TAK FAJN HD cely film (official)

TAK FAJN HD cely film (official)

Beautiful day Slovakia. If you want to know what the hell feels like, stick your head out of the window. Today 36 celsius. Scattered thunderstorms, watch out for those showers. Turn up your volumes, my name is Bindo. from radio Expres, Peter Big Project, Hey now! Sweetheart, for 10 days, how much should I give them? Like a half of this? Yeah, that will be fine. Noooo! Not that much! You said you should! And by the way, I’m fully packed and you are still in your shirt. I’ll just copy some things into my laptop and I’m ready to go. OMG, you are going to be so fat! What’s up fishies. Eat up. What’s up? The new client? We should have had 2 weeks for that. What does he need? To move another database? Can’t it wait until I get back? OK install some servers for him, and hook it up with the cable. Don’t you know where it is? Calm down, I’ll explain it to you. Go to the main switching room. Yes, you are there. Yes the optical one, got it? Bye. I’m sorry. I hope you are not going to be on your phone the entire vacation. No. Yes? Stabilize the operating system, so it’s clear, that the chromatic series of cables is considered as solar or phonetic complex amplified by… I want to go already! Wait. Why don’t you drive? OK. Explain to him, that it is not that easy. We need those 2 weeks. Because if we rush the job, and move it without proper testing, with all of his databases and transactions, then the whole mainframe will get …. We just wrecked the car. What did you do? If you weren’t on the phone, this would not happen! But we can’t go like this to Croatia! Dad? I need a favor from you. Good day director, your son is here. Thank you. On his way. I’ll wait outside. Wipe that smile from you face. I have inside the latest computer, that will tell me exactly the speed you drove. You are not the only computer wiz around here. Here are the papers, not to be lost! And before I’ll give you the keys, few rules. Don’t enter the car with the sand on your shoes, because I will never get the sand out of there. ok Also never in wet swimsuits. Either change before or put a towel under your butt. When the tank is half empty, get some gas. Otherwise, the sediments get into the engine and it can malfunction. And that costs money! All right. Here are the keys, and no showing off! When you buy one like this yourself, do whatever you want with it. But on this one, no scratch. Are we clear? Don’t worry, in 10 days you have it back. Say bye to mom. I’ll send a text message when we get there. Byeeee! Lower the radio volume! Why can’t I never pick the destination? If we went with the travel agency, we would be already sitting on the airplane. With air conditioning. For how long are we going to stand here? Any ideas? Don’t worry. It will be fine. Great. I can already see myself grilling my ass in the car for the next 8 hours. Oh my, why can’t you understand, that I just want to have my geeky friend have some fun. When he is totally uptight, you know what I mean? And I will nicely loosen them up. Yeah, specially don’t forget to loosen up Beatka. You are the only one I love. sure great That’s them, look. finally hurray! what’s up! Happy to see you. Get in and off we go. Far out! Wait! What happened? I forgot my pink slippers. The white ones won’t do it? How can I wear the white ones with the black dress? Does it really matter? We’ll be on the beach. Of course it doesn’t matter. I can put a jellyfish on my head and it will be fine with you. I’m not sure my love, but I like you even with a jellyfish on your head. Hey, common let’s get moving! Please stop ok? I will just go back for my pink slippers and we can go on this exquisite vacation. I mean it, stop the car. OMG, can’t you just forget about the pink slipper? If we keep stopping like this, I will break my knees. We didn’t even move and you are in pain already? I’m not going to listen to this for the whole drive. Why don’t you take a chill pill? Maybe you’ll mellow dow a bit. I will either go get my pink slippers, or I’m staying here and you can all go by yourself. Janka please… Let her be that way… Let her enjoy a nice vacation here if she wants so badly. Stay here and nicely grill your butt on the 8th floor, while we go to the sea and will enjoy ourselves. Don’t be crazy. Go get your pink slipper, so we can finally go. It not going to be 3 of us. I’m not going without slippers. Your slippers can go to hell. For what I care, this whole stupid vacation can go to hell. Janka this is mad. Open the door. Let her be, I’m not in a mood for stubborn lunatics. You heard him! I’m always the bad one. Milan let’s go. Mr. Perfect is always right. Janka. I don’t get what this was good for. What now? Well nothing, you can’t go without me. I made all the arrangements. I don’t care. I just want to go already. I don’t know what we are waiting for? This is going to be the best vacation eveeeeeer! you pig want one? let’s play, which animated creature am I? I know. Is it Goofy? Yeah Goofy. Can we stop at this gas station please? Again? You went half an hour ago. Yes I went. But Goofy didn’t go. And if Goofy will not stop here, he will shame not only himself but this whole seat. Don’t even joke about that. We are stopping. Thank you, thank you. I hope Goofy will be pleased. Come on. Don’t spend there an hour please. Sweetheart, now check out how I’ll pull down the roof. Milan? That wasn’t it yet. Thank you very much. I’m going to fix myself. So sorry. So buddy. How