Superstar ShahRukh – Bollywood Full Movie | Comedy movie | New Hindi Movies 2018 Full Movie

Superstar ShahRukh – Bollywood Full Movie | Comedy movie | New Hindi Movies 2018 Full Movie

‘They say there’s a reason..’ ‘..behind everything in this world.’ ‘But, can you think of a reason..’ ‘..behind what’s going on here?’ ‘This place is beyond reason.’ ‘This is Bakrapur.’ May Allah bless you with His grace. How are you? May Allah bless you with His grace. May Allah bless you with His grace. How is business?
– Good. Ya Allah! May Allah bless you with His grace. Ya Allah! Don’t hoard. Share what you have. You can’t take it to your grave. You bring nothing.
You’ll take back nothing. Right? Let’s drink to it. May Allah bless you! Not a penny more. But the deal was for 3000! 3000 rupees for incense? No. I was talking about Shahrukh. Suraiyya had finalized
everything with Usman bhai. Fine, take a seat. Come on, boy. Zulfi, are you dreaming again? Memorize the entire
lesson by tomorrow. Yes, teacher. Concentrate. Suraiyya! Suraiyya! Greetings, Aunt Nooran.
– Greetings. I was on my way to the city. Did you arrange for the money? He left for the city just
this morning, along with his uncle. I will somehow get the
money to you by evening. I guess you aren’t
tired of making excuses. But I am. I bought imported shoes for myself. I’ll elope with you in a trice. I see.
– What? I’ve things to do here. That’s why I say. Talk to your father. I’ll treat you like a movie star. Star! This cheap mobile that you bought me.. ..can’t even take decent pictures. Forget the mobile. I’ll bring you a laptop this time. The big one.
One with a camera. Listen. What? Naaz. How about a kiss? Don’t laugh. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Asking for a kiss.
– I have. I look nice. Naaz. What are you doing?
– Coming, mother. Your mother’s such a spoilsport. She always spoils our fun. Are you still there?
– Coming, Mother. Cut your crap, I have to go. Mother’s here. Goodbye.
– Naaz.. Why don’t you all just kill me? I was working, Mother. I hope you didn’t get blisters? An incompetent husband.. ..and two good-for-nothing children. There’s just no end to my problems. What the hell is that?
– Mother…must be a bee… Please go inside, I’ll be with you. Come soon.
– Yes, mother. Naaz! Zulfi! Zulfi! Hello! What’s wrong with you? Zulfi! Why so sad? Nothing, Jaffer bhai. Nothing? Then why do you look
like a sacrificial lamb? Zulfi! I was looking for you. Wait. Get on my bike. How can a man be so stupid? Suraiyya. Is it my fault.. ..that Usman’s mother-in-law
broke her back? No, it’s entirely my fault! It’s my father’s fault! For getting me married
to a penniless man. And what was the point
of you going along? You two are just useless. Teach her some manners. If she continues yelling this way.. ..we’ll soon rot in hell. Right. You just sit here
and rant about heaven and hell. A woman has to do the chores.. well as amass money
by selling eggs and hens. The men of this family, I tell you. Lazy bums! Arrange for the money somehow. Otherwise I’m going
back to my mother’s. I won’t stay here a minute longer. Come in, Munna bhai. I am free. Come in. I want to style my hair.
Is Jaffar bhai in? Greetings. Go on in. Take a seat. Since you returned from the city,
business has been slow. Everyone wants Jaffar. And for free. Father, why so sad? They come here because they’ve faith.. ..because I’ve learnt new techniques. How can I charge them money? In fact, I should be paying them. I’m getting a chance to practice.
Look at this new style. Shall I teach you? – Shut up! What faith? A beggar asking for alms
is happy with what he gets. They are here for freebies.
– Father. Yes.
– Chill dude. How about I thrash you..
– No, no, keep seated. You haven’t finished yet? Just a little longer. I see. – Yes. And, what are you doing here? I was running an errand for my mother. Well you know,
I’ve soaked henna yesterday. Come tomorrow,
and we’ll apply it together. And, is everything okay? Naaz. What are you doing here? Come on, go home.
Your mother’s looking for you. Didn’t you hear? Go home. I am going, no need to yell. Go on. Go home. Did he have to drop in now? Greetings.
– Greetings. No, no…leave. Majid, you were really brave today. Give me a smoke. Zulfi bhai.
What do we do with your hair today? What style would you like? Aamir? Salman? Or…Shahurukh. The children these days.. What can the poor mother do alone? Majid wants to get romantic. But his wife’s just not playing along. Go ahead, make fun of me. Can’t help it when my fate’s bad. Are you Majid? Yes. Is something wrong? Is Suraiyya home? Suraiyya… She is. Let’s go. Mother.
– Yes. Mother. They are here?
– Who? Them! Them?
– Yes. Your Father didn’t exactly
leave behind a fortune! Tell them I’m not at home.
Go on. But, Mother.
They met Father on the way. Allah! I’m tired of this man! Go on, I’m coming. Yes. Is everyone here? Start collecting. Shakuntala! Vidyavati. Saraswati. I hope you’re making
sure their payment’s right. Mallika. Yes. Is it all there? Greetings, madam.
– I see. So, you’re finally here. That’s not it, madam. Why wouldn’t I come meet you? I won’t be fooled by you anymore. And your leader, Nooran.. She’s been taking your side.
– No, Madam. I visit her on your behalf. Madam…my circumstances
are such that.. It’s no secret,
everyone knows about my situation. Zulfi’s father’s aunt that lives
in Sultanpur fell ill. Then, half my poultry died. And then..
– Stop. In the last three months.. haven’t paid the
principal or the interest. Madam, try to understand. I swear on my child. The circumstances…
Just give me a little more time! Look Suraiyya. All these
women have repaid their loan. If you don’t repay
the money in a week.. ..then I will stop everyone’s
loan in this group. No one will get anything. See. Helping you has
landed all of us in trouble. What do I say? I was honestly coming
to the office to pay you. But just then Usman bhai’s.. ..mother-in-law broke her back. We’re in a lot of trouble.. You should’ve thought about it before. I explained the
rules in the beginning… Didn’t I?
