will definitely get the job done! – If there is an issue on the day then I will have the time and skills to sort it – your DJ has had an accident and can't make it. Don't worry! I've got DJs who are on standby ready to step in. One of your guests has had a little too much to drink and is beginning to cause a scene. Don't worry! I can tactfully suggest they take some time out as they really don't want to spoil your day. – Finally, the experience of brides & grooms who have already benefited from such a service. The worst thing that can happen is that a bride and groom say; "I had a great day, but…." Please, please, please don't be one of those couples who only recognise how useful an INDEPENDENT wedding planner can be in the run upto the day and of course on the day itself, after your wedding, and after something has happened! So, you are now convinced about the validity of such a service. What does myOn the Day Co-ordination package offer? – We will meet so I can understand your arrangements and understand the supplier requirements for the Big Day. This will be done if possible at your reception venue. This will be approximately a month before your Day. – In the final week before your Wedding Day I will liaise with all your suppliers to ensure all timings and requirements are fully understood. – I will produce detailed itineraries for the Big Day. – On your Wedding Day I will be there 2 or 3 hours before the ceremony to ensure the bride and her attendants have everything they need. I will oversee the setting up of your venues and manage your suppliers. I will be on hand to assist your guests with any help they require. I will be in attendance upto 10 hours This service costs from £600, can you afford not to take up this fantastic opportunity? Wouldn't you prefer to relax in the run up to your wedding and on the day itself?

  2. Steelasophical Caribbean musical entertainment
    Gary Trotman with music in the James Bond movie Casino Royale
    Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Drum music albums selling world-wide in over 42 countries
    Steelasophical is UK based

  3. Gerald Forsyth OBE '40 years of steel bands in British Schools; 1969-2009'

    Steel band music was brought to these shores over 50 years ago and is now part of the British musical culture. Acceptance and promotion of this art form has come about largely because of individuals such as Gerald Forsyth, an educator of extraordinary talents.

    Gerald was born in the island of Trinidad, (part of the twin province of Trinidad and Tobago), and came to the United Kingdom in 1960. Already an accomplished musician in his hometown, he set about reclaiming his country's legacy, the steel band, and promoting it in the entertainment industry. In those early days, he was a jazz pianist and a steel pan musician – and a steel pan maker when few individuals possessed that knowledge. However his contribution to music education in the United Kingdom is far reaching.

    In 1969, Gerald Forsyth set up the first school steel band in Islington Green School, London, and became its teacher. He was the first peripatetic teacher in any school to be appointed a 'steel band music tutor', a post he held for nine years. The steel band became an instant success in the school, and similar projects spread throughout London and the Home Counties.

    Soon there were so many school steel bands around that the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) put out an advertisement in the education journal, for the post of 'Steel Band Organiser for the ILEA'.Gerald Forsyth applied and was appointed to the post in 1978. He held the position until the abolition of ILEA in 1990.

    Gerald remained a steel pan tutor in many schools and youth clubs, namely, White Lion Youth Club, Islington; John Kelly Boys School, Brent; Homerton School, Hackney; Kingsdale School, Dulwich; George Orwell School, Hornsey; Hackney Youth Services Music Department, Jubilee, Primary School, Brent; … and many more.

    School steel bands continued to increase in numbers all over the UK, andGerald Forsyth was instrumental in setting up, and adjudicating at school steel band festivals all over the country. He also set up the firstNational School Steel Band Orchestra, and has had immense success with pupils whose music ability was discovered and nurtured to great heights. He is the National Adjudicator of the British Association of Steel Bands, and was the Musical Director of East London School of Steel Band Music, Hackney. He is also the Honorary President of the Steel Pan Educators and Tutors Association (SPETA).

    Today, there are over 5,000 steel bands in British schools. We all owe this success to the legacy of Gerald Forsyth. For this remarkable achievement, (40 years of steel bands in British schools), we congratulate Mr. Gerald Forsyth OBE, on his National Award.

