Taking Street Fashion Style Pictures of Strangers in Vietnam-EP06 / 베트남 일반인 스트릿 패션스타일 찍기-EP06

Hi this is Jin I take street fashion photos in Vietnam Today I went to Vinh Home Central Park lots of my Vietnamese followers in Instagram recommended it Especially on weekends (*its Sunday today) And today I went there Let’s see how was it! Found two unique girls on street Like a professional model? Capture the moment when they touch the glasses Thank you model discovery! Excuse me hello I am a photographer from Korea, can I take a picture? (Yes or No ….?) okay! Preparing pose… 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 It’s a vintage mood. Found someone but far away The reason for the mosaic She said it was okay at that time Later, She contacted me via Instagram and asked me not to post 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 Personally, it was one of my favorite pictures today It’s too bad I can’t show you Found two men taking photos 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 He is quite tall and slim Professional model feel …? I think it’s the most modern style. Just walking around found mirror and take a shot doing this because Not many people today …. There are really not many people… sad Found a group in traditional costumes May I take a picture? Vietnamese traditional costume …? I don’t think it’s ao dai. Let’s take men’s clothes when I was going to take a picture, one person brought him an umbrella.lol is this a traditional Vietnamese costume?(please let me know by comment) I’ve been around Vinhomes Central Park for hours but codulnt find anymore…. I have been to Vinhome Central Park for 4hours But I coudlnt find that many people However,I enjoyed it I hope you enjoyed it too You can see the photos I’ve taken so far on Instagram And… Please subscribe to see watch the next episode asap also to give me energy Thank you!

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