Tarzan The Heman (Vanamagan) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jayam Ravi, Sayyeshaa

Tarzan The Heman (Vanamagan) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jayam Ravi, Sayyeshaa

An island of India which is absolutely
away and separate from the world.. ..and is unaffected
by the modernization. People living here
live like aborigine. There is no facebook
or what’s app here. Even then there is
love in relationships. There is no need of a hospital here. Kind hearted people
living in clean atmosphere. They are unaware of greed,
hatred and even money. This story is of a difficult
and strange world.. ..of Andaman and Nicobar islands. 1st January 2017 Port Blair. An aborigine living on this Indian
island who does not know Hindi.. ..or any other Indian language. They speak their own language
which only they understand. An evil eye has fallen on people
who used to stay here in peace. Suddenly their tribe
has been attacked. Everyone has been arrested. The name of one of the aborigine
who has been arrested is Jara. Jara, I do not know whether you will
understand me or not but forgive me. I could not prevent all this. Because of you today
my daughter is alive. They will take everyone
and maybe kill them. Rather than saving everyone
it is important to save you. I do not know how many
people will stay alive. But if you are saved then
you will be able to save others. Here, hold this. This too. Sama.. Sama.. Sama.. Sama.. Jara, Jara.. Jara.. Jara.. Jara.. Jara.. Hey come on get out from here.
Can’t you hear that get out from here? What is this? Who cut the net? Has he escaped from here? Hey, find him. Jara.. Hey Ramesh, clean the corners. I am doing it properly. The corners of the room. Okay sir. Otherwise I will cut
your two days salary. – Understood.
– Yes, I understood sir. What era you doing chef? If you put so much oil
then I will be left for nowhere. – Be careful.
– Okay sir. Ramesh, it is 9o’clock.
Time to wake up madam. Take the coffee to her room. – Good morning Kavya.
– Good morning, uncle. What is this? Get up. Does anyone sleep for so late? What is this? Sorry, madam. Very good. A new vase has been broken
being hit by hot coffee. Good morning, madam. Today’s menu includes South Indian,
North Indian, Chinese, Marwari.. ..Gujarati, Bengali, Maharashtrian,
American, Italian and Taklam. Taklam. Yes, tomato mixed
with mushroom. Taklam. I have invented it. American.. Boys, only American. All out. Only American breakfast for madam. Excuse me madam. Ramesh is getting
his daughter married. He wants 50,000/-as loan
and holiday for 10 days. It is his daughter’s
wedding and not his. Don’t give him leave
but give him 5lakhs cash. What is this?
I cannot go on my daughter’s wedding. Madam’s parents died in an accident. After that the entire
wealth got in her name. His father’s friend brought
her up with love and care. She does not understand
what relationships are.. ..so how will she
understand your feelings. I will have to go. You asked for 50,000/-but
you got 5lakhs. Your daughter’s wedding
will take place.. ..with pomp and show
with so much money. So don’t take tension. You want leave? Where is everyone?
I am feeling hungry. Kavya, wait. Child, wait. Wait, I want to talk to you. Stop. You cannot go. Kavya, leave me. I know her. What are you doing? Good morning, madam. – Good morning, madam.
– Good morning, madam. – Good morning, madam.
– Good morning, madam. The court is waiting for us. Are you ready? Yesterday is history. Just wait and watch
that this time I will.. You will lose like always. Let’s see. Good shot, good shot. That’s my girl. I did it again. Though you are my son but I will
give the title of champion to Kavya. It is important to be number 1 in life
and then it should become a habit. Like us. Even if I win by mistake
then also you will support her. Isn’t it dad? First at least win. That’s the spirit. Is that the case?
Let’s play another game. No, no one minute come here child. There is a new project of 2000crores.
Your signature is needed. – Look.
– What is this, uncle? Why don’t you become
the signing authority? Kavya, all this is yours. Being your father’s
fried it is my duty.. ..to take care of
you and your property. You are the chairman of this empire. – So you have to sign.
– Okay uncle, fine. Don’t start again.
Tell me where I have to sign. Is it? Excuse me, sir.
There is a small problem. What is that? Madam was going to Bora Bora
with her friends for new year.. ..but a problem has come up. – What kind of problem?
– She did not get visa. Embassy has put the passport on hold. – What?
– No, no.. I have already promised my friends.
Everyone’s mood will become off. Tell me what do you want? You buy Bora Bora islands. We shall buy but they
should be ready to sell. There are better and beautiful
places in the world other than that. Of course there must be.
