Sye Raa Trailer (Hindi) | Chiranjeevi | Amitabh Bachchan | Ram Charan | 2nd Oct

Sye Raa Trailer (Hindi) | Chiranjeevi | Amitabh Bachchan | Ram Charan | 2nd Oct

‘Hail… Mother India’ Narasimha Reddy isn’t a common person. He’s born on this land with a purpose. He is a Monk He is a Warrior No force can stop him. This land is ours… and its grains are ours. Why do we need to pay tax to you? This is the first war for freedom… you need to win this war. I’ve come to witness your victory with my own eyes. ‘Syeraa Narasimha Reddy’ I came from the Tamil land, known for it’s Bravery I will be helpful to you as how Lakshmana was for Rama… either in victory or death. Please add your name Narasimha to my name Lakshmi. Promise me that you wouldn’t abandon me. Prepare yourself and cut his body into four bloody pieces. Tell me, where Narasimha Reddy is…? He’s in our hearts. Shoot them. This is a revolt done by the People for Freedom. I’m warning you, standing on the soil of my Mother India. Leave my country and go away… otherwise, there is going to be war. Hail…Mother India If you have a last wish, tell me now in one sentence. Get out from my Mother land

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  1. Don't differentiate this film according South or bollywood industry I know one think two of most legendary actor play a vital role in this film😍

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