– Yes. Look, Suraiyya.
If you don’t return the money.. a week, then be ready
to face legal procedures. Everyone! Let’s go! Hocus-Pocus! Abracadabra! Run away! Leave this kid alone! Go! Go away! Aunt. The kid’s being
haunted by a spirit. But don’t you worry. I’ve chanted a strong mantra.. ..and got rid of it. Here. Make him wear this
in the morning after bath. Everything will be okay. May Allah bless you! What’s wrong? Why are you upset? Have you eaten? Why will he fast? All the villagers are humiliating me. And all you two care
about is stuffing your face. I want the money before Thursday.. ..otherwise I won’t
stay here a moment. Spare me! How can we get the money so soon? Who will lend us the money, Uncle? Of course.
Who will lend you the money? The only one who could,
gave you his daughter instead. Mother, I am hungry.
– Why did you bring him inside? Naaz, take him outside. Come in. Don’t worry, I’ve a way. What is it, Uncle?
Tell me. Don’t worry, we’ll get the money. Where will we get it from? Is there a lottery for mendicants now? Stop taunting me. I was talking about Shahrukh. Shahrukh? I can never make
sense of what you say. The animal fair of
Malshapur is very popular. We’ll take Shahrukh there. Many buyers come there. We’ll get a good price. Better than what
Usman offered for sure. You’re right, Uncle. Look into your book. Zulfi, catch the ball. Zulfi. Couldn’t you’ve
caught the ball? Allah! Allah had finally
answered my prayers.. ..and bestowed me with a son. And now he’s gone too. Uncle. I looked everywhere,
but Zulfi’s nowhere. Allah! My son. He’s just a child. Where can he possibly go? He didn’t go alone,
he took Shahrukh along. What were you doing? Uncle, they left quietly. Even that animal didn’t make a sound. Stop crying like a girl! My son! I told you not to call. Everyone’s so worried. Sweetheart, I’m worried too.
In your love. Listen. I had a wonderful
dream this morning. You and me, by the seaside. It was beautiful. Naaz. Naaz. Why are you crying? Zulfi ran away from home..
– What? What are you saying? When did this happen? And, with Shahrukh. Hey! Wonderful. Everyone’s worried back home.. ..while you two are having a ball. And, with biscuits. I knew this is where I would find you. You know, when Father would beat me.. ..I would hide here too. It’s a nice place, right? Listen, let’s go home. No, I don’t want to go home. Where else do you want to go? Take us to the city. We will work with you too. Come along, and bring Shahrukh too. He will make a great barber. Shahrukh that is. Let’s go. We’ll go to the city later,
let’s go home now. Can’t we stay here until Sunday? What’s on Sunday? They’re taking Shahrukh
to the Malshapur fair that day. So, you want to hide here till Sunday?
– Yes. Great. What will you do next Sunday? The fair’s just once a month.
– You’re smart. What will you do next month? I don’t know Jaffar bhai! Just take us along. “I don’t know Jaffar bhai!” Look at me. We’ll go to the city.
But, before that.. will have to come home, okay. Why did you run away? Do you know how worried we were? If you ever do it again,
I’ll break your limbs. Great, aunt. That’s a nice way
to teach him a lesson. Break his legs.
– I’m don’t like saying it either. A child never understands
a mother’s heart. May Allah bless you
with progress in your work. Work’s good, aunt. Just bless me that
I find a nice bride. That’s it.
– Of course. Any girl would be
fortunate to marry you. I see. So, Uncle. Are you sure about the Malshapur fair? Yes, I..
– There’s no other choice. These children have
never had to starve.., they will never
understand our condition. They will have to understand, Aunt. The food’s begging to be eaten. But, the boy’s still stubborn. Fine. You want to starve don’t you?
Then go ahead. Zulfi. Don’t infuriate me. Mother. Leave him alone. I’ll console him. Oh my! You never cared so much
about your mother before. Why, Mother? Can’t I console him?
He’s my brother after all. Yes, he is. I am the only enemy in this house. You two can do anything you want.
Just spare me. I don’t have the will anymore. Mother’s just impossible! Zulfi. Get up. Come with your sister.
– No. I don’t want to go. Hear me out. Let’s go sit outside.
– Leave me alone, Sister. I said don’t be stubborn. Come along. Come on. Come on. Mother’s always scolding him. And he isn’t eating either. Talk to him. Who is it?
– Here. Zulfi bhai.
– Jaffar bhai! So, why aren’t you eating? No, I don’t want to eat? Why? They are taking Shahrukh away. Don’t you want to save him? Yes. Then do as I say. Go inside and finish your meal. And come meet me an hour later.. At the old fort, along with Shahrukh. And, don’t tell anyone about it. Understood? Do you attend school? Yes. Why? Read this aloud. Alif… Laam… Zulfi bhai! Are you going to take
that long to read it? Tell me now. What’s written in it? Allah! It says “Allah”. That’s it. Now, only Allah can save Shahrukh. Look.
– How? Like this. He won’t even give 10 kilos of meat. What are you saying? Nothing less than 4500..
– That’s too much. 2500 is all we can give. 2500 is too less. Go find someone else. 5000! 11000!
– 11000! 4000 is too much! It’s a fine goat. Take a look. How much? How much?
– 5000! Quote reasonably! He’s stuck on 5000! How much did you offer?
– Leave him. How much did you offer?
– 2500. Let’s settle for 3500. That’s it. Give me at least 4000.
– No, 4000 is too much. Hear me out! Just 500 more.
We’ve brought him from far. Even I have to go a long way. Let’s settle for 3500. That’s it. Fine. How much are
you willing to offer? 3500, that’s it. Nothing more. Greetings, Uncle. Greetings, son. What brings you here? Nothing, Uncle. A friend of mine from the city,
lives here. So I came here with him. That’s good, son. How are you?
