What are you doing?
Aren’t you getting off the bus? Where are you from? From Fântânele. -Whose from Fântânele? -Costică Buran’s. -And where are you headed?
-To my aunt’s, Lucreția. Well, come. – I ran away from home like a thief. There’s no place my poor parents didn’t search for me. Poor Auntie Lucreția had to go calm them down. I didn’t set foot near the house for a while,
until they got over their sadness. – Hello? Oh, it’s you! I’m well. I heard it late and by the time I got to the phone,
you’d already hung up. What about you, how are you? … He’s with his creatures on Mondays. Are you doing okay with work? You’re coming? Well, you’re the one that has to like him, sweetie. When are you coming? Okay, bye! “When I told Țucu that I wanted her to be named Alice, he looked at me like I was insane. He wanted those types of regular
names you’d hear at a hairdresser’s.” I AM AN OLD COMMUNIST HAG -Cheers!
-Cheers, Mr. Țucu! Do you have two cups? Descovina? Eh, ‘Descovina’…
You’ve never had this one before,
it’s from a personal supply. I’ll have some apples from your own personal supply. Mr. Țucu, what do you think?
Are we a Republic or not? Haven’t we been a Republic until now? Not really. What do you mean? Since when have we been a Republic? -Well, since when..?
-Since the Russians came in with their tanks. Well, yeah, because before that…
There was the King. And?
Is sixty years enough for it to be considered a Republic? How many should there be? At least two hundred. – Hello, how are you? – How are you?
-Good, is the family bringing the family? -No, later.
-Later? -Saving money.
-Listen, something for mosquitoes?
Bzz… Mosquitoes! Oh, mosquitoes! I got something. – No mosquitoes, no flies. Everything runs. – ‘Everything runs’. Goat meat. It’s very good. “The production of the film “Life in Communism ” is hiring extras.” “Anyone interested can find out more at the Decebal
hotel, at the mezzanine, between 8 AM and 6 PM.” A little late, Mr. Țucu. How are you doing, boys?
I’ll drop these off and be right there. Six-four ‘like the stage floor’. How’s it going, Pirpiliu, sir? -What, cat got your tongue?
-Ah, you’re on your schedule. – Has no one said one kind word to you today? – Cheers! -Come, sir Pirpiliu! Come here!
-Roll already. – Alice called, she’s coming in ten days.
– Really? Yes, she said she’s coming with her boyfriend, Alin, so we can meet him. – He’s coming too?
– Yes, that’s what she said. – And when did they say they were coming?
– In ten days What are these? Some people are making a film with
Ceaușescu and I thought you’d want to go. Didn’t you want to shake his hand?
With Ceaușescu? – Let me see what you got. – Eggs. These are from my sister. They grew nicely this year. -Yes, on the market stall.
-What market stall? I picked them with my own hands. And what’s that? Check it out. It’s a mosquito repeller. Look, you put a tablet in here… And then you plug it in. “The production of the film “Life in Communism” is hiring extras.” “Anyone interested can find out more at the Decebal
hotel, at the mezzanine, between 8 AM and 6 PM.” “We’re expecting you!” Țucu. This apartment block of ours looks like crap. Not one paintbrush has touched it since the day it was built. -Really.
– It should be repainted or something,
to hide how dirty it is. – Mhm.
– What will that man say when he sees us like this? – Who? Alice’s boyfriend. Well, we can’t build a new one until they get here anyway. At least in the main hallway. It’s shameful. What if he’s black? Who? The young man. You always have such dumb thoughts. Let me go. Sleep well. Do you know where the rubbing alcohol is? Look harder, it’s where it’s supposed to be. I told you to stop using my shaver! Come drink your tea instead. It’s getting cold. Thirty-fourty million at best. I think you should sell the car. Who the hell do you think’s going to buy it? There’s those advertisements that are always on TV? Well, yeah, but you need to buy a new one. What about… the “Friendship Fund”? It’s gone. But why do you need so much? Well, a new TV. We’ve had this one since forever. A hair appointment, to chalk up the hallway. And the food. We should be thankful if we manage to do it with thirty. I can get you cheese and eggs. Can you serve cheese and eggs three times a day? What the hell do we do? Can your sister, Catrina, lend us some? Her son’s having a house built. Ask Sanda. It’s so hot at your place, you’ll melt.
You can’t stay there without a fan. – Here. You can give me the money when you can.
– – Don’t give it to me, do you think I need this? I’m going crazy trying to find money
for my daughter’s arrival and you… Exactly, your daughter’s coming from the States and out there they have air conditioning even in the bathrooms. I’ll, pay attention. I’ll give you this one for the
bathroom and this one you can leave in the living room. This one’s incredible, look Look, it even hydrates you, see. – Wait, stop, you’ve made me all wet. – Well, it hydrates you, sis. And look, when you get two of these, you also get this massaging device extra. It’s perfect for coxarthrosis,
for spondylosis, check it out, look. – Yes.
– It’s good for your back. Oh! There’s also this device… this one, pay attention. This device, you walk around the house and you move the dolphin against your skin and
it bursts open all of the cellulite deposits, sis. – It’s incredible!
– But I don’t have any cellulite. I don’t eat much. It’s not about how much you eat, it’s about how
your body absorbs it. I don’t eat much either. Look, this one… no. I’ll leave you with these two if you want. This one and the massaging device. Yeah? And you can give me the money later. Don’t you understand that I need thirty
thousand lei at least so I don’t embarrass myself? And you’re confusing me with all of these gadgets of yours. Do you think Aurelia can lend me some money? I don’t think Aurelia can. I don’t know, ask her But I don’t think she can because she’s in a crisis at the moment. I’ll lend you some money. Let me see how much I have. Careful, though, you need to get organic food. Don’t just get anything. It’s more expensive, but get organic food
because that’s what’s popular with them now. Two, three, four, five… Take these. I was supposed to give them to a wholesaler but I’ll figure it out. Thank you. – Alright, and I’ll also leave you these two fans.