is it going? Beatka ok? Wanna see something? Sure! Are you serious? Really? My man, this is so romantic. I’ll come up with something great. No, really no, I want this to be a surprise. You know, something romantic. Leave it up to me, I have an idea already. She’s coming, watch out. We have a lift off! Wow awesome. clever boy! Honk so he knows we’ve arrived. Hey, listen, you have a big problem now! Hey Dragan! It’s me Miki! I don’t know you! Dragan, my friend Dragon, Dragon force! Party Miki! Party Miki! Hey man, what do you doing now? I telephoned. I leave message on telephone. I don’t have the telephone, I don’t have a message. Only have the sea, relax and fish. Come here my friends! Dragon force! Party Miki! Can you feel that air? And the sea, oh god I love the sea so much. Can’t we go swimming right now? It’s night, and the sea is full of monsters and jellyfish. You are not romantic at all. If I don’t want to be eaten by something is unromantic, Then I’m not romantic. But alive! Tomorrow morning, we’ll go to the beach, and will enjoy romance more then enough. Mikulas! Well, we have… a little problem. At the last minute, some germans booked it. You are kidding me! Nope. But don’t worry I’ve solved it. You better, because I would drown you right now. I don’t doubt that. So this is how it is. The owner gave you his own apartment. Voila! And you? That’s ok, I’ll sleep in the car. You can’t sleep in the car. Are there really no free rooms? Don’t worry, tomorrow will take care of that. Listen, I’m so tired, that I don’t even know what to say to that. Well, just say good night and sweet dreams and open the trunk. Good night and sweet dreams and open the trunk. I want to live here. Tomorrow I’ll buy it all. But right now, I’m dead tired. Let’s go to bed. That was our car? Nope. Ohhh, finally in the bed. What are you doing? Catching signal. What if you would catch this? Great! just like this Was that ours? Nooo. Quiet! Sorry! Far out! I’m coming, coming! What are you doing? Sorry, sorry. I hit the steering wheel. I will not hit it again. Trying to find the right position. It’s ok now. What are you looking for? Snorkel, I want to go snorkeling before people chase away the fish. In the plastic bag from swimsuits. Look what I’ve got you. Don’t be scared. It’s a squid. Repulsive. Did you kill it? I’ve caught it. I will make my childhood dream come true. I will catch urchins, sea anemones. I always wanted to have a sea aquarium. I’ll take them home. Not in my dad’s car. Don’t worry, I have it figured out. I’m going in to the water. I’m right behind you. Hi dad. Why didn’t you text me, right when you arrived? I was just typing it right now, we came really late last night. How many degrees are there? 34? The car is in a shade? Of course. If there is no shade, there is a blanket in the trunk. Cover it. It’s in the shade at the end of the parking lot. Come here, the water is great. Coming. Call us, we want to know how you doing. OK say hi to mom. Bye, bye. My son, so tiny and all by himself. What was that? Checking up on you? Yeah, all is good. This is how I imagined it would be. Not like this! It’s just a water. This is also just a water! I’m sorry, I couldn’t see you, it’s not my fault. That’s ok. Miki, I have to come up with something very romantic. You know why? Uhmmm, well listen, do you see that island over there? Tomorrow morning I’ll set you up with a boat. You’ll take her there. You’ll be there totally alone. What do you say? Just the two of you. And a few nudists. Romantic. Yeah. I’ll ask her to marry me, right next to some hanging johnson. Don’t fret, the nudists are on the other side. Far out! Make it happen, I’m going for a swim. What are you doing? Trying some stone skipping. You have to pick a flat stone, or it will not work. Can’t do it with a flat one either. Here, try it. No, no, the other way. This way? Yeah. Show me the wrist move again. OK And now, over the water, swing with the wrist. Twist it. Well, pretty OK. Great. Yeah great. I’ll go put some lotion on. Ok, ok. Thanks. What happened to you? Some idiots were trowing stones at me. Come here. let me look at it. Let me see. Can’t you be more careful? How many fingers do you see? 5. And now? 4. And you don’t see this one? Let’s go to the room, so I can put something on it. Take my towel. I’ll come up later. It hurts. Let me see. It burns. You should have been more careful. What did you put there? Vodka. My vodka? Do you want to get an infection? No, but this is for internal use not external. Hold it there. Can I join you? Only after you stop bleeding. I stopped already. Look at it, look. Hello. Good day. What would you like? I like something exotic. What is mixed skol, skol.. skolky. Yes. Little mixed on the grill – “na zaru”? “na zaru” yes I want that. Very well. And for you sir? Me, hmmm, cevapcici with some vegetables. Can I suggest “raznici” it has more meat. what you say. “raznici na zaru”? “na zaru” have that! Ok, ok. And for you sir? I’ll have the same. Ok, the same. And a big bottle of mineral water. If you don’t have other plans for the afternoon, I have a friend with a boat. I always wanted to go on a boat, let’s go. Let’s not get sick on a boat. We won’t get sick. We are going. Yeah great, but imagine, that statistically, 1 in 100 of people who are prone to sea sickness, can die. Because when you are on a boat and water splashes into your ear, the sea foam can get into your brain, and that’s how you get the seasickness. And that is very unfortunate. Milan? Very