How are you Shahrukh? So you’re leaving us today? Fine, hand over the rope to me. I’ve got to leave Just 500 more. I’m offering you a reasonable price. Okay, like you say. Uncle. How much did you sell him for? 3500. At least he’s sold. What do you mean? You sold an animal worth
3-4 lakhs for few thousands. Three lakhs?
– He’s a prankster. Always playing pranks.
– I see. Don’t listen to him. He’s not covered in gold.
– Right. Yes, he’s better than that, uncle. He’s blessed with the grace of Allah. Don’t joke about this. What? What are you saying? Be clear, what are you saying? You’re a mendicant. How could you miss this?
– What? Look here. Carefully. Here. This. Take a good look. Look at the crescent shape. Have you seen the
Mecca-Madina calendar? You must have. The crescent shining,
on top of the dome. It’s the same thing. You’re a wise man. And you didn’t see it either. You didn’t go on Haj,
but you’ve a world of experience. Don’t you? It’s true.
– Yes. Son. It says “Allah”. Allah! My service has been accepted. He’s an angel, son. Don’t sell it.
– This is no ordinary goat! I don’t care. Just handover the animal to me.
I’ll be on my way. Don’t call him an animal. He’s an angel. Apologise to him. We didn’t take any money from you. So, I am not refusing to pay.
Take it. Didn’t we make a deal? Look. My nephew’s not so wise. Look. We don’t want to sell it.
Just leave. But, Uncle..
– Son, didn’t you see. “Allah” is written on him. We cannot sell him. But Uncle, what will we tell Suraiyya? We cannot set foot in
the house without the money. Henpecked husband. Don’t you understand
what Jaffar’s saying? “Allah” is written on him.
– Yes. And, a Sheikh from Saudi.. ..paid 52 lakhs for a similar goat. 52 lakhs! 52 lakhs.
– 52 lakhs? He took it home in an aeroplane. Aeroplane? Of course. It requires special permission
from the government. But, how do you know? I read the newspaper. And I can show you the news as well. And all the kids.. ..from Delhi’s Jamma
Masjid area know about it. Do you want to read it? Son, even I’ve heard
the Jamma Masjid story. Indeed. He’s been blessed by Allah! How could I trust that man?
He’s good for nothing. I wonder how Father spent
so many years with you. Yes. We’ll see. How your husband tolerates you. Mother. Father’s back. Didn’t I tell you? This man’s isn’t capable of anything. Stop. Stop right there.
– Listen. Listen to me.. Why don’t you try telling our creditors?
Maybe they will listen to you? I’m trying to speak. Let me speak! Look, dear.
Shahrukh’s no ordinary goat. He’s blessed by Allah!
He’s special. He’s our golden goose. Are you two drunk? You could’ve brought me some poison. God forbid. Explain to her. Suraiyya… You tell her. He’s right, aunt. Jaffar says…Shahrukh’s
not worth a few thousands.. ..he’s worth millions. And, if we can find an Arab Sheikh.. ..he will definitely
pay millions for him. And, the story about 52 lakhs is
famous in Jamma Masjid. – Right. Even the kids know about it. Right?
– I see. Tell her.
– Yes, tell her. He’s right.
– But, what is he saying? Son. Son, you’re the educated one. Why don’t you explain to me? Aunt…know that an angel
has descended in your home. Take a look. Look at the crescent formation. Have you seen the
Mecca-Madina calendar? You must have. The crescent moon,
shines atop the dome. It’s the same thing. Right?
– Yes. Yes…it’s something. What do you mean by something, aunt? It’s time to celebrate. That’s alright, son.
But, what about the creditors. Loan! Stop worrying about them, aunt. What’s the amount?
– 3000! 3000! Come on now, Aunt.
Here you go. What’s he doing?
How can I borrow from him? Take it. But..
– I…I’m family too. I mean…I am not an outsider. Just take it. Aunt. You can return it once
you find an Arab Sheikh buyer. With interest.
– Yes, yes, yes. Let’s get him some water.
– Let’s get him some water. Aunt. Golden goose. Come. Brother, you’ll get a chance too. Don’t worry.
Everyone will get a chance. Allah’s watching over everyone.
Everyone will get a chance. What’s going on here? Yes, come forward.
Get the blessings. Keep the money. Yes. Allah! Wear this talisman, in the morning
after your bath. Okay. Goodbye. Keep moving.
All in line. What’s going on? Don’t interfere. Come on. Keep moving.
Put your money in this. Take the blessings..
– What’s this? It’s the grace of Allah. Let us work, leave. Allah will bless you! Allah! Keep coming. This way. Come on. Slowly. Put the money in here. My beautiful, gorgeous Suraiyya. Each time she decks up,
my heart skips a beat. Listen to me.
I’ll wait just five more minutes. I see.
Five for you…five for me. How about I come in 10 minutes? 10 minutes?
I’ll grow old in 10 minutes. Will you still love
me if I get gray hair? I will still love you. And, if your hair turns grey,
I’ll paint it black. I’m an expert at it. Right, painter. By the way, painters command
more respect than barbers. I see.
– Of course. Just imagine, ‘Jaffer Super Barber’. Hair-cutting, massage,
etcetera, etcetera.. All free. I see. You’ve been getting
too bold these days. Aren’t you scared of
your mother any longer.. ..that you’re being so audacious. Wait, I’ll come right now
and teach you a lesson. I.. I…
– Okay. Who do you think you are?
– Sorry. By the way, where’s your mother? Doesn’t she ask you “Naaz,
where are you”? “Naaz, where were you?” Only if she gets some
time off from Shahrukh. By the way, Shahrukh’s a little angel.
– I see. Don’t you think, we should get blessed
by Shahrukh’s grace as well? Why? Don’t you think,
the mark on Shahrukh.. a stamp of Allah’s
approval..of our love. Right? Isn’t it? You see…
we meet so freely these days. What are you thinking?
– No. nothing. Right?