– No, no. No, I don’t need them. – You can give me the money when you can. – No, I don’t need them.
You’ve given me the money, it’s enough, thank you. – What are you doing in there, Maricica?
– Hello! Do you have any cornflour? Do you think it can eat it? Isn’t it too small? It can, it can. -Wait here.
-I’ll wait. Thank you! Give me a bag of cornflour. – Which kind?
– Whichever. If you keep drinking we won’t be able
to go outside anymore with all this mess. We drink on our own money, lady. What’s your problem? Here you go, Maricica. – Thank you. When I get my pension…
– God bless you! God bless! – Hello! – Hello! Forgive me. I’ve called a few times but the line was busy. -Yes. Come in, come in, please.
-Thank you. – I have some fabric for a dress, I’ve had it a long time.
– Okay. Alice called me to tell me that she’s coming with her fiancee. I’d like for you to make me something nice to wear. Yes, but… I don’t really tailor anymore. My sight isn’t as well as it used to be. – But, please, come in.
– Okay. – Would you like some tea, a glass of water?
– Water. Yes, of course. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Yes… -I’m often at the courthouse lately…
-Why? To get back the building where my dad had his tailor workshop. -How’s Alice?
-She’s well, I’m waiting for her to get here. I miss her so much. I’d like to see her. She was right to leave. You think so? Yes… The way I know her…
It would’ve been very hard for her here. If I were her age… I would’ve done the same, without thinking on it too much. But why, Ms. Stroescu? Because I’m sick of communism. It destroyed my life. I wanted to be a painter,
but I couldn’t because I had a bad file. That’s why I became a tailor, to make do. And now I’m fighting for what’s mine. And I’m still bumping into them. Their children, their nephews. You’ve never told me this before. Because I didn’t think you’d be interested. – Who is it?
– The pension! – Hello, ma’am, how are you?
– I’m good, Cătălin! This is my girlfriend, Celina. -Celina, ma’am.
-Hello. Celina is working on a film and she’s searching for communists. And I told her I know one. What if I wouldn’t have been at home? I would’ve followed your trail. Do you still have
your communist party membership book? -I threw it out.
-I don’t believe you. What if communism comes back? -I’d make a new one.
-It’s definitely coming back due to this crisis. What do you need it for? For the film, as a template.
And we can’t find anything. -Ma’am, grab some photographs too!
-I’ll take a look. – Hello!
– Hello! Put the timecode and the scene’s number on it. – How do you do?
– Hello. – My aunt, Emilia.
– Pleased to meet you. The biggest communist I know. Don’t look at him, he’s mocking me. Alright. Well, I’ve brought her.
If you need anything else… Here’s her membership book. Thank you.
Celina, you take care of her contract. Of course. Come, please. – Please, take a seat.
– Yes. – Please.
– Thank you. Thank you so much for the membership book. But, how come you’ve kept it?
Everyone we’ve talked to told me they burned them. Well, I wanted to in the first few days after Ceaușescu fell, but… I asked myself ‘What if communism comes back? What do I say’? So I hid it behind the painted icon. Behind the icon? I thought that no one would ever think to look there. You were born in the countryside, weren’t you? How old were you when you came to the city? I had finished my four years of school,
that’s how many we’d do there. But I wanted to go further. I didn’t want to
stay in the countryside, to tread the cow dung. Go tread it, stop fussing What is that exactly? Well, when they didn’t have any wood… In the countryside, people would warm up with it. It’s a mixture of cow dung with hay. They would tread it well, put it on platform, cut it up, dry it out and go through winter using it. You’d have to shower for a whole week to get rid of the smell. I had an aunt here.
My father’s sister. I ran away from home and went to her. She got me into metal fabrication. And then in the working field. -And what did you work as?
-I was a milling cutter. And then they sent us here? No. I came here when the aggregation happened. Because I was married and
I went after my husband since he was from around here. I see.
And what did you do for work here? I worked in the hall where the parts were processed. I would cut, mill, anything I had to do. And then we would send them to the production plant. The aggregation was barely happening and we needed all kinds of parts. We had a very nice community. We would get along very well. We would party, have fun together. Make jokes, play games. “The people with compote jars. Prepare them for checking.” We would listen to music, all kinds of things. What kind of music would you listen to? Mostly traditional, but also easy listening. Marius Țeicu, Angela Similea, Corina Chiriac,
all of the ones who were singing back then. Any foreign artists? Foreign artists, too. That one… Cutugno, Julio Iglesias, those
ones who would come to the Golden Stag Festival. “- Listen. I want a full body check.
– Me too!” “- Enough playing, I know what you have in your jars, alright?” “- Put them on the table.” “Won’t you check us too? Son of a bitch…” – Cătălin told me that you regret the communist regime.
– It’s something we had to live through. – Yes, but you were a party member, weren’t you? – I was, a short time before Ceaușescu fell. It was an order from Ms. Ceaușescu to also have women in the party. And I wanted to go to a mastery school. It was one of the conditions to get in, to be a party member. – Taking a break after working your asses off? – Yes, boss! Listen here! Whoever guesses this
definition correctly gets a bottle of champagne. – Costel! Are you listening?
– Shoot. A tanned, small and bow-legged citizen. – How many tries?
– Six. – A gypsy.
– You have five more. – Bow-legged, you say?
– Yes. – Is it Costel?
