STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND – Magical Short Film w/ Zach King

STRANDED ON TREASURE ISLAND – Magical Short Film w/ Zach King

You ready to go? What are you wearing?
Today’s beach day. No, I told you we’re going treasure hunting. How did you
get beach day out of that? How about this. Beach day today,
treasure hunting tomorrow. Are you crazy!? Do you want someone else to find the
treasure before us? I finally cracked it. See. We need to go to this island in
Indonesia. It’s one of the thousands of islands. Wo we are going to a beach?
Wes we’re going to a beach. Wahoo. Ready to go Alright follow my lead. okay three
two…one. Oh yes! All right that means we’re going up here to the X. So we need to go North. North is that way. All right let’s go. But Zack!
Beach day! Come on Nate. The Buccaneers Bay has got to be that way. No,
this way Zach yo?
Zach? Ah! Dude, I do not think we’re safe here. There’s a sword in the sternum. Shhh. What does this symbol mean?
Zach I do not think we should…. Oh that’s what the arrows are. Got it.
Dude wait up. ah! Oh it’s a pit. give me. Ah, look at me. I’m a cartographer. Hey, I was number one of my
class I’ll have you know. This isn’t that hard. Not that hard huh? okay
don’t leave me hanging. okay seriously give me out of this that four drawer all
right I think we’re almost there should be right around here that’s convenient you ready for yeah Wow baby yeah we are so bad ha tell his
pirate stuff you tell us a museum alright let’s give this home ok head
again right here three – what laptop oh let’s get out of here alright hey yeah
alright load up our way back home there we go right right there Nate okay
ready three you know where do you think you’re going go go go run it you can’t get this up here from
Utah it’s gone well now I don’t know
oh you’re sure Oh let’s go let’s get out of here okay No beach day for you we need a bigger boat
wait that’s it that’s it me okay alright guys if you want to see part two
and get us off this island then get this video to 250,000 likes okay
smack like help get us off the island 250,000 like the will start reproduction

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  1. Thanks! You have to ask yourself what kind of dildo clicks dislike on a piece of free enjoyable entertainment that's clearly had a lot of effort put into it!

  2. The most unbeliveble part was the toucan scene, there are no toucans at Indonesia. They are native to latin america… Just saying…



  5. C'mon folks! Help out poor Zach and Nate. Who knows? A pirate could find and end them any second! They could be trapped in a tree…or in a cave. They could be swamped by a storm of pirates any day now! There are almost 2 million views and there are only 188k likes! Go 250k likes!

  6. If you put Indonesia in your video's title, they'll come to see this and give you likes. Indonesians are proud of their country

  7. lets start producing the second part.. 192k like now.. go 250k like…… i'm supporter from warganet +62

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