– Yes. You’re right. There’s a dialogue from actor
Shahrukh’s movie.. “If you love something
from the heart..” “..the entire universe conspires
to unite you with him.” Or something like that. Shahrukh’s a part of our world too. So what if he’s a goat. Right? Universe. You’re talking about the universe..
– You touch me a lot these days. You’re getting audacious. “Meeting secretly.” “And hiding again.” “The heart missing a beat…” “In love, the heart risks everything.” “Since my heart…” “Since my heart…” “Since my heart fell
prey to your love.” “Meeting secretly.” “And hiding again.” “We can convey everything
with our eyes.” “The heart can communicate
without any means.” “We can convey everything
with our eyes.” “The heart can communicate
without any means.” “The call of love…
is no longer on hold.” “Nor is…
there a single day without you.” “Since my heart…” “Since my heart…” “Since my heart fell
prey to your love.” Greetings, Majid. Greetings. Looking really nice. I guess sister Suraiyya’s
really pleased with you these days. It’s the grace of God.. ..that He sent Shahrukh to us. With a little contribution
from Suraiyya as well. Jamal bhai,
you should get a share too. – How? Because your son
spotted the goat first. Brother Sohail, my son can spot
all the problems in the world. Except those of his father. Don’t say that, Jamal bhai.
– It’s true, Majid. Not at all. Uncle Majid,
the police is at your home. Police? Go on.
– Let’s go, son. Suraiyya. Are they here to take
Shahrukh away? Can’t you ever think positive? Better be ready for
what’s going to follow. Whose goat is it?
– Who made the money? Whose goat is it? Tell him. Whose goat is it? We never cheated anyone. Please don’t arrest us.
– Yes. I never said I’m arresting you. Looking at your uniform,
we thought so. He is Legislator
Syed Suleiman’s brother-in-law. He’s opening a new showroom
in the city. He was really impressed by your goat. Send him over on the
day of the inauguration. Yes. Lotan.
– Yes. Send the jeep in the morning.
– Yes, sir. Greetings, brother-in-law. Are you on the way? Of course,
we’ve made all arrangements. Okay. I think the Minister’s
tied up with something important. No, that’s not it. And, I don’t see your brother-in-law. He’s with the Minister as well.
They will be here. I see, so Suleiman bhai’s
with the Minister. – Yes. That’s good. This is the right opportunity
to show brotherly love. Are they here? They got held up by a punctured tyre. I don’t want to hear anything. Arrange for another car. He should be here before
the Minister arrives. Yes. Yes, sir. Is there another guest of honour
other than the Minister. No, that’s it. Long live..
– Minister. Long live..
– Minister. Congratulations, Rizwan Bhai. How are you?
– It’s all your grace, Minister sir. Hello, Minister sir. This is a surprise.
You too, Singhania. You never like this ambience. Things change with time, sir. And, when you’re personally
visiting my area.. ..then, it’s my duty to attend. Rizwan, hurry up.
The Minister’s got other engagements. Yes. I was supposed to
attend a cabinet meeting. But I made it clear. I am committed to Suleiman bhai.
I can’t attend the meeting. Of course, you’ve to please
the alliance partners. It’s the law of coalition politics. Give me the scissors. Let’s not delay this auspicious event. Just a few more minutes. Is it the auspicious hour?
– No, no, just.. They are here.
– Them? Come…come! You’ve planned a sacrifice. Honestly, Suleiman bhai. I don’t get the time anymore but,
I really miss your homemade kebabs. No, no, that’s not it. It’s for warding off the evil eye.
– I see. Come. Look. You’re taking Allah’s
angel out for a stroll. You sneaked him out, didn’t you? People keep coming to see him.
No one lets me play with him. That’s a problem. You should be thankful…
he’s still alive. We haven’t been exposed yet. Can you believe it? I am waiting in a shady village.
For a bloody goat! I swear. I’m going to blow a fuse. But you can’t argue
with your boss, right? Can you? Hello. Hello. Are you there? Crap! Network! Icing on the cake. Madam, please sit down.
Be patient, he’ll be here soon. Get some cold sherbet for madam. Yes.
– No, it’s okay. Thanks. Can I tell you something?
About Shahrukh. You know…
he was born right before our eyes. It was a peculiar night. Strong winds blowing. Storm. Heavy rains. Lightning struck in our courtyard. And right then Shahrukh was born. He’s the angel of Allah.
A miracle of nature. Wow! Sounds straight as
if from the Twilight zone. See, he.. They are here. They are here. Madam. They are here.
– Come quickly. Come on. Come, Zulfi. Bring Shahrukh. Come on, son. You’ve been playing in the mud. Madam. This is Shahrukh. This is Jaffar. Jaffar. You can tell him too.
He lives in the city, just like you. Son, what was that… That cup..
– World cup. Yes.
– Cricket World Cup. Cricket.
She’s here to pray for them. Yes, aunt. I understood everything. Myself Jaffar, hair-stylist. In town. The texture of your
hair’s really nice. Thanks. Sachin. I’m a huge fan of him. Sachin’s a client of our agency.
– I see. In fact, our agency handles
half the Indian team. What are you saying? Minister Rawat spoke to our boss,
about Shahrukh. So, our boss decided that.. ..Shahrukh’s going
to bless all the jerseys.. ..and kits of all the players. That’s great. He’s the lucky charm
of the Indian team. Right. Of course. By the way, Shahrukh’s got scope. In fact, he can endorse
local brands. Right? Money’s money after all. Yes. Money’s money after all. Yes, Aunt. Money’s money after all. “The game begins” “The game begins” It is not going to be easy this time. We need to play the
communal card carefully. They have also chosen
a candidate from our own. Votes are bound to be split. So be prepared. It will be tough.
All of you will have to work hard. Mujibur Rehman has
a good hold on this area. We will have to do
something to ensure.. ..that our votes don’t go to them. Brother Suleiman,
do you have any solution? Yes. I have. Here it is. Hello.
