SUSPIRIA Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Dakota Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Movie HD

SUSPIRIA Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Dakota Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Movie HD

at the beginning she gave me things perfect balance perfect sleep she wants to get inside of me I can feel her she can see me [Music] when you dance the dance of another you make yourself in the image of its creator I feel like I’m not even here you dumped likes incredible the way she transmits her work you have to decide what is it you want to be for this company there’s more in that building than what you can see doctor you are living there’s dangerous people three mothers play God the tavern Mazatec Navarro Maserati Marvel mothers Billy all darkness inside you making some kind of deal with them [Music] Oh the one that’s coming [Music] you

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  1. ~ I still have the 1977 original on VHS; omg the barbed wire scene! This remake has some big shoes to fill: Joan Bennett was chilling, and the original movie and photography and score are still the stuff really awful nightmares are made of. Can't wait to see the new treatment and Jessica Harper in 2018. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  2. do you think the director has ever seen the original. I doubt it Suspiria is the music not a film about a dance school or witches. The music was written before the original movie and then the movie written around it. Thats why there is no story to the original its a big music video.. A brilliant one. Really not sure it needed remaking re-imagining or down right fucking up like they always do

  3. Can't wait for this, it looks amazing, my only complaint is that they used the word mother instead of mater when naming the three witches/three mothers, mother suspiriorum or mother tenebrerum or mother lacremarum (I don't know how these are spelled) doesn't make sense, mother is an english word, referring to them as the three mothers is one thing, but when actually naming them they should have stuck with the correct name which is mater suspiriorum etc, I'm nit picking I know lol, I'm just surprised Luca would do that, especially as an Italian, I'm hoping they just did that for the trailer to appeal to dumb Americans who can't figure out what mater means lol

  4. SACRILEGE!! such gall to have alternative vision of classic!🙄 (sigh) why such HATE this looks GREAT! (I'm a poet an I di…never mind) SO re: Suspiria remake best compliment I can give it: KUBRICK woulda liked it…and I think we all will too if we give it half a chance. Below are "blink you'll miss" images from trailer provin this will be a beautiful & HORRIFIC film: 0:52 witches same pov 0:53 left mirror no girl's reflection 2:06 wtf?? 2:07 wall crawl 2:08 coven and 2:12 what the holy hell is THAT shrouded thing!?? …
    …..THOSE WHO FLOCK still to The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Nun jump-scare comin a mile away films will probably not enjoy this film but I know 20 years from now this version of Suspiria will still be viewed and discussed and The Conjuring Part 2 and Insidious 4 The Last Key will NOT.

  5. I hope we see a resurgence in Giallo’s being made. I really miss films like this and Tenebrae etc.. ‘the strange colour of your body’s tears’ was a good effort awhile back but need more.

  6. Such a fan of the original but this homage to Argento's classic by Luca for sure it will gonna have its own right to be a masterpiece! The whole cast is perfect for each role for sure! Looking forward for Angela Winkler as Miss Tanner.Alida Valli's role in the original! and Thom's music genius cant wait!!!So crazy over this😍

  7. Another remake which completely miss the point why the original was good, Dario Argento use of camera was new and the colours as well, now is just another horror

  8. But it doesn't have all the amazing colors of the original, no sinister Goblin score… Dario Argento said Suspiria sould never be remade, and the movie they made now shouldn't even be called 'Suspiria'. The original is a masterpiece.

  9. I hope the remake is as ground breaking as the original. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I also heard that Jessica Harper is in this too…..she plays Ankh.

  10. The one in here (Mater Suspiriorum/Mother of Sighs), the one out there (Mater Tenebrarum/Mother of Darkness), the one thats coming (Mater Lachrymarum/Mother of Tears).

  11. They copied the throat noise from Ju-On… lame. Why copy that? The colors are also very muted. Why copy the Ju-On noise but not the approach to color in the film.

  12. Chloe and Julianne made me eat my words when they turned out an excellent re-make of "Carrie."
    I see the same fate for Chloe and Tilda. Very clever, Hollywood. Well done.

  13. Whoa,I thought "risky" when I saw the title, this one is a classic, but with the cast, I am sure they can make a worthy version of the movie

  14. without the amazing scary original soundtrack, this movie is going to be like many others. I am 42, I saw the original when I was 10, and still, when I listen to that music, I shit myself.

  15. Why are they even bothering to remake this film? They're not gonna top the original for it's freakiness and noir-esque styling. Can't anybody come up with original ideas anymore? Gotta ruin classics by re-doing them?

  16. An American movie for American people you can eat your popcorn during this remake… suspiria from Dario Argento is a masterpiece it can’t be duplicated

  17. Tilda Swinton deserves an Oscar for playing two roles in this movie. She makes such a convincing old man, I couldn't believe it at first! What she does with her voice, her accent… that's some kind of magic.

  18. I love the original Suspiria, and this one also looks good, but i really didn't like the trailer. ALL HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS LOOK THE SAME! I think Suspiria shouldn't explain so much, i would have love a trailer with almost no dialogue, because this film it's all about images and symbolism in my opinion.

  19. I’ve said this before, but I’m getting a Black Swan vibe a little bit. It’s not a bad vibe because I thought Black Swan was pretty good. Excited for this movie.

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