Still Time – short film

Still Time – short film

Yes, with the Board of Directors.
We talked about this last week. True. It’s true. I think so, too. We must sell those stocks now. They’ll lose value soon, so we
must sell them immediately. Understood? It’s not a matter of going against
the Board of Directors. These are decisions that- yes. You decide. But I decide too. So we must- we must sell them now.
Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you understand?
It’s simple. It’s really simple. This is the last time. Ok? Bye. Sorry, Chris… What were you saying? It’s…
These phone calls are… See. Hello? Yes. Yes… The Board of Directors knows this,
they know how it works. Yes. Yes. What do you want to do? Listen, I have been there for years. So, we sell. I talked about it
with the Board of Directors. Yes, we must sell immediately. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.
Ok. Bye. Chris, come on, get out. I have a lot of things to do
and I don’t have time to waste. I can’t bring them to you:
I mean in BOD we decided differently! Five… ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five… I’m just trying to solve the problems. If that’s what you think, you are wrong. Daddy, can I ask you a question? Yes, Chris. Tell me. How much do you earn in one hour? Why are you asking? I just want to know, out of curiosity. – Fifty euros, more or less.
– Ah… Dad can you give me
twenty-five euros? So that’s why you asked how much I earn. You need the money to buy
some stupid toy, don’t you? Listen, go to your room now.
I don’t have time waste in this moment. Chris, are you sleeping? No. I was thinking that I’ve been
too harsh with you. I’m sorry I have reacted like that.
It’s that lately I am… I’m very stressed out, because of my job.
I don’t realise how I act toward people. Even those important to me. Here. These are the twenty-five you asked for. Uh. Thank you, daddy. Chris, why did you ask me for money
if you already had some? Because I didn’t have enough.
But now, I do. Enough for what? Now I’ve got fifty euros.
Can I buy an hour of your time? Please, come sooner tomorrow.

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  1. L'avevo già visto in un'altra versione, ma questa devo dire che emoziona molto di più.. Devo ammettere che mi è scesa più di una lacrima, mi ha emozionato parecchio.. Purtroppo ognuno di noi pensa alle cose superflue e non ai veri valori della vita.. E quando ci accorgiamo di ciò, è quasi sempre troppo tardi.. 
    Mi spiace di non essermi accorto di nulla, ciao fratellino.. <3

  2. Io quando aveva chiesto 25€ pensavo si riferisse a mezz'ora del tempo del padre (vi prego ditemi che non sono stato l'unico)

  3. Finalmente un film che mette in luce, senza mezzi termini, tutti i valori essenziali che lo stile della vita frenetica dei giorni nostri ci sta togliendo sempre di più. Complimenti @Alessandro Orefice 

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