TAG – Official Trailer 1

TAG – Official Trailer 1

Hey guys, it’s Jeremy Renner, I want to introduce the trailer to a movie called TAG. You know, I’m playing a game right now, so God Susan, do you take Jerry
to be your husband? What’s the difference between
Episcopalian and Lutheran? Episcopalians don’t eat fish. That’s pescatarian. That’s not a religion. They’re all fanatics. I don’t know. You may kiss the bride. I love you. Please tell me what’s going on here. Our group of friends has been playing the same game of tag for 30 years. What? For the entire month of May, every year, we play tag You never know when someone’s gonna pop up. Congratulations buddy. You’re it.
Doing great, Ana! Our buddy Jerry, he’s the best that ever played and now he wants to retire. Never been tagged, just sayin’. So who’s it? This is the year we get Jerry. Synchronize your watches. I don’t know how to do that. I don’t wear watch. Time is a construct. Some couples go on cruises. Some couples go camping. Some couples go to strip clubs and have gang bangs. This is just what we love. This is our gang bang. Wow It seems like the game
has really kept you guys connected. All right.
So good to see you. Come on, it’s been a while
since we’ve done this. This game has given us a reason to be in each other’s lives. I think your dad would have
really wanted you to be… it. Get out! Eat my —-
Balls. Butt. Ice cream. What? He knows I’m lactose intolerant. He’s taunting me.

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  1. Everyone’s talking bout how Hawkeye left the avengers to play tag.. but we should be focusing on…


  2. 1:46
    Fun fact in an interview one of the guys actually got tagged in his own dads funeral like this pretty fucked up but hey that’s the game

  3. To everyone saying "hey this is where Hakweye was during IW" I just say haha Hawkeye and Christine Everhart got married who knew.

  4. So I can not find the scene, but when the boys got after jerry for the first time and they make the amendment, when they all sign the paper am I the only one who noticed he signed his own signature ‘Jermey renner’ please tell me I’m not and someone else saw it😂😂😭

  5. I hate those "lmao HAWKEYE HAVE YOU SEEN HAWKEYE LMAO HE S GONNA TURN INTO DUST". Okay we got it there is Hawkeye, there's also freaking Andy from The Office, Don Draper from Mad Men and Nick from New Girl, and they're awesome

  6. funny how forced diversity is today in every shit, and it makes me puke, movie about all white friends, picture at end of movie but in movie we have black guy, and music all n-word shit music rap and r&b, sorry white people dont listen to that shit doesnt matter how you will promote that. same as forcing cunts and lgbt in every movie, serie. stop it get some help

  7. Am i the only person who thinks this movie is BULLSHIT??? And where is this dynamic in real life. So many Hollywood movies with 4 to 5 white guys and one black dude. Just saying….. Im a black guy in real life with white friends and this just comes off as fake and dis ingenious. C'mon how many more movies yall going to make like this??? ✋ it

  8. Best movie ever and best cast, fucking love the cast of people , funny as hell and just all around fun. FUCK… This is a new classic . Maybe because it reminds me of my life . Friends make life great. And this is a great example of it.

  9. By the way, the part where the dude gets tagged while he is at his dad's funeral is totally real and based of the true story.

  10. Everyone is here talking about Hawkeye, Andy “The ‘Nard Dog” Bernard, & Nick Miller but I’m more like, “Nice to see Donald Draper is still alive & well.”

  11. This movie is basically a story of why hawkeye joined shield training, why he was retiring every once a year(may) and why he wasn't in infinity war.

  12. I love this movie. Its really funny. I watched the trailers for Jeremy Renner's other movies and they looked way to sad and intense, and then I found this one. I'm sure he was awesome in the shows tho. I love him in Avengers and this movie.

  13. I originally watched this movie because Nick from New Girl and Andy from Office and re watched it because of Hawkeye.

  14. This movie any good? Haven't had a whole weekend off work for sometime so looking for a movie to chill out to. Thanks all

  15. Tag your it I love you guys, the best friends in the world now in my heart I can't stop watching and sharing my love for the best movie with the best men 😚😚😚😍😘😘😘🤩

  16. IM DYING 🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL LOLING RN SO HARD HAHAHAH!!!!!! 💓💓

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