Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

You know that really tall girl
that you go to school with? Would you maybe wanna… Well, that’s me. Never mind. Sixteen years old,
six foot one… and a half. Well, how’s the weather
up there? Nice sweatpants, Sasquatch. What’d you say
to my best friend? Fareeda, please. Honey, you just
have to be strong in the face of adversity. I love it! That’s the one. You’re perfect. I just think it’s crazy
you won’t date a short guy. You really think
that at any moment some taller-than-you,
perfect guy is gonna walk
through that door? Okay. I’m going in. You are? No, of course I’m not. The guy got out of customs,
what, an hour ago, and she’s already
marking her territory. How do you like
America so far? I’m liking America
very much so far. One day, Jodi, you’re gonna stand up
and say, “I love
all 73 inches of myself.” -Hello?
-Hi. I’m the new exchange student
in your school. I was hoping you’d go with me
to the homecoming dance. Yeah, sure. I mean… Gotcha. Let’s face it, Jodi.
You’re the tall girl. I just want you to feel normal. Dad, every time you try
to make me feel more normal, you end up making me
feel like more of a freak. I need your help. Little sister, I’ve been waiting for this day
my entire life. I’ll Extreme Makeover
the crap out of you. Let’s get to work. So you’re telling me lip gloss and lipglass
are two different things? Stop stressing. I look like Grandma’s couch. Or a beautiful
mermaid princess! Now this is me. I like new Jodi. Face-your-fears Jodi. Going-after-what-you-want
Jodi. I’ve been in love with this girl
since elementary school, and this new guy blows up
my plan. -You’re moving in on my man.
-No, I’m not. -Stay away from him.
-I will. Stop agreeing
with everything I say! Okay. We’ve all got
something about ourselves we wish we could change. -You’re my big little sister.
-That’s me. The only thing we can control
is how we deal with it. When you’re a tall girl,
it’s the only thing people see. It’s not the only thing I see. I just wanna make sure
that you don’t get hurt.

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  1. 6'1 is tall, especially for a woman, but it's not let's make a movie about it tall.
    What's next… Fat dude, the inspiring true story of a man navigating life while ten pounds overweight.

  2. Not gonna lie y’all sleeping on tall girls I’m 5’8 and I’d date a tall girl 6’0+ then legs and body.. good lord.. plus personality . Game over.

  3. I went to a girls only school and there were tall guys from other schools so idk I didn't go thru this. I'm not as tall thou.

  4. This movie is so fucking bad, i can already notice it….

    just the usual shit.

    – Attractive girl gets some self confidence and friendzones the one guy who has actually appreciates her
    – Falls for impossibly hot popular guy and has to fiiight with popular chick to get him
    – In the end she gets more confidence and decides to love herself

    but this time her problem is that…. she is a really pretty blonde tall girl??? omg how terrible. I’m sorry but i can’t and won’t tale this movie seriously lol

  5. I’m not this tall, but I am the tall school of my year group and it makes me feel extremely bad about myself. I can’t wait to watch this film :,)

  6. I love how her before glow-up and after glow-up looks exactly the same BECAUSE SHE WAS ALREADY SUPER ATTRACTIVE. Her best friend better not be the nerd who is secretly in love with her that she ignores other than to use for pep talks or the comic relief gay boy. This movie has my hand an inch away from slamming the cancel culture button.

  7. There's a manga AND an anime called lovely complex which has the exact concept and story line..
    Not hating it…but cmmn Netflix
    This better not suck like the death note crap

  8. Trailers these days are exactly like those "previously on …." promos before TV episodes. What's the point in seeing the movie now?

  9. I literally thought that the tall dude that came through the door was a female at first glance and thought that the show was throwing in a twist

  10. now that we’re making movies about mild bullying for things that aren’t a big deal, I’m announcing my newest film “girl with the short hair” about the time I was the only girl in high school with short hair and got bullied for it. soon to be on Netflix

  11. I just wish all y’all understood how downgrading it can be to be the tall girl. No matter what color your hair is, it’s still hard to fit in at high school when you tower above everyone else.

  12. Excited for this bc… yep… I’m tall for a girl! 5’9 and am still learning to be comfortable standing out amongst others. I post videos on my channel is anyone wants to check them out

  13. Since when are tall blonde beautiful girls subject of bulling?

    I am from Eastern Europe and one thing I can definitely say is the men over here are dying for these types of women!!

  14. dude i get it like “wow a tall blonde girl” but i don’t think y’all know how we feel. no guys want to date us, i’m not even THAT tall but i’ve been insecure about my height since 7th grade. just remember everyone has their insecurities okay

  15. In no way will this happen in real life, but they vicitimize tall girls now to get a narrative. A tall girl like her would be admired by the sports team and have tons of friends to hang out with.

  16. why is no one talking about AVA being in a whole freakin movie with sabrina carpenter. and abby rly kicked her off the team for being too tall, look at her now abby, sisters with sabrina carpenter in a netflix movie.

  17. – 6'1 is not that tall… at least not as tall as this movie is trying to make it out to be. It looks like she goes to a school for woke hobits.
    – She is a gorgeous tall blonde… did I die and wake up in bizzaro world where tall blonde models are now outcasts?
    – Cliche male friend who see's her for what she is brings up a good point in the movie: Why do you have to date a man taller then you?
    – this movie is stupid.

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