Stuck In Love | Latest Short Film 2019 | Web Series Super Machi EP 04 | GP Originals

Stuck In Love | Latest Short Film 2019 | Web Series Super Machi EP 04 | GP Originals

Press the bell icon on youtube app Never miss an update [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] [RECAP] Subramanyam [yelling] – Anita! [yelling] Amita Anita Anita Why are they not responding? Anita Anita Dad? Is the food ready? Ready Dad Come then Wasting time on phone Lets go Do you fear your Dad? Not exactly He is a bit stubborn After our mom’s death Our dad has taken care of us He refused even our aunt’s help He is always strict and suggests us to study and get big jobs He is stubborn and he doesnt listen to anybody Except our cousin’s Our Aunt’s son He studied well and working as software engineer right now He forced my dad to make us come and study our higher studies My dad wants one of us to marry him I dont think that is going to happen Is that so Yup Anita Amita Where is my pen? Anita Amita Anita What is it dad? Why are you always on phone Get me a pen Will get it When are we meeting? Tomorrow morning near temple Hi Go away Dad is behind Go away Why is he coming He is looking angry Are you teasing girls, you idiot Are you teasing girls Me? When did I do that ? What are you doing here then? Anita called me here No no Call your parents right now Today If I am not going to make you beaten up in police station I will change my name from Subramanyam to something else Police? Why Police? We are in love No Dad Love? My foot What love? Call them right now Hello Where are you dude? Im in my home sleeping Get up right now and come here Come where? Near temple Why near temple? Your Father in law is beating me up You call me father in law? Where is he? He asked me to come here some stupid thing he might have done Hello! Subbu Look at this idiot You are here? Call your mother I have been silent only because of my respect towards her Do I have to leave them even if they tease my girls? Uncle! You might have mistaken them These are good guys I dont think they would tease your girls I take full responsibility I will stop them from talking to them Please leave them here I am leaving them because you are saying so Take care Get up you idiot He has beaten me Let it go What is all this You dont have shame I should have left you suffer in that village I should punish myself, for making you come here for your studies I dont even want to look at your faces Stop all your mobile phones, and going out We will go back to our village after you finish your exams It has became a sin to give birth to daughters Made me a Gurkha protecting them Get lost The subscriber is currently switched off Please try after The subscriber is currently switched off Please try after some time Fast Rogue The subscriber is currently switched off The subscriber is currently switched off Please try after some time Their phones are not getting connected Why dont you try once? I have been trying from that day. It is switched off See this new game, it is interesting We are not in mood, Subbu If I leave them like this they will become dull I have to do something about this Amita Are you writing your exams well? Ok I will send you money, ping me account number They are sad They want to meet you Try to meet them once Tomorrow, 5 o clock, my Dad will go out We can come out then Ok Thank you, Bye We cannot convince my Dad Only my cousin can do that I will give you his number I dont know how you will do it somehow convince him He can convince my Dad I have faith We should go now. Bye, Let’s go How to convince that cousin now? I am not getting it too No Subbu Please Subbu Please Subbu Ok Yes Ok Call him Please please She will manage [on phone] Hello Hello Who is it? Am I speaking to Mr. Ramachandra? Ya. Who are you? Such a romantic voice you have..

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  1. Waiting for next episode ­čśŹ­čśŹ good hard work, and releasing every episode fastly is awesome.everyone is acting very good.

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