– Hello. How is your goat? You kept insisting on coming.
Jafar is here. Jafar. Jafar. Hello, Aunt.
– Hello. Aunt, how did you come here today? She wanted to go shopping. You know I hardly have the time
to spare from household chores. She kept pushing me.
And now it’s raining. It’s raining, Aunt.
I’d come for some salon work. It was raining, so I thought
to shop. Yes. Why not? It’s your age to enjoy. Let’s go. Aunt, are you hungry?
Let’s eat something. No. No. Do you get any
hygienic stuff in this city? No. No. Let’s go.
– No. No, aunt. What are you saying?
Of course you get. Tea. Tea is not unhygienic. We can drink tea. I will take your word for it. Let’s drink tea.
Hurry up. Come on. Aunt, can I come under the umbrella?
– Yes. It’s raining.
– Yes. Come on. “We can have communicate
through our eyes.” If not for you, ..we wouldn’t be where we are today. What are you saying, Aunt?
God has done all this. I am just a medium. That’s true.
The tea is not here still. Hey! Bring tea! Do you know?
They have come from the village. They are my close acquaintances. They have journeyed for 1.5
hours to taste your strong tea. Isn’t it good? God should fulfill
one more wish of mine. I should find a suitable,
employed boy. He should always
keep my daughter happy. Is that so? Do you know, aunt? My father is also worried about this. We should find a girl. You are right. Yes. But he worries unnecessarily… I have told father many times, Aunt. Father, look in the village.
There is no shortage of girls. We will find someone. Aunt, you also look around.
You will find a boy. Right?
– Yes. We will see. Mother. How do I look, mother? Very pretty. My sweet mother. Mother, will you buy me gold
bangles on ‘Eid’ (Muslim festival)? I have been telling you for so long.
– Yes. Fine. Save some money for
the motorcycle too. Motorcycle?
– Yes. We have to take Shahrukh to the city. Motorcycle would save time. And we will earn more. Right, Majid? Yes. No. It’s not important. Why?
– Okay. Fine. Don’t be so greedy. Be patient. Let’s finalize the soap
and biscuit deals for Shahrukh. Then we will see.
Motorcycles and airplanes. Suraiya! Suraiya! Two-wheeler or three-wheeler? What? Let’s buy a cycle. Not in front of the kids.
– Hen-pecked husband. Hello. Everything is fine?
– Hello. Yes. We are somehow managing. My Shabbo is getting
engaged next Friday. I need some money. Ask the Ma’am at the NGO.
Now we don’t owe them anything. Where do I go when I am in debt? You have never differentiated
between Naaz and Shabbo. Help us out. That is fine. But you
can see that we barely manage.. make both ends meet. It’s difficult to spare anything. Tea. Here. A 500 rupees note. Give me change early morning.
What is this Rs. 500? Should I tear it? I should have change to give you.
Right, Jamaal? Go and check.
– Pay me later. It’s okay. Why are you inviting
my curse early morning? Have I ever had tea on credit?
– Let it be, Priest He does not know how to speak
to a person of your stature. Here, take this. Allah will bless you. What will He bless me, Priest? Our goats are hardly messiahs. Only fit to cook and eat. You always joke. Whose car is this? Jamaal, seems like a big shot. Is it the real Shahrukh? Maybe he wants to click
his photo with our Shahrukh. It happens before the
release of a new film. Where does Shahrukh live? Yes. Yes. Come. Who is it? Can someone tell
me where Shahrukh lives? Shahrukh? Who are you? Everyone calls me as Priest. Shahrukh belongs to our family. My name is Rayeez Ahmed.
– Okay. I am Saudi Sheikh Abdul
Rehman Bakhtiyar’s PA. Saudi? Allah be praised. Allah, thanks a lot. Come. Come. Another treasure trove.
– Come. Have tea. No. I don’t drink tea. So shall I get something
cold instead? Go and get a cold drink.
– Yes. No. Thank you. Do you know Mr. Pandey? Mr. Pandey? Mr. Pandey. His company PML Consultants
manages your Indian cricket team. The lady with bats and balls.
– Yes. Yes. We know her very well. We were discussing our
new company logo with him. What logo?
– Nothing. Actually, Mr. Pandey advised
the Sheikh to use.. ..Shahrukh’s photograph
for the logo. Yes. Mr. Sheikh said why
just the photograph. We will buy Shahrukh. It’s good. Can I see him?
– Surely. Look. Come. Look. Zulfi. Zulfi, move. Zulfi, show the Sheikh. Wow! Wonderful. Good. Good. He is an angel. We were facing tough times. But now,
we earn no less than Rs.20000 a month. The Sheikh is coming
to India in a month or two. We will finalize
everything when he comes. A month or two?
– Will it take so long? A month or two. A Sheikh paid 52 lakhs
for a goat in Delhi. 52 lakhs. If Allah wills,
our Sheikh will pay more. Yes. You see, there is only one angel. If there is another buyer,
the price can increase too. – Yes. No. I am just telling you.
You talk to him. Yes. Will you see him off from the door? Invite him in.
– Come, let us go in. Come.
– Please come. Come on.
– Come on. Come on.
– Come on. We will talk.
– Let’s have tea. What a change in two weeks, Uncle! What prosperity! Here. Eat. Aunt, I was thinking..
– Don’t think. Majid, I was thinking I will tell Mr.
Sheikh that along with Shahrukh.. my ticket also for Saudi. He is used to this place. Who will look after him there? I thought I will accompany him. Can’t my husband do that? I am thinking that
we will earn 50 lakhs. But if my husband also
accompanies Shahrukh.. ..I am sure they pay goatherds
not less than the officers here. Am I right? And when you go there,
find a suitable groom for the girl. After that, we will go for Haj. Did you hear? You will go abroad. All thanks to this kind fellow. Yes, Aunt. Hello, Uncle Swaran.
– Hello. Where were you?
I haven’t seen you in a while. I had gone on a
pilgrimage with my wife. Okay. What did you ask from God? No need to ask.