funny. Ouch, why are you hitting me for, don’t you know Miki? Excuse me. Muscles. Please, this is our specialty. And “skolky”. Enjoy your food. What did I order? You don’t like it? Nope. Will you switch? Enjoy it. Enjoy. Enjoy your food. You too. Are we going somewhere for a dinner? I know the best restaurant. But I have to change first. OK. Let’s go then. Wow, so romantic, dinner right on the beachfront. Great Miki! Wait, the seatbelt is stuck there. I’ll take it out. Did you gig here? Yeah, here and there as well. Great food here. I’m looking forward to it. You have smashed my finger! Can’t you be more careful? That’s clear! I’ll put ice on it. You have to be more careful. Thank you. Turists! For you? Grilled chicken and french fries. I’ll have the same. OK I would like to have some specialty. “Ligne na zaru” our specialty. “na zaru” yes I’ll have that. Look Denin. I used to gig with him, I’ll be right back ok? Let me see that finger. It hurst. I can kiss it better for you. What’s up my friend rocknrolla? Stop it, or i get more blood there. Stupid! Hey everybody, are you ready? Yes dad? I had a bad dream last night. Are you all ok? Pretty much. What happened? Nothing, i just slammed my finger little bit. Is it broken? No, it’s only swollen. Where did you slammed it? In the car door? Car door?!? What happened to the car? Nothing with the car. Just my finger. Finger will not get slammed in the car door just like that. Send me a picture of the car. I’m telling you, the car is perfectly fine. We’ve just ordered dinner. So while you are waiting for your food, go outside, snap the car from all the sides, and send me the pictures! I’ll be right back. I’m going, yes I’m going out. “ligne na zaru” please. Thank you. Do you see now, it’s all right? And you have to be more careful! Yes? OK, just everybody stop saying it. Say hi to mom. Everything OK? Yes. Did I have to mention the car? You shouldn’t have. Did I order this? I think you will enjoy it. This is for my friends. Sorry I slammed your finger. This is my friend Denin. Sorry, I don’t want to interrupt, but can you lend me few things? I will just wash my socks and underwear here in the sink, because Janka took by accident my bag and all her clothes are too small. So sorry. You really don’t have clothes here? Only what I have on, and the swimsuit I got at the gas station. The ones from the morning? No the ones from afternoon. Those other ones were hers. Because the ones from the morning, you should probably not wear those again. Yeah don’t mention them again. I have Janka’s luggage here. With the slippers as well. Take this for now. Tomorrow we’ll come up with something. Anyway, where are going to sleep? I’m going back to jam with my friend. I’ll crash at his place. Good night then. Thanks, you rock! Good morning. Good morning. I’m waiting for you. I can see that. What time did you go to sleep? I didn’t go yet. How did you sleep? Ha? Couldn’t be better. This is inflatable bed. You’ll throw it on the water, and off you go to that island. Shouldn’t we have a boat? I couldn’t get anything else. Wonderful! Faster Milan. We have to go to the other side. But the island is there! It’s there! No, over there it is. Miki said it’s there! Can you push a little bit too? Let me just rest a while. Milan put some power in to it. Are we there yet? Beatka, help me little bit. We are not moving at all. I’m doing what I can. OK let me take over. What? Milan. Here, here is your flower. It’s only water. Why? Why do I always let you convince me to do stupid stuff? Look what I look like? I can spend the whole morning styling myself… I’m going back to the hotel room. I’ll be right there, as soon as I catch my breath. I’ll wash the salt and the sand from myself. I’ll go too, I just have to remove my makeup. What happened to you? I stepped on the urchin. When? What when? Right now! Where? In the shower. Where? What is the urchin doing in the shower? This is what the urchin is doing in the shower. I’ll pick it with the tweezers, but come here, there is more light here. OK I don’t know what to do. You have to be more careful. I’m careful. It’s like it is prepared for me everywhere. That’s you, men. You don’t care what is going on around you. If it was me going into the shower, I would notice for sure. What were you thinking about? I don’t know. You were for sure checking out your muscles in the mirror. Maybe a little. All done, you can hit the shower. Watch out for the urchin. Hi! Buddy, what happened to you? Some imbecile put an urchin in the shower. No idea who could that be? I left a warning poster. I think the whole idea with the fish tank is absolutely dumb. You are just killing innocent creatures. All right then. Good day, I would like to have some soup. We have a beautiful soup, with crayfish. Great I’ll have that. For you? Only salad. Mixed salat. OK. I’ve already eaten. Thank you. Did you go to the island? Don’t remind me of the island, because we capsized with that stupid blue thing. That wasn’t the brightest idea. I have something better for you. Listen up. We’ll drive to the Bloody Field. What? Have you never heard about the Bloody Field? Seriously? It’s a very interesting historical monument. which I would like to show it to you because you deserve it. The earth there is sprinkled with the blood of virgins. Really? And by tears of the young widows. The bone marrow of dragon teeth is everywhere. You can’t describe it by words. There is so much energy, it’s karmic. It’s the entrance