Super Slow Show Outtakes – Bonus Clip

Super Slow Show Outtakes – Bonus Clip

This is
“The Super Slow Show.” How many times? Just be like… I’m gonna be like this.( music playing )We a got spinner,
we a got dropper. Most importantly, though,
new lab coats. ( gasps )
Come on! That’s come off
too much easily. Flippin’ A. Yeah but most importantly,
new lab coat. I probably ripped it. That’s–
What’s that? For the next 12–
I don’t know why I’m waving. For the next 12 weeks. For the next 12 weeks,
we’ll– For the next 12 weeks,
we’ll be releasing
48 different videos. 48? 48, mate. Welcome to a brand-new week
of “The Super Slow Show.” Dan, are you hungry? I think we both know
the answer to that one. Excellent. Dan, are you hungry? I think we both know
the answer to that one. Excellent.
What have we got cooking up? This is the great
British slow-off. See what I did there?
Using food– Oh ( bleep )! Hello, I’m Gav! – And I’m Dan.
– Yeah. I just don’t like the– You know
on the Newton’s cradle where the ball hits
the other ball and it does that? It didn’t do that. I’m trying to push here. There’s no movement
whatsoever. Here’s the ball… – We’re ready, okay.
– Go for it. I’m gonna drop, now! Now. Now. – Here we go.
– Now. ( sighs ) What a wet blanket. Oh, look! It don’t thrill me. Oh, it’s wet bread. – ( Gav gagging )
– Yeah! Hey!
Gavin. – ( Gav coughs )
– ( Dan laughs ) He hates wet bread. Look at that wet bread
flying through there. Imagine it’s quite moist. – Probably like–
– All right, we don’t have
to go into detail. ( grunting ) If you just joined us, Dan is
looking inside a giant Jell-O. It’s a totally
normal sight. This is like a Tuesday
for us. ( grunts ) I need to be washed off. Do you think you could get up
the slide like that? I don’t want to. ( bleep ), man! That’d be like polishing
dog ( bleep ). It’d be pointless. Dan, over the years
we’ve put you inside some very
strange things, haven’t we? I like being
inside strange things. Should we– That’s like way to–
way too much, right? Is that way–
that’s not PG at all. Man:
Gotta have the first one,
so maybe without this time? – Okay.
– All right. I thought it was– Like you only know
what I’m talking about if you’re
at the correct age. That’s perfect, right? We’ll do one without it.
How about that? This is our impact point. Preferably within this like
three foot, three foot– blah.
( bleep ). So this is our impact point
within this three to foot– ( bleep )! So this is
our impact point– Wait.
I’m sorry I’m laughing. ( grunts ) It’s like a sort of
futuristic ball gown. ( laughs )
What? – You look like–
– A futuristic ball gown. You look like a candle
that someone left in a window. Look at my hair
through there. Look at.
It’s disgusting. Now you look
like someone who was born out of the top
of a mushroom. My hands are tied.
Ah… God! Do you want me to help–
do you want me to hold on and you crouch? See if you can yank it up. Is it harder than this
to get into a corset? ( grunts ) It’s like trying
to get into some jeans you haven’t worn
for five years. Do you reckon
I could drink this? Probably. Not easily. Let me just– ( laughs ) – Oh the flaming–
– Do you sometimes look
at footage like this and think I’m glad
that I do that for a living? Well, I don’t do this
for a living, if I did it’d be TV dinners
under a bare light bulb. Today you’re doing it
for a living. In you mom’s basement
listening to Rush? Listening to Rush,
“Moving Pictures.” Yeah, probably
their best album. Man:
Fellas, can you do–
That was great. Can you just give me
a condensed version like about half the length
of that? – Sure.
– All right, here we go refill. Still rolling.
Quiet! Love how that video started off
as a video about balloons ended up just being
a giant fireball. Thanks for watching. Sorry, one more time. ( screams ) – Oh, my God!
– Look at that! Go on. It twined my nose completely. It almost carried me off
by my nose. – I was there, right?
– What happened? I was there– oh. Oh, it’s a pin! There’s a pin
in the floor. Oh, savage.( music playing )Hi guys, click here to catch up
on our latest adventures. I barely survived
so I hope you like ’em. Dan did complain a lot. I do all the work. Most of it. – You do 90%
– I do all the work. All right, fine.

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  1. What's the name of the back ground music (like Hans Zimmer songs) sounds they use in the slow motion parts ?? They are relaxing !

  2. Guy's didn't you see the machine which solves the rubix cube in 0.32 sec. Please make it and show us what actually happens there '""'

  3. I love the part where dans in the balloon and it pops and sticks to his face I couldn't stop laughing xD

  4. Matt from demolition ranch challenged you gav to make lemonade in a special way more details in this video

  5. can you guys catching light speed or laser's light by using a very speed camera( maybe about trillion frames per second )

  6. ok so that was interesting… also "wet bread?!"(read wet bread in a confused Ron Weasly from harry potter to get the right sound of how to say it.) anyway who knew Dan cursed so much… also how long did it take to get into that giant ball/balloon at the end.

  7. there needs to be a gif of that weather balloon trying to take Dan's nose off… i spend a solid 5 minutes watching it over and over again.

  8. Can we see this in slow motion ??? Fastest Wire Bending in the World. AFE-2D6 ULTRA CNC Wire Bender from AIM Inc

  9. You guys should shoot a heavy duty chain from a cannon at a pig like in Mythbusters. Show I. Slow motion different angles of the chain in flight and the damage to the pig. It would be super cool!

  10. Can u do something like this in slow motion but in a better way….thanks

  11. I'd like to see the continuous explosion from firework in the aquarium in slow make a hole under the aquarium, put the firework through the hole, seal it and then just fill it up with water and light the firework..just an idea

  12. 0:12 seconds in and I already had to leave a comment because you guys made me laugh so hard I love you guys's videos I used to watch this all the time I remember the big balloon that you guys filled up with water that was awesome.

  13. This is cool. I also have some Slow motion video here. Now I try to improve it.

  14. Just curious, who cleans up after your videos you have in those remote locations? You break a lot of plastics out in the middle of no where. Just wanted to know if you clean it up at all

  15. people hated this but lowkey it was nice to see them upload more often and i think they learned a lot and had fun so

  16. Make a rectangle vertical box made of lexan and have Dan stand up inside then fill it up with jello and wait for it to cure and try to escape it lol.Best idea ever lol.Please try this as I think it would make a great video!!!

  17. some people know they have gain some weight when they can't get in their pants anymore… for dan, it's when he can't get in his giant balloon!

  18. What I really loved about this show, is that it feels very,,, youtube, you know?
    Like, watching this still feels like I'm just watching two silly guys doing nonsense in their backyard!

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