Stray Kids “Astronaut” M/V MAKING FILM

Stray Kids “Astronaut” M/V MAKING FILM

(The first shoot of ‘Astronaut’
M/V with Seungmin) – Jump in a cute way
– Cute? (This is how Seungmin
jumps in a cute way) (Next up is I.N) Thank you (Tee hee)
(Made it at the first try) (Felix & Seungmin together♥) It’s like I took some quality photos for the album Seungmin got better Clean-cut features You captured the moment nicely (V) (Too high) (Come here) (Photographer Seungmin
is working hard) Did it turn out okay? (Nod) (The model is 100% satisfied) (Proud)
(Satisfied) (Help quokka) No (Felix is into selfies
since early morning) Warm
It’s warm and nice (The first group shoot starts!) (Oh my)
(The sun is dazzling) (It’s too bright) (Refreshing SKZ♪♬) (HAN gave up after
carrying him on the back twice) (Quokka is happy
to get on his back♥♡) (Indoor shoot by units) We can’t see Hyunjin Right, you can’t Hyunjin will be moving
around us Look at me
Why can’t you see me? I can You can? I can, that’s the concept
of the M/V He’s wearing contact lenses (HAN is pouting) (I.N’s acting in M/V
following his acting in A-TEEN) (The unit shoot starts!) (Peek-a-boo★) (☆They finally face each other★) (Sentimental)
(Sad) (Hyunjin’s individual shoot) (Hyunjin makes his way
through Chinese noodles) That was hectic Wow, the lights are so pretty (So motivated) (Hyunjin keeps running) I follow some sound
and go to some places Then I get shocked to see
the truck in the ‘Side Effects’ M/V Find out why I got shocked,
STAY By yourself As if I’m stuck in
Chinese noodles Oh, nice pic As if I’m stuck in
Chinese noodles (So into Chinese noodles♡?) How come I can’t fit into it?
My shoulders are too broad♡? (Changbin sure has broad shoulders)
My broad shoulders can’t fit in it (Hyunjin arrives somewhere else) (Way to go) (Stumble) (As if nothing happened) (Tee hee) (Bang Chan’s individual shoot) (Let’s go to space
Like an astronaut ♪♬) (Lee Know’s individual cuts) (Blink) (Was that okay…?) (In a hurry) (Cute) (Felix, doing great!) (Professional once
he starts shooting) (♡♥Heart master Changbin♥♡) (Shh) (Nya nya nya) (Acting like he did nothing) ‘Let’s go anywhere’, ‘We can do it’
‘Doesn’t matter where it is’ This song contains such messages along with Stray Kids’s young spirits I believe STAY will love it It’s based on a certain story
and I feel like this is more dynamic than other
M/Vs, it’s got lots of stories Shall we go? Twist my body
right there (Bang Chan’s individual shoot) (Pulling out)
(Flustered) (Why did Bang Chan
burst into laughter?) (A scene where Bang Chan faces
Hyunjin after his signal) (Bang Chan finds Hyunjin’s
serious look so funny) (Hard to stop laughing)
Why are you laughing? It’s hard to adjust the focus, huh? I talked with someone
on the phone Who is it? Can’t tell you that
‘Get here quickly’ ‘It is all white and there’s
some door’, if i say so, then no one would come (Listing food he can think of)
Chicken, pizza, pork belly, gopchang Not sure if you can
read my mouth (Night has fallen) (The members got together
on the rooftop for the last shoot) (Tee hee)
(I’m the tagger) (So fun to play freeze tag ♪♬) (I.N struggles among
the members who tease him★) (Hehe) (Happy) (♥Seungmin is cute like a puppy
as Lee Know described♥) Can’t tell if I’m spinning
or the world is spinning around me (Roaming around) As it’s night As it’s night
I thought you were a star (Beep beep ♪♬) (Felix is curious about
a walkie-talkie) Wow! I was scared of a smoke bomb
at first, it made some noise it was scary, but I’m fine.
because I’m quite fearless I’m okay You’re so ugly (Sulky) (Upset)
(Pissed off) Isn’t it hot? No
(Bang Chan is okay) Romeo(?) (Stretching) Is this not it? Try again,
like Titanic Romeo! (HAN-liet) No~
Don’t die on me, Romeo, no Romeo Is that the moon? Where’s the moon? We can do it!
We’re almost there! Only I will enjoy this honor Get down! (Passionate acting)
(Too immersed) I will go up No~ (tiki-taka among the two
who’re good at rap and dancing) No~ That was fun, thank you
Your acting is amazing! Mr. Hwang! (Figuring out the concept)
When did you join this company? Only 30 years now
I’m only 20 years old Hello, sir Wow, I admire your acting skills
(Can’t stop) Oh, thank you That was really cool (Complimenting)
Your acting was just awesome (Each other)
You’re great even behind the camera (We go our own way
even after the BGM) Let’s go OK, bye
(You thought it was over?) (It’s really over)

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  2. Me: I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry 😌

    Five minutes later

    Me: ¡¡¡¡WOOJIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!¡¡¡¡MY BIAS!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  3. You know what happens to me when my bias leaves the band?

    Simply my soul leaves my body😖💔

    Thank you Woojin for everything..I hope you're OK right now💜 fighting💪

  4. 4:14 Hyunjin looks so tired I hope our child is doing alright!
    All the members looks like they are having so much fun trough out the entire shoot! Does anyone know if they were shooting the music video while Woojin was still around because they seem really energetic and like a whole unit… without any missing pieces, but I'm sure they will continue to do this and be amazing.

  5. minho and seungmin at 9:16

    seungmin: playfully slaps minho, giggles and runs away

    minho: look like he'll literally roast someone, hears seungmin laugh and smiles at his cuteness

    me: OMFG-

  6. 9:40 Hyunjin : " No sé si el mundo gira alrededor mio o si yo estoy girando alrededor del mundo "
    Yo : Naaa para capo , voy a usar esa frase …

  7. i just realized this mv has no dancing. almost all mvs have parts where the whole group is together and they're dancing, but Astronaut doesn't.

  8. 4:37 while Jeongin was riding on Chan's back, woojin was with them too
    1:50 when hyunjin shout, it was followed by woojin
    2:22 there were 9 heads, count them slowly and carefully
    0:07–0:08 it was surely cutted, as you can see on the right side wearing a patterned sweater it was woojin who already passed the door

  9. from the start its rly obv that the video was cut when woojin was entering. honestly jyp couldve added woojin in astronaut mv and the behind making so that stays can cope. plus i think his voice couldve made such a great contribution to the song itself. well, obv his voice is a great contribution to all the songs. i just- i just miss him so much :((((

  10. Seungmin could literally be the photographer for their concept photos, I'm not even joking. He's getting so much better in photography and I'm so happy he's doing something he loves and has passion for. I'm so proud of him😭 He is secretly Stray Kids' photographer😍 Seungmin, you better release those photos soon🥺🙏

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