But we have to apply for visa. Andaman.. it is a beautiful place. We even have our property there. Look Kavya,
you are not going to miss Bora Bora. Leave the arrangements on me. Have trust in me. Uncle, can you send Vicky with me? You know that he is everything to me. From there he will
come straight to America. Please. This place is really cool. – It is gorgeous. Look at that.
– Look at that. Wow! I just can’t wait. Come on. Shaka laka baby,
shaka laka baby, love me. Hey there is a barrier ahead.
Stop the car here. Hey, live a life
by breaking the rules. There is real thrill in that. I hope there is no danger. Chill, fatty. Vicky, there is police over there. Kavya, stop the car. Hurry up and go. Go, go.. Just wait and watch. What are you going to do? Come, come.. Hurry up, hurry up.. Hurry up and come in the car. Drive fast.. Hurry up. Stop the car..stop.. I am a lover.. You are lover.. You and I agree.. Hey, police, police.. Hurry up and run.. – Hurry up.
– Sit in jeep. Fast! Hurry up. Hurry up and run..
Start the car.. I am sitting. Hurry up and come.. Come on, come on move.. Let’s go, let’s go.. Okay.. Hurry up.. The police jeep is behind us. Run.. Run.. They are coming closer.
Increase the speed. Hurry up.. What happened! Whom did you kill? I am dead. What happened? What’s that?! Who is there? You killed him. Hey, he is bleeding from his head. We should leave from here. No Vicky,
we should take him to hospital. Arjun, pick him up. Get back. There is risk. Do you know who this man is? He is an aborigine. It is illegal to go into their area. And you did an accident. Sorry sir. We did not do it purposely. Don’t give justification like a kid. There is a deep wound on the head.
He is unconscious. There is no big hospital around. He is an aborigine and
so no one will treat him. You tell me what we should do. Do one thing. Take him to Chennai
or Kolkata by the next flight. Get him treated in a big hospital. If he is saved then
you all will also be saved. But if something wrong happens
then even you can go to jail. Hey, get him down carefully. Hey, this is mine. Are you okay with the uniform of jail? – Excuse me..
– What? We want six tickets for Chennai. Tell me the names. Kavya, Vignesh,
Arjun, Preeti and Anita. Will you make a record
of speaking fast? Speak.. 6th passenger. Kath..Vasi.. K. Vasi. He is Vasi. A Sardar without turban. Turban.. Absolutely correct sir. Vasi Singh. Give me cash. We do not accept card. Only cash. – Vicky..
– Even I have card. Does anyone of you have cash? Where do we get money
Kavya when you are with us? Madam, why are you spoiling
the first day of the new year? Go away if you do not have cash. I have dollar. – Give it.
– Won’t it work in Andaman? Will you give us
ticket in lieu of this? What would be the cost of this? 25 lakhs. The diamonds seem to be real. We will have to wait here. Hey, today is new year. My entire family goes to
temple so even I will have to go. Okay bye. Even I remember that
I have to go home. I will drop you. Okay bye. Hey, if you were in Andaman
today then where would you have gone? Who is there with the patient
who met with an accident? Hurry up and come.
His condition is serious. – Bye.
– Bye. Kavya. We have got him admitted
so our duty is over. So don’t feel guilty now. I will be back in 10 days.
So take care. You should have bath with cold water. Everyone should sing. Everyone should sing and have a bath. Everyone should sing. Hey, what are you
doing in my bathroom? I was just checking whether
the water is wet or not. Nothing else. Idiot, junglee.. Where are the others? You had gone out for 10 days so
I gave 10 servants a leave of 10 days. Couldn’t you inform me? Even you did not inform. – Idiot.
– Thank you. Do you know how to cook food? What have you asked? Since childhood I have
been serving hot milk to you. I used to drink half
and used to give rest to you. Okay. – Hello.
– Is it Fortis hospital? Yes. A patient who met with an
accident was admitted today morning. Can you tell me how he is? Madam, are you his attendant? Yes. Why did you leave the patient alone? Who will pay the money?
Do you have an idea how serious he is? Come quickly. Hello, hello.. Madam, don’t go there.
He has a head injury. That is case of memory loss. He has forgotten his
name and is hitting everyone. Pandyan, are you not well? Why is ambulance standing out? Did you get anyone
admitted to the hospital? He created destruction
in the hospital. They gave him an injection, made
him unconscious and brought him here. – How did they find the address?
– Don’t know. A lady from here called up the
hospital to enquire about his health. I think there is only one woman
in this house and that is not me. That means I have not made a call. You called up. Correct. I am genius from children hood. I told them that
I am manager of madam.. ..and settled all the
bills with one cheque. You idiot, fool.. Idiot, fool..instead of appreciating
me you are cursing me. It is wrong. I should suspend you. Suspend me after 35 years of service. Where have you kept him? In the room. – Whose room?