– Well done, girls! Bravo! Show me where it says “bow-legged and tormented citizen”. It’s “tanned, small and bow-legged citizen”! Costel, you should be thankful you
made it on the crossword puzzle. – Costel!
– Madam Emilia? Oh my! – How are you?
– How are you? God bless, I barely recognized you in these clothes! – What are you doing here?
– Eh, I’m guarding these rusty old things. What about you? I was with these filming folks and thought I’d take a look inside. How nice! – Listen…
– Yes? Do any of us still work in one of these workshops? – No, no, this one’s being preserved.
– I see. But have you met up with any of them? – No.
– Any news? Good, bad? No, no, no. No, work, family. I don’t have any time. -Hello.
-Thank God I found you, ma’am. -Come, you need to sign the contract.
-I’m coming. – Goodbye! God bless!Maybe we’ll see each other soon!
– God bless! God bless you! Poor guy. You need to give me his
phone number so I can catch up with him. This new phone is also Aurelia’s. I did pay for it… Eh, just… Okay. Bye! I try to focus on the present but… my mind’s going in the past. My parents. The village. The treading of the cow dung. The workshop. Țucu. Alice. What’s wrong?
Are you unwell? I put some eyedrops in and fell asleep. I think I dreamt something, too,
but I don’t remember what. -What time is it?
-Around 7 PM. I slept for a while. I don’t know why but everything’s spinning in my head. Hold on, hold on. You’re fine. – Did he call you?
– Yeah, he did. – God, that one was lacking so much.
– You’re talking? Leave me alone already. That’s my problem. – Hello.
– Hello! – How may I help you?
– I’m looking for Ms. Gina. Ms. Gina… Lavinia, do you know a Ms. Gina that works here? – Maybe back when it was Hygene.
– Yes, it was Hygene back then. – And what would you get done?
– A perm. – And you would only get it done by her?
– She knew what my hair was like. – I think something plant-based would work better.
– Lavinia, what do you think? – I think something more gothic like
Lady Gaga would work better.
– Trust me. Son of a bitch… Mica! Mica! The phone’s ringing! Can’t you answer it? – I’m setting this thing up!
– Stop for a minute and answer the phone! It’s Alice, she wants to talk to you. Hello? Alice, where are you, sweetie? Hotel? What hotel? They went to a hotel. We were waiting for you here. We made pie, some food… Are you ashamed of our house or what? Convince him to cancel it! Which tie should I wear? This one. – Here are the passports. – Alice! Alice! – There you are!
– Alice! Let me look at you! Let me look at you! God, you’re beautiful! You’re all dressed up! – How are you?
– Good, good. We’re well. Alain, honey… -Hello!
-My mom, Emilia… Alain… – Yes… Alright…
– And my dad, Țucu. – Hello!
– Hello! – I’m pleased to “met” you… meet!
– Meet. – Look at this! You taught him some!
– I taught him some. – I hope you feel good here. Here.
– Here. Alright… Come in! Right here. Țucu, help me here! – One moment. Mo-ment.
– Bring me the platter! – My room…
– Let me bring them the fan first! – This makes sense…
– Yeah… The little Romanian Cinderella. Thank you. – This is amazing, thank you!
– Thanks, dad. And it moves, too. Yeah… My dear… – Oh, cool…
– What’s that? I can’t believe my mom didn’t throw these out! She was so scared they were gonna
kick me out of school because of them. – Really?
– Yeah. She said they were, like, frowned upon. What’s this? No..! “I wanna be sedated…” “I wanna be sedated…” Should I heat up some cabbage rolls? Uh… No, it’s late. Some pie? – You’re always thinking dumb things.
– Thanks. What else? Oh! And I drew these! – Really?
– Yup! Cool… Do you need help, mommy? – Yes, bring me that platter.
– Good, good boy! You can cut. Sweetie, why did you move to America? The firm I worked at was an american
one and it closed its’ branch in Canada. What will you do now? We’re waiting until they assign us
to the branches they have in America. – But are they paying you?
– Part-time. I mean, half-time. How long are they going to keep you like this? I don’t know. Until they regroup. But you said that it’s better in Canada That was
why you were going, because they needed people. It is, mom, but… America’s something different. Either way, Canada looks more like a province. But people are saying there’s a big crisis in America… There’s a big crisis everywhere. I’ll serve them. Ceaușescu-England… Cheers! – The English would take him in the carriage, translate.
– What carriage, dad? Carriage… With Ceaușescu because
they wanted to sell him the planes with the Queen in the carriage. Translate! Yes. And Ceaușescu gave them one condition: “I’ll buy the planes if the Queen drives me around in the carriage.” – So he said, “I’m gonna buy the planes if the Queen takes me on the…”
– Yes, because the English had great interest in planes. – Because the English wanted to…
– And they took him on a ride then. – And so she took him on a ride…
– The Queen. – The Queen.
– Yeah… – The Queen.
– Yeah… – Honey…
– Yeah, let’s… We’ll be right back, okay? As if you know what the Queen talked to
Ceaușescu in the carriage. Were you there? But, that’s how it went. I want to find out how they’re doing and you’re telling
them about what Ceaușescu said in the carriage to the Queen! Mommy! We got you a couple of things… For the mother-in-law…
Chanel no. 5, see? -And for the father-in-law…
-Thank you. Oh, and this, this is for the mother-in-law. It’s for the kitchen, mom.
It makes eggs in the shape of a square. – A square?
– Mhm! I knew you would like this one. So they don’t roll away. Do you like it? See, you put a boiled egg… – What does he mean?
– Boiled… egg… – No, he knows!
– I got it. You insert it. The boiled egg.
You screw it closed. – And you push, and you push and then…
– What does he mean? – You push, you push…
– … and then square egg! Egg is square! Square egg! – Thank you!