to the third chakra. What? And very important, there are no urchins there. ok? Far out! Like I’m already there. I would go, I like history. That’s awesome because history beautifies your soul. And at that place history comes at you from everywhere like this. Beautiful soup with the crayfish. Excuse me. And for you, mixed salad. Thank you. Enjoy it. Why aren’t you eating? I’m getting ready for the soup. I like this one. It moved. You are just imagining it. Really for sure. It’s dead for long time. It was dead before they caught. Is it somewhere here? hmmmm It didn’t look that far when I was here last time. How old were you at that time? Nine/ No, I had to be ten, because when I was nine I had my leg in the cast for the whole summer. What happened? I fell from a cherry tree. That doesn’t surprise me. Well, I’m pretty athletic, it wasn’t my fault. The branch under me gave out. Should I go back? We are driving for 3 hours already. No, we are on the right track, I’m sure. Are you? Of course I am. Here right here, stop the car. Right here, yes. Here it is! There is nothing here. What you mean nothing? The biggest clash between Croatian and Turkish army happened right here. In the 100year war between Croatians and Ottoman’s Empire, Turkish army made it to the Neretva river. Because in the next move they would make it all the way to Venecia, Croats made their stand. Almost 20,000 warriors met right here. 8,000 Croat cavalry men, 8,000 Turkish cavalry men. Croats made a trap. But the Turks didn’t fall for it. So the Croats went for the direct attack. That’s exactly what the Turks waited for. They surrounded the Croats army. And destroyed it completely. 7,000 Croats died in one day, all on this very field. In the aftermath, Croats ran more and more north. To the Austria, Hungary and also to Slovakia. And one of them, was my great, great, great, grandfather. So we drove here for 3 hours, so you could tell us a story about how your great grandpa lost with Turks? No. He didn’t fight there. Then what? But he could have. We’ll kill him now, or later? Well all right, I’m going back in the car. You can stay here, keep fighting. We are leaving. Hey wait, I’m coming too. Why such a long faces. It was you who wanted some history. I want something sweet. You know what. You pay all the time, so this time, I’ll pay for the gas. You don’t have to. I made some money with the band last night. I’ll pay. OK, I’ll go get something. Me too. There you go. Listen, is there a hole in the tank? 30 liters and still going. Stop, stop it stop it! It’s on me don’t worry. What’s going on? What is it? Stop it! I have enough money don’t worry. It takes diesel, not the gasoline! You should have let me choke on it. Father will kill me anyway. I think it happens a lot. Normal thing. I’m going to ask what can be done. They’ll know. You just stop choking yourself! I have no idea. What now? See I was right. it happens all the time. The mechanic comes here on Monday, empties the tank and that’s it. On Monday? I’m not leaving the car here. Don’t be like that, they are here 24/7. Well. Ohh yeah, they will give us a spare vehicle. See that’s good. Do I have another option? I think not. Give them the keys. Seriously? Cool! Motorcycle. I’m not sitting on that. Don’t be a baby, it’s like a bicycle. I already see as dead. Not dead at all. I drove one like that to the school. Remember? Of course. It won’t fit three of us, so I’m going for a beer. I had enough stress for one day. Pick me up later ok? Common baby! Here we go! Go get something to eat, I have some friends here. Pick me up in the evening. How long is it going to take? For how long are you going to be there? Sorry. I’m not going to let this ruin my evening. I’ll wait downstairs. What do you think, a great band? What do you want? Coke. Red wine. Double whisky, coke and red wine. You are drinking double whisky. Don’t worry about me. Cheers! You are on a roll! Let’s dance! Come. Miki? Yeees. Go see if he is washing his socks again. Right away. Getting ready to go out? Nope. Are you an Apache again? No. Ohh so you have a meeting of transvestites. No. I miss Janka. Janka. Yeah. When you guys danced together, I became so sad, that we can’t be together as well. I would, I would buy her two of those, pink slippers. Just so she could be here with me. Call her to come here. I called her. She’s not picking up. And won’t respond to the texting. I screwed up again. You didn’t screw up anything. You had an argument. It happens. Will pass. I always screw up everything. My whole life. I want for people to have fun. but I always screw it up. Even that urchin, died. Poor urchin, I shouldn’t have stepped on it. See that’s the proof, that I’m no good for anybody. But I, I don’t want to. I don’t know… I … I know, I understand. Do you remember, back at school. You brought flowers for Ilkova, for her name’s day. She got an allergic reaction. And for a month we didn’t have the math. Or when George was getting married, you got him so drunk, he missed his own wedding. He didn’t want to get married anyway. And that was good? Well, From my point of how the universe works, yes. For sure, all of your screwups have to have some hidden meaning. It’s just not clear to us right away. What if Janka is thinking that it’s all over? You have to somehow let her know, that it’s not. My relationship is not at it’s best either. What is it? Is something not working out? No, nothing like that. But with the ring, I have to catch some better moment. You know