– My room. Why did you close the door? – Do you know who he is?
– Who is he? Do you know what will
happen when he will get up? What will happen? He is an aborigine. As soon as he gets up
he will behave like a junglee. Get 5-6 people from
somewhere and throw him out. Are you insulting me by
asking me to get other people? My name is Panda.
Family of Kung Fu panda. In childhood I had pulled
out 32 teeth of a crocodile. After grinding them I
had applied powder on my face. Mind it! You did not tell this earlier. Now I am telling you.
Better late than never. You will not be able
to find a body guard like me. Now I go and you go. Go.. – Hello..
– Hello.. Hello Preeti.
Do you know what happened? That aborigine whom we
admitted to the hospital.. – Kavya, the network is very weak.
– Hello.. – Hello..
– There is no network. Hello Preeti.. – Hello, hello..
– Hello. Preeti.. Kavya, I am very tired.
We will talk tomorrow. Right now I will sleep. Bye. I am dead.. Madam, get up. Open the door, madam.. Don’t sleep, Madam. Get up, madam. – What happened?
– Come with me. – Tell me what happened?
– Come quickly. The door is locked.
Why are you shouting? The door is locked
but the wall is open. – Where did he go?
– I don’t know. Has he gone out for
attending nature’s call? Where can he go? I will tell you as
soon as I come to know. He must have heard about
my acts of bravery on internet. So that is why he ran away. Pandyan come on.. Come on Pandyan attack. Pandyan. – Hey, I am dead..
– Pandyan, come on. Attack Pandyan. Come on let’s take
him to the hospital. Attack Pandyan. – Come on Vicky.
– Come here, madam. Come. Forget him come. Go. Today is my fast.
I will see to it later. Have you gone mad?
Why were you standing there? You were saying that you
have broken teeth of a crocodile.. ..and you got scared of this mowgli. Whatever you said is right
but he is not mowgli but Tarzan. He is picking up the phone. My, I-phone.. You junglee.. What is he doing? Hey.. What are you staring at? If
you have the power, then come inside. You run from that side
and I will run from this side. Pandyan.. The door is closed so there
is no need to be scared of. I am feeling scared on seeing him.
Just throw him out from here. Listen madam, I take salary for taking
care of the house and not to fight. Send him to ring if you
want me to fight with him. – Pandyan..
– Work is worship. You know. What are you talking? How dare he come inside? Hey, go out. Today is my fast otherwise
I would have eaten you raw. He is eating too much. Hey, wait.. Hey, he drank oil.
How will I make food now? I will somehow make it. Don’t come back. Didn’t you see the door there? Go the way you want to. Go man. He is really worse than Tarzan. People get elephant’s teeth from jungle
but she brought the entire elephant. Pandyan.. What happened? My stomach is paining.
Give me some medicine. Hunger is the reason for your
pain and you should eat food for this. Have you understood
the feeling of hunger? Have you now understood
the value of food? Do you remember that you asked us to
throw food for 50 people in the dustbin? Listen madam,
only these many cold drinks remain. If Tarzan sees then
he will dink this too. I am hungry. Let him see. He is looking here.
Hurry up and drink, madam. Now I understood madam.
He is really a dweller of jungle. If he was a human being
he would have left some food. Hey.. This is not my brand. Today I had a narrow escape. Do not kill me please.
Don’t kill us.. No no.. I think that the lion isn’t on the
television screen but in our house. That is why he is
shooting with the arrows. Let’s go.. Why you turn-on TV. Don’t do this. Please spare us. Run.. Run.. I am saved. How many people were there? There were 5 people in total. Can you give me the details? I don’t remember their names. But yes, I told them that
the treatment won’t be done here.. ..so take him to Chennai or Kolkata. We had no other talk sir. When will he stop speaking? Hey, why are you shouting
in the middle of the night? Humans switch off their
lights at night and sleep. Now if you disturb me,
I will climb on the tree and hit you. Don’t you stare at me like this. Don’t you stare at me like this. Don’t you dare stare me. How will you come in now? What is this? He is hooting like a cock. A wild person can
be tamed by training. These are only the leftovers
after all that he has eaten. Pandya, go and stand there. And open the door when I say. I obey all your orders. I don’t know when
will you listen to me? I have to do this to prove my loyalty. Ready? Tarzan has come down from the tree. I don’t know what he will do? Open. Open. No. No. No. Up. Stand up. Go. Go away from here. – You go.
– Oh, so this is the matter. She is trying to control him. – Go.
– Why didn’t she tell me before? Give it to me. Hey, sit down. Sit down. Stop. – Stop it.
