STIs Are Stronger Than Ever – The Jim Jefferies Show

STIs Are Stronger Than Ever – The Jim Jefferies Show

I could’ve never survived adolescence in a sex deprived country. I can’t think of anything that would make me lose my interest in sex. At the same time I lost my virginity, this PSA was playing all over Australia. [TV voiceover] Over 50,000 men, women, and children now carry the AIDS virus. But in three years, nearly 2,000 of us will be dead. It could kill more Australians than World War II. If you have sex, have just one safe partner or always use condoms. Always. When I was growing up, we were led to believe that these diseases were hiding around every corner waiting to kill you. But now, they just aren’t that big a deal. [Man] Gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis, these are curable. Even things like HIV – we now have very effective antiretroviral therapy, which can manage the infection and two people are pretty much leading normal lives. Common STDs are more like smart phones. Everyone over 16 has one and every few years, there’s a newer, fancy one that comes out. And then everyone goes out and gets that one! It’s weird that you’re still expected to call people you’ve slept with and tell them you might’ve given them something. And you don’t have to call everyone when you’ve had the flu or a cold that you’ve been around. Nowadays, the flu is much more serious. That’s why when I have to break the news about both, I do it with a get well card. Sorry you’re under the weather. Hope you’re feline better. Un-furr-tunately, I tested paw-sitive for claw-mydia. I’m not kitten around. This is fur real. Love, Jim. It’s great that STDs no longer come with the shame they once did. Then again, it’s possible we’ve gotten a little bit too comfortable. [News reporter] Cases of sexually transmitted diseases are at an all time high. A new CDC report shows nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed in the U.S. last year. Hey, way to go, you three! Down, but not out. One reason for the resurgence of STDs, the internet makes it easier to have multiple partners and engage in risky sex, like this guy. [Man] You can definitely feel a greater stimulation when you have unprotected sex, barebacking, as opposed to protected sex. It’s raw, it’s primal. “It’s raw, it’s primal.” Nothing says “raw and primal” like a bunch of twinkling lights in a windowless bedroom of a grown man. If this guy’s f**kin’ on the regular, then we really have a crisis on our hands. But probably the biggest reason for the spike in STDs, massive cuts to public health funding. When Mike Pence was governor of Indiana, he closed Planned Parenthood facilities and HIV cases in that state exploded so quickly, that within years, they reached epidemic levels in that state. Mike Pence is actually a lot like HIV. Both are enormous threats to the LGBTQ community, and both get passed from partner to partner in a bathhouse orgy. Worst of all, we’ve gotten so good at treating common diseases that now, the diseases are fighting back. [Narrator] Since the first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered, gonorrhea has become resistant to six different types of antibiotics. And all over the world, we see more cases of harder-to-treat gonorrhea. How exactly did we get here? And can we stop the spread of super STIs? Super gonorrhea!? Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Ah, it’s the reason me wife left me. So maybe we were wrong to assume we’ve gotten the better of sexually transmitted diseases. Not being afraid is one thing. But that doesn’t mean we should stop using condoms. If we’re going to keep this resurgence at bay, we need to educate ourselves. And maybe we need to go back to the old days of scaring ourselves shitless to remember to wear a rubber. That’s why I made this. [Narrator] So, it’s time to take things to the next level. Sure, you might think you’ve considered the consequences, but have you heard about… Super gonorrhea! [ death metal music ] So, wrap it up. I know it doesn’t feel as good. But it feels better than… Super gonorrhea! [ death metal music ]

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  1. His way of talking and mannerisms indicates that it's woman on top position for him. He is too lazy to be bothered.

  2. The rise of STD's in Belgium is not because of young people. It's the over 50 group. They act more carelessly. Because divorce is much easier than ever before, the 50+ group goes out to party and are in search of adventures.

  3. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't come up with consequence-free condomless sex!!! Mother FUCK the human race! WHERE are our heads at??? WHY is that not a thing????? We fall all over each other for the next best iPhone…WHY the fuck are we NOT demanding from the scientific community consequence-free condomless sex????? Such an invention would probably end wars AND religion…a WIN-WIN!!

    Like Priss said in Blade Runner…we're STUPID and we're gonna DIE!!

  4. Anytime we allow ourselves to feel safe, yes, we experience a resurgence in diseases. Number one reason? We allow religious dogma to interfere with combating diseases. Sex education, true sex education is removed from the classrooms and replace with unrealistic abstinence programs. We remove the free access to protective measures. We allow sex to be restigmatized so that fewer get help when needed. All for the religious freedom of those who are religious, we allow their beliefs to risk lives of others.

  5. That final add convinced me because of the picture of Hillary, now I'll associate the image of a terrifying and persistent illness that doesn't want to let go with gonorrhea

  6. It's the women. They say they only fucking you but that's a lie. She fucks her girlfriends, her boss, the friendly mailman that's always knocking on the door, the police officer, the neighbors, the bag guy at the store.. Women just be giving pussy away

  7. dope nra ad before the vid. all those regular people. they just wanna carry high powered rifles like let a person live (and kill), please!!!!!

