Super Easy Trick to Crop a Picture in PowerPoint

Super Easy Trick to Crop a Picture in PowerPoint

Hi i’m Ramgopal from Presentation-process,com. In this video, I’ll show you a super easy trick to crop a picture in
PowerPoint. A few days ago one of our channel subscribers called Mr. Aldo
Moriconi (sorry if I messed that name up) suggested that there is an easier way
to crop the shape using the ‘Intersect’ tool in ‘Merge shapes’ menu. In this video, I’m going to show you that simple little trick to help you crop your pictures in
the shape that you want. Take a look at this photo. I have cropped this shape
out of this photo with just a single click Isn’t that wonderful? Let me show you this beautiful technique by going to this photo. The first thing I’m going to do is to go to
auto shapes menu and pick up a shape that you want this photo to be cropped
into. So, let us go to Stars and Banners and I’m going to click on this one called as – 24
point star. And I’m going to hold the ‘Shift’ button down as I draw the shape
around the area that I want the cropping to be done. I’m going to do a bit of
adjustment by moving this yellow handle slightly outwards. So, I have the shape in
the way that I want. The next step is to first select the photo. Then hold the
‘Shift’ button down, as you select the shape that you just drew. And then, go to
the ‘Format’ tab. Go to ‘Merge shapes’ and click on ‘Intersect’. That’s it. Now, you
have the photo cropped into this beautiful shape that you’ve selected
just now. Let me do that again. Let us go to auto shapes menu. Pick up any
shape you want. Let us take the circle hold the ‘Shift’ button down, as you draw
the circle around the area that you want to be cropped. First select the photo. Hold the ;Shift’ button down. Select the circle that you just drew. Go to ‘Format’ tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Go to ‘Merge shapes’ and say ‘Intersect’. That is it. I hope you really liked this neat little trick to crop your photos in the shape you want
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  1. Really good trick. Although, I could not find the merge function on my ribbon. What is the minimum version that provide this function? I am using MS Office 2010. Thank you.

  2. couldn't combine /intersect in 2010 version. It works to combine shape and shape but not for diagram and shape

  3. Nice video. I cannot find the format click in my powerpoint. I just purchased the powerpoint for mac version. Does not have the format, no add ins at the top. Now what can I do?

  4. I had a hard time until I figured out, for ppt 2013 at least, you must click picture first and then the shape before merging or else you end up with a useless solid blue shape.

  5. Hello sir i have a question
    can you please tell me how to after placing an image how we can remove/crop the unwanted area of slide in powerpoint…???

  6. perfect hint. I was trying to do a full slant cut out across a picture and I just could get the regular crop function to do it. Your trick is really cutting edge – just the perfect solution. Thank you so much!

  7. yeah it is very good but there is a problem.
    The problem is when save the image as jpg.
    When you exctract the photo the photo will be poor quality 😢😢

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