what? Call her, that we will return sooner. On Monday I’ll pick up the car. drop you off at front of her house, you will tell her, that you can’t live without her, and you’ll promise her something nice. Milan, you are my best friend ever. I’m just wondering what you are doing here for so long. I’m going to crash on the sofa and you just enjoy each others company. night night. Good night. What, what happened? Lizard! Lizard? Where? It was here, but now it escaped. Jesus! What lizard, monkey! Inside my head! That doesn’t surprise me. And go get that makeup off your face. What was I doing yesterday? You missed her. So you connected with her make up, and with her g-strings. For real? No I’m kidding, just with her bra. You know I promised yesterday, that we will return sooner. Why? You wouldn’t like either if after an argument I would leave for 10 days. You don’t go anywhere, I love you. That’s exactly why. Well ok, we have tried to make it work. But we could enjoy at least today, no? I’ll come up with something. Excuse me. I’m listening. But I’m out of the country, try Miro. I really can’t help you right now. Ok, bye. Who was that? From work, they have some problem. They can’t handle it, so let someone else deal with it. Excellent. Let someone else handle it! What should someone else handle? Ohh dad, sorry that wasn’t for you.
What should someone else handle? Ohh dad, sorry that wasn’t for you. What happened? They called me from work about some problem. Something with the car? No, the car is fine. By the way, we’ll be back tomorrow evening. Why, is it not warm enough there? No, no, it’s great here, but I need to be home by tomorrow. But after such a long trip, you should stay there longer. You can’t drive up and down 800 kilometers, Even truck drives have to get some rest. They can’t drive without a good night sleep. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight and tomorrow we are there. OK? OK, so take care of yourself and drive slow. Yes, yes we’ll drive slow. Say hi to mom. Darling, what if we would rent a boat to that island? That’s not a bad idea, we can try. So my beautiful people. I’m going to hit the sea to catch some creatures for my fish tank. See you at the dinner OK? Sounds good. Make sure nothing eats you. Did you bring your phone here Milan? Just in the case of emergency. Like what? Sudden totally unbearable attack of quietness? I’m turning it off already. Come here, come. Wait, wait, I’ll be right back. I have something for you. Crap! Beatka, could we go slowly back? But I really like it here. Ok then. OK then?! If they just called you from your work, then let them know, that we are on vacation. You know, I just need to connect to a server. I can’t do it from the phone, I need my laptop. It’s about that new client and if I won’t fix it, I will lose him. And you know our financial situation. Do you know what Milanko? If it will drive you mad, then let’s just go. And thanks a lot for this romantic trip. I will make it up to you. i can’t wait. Come here you sea wolf, let me see what you’ve got. I’ll just take care of something really quickly and I’m right back. Right back, two seconds. I see it will take some time. Darling, it will be done in a minute. OK, I’m going downstairs, so come there. I’m almost done. I’ll be at the bar. It’s great you hooked up. Hiya! It was a little bigger problem, but I solved it. Sure, no problem, we were just chatting about big parties you had at Miki’s place. What? I was just telling Beata about that one time you were with that chick, remember? You locked your self with her in the bathroom and the handle broke off. Yeah that was funny. and then Johny came… Can we go closer to the water? Will it be more entertaining, then the handle story? It’s not my fault our server crashed. Darling, let’s not ruin a nice evening. Fine, but I don’t want to be in the second place all the time. You get some romance going and I will … Don’t get drunk again. Are we celebrating anything? I just want us to have a nice time together. Wine? Yes, thank you. You know I love you so much. I love you too. And I will do anything to make you happy. I know that sometimes, I stay too long at work, but I’m doing it for us. So we can sit like this by the sea from time to time. I don’t mind, that you work a lot, but I’m afraid it will be like this for the rest of your life. Sometimes you are at work whole night, and I don’t want to be home alone. Sorry. Why can’t you, at least on vacation, which I was waiting for for months, at least for few moments forget about your work and be a little bit romantic. But I am, look candles, wine, the sea… It’s all romantic, no? But, Beatka … Look, guys, I found a cell phone. What? Yeah here. Hey! Hey, that’s my phone. I found it. And where did you find it? In the water. Because I threw it there. If you didn’t want it. That’s not true, I wanted it, it was an accident. I didn’t look like that. Give me back my phone. 100 euros. 100 euros for my phone which was in the sea? 50? 