Tackling Trump’s Attacks on Vindman – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Tackling Trump’s Attacks on Vindman – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– One of the tactics
that Trump’s defenders and some of these
Republicans have mastered is they’ve figured out
that one of the best ways to defend Trump is
not to defend him because you can’t defend him, but rather make it seem like
everybody cannot be trusted, there is no truth, there is nothing you
can verify in this world and nothing can be believed and so if that’s the
case, why do anything? That’s fundamentally
what they’re doing. ‘Cause I’m sorry, when
you get to the point where you’re going like, “Purple Heart veterans
are not patriotic,” and you don’t trust
them, it’s like, so — explain the long
con to me as well. That’s this thing, I always like to go with
the conspiracy theorists and be like, “Okay,
tell me the full story.” ‘Cause a lot of people don’t
say the why and the how. So this person came
as a three year old and already then the plan was, they’re like, “Okay, we’re
gonna get this three year old “to grow up as an
American, okay? “And then what
we’re gonna do is, “he’s gonna go join
the military, okay? “Then he’s gonna go
fight in the military, “not die, but fight. “Just fight. “Fight so hard that he’s gonna
receive the Purple Heart, “but not be endangered, “just enough danger to
get the Purple Heart, “but not so much danger
that he doesn’t come back. “Get the Purple
Heart, win everything. “Then, wait for Trump
to become president. “Then when Trump is president, “listen to his call with Ukraine “and then bust him
on the quid pro quo.” That’s the plan? Like, really? And then Bill Taylor
and another person, and you’re like,
what’s more believable? Is it that all of these people who have served under Obama and
Bush and maybe even Clinton, all of these people are
somehow corrupt liars or is there a possibility
that the one guy is not telling the truth? – I mean, I mean…
(audience applauds) (upbeat jazzy music)

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  1. what trevor is talking about has been used in italy from berlusconi servants for years. it worked a lot. and now we have that kind of filthy fscists like salvini, meloni ecc. that are totally supported from a lot of people. we should have stopped them long time ago.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that some of your subscriptions are for some reason being unsubscribed especially when it's pertaining to anything against Trump I think someone at YouTube is a trump supporter

  3. They don't trust ''different'' people. They've lost their minds to fear and greed (fear). The fear at the root of ”Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” — Albert Einstein

  4. What I can’t believe is that Republicans are willing to sell their souls to the devil for Trump. If he has nothing to fear, why does t he WH silence those who are summoned to testify to Congress? Their loyalty is not for their country but for this ridiculous man.

  5. I hope democrats lose badly in 2020. That would be just hilarious to sit back and watch. King Narc should be free to roam around and grab all the pussies he wants.

  6. Anything with politic cannot be believed not matter which side are you… Politics are dirty business… Everything they do said and act are solely for their own benefit… This people don't care about you and the country…the final destination are power and money… human rights are pointing others and to shield the dark side, everything are bullshit nothing more.

  7. Doesn't require rocket science to make that very analysis Trevor was making, anyone with decent comprehension skills would know people who support this current administration are only doing so so that they would not lose. Human nature…

  8. If everyone with this type of common sense & logic would simply take a moment to Hear This, really hear it maybe they will stop supporting him.

  9. So youre asking if its all these corrupt lying career politicians that are lying or is it the liar that just got into politics? I would say ALL OF THEM!!

  10. I love Trevor and I think the people who are trying to discredit Vindman are wrong. But I'm not sure this exact argument is a strong one. I don't think most people on the right are saying that Vindman's plan from the age of three was to infiltrate the U.S. and tear down a president. They're saying that he might be lying on behalf of his birthplace. Which is still an insane idea. But I don't think Trevor's argument here paints an accurate picture of what the opposition really believes, and I don't think that's helpful for anyone.

  11. They accuse the immigrant of treachery, yet their master is a puppet of an ex-KGB agent.
    Irony, thy name is Republicans.

  12. Now the ONE thing Republicans tout around, brag about, carry on their shoulders and fully respect is a soldier who has been awarded for his sacrifice in the line of duty. They called McCain and Dole heroes for their service. I've heard Fox News' spins on this. Seriously?! Now they're attacking the golden boys?! This is just plain evil.

  13. The other day trump just said that the Democrats were working on impeaching him BEFORE he ran for president.
    Just let that soak in for a while.

  14. Why do people even expect for the Republicans to TELL the truth? they KNOW the truth. They are AFRAID of losing their spot at the table.

  15. Long ass plan! How old is that guy 50+. If those how set the plan to motion were in 30's, they are all dead now or over 80! And they bet everything on trump when he was around 22! Genius!

  16. Why do older people, people who are supposed to be more mature, believe Trump unconditionally? Why do they get brainwashed so easily by Fox News?

  17. I love this guy because he doesn't just do comedy, he observes, he listens, analyses the information and conveys it in such an insightful form that often enough you forget he's a comedian. Sometimes I feel he is more of a journalist than those who call themselves that, sometimes I feel he's a writer or a poet who knows how to get under your skin, other times I feel he's just gifted, but he's a hard worker so I can only say for certain that he is simply talented.