– Why? I found out on my return.
It’s His divine play. I will leave now. Okay. Take this, Shanti. She is working so hard. Let the Sheikh come. She will go to Saudi
and live like a queen. Wear this after a bath. Everything will be fine. How are you?
– Uncle? All is well. How is my grandson? Leave. Leave. Leave. God made my pilgrimage successful. Great! Where were you for so long, uncle? You were not to be seen. I returned yesterday.
– Okay. From my pilgrimage. As soon as we came back,
my wife urged me.. check on my grandson’s wellbeing. What is the news? When is the Sheikh coming? What? 55 lakhs is not a small amount. Since a long time
I wanted to buy some land. But you know. Property prices are rising. And our earnings are at rock bottom. Now all my hopes
are pinned on the child. What is this about your child? As if you begot the goat. His mother might belong to you. But his father is from our family. We have a right. We do have it. Am I right? What father?
What right are you talking about? My Kalia is Shahrukh’s father. Kalia? What new story is this? Majid.
– Yes. You were there. When Kalia and your goat.. What is her name?
– Salma. Yes. Salma. When Kalia and Salma united. Disgusting. Even after undertaking a pilgrimage.. don’t have the sense
to talk in front of women. Why? What did I say? All of you were at the vet’s clinic. When Kalia and Salma united..
– Stop it. Both of you just keep
listening like useless fellows. He is talking nonsense in
front of your wife and daughter. And both of you just keep quiet. Nobody came when we
were cleaning the goat poop. Now everyone wants
a share in the 55 lakhs. She is right. Mind your tongue. Fine. Fine. Let’s settle the money issue.. Look, Shahrukh is ours. His father is ours. And 55 lakhs are ours.
– Yes. Hello.
– Come. Come, Shyam Prasad. God bless you. Come. Take the offering. Come, Shyam Prasad. Come. How are you?
– Fine. Everything is fine?
– Yes. I have some good news for you. Is it that you have become
a father for the sixth time? You always tease me. Tell me. What is it? I have brought someone to meet you. He could be our trump
card in the elections. Uncle, touch his feet.
He is my elder brother. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Whom have you brought, Shyam Prasad? Uncle. Uncle, it’s enough.
– Shyam Prasad, you are.. Come. Stand up. He is Swaran Singh.
He is from my village Sirauni. Mangori and Sirauni are in
the vicinity. He is like my uncle. Come to the point, Shyam Prasad. The thing is that
magical goat Shahrukh.. ..the one that cost us
the municipal body elections. The father of the goat.. It’s Kalia, right?
– Yes, Kalia. His name is Kalia.
He belongs to Swaran. How is this relevant? Brother, if the father is a Hindu.. can the Muslims
lay claim on the son? Now you see the relevance? What about the Arabic
lettering on his body? What about the Arabic lettering? Sir, so what if there is no symbol? But his blood is of a Hindu. You can get the medical test done
in front of the whole village. We can do that as well. How are you, priest? I am fine. Hello. Hello. Is Suraiya at home?
– Yes. Shall I call her?
– Yes. Suraiya. Suraiya. How are you, Suraiya?
– Fine. With God’s grace we
have repaid all your money. What brings you here? Isn’t this Shahrukh?
– Yes. He is so adorable. Ask, sir.
You can ask for whatever you want. Come. Come.
– Yes. Come. Come. Don’t be scared.
He is Allah’s messiah. Give whatever you want. Keep it. Suraiya, he is the bank manager.
Gupta sir. All the accounts of
our NGO are with his bank. He has come especially
to meet you guys. Hello. Pleased to meet you. These… These are the account
and fixed deposit forms. You can’t keep 50 lakhs at home,
can you? We don’t have 50 lakhs. No. You will get it. Look, ATM,
locker, fixed deposits, net banking.. banking,
you will get all the facilities. Without charges. How are you, Majid?
– Fine. He is Suraiya’s husband. Hello, sir. Pleased to meet you. Myself Vibhuti Bhushan Gupta. Manager of BMZ bank. Why are you panting? The village council has summoned us. With Shahrukh.
– Oh Lord! Why? I don’t know. Chief, we are waiting
for your decision. It’s a clear-cut case. How come? We raised him like a child. And today,
people are laying claim on him. You did it for your benefit. Otherwise you guys would have sacrificed
him on ‘Bakri Eid’ (Muslim Festival). Uncle, hold on. Chief, understand one thing. It’s the question
of our religion’s honor. If the need arises,
we will move the Parliament.. ..leave alone the Supreme Court.
Get that straight. So what are we here for? So what are you waiting for? As far as the truth of
Shahrukh’s birth is concerned.. ..Majid has also confirmed it.
Why don’t you speak up, Majid? What? If you need more proof,
if you want more truth.. ..check with the Sirauni
veterinary hospital.. ..about Shahrukh’s bloodline. We don’t know about
Kalia and Salma’s ancestors. If a Catholic comes in the future.. ..and we get to know
they are Christian by birth.. will complicate
the matter further. Another thing. There is no greed in us. Because uncle Swaran has promised.. ..that he will donate more
than half the money he gets.. the Goddess’s temple. Glory to the Goddess! Yes. So what’s the big deal? On the first day
itself Majid had said.. ..he will give more than half
the money to the mosque and madarsa. You are behind all this? Look, chief and brothers. This sacred symbol
is the proof of our claim. So the money earned from him
will be used in the name of Allah. Yes. Our Gods will have to go empty-handed? Because of a symbol.. Baba! Baba! Baba! Glory to Lord Shiv Shambhu!
Lord Bholenath. It’s Lord Bholenath himself. What happened?
– What are you doing? I will offer my head to Goddess. If anyone swears on Lord Bholenath.. ..and says that this symbol
is not Bholenath’s trident. What nonsense!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev! Say glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Allah! Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Allah!
– Allah is great! Glory to Allah!
– Allah is great! Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence. What is this?