10 20 10 euros and will not drown you. All right then. You broke it! What just happened? I’m an idiot. Why? I’ve screwed up everything. You know what, drink this up and I’ll go talk to her. Do as you please. Would you like some wine? nope You know what? I used to have a goldfish at one time. I really love her. and one morning I was eating some bread, she was giving me some weird looks. So I gave her some of that bread, and she died. Do you know what I mean? If you think that I’m some kind of goldfish, he just doesn’t care anymore. Are you sure you don’t want some wine? OK. OK I’ll be right back. So it’s like this. Beatka thinks, you are ignoring her. You have to be more attentive. I am attentive. Listen I’ll tell you a story. Way back, I wanted to have a goldfish. I was alone, felt really lonely. And for Christmas, my mom gave me a goldfish, her name was Majka. I was attentive, gave her food, but then I got into other things and she died. Because I didn’t feed her. Where do you go with that? That sometimes you realize what you loose after it is gone. That’s what I want to get the fish tank again. I don’t want to loose her. If I didn’t loose her already. I know what I have. I’ll be right back, ok? Thank you. There you go. Thanks. You know what, I think you should talk. About what? I think the whole time, he wanted to tell you something, but things kept interrupting. Sure, like always. You can’t always see the glass half empty. Mine is almost totally empty. I think your outlook is too pesimistic. No, my wineglass is empty. Aha, I see, I’ll be right back. Thank you. You are welcome. Miki was just telling me some heartfelt story about a fish. Beatka, I love you very much. I don’t want to loose you. You make my life beautiful. I love you too, but I think, that you don’t care about me anymore. it’s just the opposite. That why I want to ask you, the one thing I wanted to ask the whole time. Would you marry me. I don’t even know what to say to that. It would be really nice if you would say, yes. Yes, Did you pack everything? Yes we’ve got it all. Love did you check the nightstands? Yes we have everything. Last time I left my charger in the wall. Have it. OK, I’ll go take care of the bill. Fine, i’ll load it in. I don’t understand. There is no money on the card. Did we pay for anything big? Don’t think so. But I’ve made all the calculations. Well, maybe I’ve borrowed some money from your card. I don’t know my pin code. Do you mean 6969, you are using since the school days? Do you have a pin like that? It’s easy to remember. Better then 3333. I can remember 3333 very easy. That’s my point. I’m really sorry, but I had to buy some stuff for snorkeling, and swimsuit, you know that Janka took my luggage. I’ll pay you back at home. But how do pay for the hotel? I’ll take care of that, and you just get my stuff in. Those crabs in the bag just stink like hell. Yuk, put it somewhere. You don’t have any money left? Yes, I do, I have put some on the side for the trip home. All taken care of. We can go home. How nice of them, running to wave us goodbye. Hit the pedal to the metal. Did you take my crabs? Unfortunately yes, but make sure nothing spills here. What’s wrong? My foot really hurts. I can’t drive. I’m not driving this car. Something happens and my future father in law will hate me for the rest of my life. Not a chance. It’s up to me again. But that’s ok. Really. I even piloted a helicopter. I know, you are still paying for it. That wasn’t my fault! I’m sitting in the back. Far out! Back with the cabs again?! Carefully! You got it boss. Miki, Miki, it’s 50 here. I know it’s 50 here, I drive this way every day. I’m just making sure. Be careful, she is on the zebra. ohhh, should I run her over? Where are you going? Me? After my only love. Janka. I’m sorry, You drove nicely. Thank you. Can you drive sweetheart? Me? My foot is still hurting. OK. Are you sure? Uhmmm. See ya. I’ve missed you so much. I’m so stupid. We will never argue, ever, ok? Especially about something stupid like pink slippers. I totally agree with that. What do you mean by that?! I’m just kidding. I love you. I love you more. No, I love you more… Well let’s go. Jasus, Maria… Easy with the pedal. Do you want to put the turn light on? One more word and I’m not driving! I’m quiet. Watch out, watch out! I knew I shouldn’t have driven this car. I knew it. This is not happening, not happening. What happened? Something bit me in my leg. It could have been worse. If you would hit that pole there. I’m dead. You are not dead. You are OK. I will be dead when he finds out. Well, my buddy, you can’t return it like this. I know I can’t! I have two good news for you. I can’t even imagine what good news looks like. I felt so bad, that I didn’t go with you guys. And since we had 10 days, we still have 5 left. So I managed to get 4 last minute airline tickets to the beach. I don’t think I’m going. Why? My dad will kill me tonight. Well, that’s the other good news. That doesn’t seem like a very good news. At least not for me! Milanko, right here down the block is a mechanic. He is a very good friend of mine and I’m sure it won’t be any problem. That’s great I’ll pay for it. But I would prefer to stay home. Can you return those tickets? I’m really not up to it. Good evening, yes hello. Yes, we are doing great … Who is it? Your dad! Crap! Yes, bye I’ll give you Milan. Where are you? You were supposed to be here already! You know, dad, I… For 10 minutes I’m already standing at from of the hotel. We have decided, that we… We are what? We will stay here after all till Sunday. … since it’s such a nice weather, we’ll come back as we planned on Sunday. What? OK? OK? Bye now. Hello? What is this? What was that about? What was supposed to say? I can’t give him the car back like this. Do you want me dead tonight, or alive by the sea? Of course alive, but preferably just for myself. Great, I will let them know to pick up the car, and you just unpack your stuff. And this will be the best vacation ever!