  4. Sourcing the very best in value for Caribbean musical entertainment is no mean feat! Last count there were in excess of 3,200 active 'Steel Bands' based in the UK. As with everything else in life, they come in all shapes, sizes, quality, liability, attitude, reputation, recourse and reliability. Many are derived from schools and social activity clubs (many english steelbands who perform at fetes, concerts, carnivals etc), you have a majority that are long standing performers who have been doing this for many years, who love to perform and entertain and has become for them a great weekend hobby. You have acoustic, acoustic, combo, semi combo, caribbean bands with steeldrum players, bands with drum machines . . this combination list is endless. Like us at Steelasophical, there are a few out of that 2000+ number, who are full-time dedicated professional musical entertainers. After 15 years of performing with every form of Steel band mentioned above, the concept of Steelasophical was born. It was a means of offering the very best of all past experience, values and lessons to create a New form and alternative Caribbean Steeldrum musical entertainment.

    So thank you for taking the time to wade through the 'many rest' to find the 'very best'.

    Although we believe this with a passion, no need to only take our word for it.

  5. What is the Steelasophical Sound of the Caribbean?

    Learning from past experience, our vision was to elevate the instrument away from the traditional stereotypical 'Old Oil Drum' .Pigeon-holed at performing a few happy tunes, surrounded by grass skirts, afro wigs and Hawaiian leis alone!
    With us, the Steel Drum Pan is: The lead instrument .. The talking messenger – The front Man –
    As with any quality lead vocalist, the voice is assisted to shine by having quality music to accompany, which is where our backing music and amazing versatile repertoire comes in. Just as a great versatile vocalist can sing many styles and types of songs, so Steelasophical provides the same versatility instrumental music. The main difference with us is versatility. Having a core repertoire of over 100 songs in 14 genres, with the actual backing band music intended. So a Jazz standard sounds like a Jazz song with the beautiful melody of steel engaging you .. a salsa number sounds like a salsa band complete with 3/2 clave, congas and bongos, same for a POP, Soul, Blues, Reggae, Soca, Kizomba, Cha Cha, Country,
    The wider the repertoire and diverse the genres, the This opens up a whole new world, as the music choice is instantly

  6. Where it all started

    Steel 'Drums' originally emerged in Tobago and Trinidad, based on drumming traditions from India and Africa. By the 1930's the first instruments were evolving, and by 1940 steel drum bands were making an appearance at Carnivals and similar events.

    Since then, the production of the steel drum has evolved technically so that the modern steel drum is a highly responsive and flexible instrument which demands a high degree of skill from the musician. This level of skill can take many many years to perfect.

    Steel drum bands come in all shapes and sizes and suit a wide variety of musical events from weddings to corporate functions.

    A steel drum band is always a good starting point of a conversation and to encourage guests to mingle.

    The music generally played is traditional Caribbean, Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Jazz or other Popular songs.

    If you require a special song, quite often our steel drum bands can accommodate this and provide a spectacular Caribbean rendition of the chosen song.

    As they are mainly acoustic they can be used both outside or indoors to bring you the unique sound of the steel band no matter what the occasion.

    We have a wide variety of Steel Drum Bands on our books and will be happy to discuss with you the size and type of band that will suit your event – that's our job!

    Big event or small, every party is a festive and memorable occasion when a steel drum band is there.

    We're well know in the steel drum band industry and has a reputation for providing some of the best steel drum band this side of Trinidad – the land of steel drums and calypso music – with fabulous Caribbean musicians and a totally professional approach.

  7. Just How Do You Limbo Dance?

    By Steelasophical

    The History

    The Limbo (Lim-Bow) is a unique Afro-Caribbean dance, one thats a hot favourite at Caribbean and Tropical themed parties.

    Also known as "Under de Stick Dance" this has become a most popular form of audience participation at Tropical party events the world over. The limbos dates back to the mid to late 1800s in Trinidad. It achieved mainstream popularity during the 1950s

    It has its origins from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, where British and American forces took the form back to their home countries as a party dance piece.

    Limbo is a movement that is traditionally done at funerals or wakes and derives from the African legba or legua dance. If the Limboist makes it under the bar (usually a bar of fire) with ease, it means that the spirit has transitioned to the other side with ease

  8. 'Steelasophical' is a leading provider of 'Caribbean' Musical Entertainment throughout the UK capitol city of London. They have a 'steel band' hire service for Steel band and Mobile Caribbean DJ. Your local premier musical entertainment service. why not come inside and view our website where you will feast details on our products and services

    Guaranteed SignUps I'll say it again 'Guaranteed' with #Zukul @Steelasophical

  10. "Don't Speak"

    You and me
    We used to be together
    Everyday together always
    I really feel
    That I'm losing my best friend
    I can't believe
    This could be the end
    It looks as though you're letting go
    And if it's real
    Well I don't want to know