Is this a council or a joke? Glory to Allah! Glory to Mahadev! It’s a complicated matter. So the decision can’t
be taken in haste. So…the council has decided that.. ..until the Sheikh comes here ..or some other decision is taken.. ..Shahrukh will remain
in the council’s custody. Chief. And neither of the parties
will exercise their right on him. This is the council’s decision. Chief, he is our child.
– Enough. We don’t accept it.
– It is the council’s decision. Silence.
The council ends here. All of you go. Go home. We don’t accept your decision.
– It is our goat. It is our goat.
– It is ours. Allah is written on it. Come on. We won’t leave. We won’t accept it.
– Silence. Naaz, I have told you so many times.
Don’t call me while I am working. What is going on? Nothing. Everything will be fine. When? And how will it be alright? Such things happen
in the council meeting. Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen? This betrayer also
had to show his color now. We don’t even know whether
he is a Hindu or a Muslim. That’s not true. He is a messiah. The entire village accepts his powers.
Right? So what do we do? But you…nothing will happen.
Don’t worry. I will do something. Look, you will have to do something,
Jaffar. You don’t understand. Or else.. What will happen of us? Everyone is burning with jealousy. The things they said
in the council meeting. What happened? The shopkeeper has
refused to take eggs. Why? He says these are Muslim eggs.
– What? He said those who eat
them will incur a curse. They will be born as
Muslims in their next birth. All are scoundrels. Let it be. Don’t worry. We have made the arrangement.
We have found a solution. Got it? We are trying to call up the Sheikh. Once he finds out,
everything will be resolved. – What? What? Are you crazy? You want to ruin everything.
– Give the phone back. We have to call up Mr. Sheikh. What are you doing?
Get the phone out. Get it out. You have burned the phone. Majid! Majid! Majid! Hello, Majid.
– Hello. You know that assembly elections
are round the corner. The party has always stood by you. This time you have got a chance
to show your loyalty. If you had got money from the Sheikh.. ..and people had not been confused
by the trident symbol claims.. ..we would have had
great expectations from you. But seeing your situation,
we have fixed the amount of Rs.25000. Rs.25000? Rizwan has especially instructed that
Shahrukh’s absence doesn’t matter. The priest’s hands are blessed. So we are to take the money from him. Chief, I was saying that you have
still not found a solution. We have to pay for
Shahrukh’s upkeep everyday. So.. – Why? Until now you have enjoyed
Shahrukh’s earnings. Swaran Singh is waiting
with cash in hand. He is ready to pay
for Shahrukh’s maintenance. If that
weakens your case.. – No, chief. Our child is not a burden on us. We can afford to
take care of him. Yes. Chief, don’t worry about the money. Feed him well. Feed him well. Majid, there is a call
for you at Shastri’s place. What?
– Call for you. Okay.
– Bye. Bye.
– Come on. Pick it up. Pick it up. Give it to me. Hello. Yes. Yes.
This is the priest. Yes. Who? Give it to Majid? Majid is unwell. He has diarrhea. Yes. Mobile? It got burned. Yes. Okay. What? Yes. Bye. Hello. Junior Sheikh was very angry. With great difficulty he got the
number from the telephone exchange. What did he say? The Sheikh is coming next week. What?
– Yes. The council members
will have to be quick. To hell with them. Even if they declare
Shahrukh to be a Hindu.. ..the Sheikh would still not care. Who better than the
Sheikh to spot a messiah? The Quran originated from there. Am I right, priest? Let’s go home.
– Yes. Come on. Come on.
– Let’s go. Hello, aunt. Uncle. I am also there. Hello, priest.
– Hello. Are you going somewhere, aunt? Yes, son.
I am going to my mother’s place. It’s better than going to prison. Prison? What are you saying, aunt? I have brought sweets for all of you. I have got a job in
a big salon in Mumbai. That’s great news, son. Son, take me also with you.
– Yes. Everyone can go. I am here to get beaten by the police. Police? What’s the matter? Uncle, what is the matter? Mr. Sheikh is coming. Now what to do?
We can’t stay here. But why to leave the village? What if he finds out Shahrukh’s truth? Shahrukh’s truth? That his father Kalia is a non-Muslim. Now they are saying
he is the incarnation of Lord Shankar. Trident. God forbid. Who knows what decision
the council will take and when? Priest, that’s a good thing. What’s the worse that will happen? Mr.
Sheikh won’t take Shahrukh with him. The matter will end. It’s good. Yes. And then we will go to prison. Why prison? Uncle, the claim not being proven
is not an offense. But not returning 50000 is a crime,
isn’t it? You took money? We asked for an advance.
And he immediately agreed. Ask them where the money went. Aunt, where is the money? Only Rs.5000 is left.
– What? Forget that.
No one cared for me here. You hardly will when
I will go to my mother’s place. But where did such a hefty sum go? The party workers took
away half as donation. Okay. I am going. I won’t stay here. Come on.
Pick up the bags. Pack your bags. Yes. Go to the city. Fine. If this is the matter.. ..let’s leave together. What?
– What? Yes. Come on. Why is it taking so long?
Where are they? Did that boy run away again? Where will he go?
As it is, Shahrukh is not.. Don’t take that wretch’s name. We are in trouble because of him. I am sure something is wrong. Yes. Why are you worried? He will come. What worried? We need to get away. You don’t understand. – We will leave.
Everything will be fine. With Allah’s grace everything
will be fine. Don’t worry. Look, a vehicle is coming.
– They are there. Stop. Pull over.
– Look. Get up. See whose vehicle is it? It’s ours! Come on. Let’s go. Pick up the bags. Pick it up.
– Everyone has come? Come on.
– Let’s go. Luggage. Luggage.
Aunt, all of you get into the vehicle. I will load the bags. Okay.
– All of you sit comfortably. Okay.
– Sit. Sit. Come on. Let’s go. Wait. – Why are you sitting
in the front? Let him sit. Priest.
– Come on. You sit. Aunt, I am there. Let him sit.
We youngsters will sit in the rear. He will manage. Let’s go.