– It means thanks. She thanks you. – Let’s keep trying, let’s keep trying. Here.
– Get easy… it’s getting easier after you… – Hold on, I’ll teach you. Let’s see. Dancing, dancing on the ring. Very good. You need to
cover the holes here and here. – Cheers! Cheers, it’s working!
– Yeah… – What are these?
– Oh! Those are pictures… photos. – Photos…
– Yeah. Photos. – These, these are… That’s my mom.
– Mother… – Yeah, yeah.
– This one’s the sister, this one… – Cheers!
– Oh, yeah! How far along are you? Three months. – Does he know?
– Come on, mom, of course he knows. When Alice was born we were living in a rented house. The floor was all soil and we had no fire. At night I would dream she died from the cold. Really? No, I didn’t even know there were people there. That’s awesome! Yeah, well, send me the e-mail.
Alright, we’ll figure it out tomorrow. Alright. Bye! – What?
– That is amazing! – Apparently, they wanna buy. – In Poland.
– Really? Yeah. Pat said he found this small business associate, knows the market so well… And he says there’s money there… – And they wanna buy.
– Are you sure? Yeah, I just got off the phone with him. No, I mean, honey… Is this in any way like the last time? No. And, if this works out, which it’s going to… The three of us are going to be set. We’re not going to be in this situation ever again. I promise. Okay. Put some for me, please. Who knows how much alcohol you’ve had. Eh, we drank so we’d start talking. Did you find anything out about the parents? He only told me about his mother. He said nothing of his father, maybe he’s dead. You just said he said nothing. Yeah, but he showed me some photographs. This is his mother, the brothers, his sister… There’s no father. – This child?
– It’s his sister’s. – What’s wrong with him? Does it run in the family? – Does it run in the family… – Then are they raising him?
– Are they raising him… Out there, those ones are raised in nursing homes. – Did you sleep well, sweetie?
– Morning. – Morning. – Not really. The timezone change messes you up in such a way… – I’ll make some coffee.
– Thanks. Me too. Honey, come here. Dad, we need to go back to the
hotel because Alain forgot his camera. – Tell him we weren’t a Republic at first.
– We weren’t a Republic to begin with. Michael the Brave. Michael the Brave was the
first one who united Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldova. – This guy united the three provinces.
– In 1600. – How do you say “Mihai” in English?
– Michael. – And “Viteazu’”?
– The Brave… And here we have another Michael.
This Michael is the last King of Romania. – That’s the last King we had.
– But Ferdinand, his grandpa,
made him a King when he was little. Poor boy! – Carol, his dad, was a ladies’ man.
– Carol kinda liked the ladies. – Queen Mary is the grandmother of Michael.
– Queen Mary, that’s his grandma… – But do you know who she is? She’s the aunt of the Queen of England…
– And she… – … who gave Ceaușescu a carriage ride. – … she’s related to the Queen of England, you know, the whole Ceaușescu thing… – This one’s King Ferdinand…
– Dad! – … who unified…
– Dad, don’t be mad at me, please, but they’re very ugly. They’re so ugly and I think they were so expensive. Well, no, because there was a sculpting camp and the sculptors just left them here because they gave them food and a place to sleep and the stone. Hey, babe! Why don’t I get a picture of all three of y’all? Alain wants to take a picture.
C’mon. Mommy. There you go. – Cheese!
– Perfect! – Hello!
– Oh my, oh my, how beautiful you’ve gotten! – Careful, it stains! Excuse me, thank you!
– My God, what is that? She’s Cătălin’s girlfriend. Ah, nice to meet you! – Celina.
– Alice. Let’s go inside… Honey! Look at you, you American! I want to introduce you to my mom’s sister, Sanda. – Hello!
– Pleased to meet you. – Look, he talks..!
– Yeah, he talks. Love me, feed me, never leave me! And this is my cousin, Cătălin. – Cătălin, nice to meet you.
– Alain, nice to meet you. – And this is his girlfriend.
– Celina. Hi. Alain, nice to meet you.
Come inside! After you! C’mon, through here! Țucu, you’ve dressed up! – Mom, get the goose. – Yes, please help me with this. Look at this.
What are these things, sis? It’s a gift from the kids. – Alain!
– What gift? What, did they bring eggs from there? No, it’s a special kind of jar. You put the boiled
egg inside and you push it like this and it turns square. – Amazing!
– Yeah. How expensive are those things? – Around four-five dollars.
– Yeah, it’s expensive… But can’t you just buy the thing you
push on? Because we also have jars here. No, because the jar is special, it has this perforation, here. American jars, sis! – A tiny bit! Thanks.
– There we go. – Cheers! To good health!
– Cheers! – God bless America!
– Cheers! – And Romania.
– Welcome! – Wait, it’s Ms. Stroescu, I’ll go.
– Go on. – All of it.
– Go on, Alain! Bravo! – Hello. – Hello. I’m glad you made it. – Sit down.
– Hello. Alain, honey… This is Ms. Stroescu, my teacher. Oh, it’s a great pleasure to meet you. – How do you do?
– Very good! Here, come sit down. – Thank you. – There we go… I brought you something Thank you. I can’t believe it! Thank you! It’s amazing!
Look, honey! – Aw, brilliant!
– Look. – I love it!
– Give it to me. You have talent, Ms. Stroescu! – It looks like me.
– It looks like me! – She’s put on a little weight, but…
– Cătălin! Țucu! There we go, thank you. It looks so good! – Do you want some?
– No, thank you. I’ve already eaten. – A little bit…
– No, thank you, no… I’m doing a wheat-based treatment. As I was saying! Wheat, but mixed in with some oat
bran, lentils… They’re golden! They heal everything! – I also want to pick up yoga.