  8. Doesn't feel as good, but I'll wear a condom while she takes the daily pill, the second day pill, is currently bleeding from the vagina (even though, as I've been explained, it can't really happen with the daily pill, or whatevs) , we're doing it in an abortion clinic and we have a lot of spare coat hangers, if it means I'll be able to not have a child.

    In all seriousness, though, I rely just on the condom. I check it for leaks after I'm done, and if the period's late, we'll discuss and take other necessary measures after agreeing on what those are.

  9. How about just taking control of your own body? & Not having sex at all? Crazy right.? Do it 😜! Can't get an STI if you don't drive a Subaru lololol 🙀 Seriously though. Please Stop Procreating. & Or just die from. Sti plz 🌞💩🤑😇👽👻

  10. When I teach my patients about using condoms, especially teenage girls, I tell them that no one is more important than themselves… If someone refuse to use protection during sex.. they don't care enough for you. They are selfish. You deserve better, and someone who thinks you are as important as themselves. I find young women, especially teens, more worried about the feelings of their partners than their own safety and feelings. I teach more than safe sex, self worth is a huge part of self care.

  11. More super STI´s, we need a purge of stupid people, natural selection, less Trumptards who deny climate change and reality.

  12. Due to growing up confused as to where to put a condom, I just put it on my head.


    I've been called a dickhead so much that it felt appropriate.

  13. Life hack use non latex condoms. Feels so natural some times I pull out because I think It ripped but never has. Super reliable super natural feel.
    You’re welcome

  14. so..let me get this straight. mike pence closed down planned parenthood clinics, then HIV rate soared……not because these HIV carriers are spreading their disease around…it's because of mike pence? mike pence, the guy who opposes sexual promiscuity is the culprit for the spread of deadly disease caused by sexual promiscuity?

  15. Ask Magic Johnson.
    He found the cure.
    Be rich.
    Just replace your liver with $1000 bills, and the Hep just bounces right off. Add diamonds to your diet, and you're HIV proof. The evidence is there, folks.

  16. So there’s been some studies, a lot of data and research pulled from dating apps. Not just there but a lot of good info does come from there

    What we see is that many men, from both millennials and gen z, are actually virgins, estimates around 20-30%, and as high 35%, and crazier is around 30-45% of millennial and gen z men only have sex once a year (with only 1 partner), and/or are not in committed relationships. However, from the same generations, we see only about an estimated 10-15% of women that are virgins, and only ~20% are sexually inactive (having sex only once or a few times a year and/or are not in relationships and/or are not dating and/or are not hooking up and/or are not dating apps)

    Yet, we see stds/stis rising. How could that be? Many people are sexually inactive, and many are virgins. Men are losing their virginity much later. So what’s happening according to the trends is that women are having more sex than previous generations, and overall men are having less. So, the research is now showing that more women are having sex with fewer men. And often women in close circle or neighboring/nearby circles are often having sex with the same guys, from the same circles or nearby friend groups. According to this research and dating apps, 80% of women swipe right or like about 20% of men, and essentially sleep with those men, and those men continue to sleep with more and more women, including friends of friends or random hookups through the apps. Some people call this hypergamy, or attribute these trends to it. And this one of the clearest causes for the rise in stds/stis.

  17. Super gonorrhea is so two years ago, it came over from Japan and hit the gay community first and hardest.

    So cute that straight people have finally taken notice!

  18. Hey Jim at least you didn't sit at the dinner table with your date in front of the whole family and have your aunt show her how to put a condom on a banana.

  19. Fuck Jim. God damn mason shitcunt. Go back down under. America hates you. Gag on a bag of dicks. Oh u would like that.

  20. HIV positive living a normal life? Don’t downplay how responsible or hardships an individual with hiv has to live…

  21. I just love Dylan Morans's piece about how he's jealous of his parents generation because they got everything right….the Beatles, the Stones, birth control…….but when it was our turn, it was "Don't fuck anyone or you'll die, nevermind here comes MC Hammer!!

  22. Also don't forget to mention that we've technically cure Periods! Getting an IUD actually has good chanc eof stopping and lessening your suffering during a period. Don't underestimate it!

  23. I think the main reasons that STD/STIs are making a comeback are: 1) people still believe the hype that sex is the best way to spend their free-time, 2) are too lazy to close their eyes and take matters into their own hands, 3) have too many fears about "calming human waters" and igniting nerve impulses by allowing others to lay their hands on them, and 4) are too fucking worried about being perceived as uncool pricks and cunts.

  24. 0:30– why are the Grim Reapers bowling? What's the symbolism behind that? Will bowling give toy AIDS too??? hahaha

  25. That creepy guy bragging about raw sex uses his wall heater as a book shelf, which led me to realize that his bed is actually just a mattress on the floor. Who wants to be lured into his sex dungeon? Anyone?

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