  18. The problem is that Trevors' argument is exactly the argument that a corrupt "Deep State" would make. But whois to say that this guy is a secret Russian agent? Maybe he is an immigrant child trying to prove that he is a trustworthy American intelligence operative…by lying to bring down the head of MAGA?

    The problem is that we really don't know who is lying here or what they are lying about. The only obvious thing is that Trump is holding secret meetings with the Ukrainians and afterwards releasing what he claims are the transcripts of the calls.

  19. lost in a maze of moral relativism is where they at, and they believe that. school sucks. dont think. truth is a fairytale. and too complicated.

  20. Remember that the impeachment procedure was initiated long before Trump's Ukranian call?  
    Now the impeachment inquiry is all about if the call included quid pro quo ("service in return") to smear Biden that would benefit Trump's 2020 re-election campaign which democrats are dreading. The transcripts of the call do not show that Trump bartered for an investigation into Biden's affairs in exchange of American financial aid. As chair of the Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff claims that the transcripts do show how Trump pushed Ukraine to find dirt on his main political rival Joe Biden and that has been supported by a whistleblower.
    What is true in this, and what are lies? YOU DECIDE! The comments by Schiff are to the right:

  21. Trump voters: argue this video’s point please.
    Watch the video and make your point.
    Is this conspiracy theory true since you all believe it beyond anything else.

  22. The same people are attacking this veteran man and disrespecting him, also they are the same ones hating on Kaepernick for kneeling because it’s disrespectful to the veterans but question a Purple Heart veteran isn’t a patriotic enough when he is not a puppet of the president? Pick a side right wing extremists! Good lord!

  23. Russias goal is to spread apathy and chaos through cultural & racial animus so of course calling me a white lady is part of your trolling tactics. Just like Russia is promoting videos that show violence against black people- knowing it stirs conflict which spreads apathy in gov't.

  24. If the Army officer was trustworthy enough to dedicate 20 yeas of his life to military service, actively supporting and defending our Constitution, national security and American interest… then he is well worth our trust in his report of observations.

  25. That’s the problem. You can’t reason with people who make decisions, purely based on emotion. It’s also far easier to inform the uninformed, than the misinformed.

  26. TRUMP followers is basically slut shaming truth. They take it down by calling out truth's scantily clad dress is worst than the perfect call to Ukraine.
    Did those sentences sounds crazy? Yes, but so is all the defense of Trump's actions

  27. I hear the crack investigative team Trump hired to track Obama’s past in Hawaii is working on proving Vindman is a traitor. You wouldn’t believe the things they are finding out.

    That last sentence is literally true.

  28. Trevor is best a-political. Equal offender to all. Flynn is an actual war hero and the left watched his life get ruined, son get threatened and the FBI – we KNOW was on a political hit job – "lose" his original FBI report. No big fn deal, right? But Pillsbury pasty face dough boy – who NO way as ever been a "combat hero" – accused Trump and cannot be touched. BS, of course.

  29. I wrote to US Congressman Ted Budd the Republican from NC District 13 about Trump’s behavior in office and all the controversy swirling around the president. Congressman Budd claimed he saw nothing wrong with the president’s behavior and wasn’t concerned.

    It looks like they are going to try insisting that nothing is wrong. I really need a Blue Wave to sweep across North Carolina..

  30. More and more African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities are begining to understand how the Democrat party shafted them. – Booker T Washington understood the SCAM over a 100 years ago! ~ Booker T. Washington said: “There is a class of people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well.”

    Only EMPTY PROMISES and NO PROGRESS…The Democratic Politicians arrive with more empty promises and (demeaning) handouts only when election time approaches!…

    Look at the state of our once great cities… How terribly they have suffered and deteriorated under corrupt Democrat run City governments. 50 to 60 years of terrible crime and deterioration.

    The Democrats even OPPOSE CHARTER SCHOOLS!… It is TRAGIC that they don't care about the future of inner city kids who may get a better education outside the stranglehold of the Teacher's union run schools. (Remember, the Teacher Unions donate 30 to 40 MILLION per year to the Democtatic canditates! AND most teachers are FORCED to donate to and support the Teacher's union… It is almost extortion).


    Democrats DIVIDE Americans into "Groups" and "class" and label them as "Opressed" and they pretend to be their saviours and deliver them from "crushing opression"… Democrats see victims everywhere and count on the victim vote!

    I began to see this unfold over many decades… I came here as an immigrant (and a minority)… I felt so grateful and proud to be an American …. And i came to this great country (Legally!)…

    I think Americans are slowly begining to wake up and understand the insidious Democrat political stragety and policy of "Division and Hate"…It always worked for them in the past.. BUT no more!

    So many minority voters have realized the futility of being on the 'Democratic Plantation' … AND their numbers are growing rapidly.

    Dynamic, intelligent, ceribral, optimistic and energetic young leaders like Candace Owens are clearly showing them an alternate path…. To see issues clearly and understand the History of political parties in the US…. When they do this, the truth will be exposed…

    Very few Americans know the Democratic Party founded the KKK and all the other Clan offshoots!

