Still Alice Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth Drama HD

Still Alice Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth Drama HD

To the most beautiful and the most intelligent woman I have known in my entire life. Thank you! Happy birthday! We love you! I love you! Welcome Dr. Alice Howland. Thank you. I hope to convince you that, by observing these baby steps into the… …into… Alice, where the hell were you? Went for a run. Well, I hope you enjoyed that because you completely blew our dinner plans. I need to talk to you. I’vr got something wrong with me. What’s going on? Oh, boy… Are you guys gonna break up? Or…? No. I have Alzheimer’s Disease. Early onset. Oh, my God. I can see the words… …hanging in front of me and I can’t reach them and I don’t know who I am… …and I don’t know what I’m gonna lose next. Stethoscope. Millennium. Hedgehog. I’d like to see you go to college. You can’t use your situation to just get me to do everything you want. Why can’t I? Because it’s not fair! I don’t have to be fair. I’m your mother. I hate that this is happening to me. But we have to keep the important things in our life going. Merry Christmas! We have to try. Or we’re going to go crazy. This might be the last year that I’m myself. Please don’t say that. I am not suffering. I am struggling. Struggling to be a part of things. To stay connected to who I once was. “So live in the moment,” I tell myself. It’s really all I can do. Live in the moment.

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  1. This movie is truly amazing, its a very sad movie, it made me cry at lots of moments, this disease is terrible, and this movie really does put it in perspective!

  2. I watched the movie and is it just me or was the way the doctor dealt with her situation brutally cold. There seemed little or no love in the way he communicated with Alice treating her as if she was a machine. I think Alzheimer's shouldn't be seen as a disease which is a problem within an otherwise ok world. Rather its like a kind of message to us a humans as a whole to think about what our lives mean to us and what is meaningful. I am not convinced that memory is all we are or that functioning is the most important thing. The poem shared by Lydia (Kirsten Stewart) which Alice picked up was about love was the highlight. Love is the most important thing in life. Not remembering countless details which are, if one thinks about it, merely fragments of what was occurring at any given past moment anyway. I repeat. Love is what is most important. Relative to reality at large we all have Alzheimer's.

  3. I was 18 years old when my dad was taken out of work. He was diagnosed with diabetes after the summer. It took several months until a full diagnosis was made for his condition; he had been diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's disease. Over a year later, I'm nearly 20 years old and I have to look at my dad every single day, knowing, I'll never get my old man back. He sees me and my family as strangers, he always thinks he's at work and the worst part of it is, we have to play along. We can never correct him. The one thing I want more than anything is to have my dad back, but it will never, ever happen. He's reaching the stage where he could be placed into a nursing home any day now, I honestly don't think he will last at home with us much longer and it will break my heart when he leaves us all and is placed into a nursing home. After watching this trailer, I just sat and cried my eyes out. I hope when I am finally able to watch this film all the way through, it will open my eyes a lot more, because sometimes I don't know how to feel about my dad's condition; its not as overwhelming for me, I sat in the bath once and forced myself to cry because I just didn't feel emotional. That's all I want to feel; so then I can understand the condition more.

  4. Wow, I can't believe that Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts, Diane Lane and Nicole Kidman turned down this Role !!!

  5. not for the faint of heart. This … is .. I don't even know how to describe this movie. This movie left me in tears.
    (Warning: Spoilers)

    Her speech was the down fall of my tears and also the part when her husband took her to an ice scream shop (after a failed attempt on suicide) then asks if she really wanted to be there. ugh JUST WATCH IT T^T


  7. I love this moviee soo much!
    All the actors are perfect, and Julianne Morre is amazing.!
    I cried so hard and she really deserved that oscar!

  8. I read the book before then I watched the movie , it's nice when every thing exactly like you pictured

  9. To me it was really dad when reading the book how when I reached the end lied this woman who didn't know anything and I could flip back to the beginning and see how healthy she was

  10. say thank you to American government – they spray aluminium from planes and aluminium blocks brain so people have Altzhamer
    Be concerned on removing aluminium from your body
    Poor Americans and Nato countries – you are chemtrailed more than we are here in Russia

  11. I was looking forward to this and now that I finally saw it from the library, I was bored. I had much higher hopes for the contrived script. I didn't dislike the actors, but I knew everything they were going to say and do.

  12. This reminds me of Gene Wilder. He sadly passed away from Alzheimer's disease two months ago. I do hope we will find a cure for this disease. But I think to myself now: If there was a cure Alzheimer's disease, people who suffer it will survive and Gene Wilder would still be alive today.

  13. I can't even express my feelings right now I just saw this movie and I don't know from where I can start 1st of all its a great movie with real meaning smth that in movies we are not used too we all like movies with no point and meanless messages 2nd the way that it saw as the perspective of a person with alcjaimer is so good cause I always wanted to know how a person with this deseis fell 3.movies like this one makes me ignore the people that make feel had cause in this world people are stragling to find food,cure their desies,and help their family's in my English aren't the best.I hope you have a good day and always feel happy 😁😁😘😺

  14. I can't even express my feelings right now I just saw this movie and I don't know from where I can start 1st of all its a great movie with real meaning smth that in movies we are not used too we all like movies with no point and meanless messages 2nd the way that it saw us the perspective of a person with alcjaimer is so good cause I always wanted to know how a person with this diseas feel 3.movies like this one makes me ignore the people that make feel had cause in this world people are stragling to find food,cure their diseases,and help their family's in my English aren't the best.I hope you have a good day and always feel happy 😁😁😘😺

  15. My father had dementia for 6 years in a nursing home and before that…we are not sure how long ,not this young but always
    heart wrenching…I have not seen the movie but the book is terrific

  16. Bye the way folks this disease has no color lines no financial discrimination. It doesn't care about color , race , age ,it doesn't care about how many degrees you have or education or if you have no education it doesn't care about your gender or sexual preference. It simply doesn't care . It's serious .

