Stronghold Crusader 2 – E3 2014 Trailer

Stronghold Crusader 2 – E3 2014 Trailer

The fully-laden camel of skirmish games returns With some new tricksy opponents And a few familiar friends More sneaky traps to defend your castle And some brutal new ways to
bash a hole in someone else’s New ways to play the game Co-op play! Defend together New units to command New desert threats And a host of improvements to a much-loved game Crusader 2! Welcome back to the desert

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  1. I don't understand why everyone keeps saying that the graphics look bad. The graphics look great – for a 3D game built with limited resources and a team of only 5 devs. You guys keep forgetting that they are publishing this independently, without any support whatsoever. It's not like they can put money in it like EA does – and let's face it, EA's games are kinda crap lately.

    So, stop whining about the graphics, it looks quite well for what they had to work with. The soundtrack seems great as usual, and the gameplay brings together the best of Crusader 1 and li'l bits of SH2 and 3. Stop giving lousy feedback, and try to encourage this (small) team of dedicated developers – and their almighty Lord, Nick – in delivering a great Stronghold experience. Let's wait for a beta, or the full release, and rejoice!

  2. Игра выглядит хуже Stronghold Crusader 2002 года.
    Чем Вы там занимаетесь 12 лет не понятно.

  3. The electric guitar kinda breaks the mood for me… still this game looks like a lot of fun! Possibly the RTS of the year!

  4. Sorry Firefly, but I'm pretty sure that you will destroy next game. Seeing alpha and trailers showed me only lots of issues. YES it was only alpha, but still. And yes, Stronghold series always had worse graphics than other productions (2001- Stronghold 1 came out, in the same year AoM with full 3D graphics came out too. AoM don't have as good gameplay as Stronghold though), but gad better gameplay. But look- here come units with special powers and really bad animations. I hope that Firefly won't destroy next game from really good series. It isn't easy task, I count on you, but remember- my pessimistic eye will catch every bug and animation issue.

  5. still waiting for decent modern strategy game since AOE2 generation (except the total war saga. well the last 2 weren't as good). AOE2 remake with current graphics, more cool and new and modern features pleaseeeeee! 

  6. It doesn't look much different than previous Stronghold titles. The only difference really is some kind of natural disasters?  Was this a much requested feature? O.o

  7. you disappoint me, there are many things in this game are bad, but i will talk in one point, look at the arrows that is thrown by the archers it looks like the bullets that came out from the soldiers in age of empires 3 or rise of nations or even empire earth 2 and this means, it will not take 5 out 5 in the reviews of many sites but the idea of the game is very good

  8. Firefly need better artists. This game looks so cheap , even the website. It look like desert version of SH2. I prefer SHC1 to this. Maybe it's about fundings but they could start a Kickstarter. Sorry Firefly.

  9. I din't know if it was asked before, but will there be any matchmaking system?
    I also want to play the game with random people from the game itself.
    Like a matchmaking with free for all, 2v2 or more, the server auto-picks the map for you, whoever leaves in the match and won't return after 5 mins (AI takes his place) then he gets banned for X time.
    Just like CSGO matchmaking system.
    This should be interesting, with chat and teamchat, etc.

  10. Whatever is happening at 0:52 looks pretty fun! Are we going to be able to have smaller camps this time around? If so, love the idea! 😀

  11. Just because it isn't super sharp it doesn't mean the graphics are bad, the art style for one is great. And Stronghold imo has always been about the gameplay and that will be amazing.

  12. The game looks great but I didn't really like the audio of the trailer. The Speaker didnt't really appeal to me and the e-guitar kind of ruined the mood.

  13. >>>Can we please have custom keybind setting in Crusader 2? I want to use WASD not the arrow keys, and i want to have shortcuts that i can freely set. We need that!<<< Thumbs up so they can see!

  14. I loved Crusader 1 but it had one thing i really disliked. No matter how hard a mission was, if you came to a certain point with your castle and your economy, you had nothing to fear anymore and you just started to build so much gold and troops that you could overrun everything. No KI ever could stop you after that certain point….

  15. I am very excited for this game. Thank you! Just a quick note; I hope this game does not require a high end PC. I really enjoyed stronghold 1 and stronghold crusader.

  16. YEY YEY YEY 🙂 🙂 :). Cant't wait… Stronghold series (Stronghold1, Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold 2) are the best strategy games i ever played. XD i have nearly every SH game 3 times 🙂  No other game can beat it (No AOE, No Shogun, No Anno,… Nothing!). I'm very happy to hear this great news about SHC2

  17. Ностальгия, конечно, но… 
    Это уровень игры 2010 года, делать такую игру в 2014 – смелое решение. 

    Единственное, что спасёт этот уровень графики – это супер искусственный интеллект и огромные карты. 

  18. The first one was one of the best strategy games, but this one just looks cheap and out-dated in 2014 standards.

  19. Are the guys at 0:34 the Sheriff of Nottingham and Wazir/Caliph? :O GODDD THROWING MY MONEY ON THE SCREEN BUT NOTHING'S HAPPENING

  20. J have one question for you… why Stronghold 2 and higher, have so small map? The buildings are huge and map is realy small even the bigest… J can't create the beautiful and powerull castle like Stronhold Crusader or Stronghold… j feel in new Stronghold claustrophobic. J like new military stairs bulding, the impresive dificulty lvl of economy from Stronghold 2… but all the pros just disappear, or no… just destroy the game on this litle tiny maps… pls… go back to the roots, and make a impresive huuge map form Crusader. Then j will buy new Stronghold… J know not only j think that… pleas, tell me why you do that? Why, map are so small…

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