Succession: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

Succession: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

LOGAN ROY: Everything I’ve done
in my life, I’ve done for my children. I know I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve always tried
to do the best by them because… I love them. THERAPIST: Have you thought
about the possibility that your children
are actually scared of you? Oh, fuck off! I want a broadcast network.
I wanna see what other news operations
we can sweep up. -Local TV?
nobody watches TV. Why shouldn’t we do
all the news? Um, well, Kim Jong Pop, because that’s not
how things work in this country. KENDALL ROY: We have
a major problem. He’s erratic,
he’s making bad decisions. If he’s not careful, he’s going to
destroy the company. Anyway, you gonna
do something’? I think I’m the best option. Oh right,
’cause you like playing boss? KENDALL: This is my vision. -I take over, you two under me.
-Under you? -Can we think about it?
-KENDALL: Yeah, of course. Yeah, I’ve thought about it.
Fuck you. CONNOR ROY: This family
is broken and that has consequences. Take out the old man,
in with the new guard. -LOGAN: Where you been?
-SIOBHAN ROY: I was meeting -about a prospective job.
-With your father’s enemy? Disagreeing with dad
is not treason. Do you want this enough
to go to war with your family? It’s rebellion! Sabotage! Deliberate attempt
to undermine my whole business. That’s the death pit,
take a look. GREG: I feel like
I might not like it in the death pit. Stock’s gone below 130. We could death-spiral here. Who’s in charge right now? It’s my company,
you are a fucking nobody.

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  1. LMFAO at the bullshit lie they try to play off '' you cant just own the media'' …yah… because thats not exactly what the left is doing right now.

  2. I loved this growing up in Australia with Rupert Murdoch controlling every new leader ,it scares the crap out of me .I almost have this love /hate realationship with him.Brian Cox is the most underrated actor I have ever seen .I saw him in MANHUNTER 30 years ago a brilliant actor who deserved more accolades.Obviously he didnt piss in enough pockets of Hollywood .Welcome back you are brilliant Brian .I need tor return to the rats nest family John

  3. I think I will just watch the movie "Meet Joe Black" on Netflix. It already covered this territory—although I did like the scene here with the helicopters flying over NYC in formation.

  4. This show suxs its soo boring .. I fell asleep during 3 eps .. I didnt watch the rest .. Um these idiots should not be acting 😂😂.. I could fake a better businessman than them .. 😂😂its like hello .. The story line is far from the write up . Um Ya Rich Dysfunctional Famliy and well .. 😂😂Their so much classical music just to keep people interested .. Well it boring .. Should have picked better actors and actresses and a better story line ..

  5. Absolutely HATED the way the season ended. Series was perfect untill that point. Felt waaay too cleché – so he's a fixer now??? Ray fuckin Donovan?

  6. I Love this show because it shows how ungrateful rich kids are and would go behind their parents back to steal there company, is this really the way kids should show gratitude to their parents by being insulting, rude, vindictive and disrespectful? Hmm, if it were me I would be Thankful and show Love to my parents and Humbleness.

  7. I just watched this show, it's alright, not as good as some people are saying it is, I feel like a show like this had been done before, it really is like Empire.

  8. Looking for something to fulfill my coming off GOTs. I like the complex wealthy family dynasties killing, fucking over, and conquering aspect of GOT. This may fill the void…..

  9. Why are ALL the best shows on pay tv…? HBO, STAN, NETFLIX….and so on. Not everyone can afford pay tv/streaming. Commercial tv has gone down the sewer, nothing but fake reality bimbo shows, too many reno shows and so on….and sooooo many bloody commercials. Fed up. Had to borrow friend's Game of Thrones, Outlander dvd's…now finally caught up with rest of the planet. I would have love to have seen the series, Dirty John and Succession….guess I'll have to wait for these as well. Woeful, just woeful.

  10. I was suggested this show after Billions. Nothing like it though. Just a group of dimwits who don't act/dress/speak like heirs to a billion dollar media company. No charisma. But then again, that's what happens when you come from Bobby Axelrod to this! Maybe this show gets better!

  11. This is the sleeper tv series of the last 5 years. If you're a fan of dry humor then this is a don't miss. Rarely do I ACTUALLY lol watching tv. Oh, and Sarah Snook has a HELLAVA body.

  12. I am waiting for someone who has the guts to produce a wholesome show where people are not so fucked up. These shows like the above depiction of today's society. We can't speak a sentence without using profanity, and sex is just game.

  13. Every time I watch an episode I want to come to this board and comment on how great this show is… shows this excellent come around maybe once in ten years.

  14. I just discovered this show and after the first two episodes I'm completely hooked. My fav moment so far is Roman (Kieran Culkin) on the phone in the hospital to Greg (Nicholas Braun) thanking him for getting the files back at the apartment and immediately ending the call by telling him to fuck off. Needs to be looped and played over and over for best effect.

  15. Watched the whole season 1. It was a great ride. Spoilt rich kids benefiting from a ruthless father who has carved out a media empire, son Kendel wants his turn too early, dad knows he's doesn't have the stuff ..yet, he tries a coup d'etat and fails twice. Has hints of the Murdoch family with some Kennedy coloring thrown in the last episode ala Chappaquidick. Hollywood always demonizes the right as Logan Roy is most definitely from and that's fair enough as the left controls Hollywood. The acting is sublime, the characters are developing beautifully. The scenes between Tom and Greg are hilarious. Looking forward to season 2.

  16. This series is so good I had to revise my tv Top Ten of All Time:

    Top 10 Shows:
    1. BB
    2. Tie: 24/Succession
    3. Tie: West Wing/Friday Night Lights
    5. Homeland
    6. Ray Donavan
    7. Mad Men
    8. Banshee
    9. Masters of Sex
    10. Surviving Escobar

  17. Based on the series poster and this trailer, there's only ONE woman in all of the main how progressive of you HBO, thank god I stopped watching after 5 min

  18. I so don't care about rich white folks and there greedy kids and the quest to be richer then they already are.
    I rather watch
    Soap melt in water.

    Please this is hot garbage.. I rather watch re-runs of Mad Men that was more engaging. I watch two episodes.. And was Done📴 Boring and too easy to do…. these are the people that get caught in a college bribery Scandal and only get 11 days in jail.

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