    Check out CANDACE OWENS' Channel here and you will hear many of her "mini History Lessons and hear her uplifting messages…. She shatters all the old myths and untruths which the American people have been "Fed" for so many decades….

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0u5uz7KZ9q-pe-VC8TY-w

    Always remember, a sincere and honest leaders appeal to voters by positive VISION, OPTIMISM & (and eventually) RESULTS …

    Not demeaning cliches, condescension and attempts to divide people.

    The empty rethoric and false promises fed to Americans by most 'Democrat leaders' (so called), at every Election is becoming stale, worn out and exposed!…

    It is sad to see what the Democratic party has become… It horrifies me… How out of touch and hateful they have become… Their hate for President Trump trancends their love for our country.

    They tell voters "Republicans (Conservatives) are racist!"… "Trump is racist!", "Trump is a white supremist!", "Trump is a bigot!","Trump is a Homophobe!", "Trump is an Anti-Semite!", "Trump is in it for the money!", Trump hates all immigrants and African Americans!", "Trump is a Facist", "Trump is a traitor to our country"…. "Trump should be impeached" … "Trump is a criminal", "Trump should be imprisoned"!

    AND THAT seems to be the ONLY message most Democrats have…. Those sad pathetic slurs.

    … This is sick, sick, sick.

    I predict that the 2020 elections results will show this will not work any more. It will be a shock for the Democrats, who always counted on and recieved every 4 years, 80 to 90% of the "minority vote". ….

    Not any more! . In 2020 so many Black, Asian, Hispanic and other voters will wake up and select Trump to lead our country for 4 more years to continue the huge progress being made…

    He is determined to lift our country out of the morass it has languished in for so many decades. by self-serving corrupt politicians ON BOTH sides of the aisle…

    He is going to "drain the swamp" as he promised.

    He is blunt, forceful, productive and logical. – He tells it "like it is" to us AND leaders on the world stage!

    … You may not like his style…. But that is the way he gets things done!

    I urge you to see some of these Videos – Candace Owens testifies in Congressional Hearing(s):

    I urge you all (especially Liberals) to listen to her point of view. – She is very young (only 30!) and a dynamic lady who was called into Congressional hearings…

    – She speaks on issues, primarily those affecting the African American Community


    – Candace Owens at the House Judiciary Committee Hearing (April 2019)


    This is her YouTube Channel… It is a fun place to be and one may learn a lot from her!:


  31. Noah makes too much sense. To understand trump and his supporters, you must first get rid of ALL reason and common sense.

  32. What I like about people that come from other countries they can run down America our President but if you were in their country and talked about their King, Queen, Prince's, Princesses ,Dukes Prime Minister or their Presidents they would blow a gasket but here Americans praise them. This is all because he won the election this may be taxing for some of you but go and read the laws that was in place before he became president. I know this will be very hard for many of you but go and find out for yourself the laws that he’s up holding be informed rather than just sitting back and blame someone and pointing fingers about something you have no idea what you're talking about. I know it’s easier for you to sit but get the information use it don’t let others do your thinking you're not an idiot are you? Be knowledgeable about what you speak.


  34. You can never be 100% sure of the truth of anything, but you might as well act upon those things that have the highest probability of being true. Like I'm 99.9% certain human caused climate change is real, so I may as well act as if it is, the 0.1% doubt I feel about it (and about everything) is just a rabbit hole of madness. Like there's a tiny chance none of this is real and I'm just a brain in a jar in a lab being subjected to some kind of simulated reality (or maybe not even a brain in a jar, maybe I'm just a computer program), but if I lived my life as if that were a likely truth I'd never have motivation to do anything. So I'll go with what I can be most sure about.

  35. Yes, TRUMPITIS STD is a contagious socially-transmitted-disease (STD). Pres. Donald J. Trump is at the epicenter of this anti-facts & anti-truth syndrome. King Trump has an obvious abusive & malignant narcissistic personality, with traits infecting the reasoning & coping skills of normal humans. If exposed too long, dullard followers, or passers-by, develop delusional beliefs with gibberish thoughts and aimless support yapping.

  36. Literally just saw a pick-up gun it through the yellow light with "fake news" across their back window.

    Like how do you convince people to ignore the truth as a way of life??

  37. I'm not even American and I'm tired of this bullshit…i just want democrats especially Bernie to start using badass tactics and speak unfiltered! He needs to go on fox news and to the republicans to say "shut the fuck up", literally that. Seems like that's how many dumb fucks would like him because of "being real", "like us" and "unfiltered" throw in those tactics to shake up the voters, seems to work in USA. No more filtered political language to throw this clown out, straight up Street language. Bernie, Yang, Warren, they all would start talking like that

    "Bitch stfu, traitor mofo, dumb ass cunt"

  38. The Republican strategy is to do anyrhing to stay in power. Loyalty to their party over loyalty to their country has been their motto for the past 20 years.

  39. I don't see what's wrong with that plan Trevor?
    No one will take you seriously when you say it like that. That's what makes it so genius! xD

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