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  1. Varovanie REZISERA:
    Prosim vas vsetkych, ktori sa chystate pozerat tento film!
    Precitajde si v sekcii "ABOUT" komentare ktore ho najviac vystihuju a az potom si ho pozrite. Tu je vzorka:
    "Film je jednoduchý a stupídny, no svojim spôsobom milý" … 
    "Hviezda za Barboru Žileckú, ktorá je strašne príťažlivá" … 
    "Príjemná slovenská jednohubka"… "Skvelé je, že film využíva z veľkej časti slovenskú hudbu"…
    Moj najoblubenejsi:
    "Neviem, na čom šlapal režisér, no chcem z toho aspoň kilo"…

    Takto sa vyhneme sklamanym ludom s blbymi komentarmi.

  2. Toto není pozitivní film! Naopak, odstrašující příklad – chlap vezme kozu za svoje peníze na dovolenou a ta mu poroučí, co smí a nesmí dělat. Měl jí říct: Jestli mě máš opravdu ráda, tak mě teď nech dvě hodiny v klídku udělat svou práci (díky které jsi i ty u moře) a pak se můžeme jít někam bavit. Aneb Dovolená s Andělem po slovensku.

  3. Libovej vyTOPena podivana se skvelima hereckima vykonama,doporucuju cely rodine uz nekolik let ❤❤😎👌🏿👌🏿

  4. Letna sranda… a tomi bol perfektny, miláčik ♡♡♡♡♡ Barbora krasna, a Majo bol na srandu. Si myslim že film stvoreny na leto a prazdniny. Palo J. našiel dieru na trhu a chcelo by to dvojku… A prečo to nevysielala žiadna TV?