– Very good. If I may, Ms. Stroescu, yoga is good, but pilates…
Pilates is in right now. It… calms you down, it relaxes you and
your whole flesh settles down differently. – Yeah, but it’s different…
– Yeah, I trust yoga more. – Me too.
– No, it’s good. Yoga’s good. You know there’s a yoga camp now, where… In Hunedoara, where is it? In Hațeg. Seven nights, 150 euros. – Some alcohol, maybe?
– Some whiskey. It’s also wheat-based. Țucu, we’ll go back home on our hands and knees. THE CEAUȘESCU’S, DUG UP
Big fuss, 7 AM, the Ghencea Civil Cemetery. The exhumation of the Ceaușescu’s is prepared in secret. The guards have a very simple mission: no onlooker must assist. We want to see if… if there’s anything in the remains. And then, after the proper analysis, find out if it’s truly them or not. After 20 years, 7 months and 27 days, Nicolae and
Elena Ceaușescu’s descendants can finally find out what’s… I can’t believe it. Still… Still going on about Ceaușescu, about communism? I think that if there would be a vote, Ceaușescu
would get fifty percent in the first round. – Plus one.
– Are you serious? I’ll take you in the square so you can see it. – What, wouldn’t the madam vote for him?
– If you say so. Right, mom, you voted for the communists? Well, who else? -What is this about?
-Apparently, my mom loved the communist period. Really? Have you forgotten about the queues for
meat that would go around the apartment block? But we would make do. Our fridge was full of everything. No one was dying of hunger. People weren’t sleeping on the streets like now.
With young kids. Maybe they were dying but we didn’t know. We’d have heard about it. How were we supposed to?
We had two hours of television per day. Okay. Mom, tell me so I can understand. What made communism so amazing for you? The communism made apartment blocks. And they gave me a free apartment to raise a child. It made factories. I had a stable job. Capitalism would’ve built apartment blocks and factories too. Villas for thieves. Mom, I thought you were pretending, but
you’re more of a communist than I thought. Well, it’s out then. I’m an old communist hag. So what? I know I worked fair and never hurt anyone. That isn’t what this is about, Ms. Georgilă. Communism is an absurd system. Utopian. Maybe it was. But I’m talking about my life, my youth. And it’s back there, in that communism. -What am I to do now? Forget it?
-Mine is also there. And it wasn’t joyful at all, ma’am. Țucu! Let’s hope this all goes well
so I can see you be a father-in-law! I would like, if I may, to let you know that
right now I’m thankful, I’m happy and I’m honored. I’d like to give a toast as well, if I may… to you and and all the wonderful people I’ve met here. I think Romania is a great country and… maybe it’s just these, but… I really like it here and I’m really lucky to be with all of you. – So… Cheers!
– Cheers! I hadn’t thought of myself as a communist. To us, communists were the activists that
would keep us in meetings until we got sick of it. Georgilă Emilia? Yes. Listening to Burac? Yes. Did comrade Iftimie say what this is about? That comrade Ceaușescu was coming and
that I can’t be sweating when we shake hands. First of all, comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu is coming,
the general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, president of the Republic, the nation’s most beloved son!
You’re not on the same level as him! And it’s not that you shouldn’t sweat around him,
you shouldn’t breathe around him! Understand? Had I been a communist without realising it? Just one smoke. That’s it. What’s wrong? Nothing. I’m tired. Where’s Alain? Cătălin took him.
I don’t know where. Why didn’t you go with them? I didn’t feel like it. Where’d you go last night?
Everyone was asking about you. I walked Ms. Stroescu home. When did you get back? I don’t know, mom, I didn’t check the time. I’ll tell you when.
It was 3 in the morning. And if you already know, why ask me? I’m asking so you tell me what’s wrong. You can tell a stranger what’s
wrong but you can’t tell me? Mom… Don’t be upset. I just talked to her a little, that’s all. Alice, are you hiding something from me? I have my own problems… We’re having work problems. But you said you’re working half-time. I didn’t want to upset you. And what are you going to do? We’re looking for jobs, interviews, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the house. The bank keeps pressuring us, telling us that if we don’t pay, they’ll put the house back on sale. Mother-in-law… With Cătălin… Beer… – Fancy meeting you here.
– It was… Cătălin… Brings his girl over, it’s like… she’s all… you know… so… Don’t like it… Don’t like it… Don’t like it… Baby… Come on! No, I need you to know, I need you to know… I don’t like her. I’m so happy to hear. – How is she?
– She’s fine. Or he’s fine, I don’t know. I want a girl. Alain… Wake up! Hey, Pat! It’s Alice. Yeah, we were sleeping. Nevermind. What? Okay.
Thanks, Pat. Yeah, I’ll try to wake him up. Honey… Alain, it’s Pat on the phone. Honey… No, it’s useless trying to wake him up. I’ll get him to call you tomorrow, okay? Okay.
Thanks, Pat. Bye. Your buyer from Poland… He’s disappeared. He doesn’t answer his phone and can’t be found. Stay here and help me. – But I got some food for the parrot…
– Do that later! Check if the water’s cooled down enough. It needs more time. Sit down and cut the carrots. Țucu, we need to do something to help our daughter. -How?
-Sell something in the countryside! – There’s no train rides at this hour.
– Take something else! Don’t you understand?
She’s going to be homeless! And with a child on the way! Yes? – Hello.
– Hello! – I have a house in the countryside, and… – Where? – In Mircea Voda, if you…
– Ah, yes. Is it newly built? Facilities, comfort? – Right, it’s made out of brick, it has three rooms, an antechamber and… – I see. The yard? 1200 meters, but the soil is good. – Mica!
