Tamil Short Film –  Aarambam – ஆரம்பம் – with English Subtitles

Tamil Short Film – Aarambam – ஆரம்பம் – with English Subtitles

Hey.. Come here.. !! What ? Why the milk packets are kept outside? Many people would come to buy milk at this time So i have kept a few of them outside for their conveniance. That is not necessary.. !!. Go.. keep it inside But I already asked permission from your brother That is not necessary.. !!. Go.. keep it inside
But I already asked permission from your brother That is not necessary.. !!. Go.. keep it inside Okay Okay bro.. Hey.. Bring the purchase order! Here.. Take it. !! Did you prepare the purchase order this time ? Yeah… bro.. Why is the estimate 50,000 more than the last time ? I prepared the order based on last month’s customer purchase. It’s just ” Trend Analysis ” Coz there would be an expected hike in price of cereals next month. hey .. Who gave you permission to do all this ? On whose orders?? I asked your brother’s permission before i did this Who will pay 50,000 rupees ?? . You cannot do whatever you want.
: Not like that bro…
-Wont you get my permission ?.. Just go do the given work !! No need of any “trend” or “bend”
-k bro… Yes Sir.. Pizza oh Thank you.. But you are too late .. !! Sir… Sir… Sir… Damn..Lost Rs.300 from this month’s salary. Uhh.. The same guy.. Again.. But, I am on time today.. Sir.. Pizza Oh.. Pizza.. Thank you !! Sir.. Money.. Sir.. Please pay the money before you go What man you are always late. Sir.. But I reached here 10 mins ago Right.. But I got the pizza just now.. !! Sorry..
-Sir..Sir Sir….Sir Lets see.. If he delays even today, I will show him who I am… 5 minutes over 10 minutes over 15 minutes over Lets get started… 3…2…1 Yes.. today also I am late right?? Yes Here is the person creating lot problems in home and in his own business. How this person will be in Office!!?? Come, let’s see!!! May I come in Rakesh ? Yes.. Come in Take your seat. Thank You Rakesh.. want to discuss about the new project .. Wait a minute… I am checking an important mail here..!! Yes Regarding the project..we need to discuss about the budget Its finalised right…? The only thing is I have to sign the deal tommorrow right?? What about the budget Rakesh? Budget is 2 lakhs. Only 2 lakhs .. within this budget we can’t. Why? Because we need to recruit more people.. within this budget we can’t. See..Actually we are foreseeing a recession this time. It is not possible. This is the budget. Sir!! Every time you are saying the same thing!!! So!!! We are seeing huge profit in every quarter . But still you are saying the same… See that is not your business..Do what i say. But..It is impossible to fit 20 experienced persons within this budget. See then do one thing. Take 9 existing experienced candidates, Remaining are the freshers In that, release the papers for 3 persons after 3 months and for 6 persons, after 6 months Sir… Implement this “Program… First” Sir.. Is this your final decision… !!!? Yes… What else..?? Didn’t expect this right !! Would have Never expected us together Want to know how ?? Are you alright .. ? I am alright Wont you be careful ?? Leave me hey.. Aren’t you Gopal ?.. How are you dude ? Come on man.. how do i look to you ? Hey.. This is partha .. Dont you recognize me ? As if.. !!. You do things that are not easy to forget. Look at what you did this time .. Hey.. Cant you recognize me ? Uhh..Every one saying the same dialogue today Dude.. I am ulagam Are you “irandam ulagam ARYA” to recognize ? Hey! . Ulundhurpet ulaganathan right ?? Ya its me!! hey! very hard to recognize you man When did you get married? how many children?!! Hey I am still a bachelor man! U look like junior powerstar Are you kidding me ? Two people have met with an accident there.. why are you raising horn ?? Just Turn around and go !! Go!!Turn around and go Were you dreaming while driving ? While delvering pizza, there was a small issue with a customer… So, i was little distracted. what was the issue dude Ha Ha… Ha Ha… Ha Ha… well done dude..ha ha.. I am already irritated that i lost my job . you guys are kidding me ? leave it,leave it
Dont worry.. it’s all in the game.. !! Leave that.. you have packed your things. Are you going to hometown ? I was working in the nearby grocery shop. I gave an idea to develop the shop . That was not liked by the owner’s brother That I didn’t like So i left the shop Oh.. what was that idea? Its very simple.. I went through the last few months’ customer purchases and prepared a purchased order based on some “trend analysis”. and ordered the some item early that he didn’t like and problem started Hey.. it really seems to be a good idea. why didnt he accept it ? Leave that dude.. then….what do you do ? oh.. Give the bottle. Its not about what we did so far. Its all about what we gonna do hereafter.. where are you leaving Sir.. Moving out without signing the deal ?.. Its a 200 million dollar deal.. Which is 1/3rd of your company’s asset. started leaving early??!!! Please sit down Sir already our employees are starving for a cup of tea we can’t miss this deal please sign Sir The deal will go through, only if you agree to give 5% of the profit to your employee as a bonus Kanna.. I have decided not to sign the deal. Then does it matter whether bonus will be given or not Okay sir Then .. Listen to this !! If you dont sign this deal by today , 100 people reporting under you will be working in our office The ball is on your court play wisely Everything is okay right mam.. Yes..Thank you.. Why do you want to sign deal with this guy ? We have to make him realize that “EMPLOYEES FIRST, CUSTOMER SECOND” Whatever. But the idea is superb Ha , Seems like he noticed the “HCL Tag line” on the way Its not about from where we get the idea, it’s about doing good to people Okay Dude.. So What’s the next plan ? Airport, please….

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  1. Good work guys,is it you rakesh I am not sure,sorry to say that I forgot your face actually speaking if it is you,I am very happy.

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