  17. Just watched the move. Such a heartfelt movie. I loved Julianne Moore in this movie and I empathized with her. It gave me a glimpse into what Alzheimers is like. Prayers to those who are struggling with the disease.

  18. In Brazil, this film came out as "Para Sempre Alice", which translates to "Forever Alice". I thought that was a beautiful idea.

  19. this movie was so bad. it was predictable and didnt have much diversity. and had consistent shots of this one actors same expression. overall plot dragging on. dreary………..waste of time!

  20. I cried like a baby during that scene when she gave her speech. Personally, I lost family members to alzheimers. My grandmother was the first to get diagnosed back in 2002. She passed away in 2015. She was 77 years old. My aunt followed, and so did my father. My aunt passed away last november and my father is still alive. I'm really scared the same will happen to me one day…

  21. It's my understanding that people that have Alzheimer's disease aren't aware of the fact that they have it .
    In other words they not are aware that they are losing their memories.. So this movie is unrealistic in that sense..

  22. I almost cried watching this movie…Julianne is wonderful and reaches the peek of the heroes drama…

  23. Though it's heavy, Still Alice needs watching. It's so heartbreakingly real. The book is also worth the read.

  24. I know that if I'm diagnosed, I want to have medically assisted death. I've actually put it in writing and given the letter to my doctor.

    I can do cancer, to a point. I've been there. Done that. I can't do alzheimer's . I wouldn't put my worst enemy through that.

  25. this movie was bad but tolerable to watch but when you get to the end you realise you just wasted 2 hours of your life, ending is really stupid, kinda just cuts off and leaves you with a "thats it? thats the ending? well that was a bad movie" only sat through it to see what happens but honestly you just feel bad for her the entire time. unless you have the disease and just wanna watch to relate dont watch this lol

  26. Okay, let me just say, Julianne Moore's performance is brilliant in the film; she captures the fear, sadness, helplessness and perseverance of an Alzheimer's patient with tact. I watched it yesterday on my boxxy software, great quality and subtitles. Amazing.

  27. This movie brings back memories when i took care of my mother for 4 months. She had Alzheimer. She forgot how to walk, how to sit. There were times when she didnt recognize me, or she didnt know who she was. Really stressful, depressing and sad times.

  28. I don't think I have ever cried so hard in my life watching a movie. I'll be crying for the next hour, and who could play this role better than the beautiful Julianne? Such a great film but I cannot ever watch it again as it is so heartbreaking – and the end……."it was about LOVE." omg😢

  29. I just bought the book and I was reading the back and it said soon to become a movie and I had no idea the movie had come out three years ago. Now I'm even more excited to read the book and watch the movie afterwards.

  30. It’s funny that Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore are together in this movie cuz in 30 rock they wanted to be but the ended up not being together. I wonder if she ever blew his mind 100%

  31. The closest person I’ve ever had to a grandmother (not by blood but I LOVED the hell out of her as if she was) had Alzheimer’s. I was only 7 and I didn’t get it; she was just being ditzy/goofy to me…I just didn’t understand. I actually thought it was called “Old’s Timer’s” and it was just something old people got… I didn’t understand what it really was. I cried once because she yelled at me trying to figure out who I was and I got so upset with her, not understanding. I didn’t understand what I’d done, and why she didn’t know me anymore. I was so naive. I’m 30 now and I’ve researched this disease for years trying to understand it. She died when I was 10 (which hurt a hell of a lot more than my paternal grandmother’s passing, but she wasn’t as warm or loving towards me as Ms. Helen was) and I miss her SO MUCH, still; she left a void in me that I’ve never been able to re-fill. I used to LOVE going to visit her every Friday with my mom…I couldn’t wait to get out of school to go see her and tell her about school. I’ll never forget her and I’m SO GLAD I had the honor of knowing her for that small window of time. I just wish I’d understood more then and I hope she knew how much she meant to me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MISS HELEN!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  32. I saw this with my mom and it was extremely hard to watch because her parents both suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

  33. 2nd most depressing movie i ever watched after "Dancer in the Dark 2000" since both movies kind of related to me, especially "Dancer in the Dark". One thing I learned in this life, Don't count older by age but count it by how much he lost.

  34. Why wasn't Kate Bosworth's name on the screen with the three actors? JFC! She was in that classic "Blue Crush" where I realized she had heterochromia…even if you Google that word, she's their sample image! :)))))))

  35. I sometimes cannot for the life of me think of the words I know and have used when I am speaking and it's the most frustrating thing ever! Like I can't recall my favorite tree so I have to google what it looks like. I am in my late 50's and I have been on an antidepressant for 15 years and this may be the cause, I hope anyway. I had a brain test via computer and it was fine.

  36. i cant believe Julianne Moore won an academy award for anything !! shes one of the worst low budget actresses in history!!

  37. I had such an emotional break down at the end of this movie, I was sobbing uncontrollably. Watching it with my mom probably didn't help but it really put into perspective the desperate feeling of not taking her or anyone in my life for granted, but especially her. Sad for all the times I wasn't in the moment and desperate for the ability to stay in the moment and appreciate her the way she deserves every day of my life moving forward. I regret so many days passing by that I didn't.

  38. Really good film! My mother had this disease and its truly horrible, i watched my mum deteriorate from early signs to the later in 3 years. My beautiful mum passed away in december 2018 and even though i was heart broken and i think of her everyday, i believe she now is in a better place

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