Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock. Epic Rap Battles of History

Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock. Epic Rap Battles of History

[Music] we’ll picture a child sitting next to a project learning from your films to become a much better direct now picture a three billion dollar dream machine who can fly us all over your cropped other they try to do with me out for you must be psycho I’ll bring back job and take a body of lies bow I’m always in the terminal outfit you got no style dog I’m the king of dialog there’s only one movie I know you’re from and I’ve seen more blood in the shower to fight the world war 1 but couldn’t do that the British army wouldn’t let you join consumer too fast look it up it’s a true fact Wikipedia that now allow me to attacks even do the war the worlds of failures what I label you it look like some sellout bullshit microwave will do as anybody what’s your favorite Sam Jackson part no one’s gonna say what’s-his-name from Jurassic park’s that I write ain’t them clean when I trip make some uh me Tarantino is a gene a bad motherfucker on the wallets at the penis [Music] genius is a power forward but there’s no reason to use it less you’re talking about the Kubrick then there’s really nothing to everything I do every single frame of exactly how all of you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Season 6 of ERB is coming in Spring 2019. Which movie directors, actors or characters are worthy of being in a rap battle? Who do you really 'need' to see in an ERB!?

  2. So why is no-one talking about alfred hitchcocks killer verse i mean:
    Half your billions should go to john williams

    You’re more horrible than megan foxes acting in transformers

    + BEST flow
    + Good rhymes

  3. What no explosion for Michael bay when he hits the ground? That's pretty surprising since anything he does has explosions in it

  4. Every part was awesome
    Spielberg's first lines gave me goosebumps
    Hitchcooks effects and flow
    Tarantinos detail with the cart or whatever it's called in English
    Kubricks whole style and visual
    Bay's part was catchy and funny

    Hard to decide who really won but I think Tarantino did

  5. Probably watched this 20+ times and counting. That Kubrick big wheel entrance to the beat during Tarantino's rap is soooo good! And Michael Bay making MOTHERFUCKIN' MONEY!

  6. 生于俄亥俄州的辛辛那提,斯皮尔伯格是世界著名导演和制片人。他的最佳影片有《外星人》、《拯救大兵雷恩》和《辛德勒名单》。由于他行为怪异,也被怀疑有自闭症。

  7. "Ask anybody, "What's your favorite Sam Jackson part?" No one's gonna say, what's-his-name from Jurassic Park?"

    A moment of silence for Steven Spielberg's funeral.

  8. Me: breaks toe in shower

    Also me: well shit Quentin Tarantino was right as hell there’s wayyyyy more blood in here then when that girl got killed in psycho

  9. I hate to say it but….

    It really is about MOTHAFUCKIN MONEY!!!

    Really though Hitchcock had the best disses, but I just cant hate Bays part

  10. Forman won. Not mentioned. Also Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos won. Shop on the main street. Makes look Schindlers list like a scond grade movie.

  11. This should get a sequel with Kevin Smith roasting them all while depreciating himself at the same time! NO! I take that back… Kevin Smith vs Silent Bob and Jason Mews vs Jay!

  12. Best Roasts: Speilbeirg
    Best Exposing Lines: Hitchcock
    Best Disses and Flow: Quentin Tarantino
    Best Bars: Kubrik
    Best Background and Money: Micheal Bay
    Overall Winner: the helicopter

  13. Quentin Tarantino is the winner: he had amazing disses and a sick beat, insulted everyone, and boasted about himself

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