– I’m on the balcony! – How’d it go?
– Badly. No one’s buying, no one’s selling. Everyone’s waiting. What the hell are they waiting for? -Hi, Costel.
– Hello, boss. – It’s good to see you. – What are you doing here?
– Tell me, the equipment inside,
what’s going to happen with it? – It won’t be put to use again. – Who’s in charge of that? AVAS. What’s that? They’re in charge of all the
properties that used to belong to the state. “Stop working!” Gather around! Your director wants to
announce something extremely important. Dear comrades, I have wonderful news for us all. In a few days, there’s going to be
an extraordinary event. Comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu will be visiting our facility. Mr. Director, if I may, can’t we start tomorrow? Did you hear what I just said? – Yes, but we need to finish the order for Thailand.
– Do you think we have time to export goods right now?! Hear me out, I’m not giving up until I take a
picture with sir Nicu, right here next to the lathe. Listen here, Sir Mitu. If you shake hands with Ceaușescu,
don’t wash it until your dying breath. No, not from him, I want a kiss from Leana, his wife… Georgilă! How are you, George? – Hello!
– Hello! – Aurelia?
– She’s in her office. – Here’s the change. – Oh, I forgot! Do you have any raisins? Yes, of course, one moment. – Hi!
– Mica? How are you? How are you, my dear? Sit down, c’mon! – Can I get you anything?
– No, thank you! Oh, come on, a little bit! This one! Sit down so we can talk for a bit.
I can’t stay long because Alice is here with her fiancee. Sanda told me she’s stunning. I wish I could’ve seen her! My god, Mica..! – I’m so happy to see you! – Cheers! – I had no idea about Georgel… – Cerebral edema… Everything’s all fallen on me. Since they’ve opened this Penny,
it’s been getting harder and harder. – And here I thought you were drowning in cash.
– Only in the first few years, Mica. I had to get a loan so I could buy a new cash register. If I could, I’d sell it,
but on this crisis no one’s buying anything. Have you gone to the facility lately? I heard they’ve only left the walls intact. I had to do something near it and I thought I’d go inside.
The equipment’s the same. Hello, Sanda! What are you doing this Friday? In the afternoon, I meant. I talked to Aurelia,
maybe we can meet up at your place on Friday. Sir Pancu is coming, so is Sorin. I’ll make a pie, you can make a cake. She said she’ll bring something to drink. Here, wait here. Give me the bag so I can check inside. Go on. I’ll give it to you later. “With Ceaușescu’s visit, they put me in a quarantine for a week.” He was afraid of germs.” Mommy. Mom! Wouldn’t it be better if the only people
who grew up were the ones that want to? While the rest remain children forever? You would always measure your height to see if you’ve grown! What did I know back then? – How are you two doing back home?
– Good, I baked the eggplants and put them in the freezer. – And how’s Alice with school?
– She cried because she got a B+ in calligraphy. But I gave comrade Lănțișor
what I had and she said she’d handle it. Like you taught me… Honey, can you come here for a minute, please? – Yeah, sure, what’s wrong?
– Please? What happened? What? What, Alain? – What?
– There’s cockroaches! I don’t see any. You calling me a liar? No, I’m saying this is the
house where I grew up in, okay? So don’t you dare treat them like you’re
the smartass American and they live in filth! Okay? These people worked every day of their lives for me! Baby, I like, I love your family! Okay? I’m not saying that!
I’m about to do business with Cătălin, okay? So… Good, so stay here and do business
with my fucking five-year-old cousin! Why not?
He’s got some good ideas… Are you a complete idiot? Okay, look, you’re a little irritated right now. You’re getting upset. Did you take your magnesium? Yes, I took my magnesium.
It’s not about that! Okay?
I can’t avoid what I’m feeling! I’m depressed!
I’m scared as shit and frankly I feel insecure with you. -You feel insecure with me?
– Don’t do that. – What?
– Don’t repeat my words! – I’m repeating your words.
– Yes, you are! You are and you’re avoiding the problem! Always! I’m sick of this ‘think positive’ crap, I’m sick of
taking magnesium and I’m sick of your bullshit! – My bullshit?
– Don’t, you’re doing it again! What are we gonna do, Alain?
We don’t have any money! We don’t have shit!
And I have a baby inside me, okay? What are we gonna raise him on? Your fucking, one hundred brilliant business ideas that always fail? Just get a fucking normal job! Mom! Alain wants to say goodbye.
Something came up and he has to leave early. It was… It was great, mother-in-law. Thank you. To meet you. Here. Very good. Waiting for you. America. Come on, you’re gonna miss your train. – Where’s Țucu?
– Your dad’s in the garage. He’s in the garage, downstairs. – Aren’t you going with him?
– No. I don’t want to… – Going…
– Where are you going? – The train station?
– Yes, yes. Put them in the back.
You got that, right? There. Dad, come on, he’s going to miss the train! He’s not going to miss anything! Alain! Souvenir! -When are you gonna come?
-I don’t know. Sir Pancu! The prices for power have gone up again! How are you? – Careful, Pancu, sir, the boss is here.
– Who? – Hello!
– Hello! When are you two planning on aging? – How are you, sir Pancu?
– Speak louder, he can’t hear you. How are you? I’m getting closer to
heaven centimeter by centimeter. – You still look young to me! – Of course! I’m chasing young women around! – Aurelia?
– She said she was running late, She said she had to change something at the cash register, since the VAT and the taxes have gone up… Nowadays, if you own something, you’re full of worries. We don’t have anything to worry about, do we?
Sir Pancu, do you have any worries? Apart from the day tomorrow brings, none. My hag’s dead. I have a fat pension.
I don’t have a resting place, though… I’ll build you an extension on top of me at Eternitatea. – I don’t need it.