– Hurry up. Come on. Get in. Get in.
– Sit comfortably. Sit. Come on. Come. Come, son. Very good. May
God bless you with prosperity, son. Not prosperity. Just a beautiful girl.
– Yes. Get that bag too.
– Okay. Come on. Come on. Let’s go. Murli, what happened? I don’t know. The vehicle
is not starting. I need the tool box. Is that so? I will give you.
I know where the tool box is. Wait. Take this. The goat has also come along? What happened?
– What’s going on? Repair the vehicle. Repair
the vehicle. Repair the vehicle. Why did you bring him?
Why did you bring him? Say something. What have you done? Oh God! Zulfi, are you crazy?
– Don’t scold Zulfi. You have put us in grave trouble. People think he is God. We had to flee at night
because of this cursed. Don’t scold Shahrukh.
– Beware! If he had not been there,
we wouldn’t have been slandered. He didn’t do anything. We did it. What?
– What did you do? Zulfi is right. We made this symbol on Shahrukh. I made it.
– What? You made this symbol? Yes. I wrote Allah on him. Oh God! What else could I do? You wanted to sell Shahrukh.
Zulfi didn’t want him to go anywhere. Zulfi wanted Shahrukh.
All of you…wanted money. Why didn’t both of you tell us
in so many days? What will happen now? Nothing will happen.
Everyone knows the truth. Let’s return to the village. Shut up!
– What? You are a fool! What do we do now?
– What else? We will do what we were doing.
Let’s flee. Murli, did you fix the vehicle? – Yes,
sir. The vehicle has been fixed. Come on. Sit in the vehicle.
Let’s go. Hurry up. Zulfi, come on. Come on. Sit in the vehicle. Aunt.
– Come on. – Uncle. Get him in.
– Yes, priest. You also sit. Let’s go.
– Hurry up. Murli. “Look, who has come.” “He has captured the world.” “Everyone’s eyes are on him.” “Arms have opened for him.” “Recognize me. I am Don.” Sir. Let us pass, sir. What?
– Let us pass. Show the papers.
– It’s in the car. So bring it. What do you think?
Can we extract something? We will. Looks like the police have found out. What nonsense! Keep quiet. You don’t have any brains.
You just keep talking nonsense. Keep quiet. They are coming.
– Keep quiet. From where?
– Who? Your father is from which village? Mangori. Where are you going? We are going to Mumbai, sir. Come on. Come out. Hello, sir. Sir, there are women. We will check who is behind the veil.
Men or women. Hurry up. – Sir, I am from Mumbai. I work in Mumbai. Hair stylist. They are my relatives. They are coming to Mumbai with me.
– I see. So you are the leader. Where do you work in Mumbai? You make bombs?
– Barber. You make bombs,
acid and the likes in Mumbai. What is in the vehicle?
– Nothing, sir. Household stuff. Move. Show us. Show us. Show us. RDX?
– No, sir. Provisions. Clothes. Nothing else. What if there is really a bomb inside? What if it explodes? What are you saying, sir? Is that possible? Anything can happen. Didn’t you see the old man? He looks like Osama
Bin Laden’s brother. That Osama?
– Yes. That very Osama. What do we do? Hero. Come here. Open the door. Open it.
– Open it. Open it. I am opening it, sir. Shall I hit you?
– No. Open it. Sir, it is a goat.
– What? There is a goat and a child. Tell me. Tell me. Who is behind this?
– No. Sir, are they going to create trouble?
– No. Whatever it is.
We can’t take a chance. The minister’s function
is not far from here. The minister is expected
to stay there for two hours. Meanwhile, let them remain here. They will stay here until
the function is not over. Arrest everyone whom you suspect. We will verify later
who is innocent and who is guilty. Give them all the treatment. Sir. Sir, my uncle has fever. Look, how he is reclining.
If you could give him some drug.. I mean, medicine. That’s the medicine we offer. Look. Take a good look. Your uncle is a smart chap. He has gone to sleep. Listen, find yourself a corner. Come on. Something is fishy. I have an experience of 30 years. I can sense it. No, sir. Sir, we had a doubt when
we opened the door. We thought we will find RDX, bombs. Instead we found a goat.
All are fools. If they are fools,
we will let them go. Once the minister leaves. We have got orders from our superiors.
Can’t afford to take risk. That’s it. Sir, we need to frisk the goat. Frisk the goat?
– Of course. We will frisk the girl too. Oh my! Must weigh 15 kg. What is the market rate? I don’t know. I told my wife to make ‘Biryani’ once. She said she will break my bones. We can’t afford eggs with our salary.
Mutton is beyond our reach. Here is your chance. Biryani. Kebab. Curry. First frisk the goat. You don’t know.
They fit it anywhere. You are right. Shinde, shove the stick inside. See if he explodes. Hold him.
– He is running. Yes. – Wait. Come here.
– Stop. What is this? Oh my! Seems to be
some secret code. – Yes. What is going on?
– See this. Can you crack this code? Code? Oh God! You all will be cursed. Whom have you tied? Why? Any problem? Have all of you gone blind? You have tied Mahadev. Mahadev? What nonsense! Not nonsense.
A manifestation of Mahadev himself. Look. Look carefully. Yes. There is something.
– Yes. Really.
– Oh God! And you wanted to eat Biryani? Mahadev, I made a mistake. I didn’t know God
will come here like that. How did you not see
such a big trident? Oh God! All will be cursed. Mahadev, forgive us this time.
We won’t do this again. Glory to Mahadev! Iqbal, untie him quickly. Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Allah be praised. Keep this Hindu-Muslim
unity for later. First untie him. Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Why reverse circumambulation? We do reverse circumambulation
for atonement. This is how we will
get rid of the sin. Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev! Glory to Mahadev!
– Glory to Mahadev! ‘The chaos continues.’ ‘Wonder what Shahrukh
thinks about all this.’ ‘Human logic is beyond reason.’ ‘Shahrukh is just Shahrukh.’

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