  5. Sú rôzne názory na herecké výkony, ale ved v tom išlo o to aby to bolo čo najprirodzenejšie a realne…. Nie zamaskovane a herecke

  6. Tak nevím. Mě to přišlo docela v pohodě. Taková večerní oddychovka o zanikající střední třídě. Hlavní představitelka má oblečky a prsa docela dobrý, už proto se na to víceméně dalo koukat. Jinak běžný dnešní film který točí nikoliv ten co to nějak extra umí, ale ten kdo má prachy. To snad ví každej tak nechápu některé zbytečné negativní komentáře 🙂

  7. Autor tohto "diela", by mal zmazať všetky stopy a nie to tu verejne vystaviť! … náhodou na to klikne niekto, kto má trochu lepší vkus než papagáj a sánka mu padne až do zemského jadra

  8. Nám se to s přítelkyní líbilo. Skvělý vztah dvou kamarádů kteří drží při sobě a tak celkové sranda a pohoda. Nevím ale příjde mi když není v ději že se navzájem podvádějí a tak podobně tak to pro některé honiče není ono…;-)

  9. Super slovenská dovolenka.Samé průsery,ale všetci sa ľúbia.Chcel by som vidieť,ako dopadlo tých,ďalších päť dní ,už spolu s Jankou.Škoda,že nebola dvojka.Ono poenta je asi vlastne v tom,že dvojka má byť Vaša vlastná dovolenka,bez tých zádrheľov.Najradšej by som vyrazil na dovču hneď zajtra,úplne ma to nabudilo a bolo to aj vďaka pekným pesničkám.

  10. Miluju Chorvatsko..tento film je fakt pěkný,povedený a vtipný 🙂 Velice nenáročná a milá oddechovka doplněná skvělou a trefnou muzikou do každé situace ..takže za nás rozhodně palec nahoru 🙂 a nevidíme ho naposled..

  11. Ty vole, nevim, jestli jsem si něco šlehnul! Co to bylo? Opravdu se to stalo? Shrek šlápnul na ježka ha ha ha – prostě se tři lidi rozhodli, že si natočej video z tejdenní dovolený z Chorvatska a Norisová si to na poslední chvíli rozmyslela :). Nic blbějšího, prostodušího a o ničem jsem už dlouho neviděl.

  12. Ten film je super a nič mu nechýba ale 100 ľudí, 100 chutí. Jediná vec čo mi na tom filme vadí je "otravno-jebnuté" zvonenie mobilu melódia Ma-Tel-Ko. :o)

  13. Nějak nechápu co je to za chlapy, když tam nechcou šlapky, aspoň jednu si mohli vzít místo té protivné 😀

  14. sorry ale tento film me donutil toto napsat,nikdy jsem to nemusel udelat,,je to zlo! zlo v tom jak to nekdo muze pustit ven,,

  15. Za mě dobrý…Taková pohodová letní oddechovka..slunce…voda…hezká holčina ( s trochu plochým zadkem ),hezké auto (když se mu složí střecha do kufru,tak se tam absolutně nic nevejde )…jo,pobavilo…! 8-))

  16. Ahojte, koho zaujíma Chorvátsko pridajte sa do skupiny na FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/512129388984731/

  17. Kto videl že tam na začiatku dali dva krát iste meno kto to videl tak dá like a napíše do komentu aké

  18. Nejlepší film který jsem viděla!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍😍🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤😍😍😍🤤😍🤤🍦🤤😭🤤😭🤤🤤😭🤤😭🤤😍🤤😍🤤🤤😍🤤😍🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤🍦🤤😭🤤😭🤤😭🤤🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍😭😭🤤🤤😭🤤😭🤤😍🤤😍🤤🤤😍

  19. Je to sice film " o troch hercoch", ale zabavny, jednoduchy, pohodovy a hlavne nenudi. Dakujem za film a rad by som viacej podobnich snimok.

  20. Filmově ubohé, taková 4. filmová skupina. Obyčejný prostoduchý hloupý příběh třech lidí. Jediná myšlenka filmu = nehádejte se kvůli kravinám 🙂

  21. Pri tej naivnosti vsetk`ych styroch som stàle ocakàvala nejakù pohromu, ako v hororoch. Ale, nic hroznè sa nestalo, to sa mi ku koncu ulavilo !

  22. Za málo peňazí veeeeľmi veľa muziky. Super film. Moja obľúbená letná komédia. Videl som minimálne 10x. A nikdy nesklame. Odporúčam pozrieť pred dovolenkou a pesničky dať do auta. Veľký palec hore. Super. Diky

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