Don’t forget, we’re going to have a
coordinator meeting in BS at 10 A.M today. Where are you, Ris? Hurry up. P Hello, where are you, Ris? Still in class. Damn, we’re going to have a meeting at 10. Huh? We have a meeting!!! Right now?! You’re late. How’s the sponsorship? We’ve given to the company, but still, there’s no respond. I don’t care, you should get at least 2 sponsors. When will the open recruitment start? Okay, that’s all for the meeting today. Why should you have a high salary if you don’t have time for your family. It’s better than we can’t pay for his academic fee and we can’t eat. Hey, Dio. You don’t have a problem, isn’t it? Nothin’ Have they gone? Yea, they’ve. Hi, Dad. I wanna go home. Ris, come here. Why? I don’t care, the sponsor should be goaled this week. At least 2. Okay. Thanks. What’s going on? Faris. He always tells us to do something, just because he’s the leader. Yeah, he was angry at me yesterday. Can you imagine? All the sponsors should be goaled. Does he think it’s easy to get the money? I can be the leader too if it’s just like that (just telling the members what to do without doing anything) What are you guys talking about? Faris? What the hell. We can talk about that nicely. It’s better than the problem be worse. Whatever. Let’s go. Meeting. Let’s go. Okay, let’s start the meeting. Have you contacted the guest star? Why you haven’t done that? The meeting will start at 5 PM, tomorrow. Deal? Yeah. Okay, it’s done for the meeting today. OMG, it’s 5.30 PM! Let’s go! Faris gonna be angry. Faris hasn’t come yet, right? Not yet. The hell. We were in rush. I know that you guys don’t like Faris. You said that Faris is authoritarian. Never do anything. Now, I wanna ask to you guys. What you guys have been doing? Sponsorship. Have you guys gotten the money? Dio: Have you met the sponsorship manager? During this time, Faris… What time is it? Why you just come home at this time? I got overtime work, What bout you? What did you do? Or maybe… Are you cheating? I don’t get it, how can you think so? I’m exhausted. Can we stop fighting? Do you think your salary is enough to finance both of us? Don’t make me regret to marry you. I also can live without your finance. Faris… I’m interested with your event. Where should I sign? Thank you ma’am. You’re welcome. Now… I want you guys… to do self introspection Work as your own jobdesc. Our event is in 2 months. Okay, it’s all for today’s meeting, Good evening. Dad, Mom, I want to talk.

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