Story of an Hour (Short Film)

Daddy forgot about my extra classes today
as well What happend Mummy?
Where’s Daddy? Daddy… First news from Andhra Pradesh 19 people have been killed and over 30 have been injured after the Hampi express
collided with a stationary goods train The Airtel number you are trying to reach
is currently switched off To leave a voice sms anywhere in India
dial * followed by the 10-digit mobile number from your airtel mobile Hello? Need help my princess? Princess seems to have grown up so much. Let me see! It’s okay. It’s Daddy.
Now let Daddy see the whole of you Come on! It’s fine. He’s gone. Gone forever.. Free, free, free,
I’m free at last FREE! FREE!
PIYA?! Piya? Piya, please open the door Piya!
Piya please open the door what are you doing Piya?
You’ll make yourself sick. Open the door! Everything will be fine What’s wrong? What happend?
why was your phone switched off? The battery ran out na
Why don’t you charge your phone? In office there was no power
No power! Piya? Where’s Piya?
Where’s Piya? Must be inside
Piya? Piya?
Piya what have you done? Piya?!
Piya?! What happend?
Piya? Piya?
What happend? What did she do? Piya what have you done?!

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