– We’ll play some chess, we’ll… I don’t need it. I got it handled.
I’ll come back reincarnated as a pigeon! Hey, is it true that the boss is dead? Didn’t I tell you? What with the floods, the water just took him along with his car. Too bad he didn’t have any car insurance. – Who else is going to be the boss?
– On the other side? – Why, sir Pancu, we’re still strong!
– We’re so strong our pants fall off… Look who’s coming! Thank God you showed up or
I would’ve broken off all ties with you! That’s why I came! – How are you, sir Pancu?
– Good, good. Aurelia, I was so thirsty for this! Is anyone else coming? Sir Culidiu wasn’t sure he’d make it,
but he said he was all for it! All for what? Starting the workshop again. -Are you serious?
-Well, why not? The equipment will be easy to get because
they won’t be using them anymore. And we can do it here, at your place,
since you have no use for the space. Really?
And when were you planning on asking me? Yes, look, we can build a whole facility here!
Look at all this space! – Are you mocking me?
– I’m not! We’ll built a small one. Two sectors. The factory sends us
parts to work on and it’s ours. – Are you two serious?
– Yes. You could give me all the gold in the world, I’m never going back to that facility in my life! You’ve forgotten the way
you used to beg me to take you in my sector. Well, did I have a choice?
The pay was better and we would have fun. Wait.
Maybe Emilia’s found an investor that wants to
spend some money and we’re laughing at her for no reason. You all are waiting around for nothing. If our poor boss was here he would
start the facility in a heartbeat! Stop crying about him so much,
he was the biggest lecher I knew. No way!
Our boss? Yes, our boss. The second he’d catch me
alone he’d always try something. To be honest, I would’ve tried something too. You still have time, Sorin. – I’m serious.
– Look at them. I didn’t see this coming at all. Well, no, because you were too busy
with the party, with Dorofte. Oh, Dorofte! You know where I last saw him? Dorofte? At Ghighiu, at the monastery.
He was selling small icon paintings. – Are you serious?
– Poor man… ‘Poor man’?
He pretended he didn’t know me. But I told him, “How are you, Mr. Dorofte?
What a change in morale!” Intelligent people adapt. You know who else adapted very well? Dragoș. I’m sorry, can I get you anything else?
Some cake, some soda? Some pie? – Something to drink.
– Yes, one moment, a glass. – But did you hear about sir Mitu?
– What? – He was from the State Militia.
– That one smelled like an informer big time. – Sir Mitu?
– Yes. Wasn’t he the one saying all those jokes about Ceaușescu? That’s why he was saying them!
To see who, what… Come quickly!
They’re announcing the results to that poll
about Ceaușescu on television! C’mon, Sorin! Tell me. Do you still sweat? I break a sweat sometimes, boss. Your palms, I mean.
Do they still get sweaty? No. Good. I hear he doesn’t like that. You need to shake his hand when
he comes here for the inauguration. What do I have to do? They’ll tell you. Boss, wouldn’t it be better for Aurelia to go?
She’s more spirited. Do you have any idea what
an order from the party means? – Hi.
– Hello! – It’s grown.
– Yes. You need to tie it up. Do you have some thread? -I’ll check.
-Thank you! – Don’t you go running off somewhere!
– No, no, I’ll wait! – Can you talk?
– Wait, I’ll end the call. Honey, my mom’s home.
Can I call you later? Okay.
Bye! Bye! What’s up, mom, where were you? I was at Sanda’s. A few old colleagues came over. I haven’t seen them since
the facility shut down. How was it? They’ve gotten old. I tried to convince them to
put the workshop back on its feet. – Maybe you can help us, too.
– Really? At least until you’re due. God, I’d always dream that you’d
graduate and become an engineer in the factory. I’m sorry. What did Alain do with the bank? So far, nothing. I need to look for some thread to
bring Maricica so she can tie up her chick. Wasn’t Maricica the one who cleaned up
the apartment blocks back when I used to live here? She lived in the basement. – Ms. Paveliu gave her the basement.
– Right. She would help her with the supplies. – Mom?
– Yes? You haven’t said anything about Alain. I don’t know, sweetie… What can you make of a person in a week? Yeah, but still… I don’t even know the language… You don’t want to tell me. It’s not that I don’t want to,
sweetie, but you know best. Yes, but I also want your opinion. He’s not a bad man. And now there’s also the baby. You seem to be putting all of your faith on the child. That’s when you realize what they’re really like. Wake up! -What is it?
-You’ve slept enough. What’s gotten into you? I want to see what you do out there. See what?
How many eggs the chicken lay today? I’ll see for myself. – What do you think about the yard?
– Yeah. – Look how beautiful they’ve gotten!
– Yeah. – From Germany!
– Yeah. Let me show you the garden! Watch your step! I planted
something but it… it’s not out yet. Goat, goat! How’s my little goat? What do you think of the garden? When are you planning on
throwing out the wilting ones? I threw some out but they just
keep wilting because of the drought. I didn’t come here every week to water them! Look at the tomatoes!
Look how big and beautiful they are! Mica! What, in God’s name, are you doing here? – Hi, Catrina!
– Hello, hello! He kept telling me how beautiful the garden is! So what?
Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it? He likes to watch it grow
more than he does working on it! How about some alcohol and pickles? Leave the alcohol out,
I want to go talk to Catrina. How are you, Catrina? Alright. Tell me, how’s it going with the wood here?
Is it easy to find? Some people come around
here with wood from time to time. But it’s gotten awfully expensive. As if living in an apartment block is cheaper…
Half your pension goes to maintenance. Yeah, but everything’s in the same place. They are, Catrina,
but you also sit around doing nothing all day. Mom! Where are you? – My daughter-in-law.
