SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Night Swim” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(synth music) – Smooth eh? – Are you sure no one’s here? – I promise. (giggling) Shit, get down! – So lame! – I’m sorry, I can’t help it. – Maybe we should just go. – No, Taylor, Taylor, come on. I was just kidding. I’m sorry, look. Look, it’s fine. It’s fine. Come on. (calm music) – You ever just wish
things were different? – I mean, like, I wish that I could teleport or something. Ooh, or not live in a dorm. – No, like, you ever wish you were
just somewhere different? Like you could do whatever
you want and not have to answer to anyone or follow anyone’s rules? – Yeah. I mean, I get that. But, here we are together. Plus, if you were somewhere else, then where would I be right now? – Maybe you’re right. Maybe I have you right where I want you. – I like you a lot. (scare chord) – Thought you said they were gone. – They were, they were, they are. – Obviously not. (ominous music) Let’s just hide in here
until they go to sleep. I’m glad we’re here. – Yeah? – It’s just my family’s
really important to me. – That’s kind of a weird thing to say. (scare chord) What the fuck? What the fuck? Taylor, what the fuck is going on? – I can’t help it. – You said you want
things to be different. They can be. They can be. I thought we had something. Taylor I didn’t even tell
my parents where I am. – [Man In Red] Taylor, this
is what we came here for. – Taylor. Taylor. – You do not walk away from me. – Whoa, whoa listen man. My dad will pay you, I swear. He’ll give you whatever you want. However much you want. (dramatic music) – Do it. Now. This isn’t up to you. This whole night was for you. I planned this for you. And you turned your back on
your family and for what? I thought we were over this
rebellious teenager thing. You do not get to decide who you are. I do. – I can do better. – What? – I can do better, I’ll do better. – Then do it. (buzzing) – [Boy On Phone] Hey! – Hey do you guys want to come over? – Yeah, totally! – My parents are gone. (odd buzzing)

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