    Don't speak
    I know just what you're saying
    So please stop explaining
    Don't tell me cause it hurts
    Don't speak
    I know what you're thinking
    I don't need your reasons
    Don't tell me cause it hurts

    Our memories
    Well, they can be inviting
    But some are altogether
    Mighty frightening
    As we die, both you and I
    With my head in my hands
    I sit and cry

    Don't speak
    I know just what you're saying
    So please stop explaining
    Don't tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)
    Don't speak
    I know what you're thinking
    I don't need your reasons
    Don't tell me cause it hurts

    It's all ending
    I gotta stop pretending who we are…

    You and me I can see us dying…are we?

    Don't speak
    I know just what you're saying
    So please stop explaining
    Don't tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)
    Don't speak
    I know what you're thinking
    I don't need your reasons
    Don't tell me cause it hurts
    Don't tell me cause it hurts!
    I know what you're saying
    So please stop explaining

    Don't speak,
    don't speak,
    don't speak,
    oh I know what you're thinking
    And I don't need your reasons
    I know you're good,
    I know you're good,
    I know you're real good
    Oh, la la la la la la La la la la la la
    Don't, Don't, uh-huh Hush, hush darlin'
    Hush, hush darlin' Hush, hush
    don't tell me tell me cause it hurts
    Hush, hush darlin' Hush, hush darlin'
    Hush, hush don't tell me tell me cause it hurts

  11. Music to vow, wow, mix, mingle, wine, dine and dance

    Steelasophical now booking into the next 3 yeas!!

    Click here ->


  12. Caribbean Steel Drum Music Albums selling world wide in over 42 countries
    Leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainment (Steel band and Caribbean Mobile DJ)
    Music available to buy in every major music reseller around the world
    Trusted by Sony Music USA to have our music used in the James Bond Movie Casino Royale
    Recording Artist with countless tracks in compilations collaborating with world music giants ARC Music Prod Int since 1998
    A winning musical entertainment performance on the iconic cooking competition show Come dine with me

    The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:

    "Services" – means the Service Specification and administration services to be provided by Kudos for the Client and specifically set out in the Service Specification Sheet (and the Services shall include the Additional Services where the context admits).
    "Additional Services" any other services other than the Services agreed to be provided by Kudos to the Client on agreed terms and set out as such in the Services Specification.
    "Service Specification Sheet" the sheet setting out the Services & Additional Services and attached to the Contract.
    "Charges" Kudos's charges are for the provision of the Services and unless otherwise expressly agreed with the Client and specified in the Contract.
    “Deposit” Kudos shall charge a deposit as specified in the Contract which shall be inclusive of VAT.
    “Booking” Acknowledgement by Kudos that they are providing the Service to the Client.
    "Kudos Material" any Documents, equipment or other materials, and any data or other information provided by Kudos in connection with or relating to the Services including any targeted press or mailing list.
    "Contract" the contract for the provision of the Services to which these Terms & Conditions are appended and incorporated.
    "Documents" includes, in addition to a document in writing, any map, plan, graph, drawing or photograph, any film, negative, tape or other device embodying visual images and any disc, tape or other device (electronic or otherwise) embodying other data.
    "Client Material" any Documents or other materials, and any data or other information provided by the Client relating to the Services.
    “Event Date" the date specified in the Service Specification Sheet from the start date to the end date being the period for the provision of the Services as set out in the Contract unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.
    “DJ” the contracted Disc Jockey that Kudos arrange to perform on the Event Date

  14. #Dominica

    In 2005, rugged, jungle-filled Dominica became the first nation to be certified by Green Globe 21 for sustainable development. Nature-oriented visitors appreciate Dominica’s rich culture and history, and this locale has a great deal to offer travelers with a quest for adventure. Located between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica’s mountains soar to nearly 5,000 feet, yielding a thriving rainforest, hundreds of rivers and waterfalls, rare orchids and colorful birds. Geothermal activity results in colorful hot springs, bubbling mud pools, small geysers and Boiling Lake, the second largest lake of its kind in the world. The sites are found in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  15. Steelasophical is an award winning, leading UK based Premier Modern #SteelBand & Caribbean Dj Music Service.


    #Steelpan. World class #Steeldrum and percussionists available for bookings around the UK @Steelasophical

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