– C’mon, I’m going to work! – I’m going.
– You need to stay with the kid! She’s horrible. You were lucky,
God gave you a daughter. Where’s Catrina? Her daughter-in-law asked her to stay with the kid. Here, put this on.
You’re from the city. So the sun doesn’t touch your skin. My God… Cheers! Have a pickle.
It’s alcohol free. Have you cleaned this chimney lately? What’s gotten into
you with the chimney? Go tread it, stop fussing. What are you doing? Come eat. I’ll be there after I book these plane tickets. -What plane?
-I have to leave. You said you weren’t leaving anytime soon. I did, but Alain called me to tell me
there are some problems about the house. The bank wants to put it up for sale
and if we don’t find money soon, we’ll lose it. How much do you need? 15.000 dollars. – Hello.
– Hello. Come on in. Have a seat. How may I help you? We need a loan. How much and for how long? 15.000 dollars, for six months. Pledge? A house with a yard in the countryside. It’s around here, close to the city Not interested. Anything else? An apartment. You know what will happen, right? If you don’t have the money on time, you lose the apartment. Yes. You’re putting up the apartment as a pledge? Yes. You’ll lose the apartment if you don’t have the money alongside an interest rate of 50% in six months. Can’t the interest rate be lower? It can be. 25%. Three months. What’ll it be? “24 in Bucharest and Constanța, 23 degrees
in Iași, 22 in Sibiu, 19 in Cluj and 18 in Brașov.” – Hi there, Costel!
– Hello, boss! -Did you get a raise?
-We switch places every week! Costel, is your go-to football team still Steaua? Well, is Steaua the way it used to be? – So, where’s the shooting?
– Go right. – Cheers.
– Cheers! Can you stand behind him, please? And you, come forward. Jimmy! I want this one a meter and a half closer
because it’s too far back. -And is he one of ours?
-Yes, he said maybe you’d need him. Well, I don’t.
Get him out of the shot. He’s the director! – Hello!
– Hello! What is it? Celina asked me to come to the shooting. – Very good.
– And I brought my husband. Nice to meet you. – Celina!
– Excuse me… – Yes.
– Yes? Take them and change their clothes, now, quickly. – Jimmy!
– Back then there were a lot more people! – I understand.
– Jimmy! – Yes!
– Come here. Show me that one with the visit, please. Do you think the people we have compare in
the slightest to how many there are in that footage? The D.O.P. is supposed to make the crowd virtually. Okay, cool, but will I have thousands then? – That’s what he said.
– Shit. What were you wearing back then? – Back then we had to wear the national costume.
– Yes. I see.
Hold on. Teo!
Come here, please! I need a national costume for the lady. One moment. – Who am I playing?
– What were you back then? Back then they didn’t let me get inside. Mica! Mica! Comrade? – I brought some drinks for my wife, she’s inside.
– He’s my husband. Comrade, during the event, any type of
communication between different members is prohibited. Comrade, please leave. But the girl has to go to the event,
I ironed her shirt and that’s why we’re late… Yes, the girl is coming with me. – Go on.
– Come! – And how do I get her back?
– We’ll let you know. Here you go. -But I had something different back then…
-We don’t have anything else. Now, please find
something for Țucu, as well. And when the man who plays Ceaușescu gets there, you walk forward to him and don’t forget about the sweat. The moment you feel it,
you pat it, okay? And be careful, please,
walk forward in time. – And the flowers?
– When we start shooting, otherwise they wilt. -Who am I playing?
-Mr. Țucu, please come with me. When the shooting is over,
meet me in front of the car, okay? “Everyone pay attention to me!” “With admiration and pride, Ceaușescu Romania!” “With admiration and pride, Ceaușescu Romania!” “Ceaușescu and the people!” “Ceaușescu and the people!” Hooray! “Are the helicopters ready?” “Extras, keep your heads up high!” Attention! We’re rolling! Action! My God, the way I waited for him. Something came up and he had to turn back around. Stop the car. Stop the car. Marici… Which railroad car are you in? Five. What’s this? – Cheese. It’s good for calcium.
– Dad, it’ll go bad by the time I get there. – But I put so much salt in it…
– I’m not putting cheese in my luggage. Call us when you get there. – What’s this?
– You’ll see. Jesus, mom, what’s this?
Don’t even think about it! It’s my business what I think about! – Bye!
– Bye! Take care of yourselves! I think she said something,
did you hear it? No. Who could it be? – Hello!
– Hello! Come in! – How are you?
– Good. We want to take pictures of the house. – Hello.
– Hello. Mhm. Good. Brick. The bathroom. The tiles are old. The living room. No air conditioning? Air conditioning isn’t good for the lungs. That’s all. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye! These damn police officers! They now check to see if you’re speeding in helicopters! They don’t like their cars anymore! They’re from the shoot, can’t you see their camera? “The Forensic Medical Institute of Bucharest announces…” Turn it up. …that they’ve identified the DNA of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The DNA of Elena Ceaușescu couldn’t be identified,
the amount of extracted DNA being extremely… Thank God they found the DNA. So he can rest. Mica? Who am I playing? You always think dumb things! Drive faster so we get there while it’s still light outside. What, are you afraid the house will get up and leave?

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  1. Ce non-talente! Mai odios de atât ce se poate? Exagerare și minciuni perfect ambalate pentru cei care n-au trăit în acea perioadă. Penibil dar și insultător. Cei mai mulți confundă stalinismul cu socialismul! 👎👎👎

  2. Concluzia, căderea sistemului socialist a salvat capitalismul. Dacă în 1989 nu cădea comunismul, țările din Vest intrau in recesiune.

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