– I don’t know where he will hit? See and hit. Stop it. Give it to me. Relax. Keep calm. Calm down. Okay. Okay. Good. Relax. Go. Go. Go. Go. Vasi, ball. Get it here. Jump. Vasi, come.. Good. Very good. Get it. Go. Yes, good. Trimmer..you look like
a hero after hair cut. Hey, what are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? – No, no..
– Don’t remove it. No.. Come, Vasi.. Vasi, come.. Vasi.. Hey, why have you climbed the tree? Come down. You will fall. Are you mad? Come down. Where are you running? Stop, stop.. – Hey Vasi, get down.
– Don’t do that. – Careful..
– No.. Hey, go out. Get out. Vasi, Vasi..sorry sir. Take this junglee out. Vasi.. Bring it here quickly.
What are you doing upstairs? – Hurry up.
– Vasi. Hurry up and bring. What is he doing? He broke it again. Don’t hit me. Don’t do it. Give it to me. What all things I have to do? Very good. Very good.. I had asked you to come
at 8 and now it is 9o’clock. Is there anything
called commitment or not? You know.. Phone, phone.. He broke the phone. He broke it.. What is he doing? Pen, pen.. Pen, pen.. Pen.. Light.. Light, light.. Light.. Kavya.. Kavya.. Madam, madam.. Madam.. Kavya..Vasi.. Kavya.. Tree.. Heart.. Kavya.. Your phone was out of reach
and even you did not call up. It’s a long story.
I will tell you everything. And he..what happened of that junglee? Did he die in the hospital? Where is he? Vasi.. Vasi.. Hey, boys, security.. – Hey, relax.
– Kavya.. What is he doing here? Ask us what all he is not doing? He jumps and skips
and sometimes even flies. And madam is training him for free. If we keep hi show then more tickets
will be sold than a cricket match. We will become rich. No. he is very sweet.
He helps me a lot. That is why I have kept him at home. Come on. Let’s go to work. Yes. I think now I will
have to handle this fool. Come.. – Why are you calling him?
– Come. Let him come. Vegas is really rocking.
Next time we will go together. Idiot.. Why did you do the sun grove aside? He would have broken
it if I wouldn’t have done it. – Hello..
– Is that Kavya speaking? – Hello..
– Yes.. Child Kavya,
I am your uncle Ganesh speaking. I came to your office to meet you. I tried a lot but the security
did not let me meet you. Father had asked
you not to meet Kavya. Let me talk to Kavya once. If you try to meet Kavya
at office or at her place.. ..then I will send you to jail. Hello, hello.. He is my father’s brother. He is not just his brother
but his murderer also. The case is going on.
He wants your property. – Good morning, madam.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning madam. Hey, who is he? Who is he? He seems to be a junglee. Hey, you wait here. It was my biggest mistake to love you. It was my fault to marry you. – I should have left you the first day.
– Now you come on your status. Kartik, it is your family
values that are speaking. Hey, don’t go on family.
I will slap you. Really. If you have the courage,
then slap me. Why are you showing me
your courage on the phone? Hey, you are speaking too much. Who wants to speak? If you
wish you can disconnect the phone. – Don’t talk nonsense.
– Hello. – Is someone standing next to you?
– Hey, what do you want? Hello, who are you? Hey, listen madam is calling you. Leave it. Sir, sir madam is calling you. Hey.. Vasi, where were you? Today is salary day in the office. Even you have worked for 15 days. Take your salary. Take it. Kavya.. Take it. Money, money.. Money.. Money.. Yes. Money.. Madam, will sir come
to office every day? Why? Seeing him like this people
of the office are scared of him. It is quite obvious
for them to be scared. If he comes everyday then
where will we make him sit, madam. In your cabin. A bear is very cute but it is
possible to go to jungle and see him. We cannot bring it home. – What do you want to say?
– It is against the government rules. Fire..fire.. Fire..fire.. What happened? Get out from here. Hurry up. Get out from here. Hurry up. What are you doing sir? Someone stop! Madam, you stop him. He has burnt all important
money and documents. He is also not allowing
to switch off the A/C – Hey please.
– What are you doing? Come here. You are burning the money. He doesn’t even know
the value of money. How did you bring him to the office? Madam I request you please
don’t bring him to the office. Neither cash nor card, you gave
the ticket by taking the diamond ring. – She did not have cash.
– What are you saying? Have you opened a jewellery shop? You know how serious the case is. I am going to get retired. Please don’t file a case against it. Where were the tickets off? Chennai, sir. Excuse me, he is with me. Come Vasi. I throw it. Hey Kavya.. Hey. Come come. Come. Come. Why did you get him to the pub? What? Nothing. Vasi is here. Oh yes. What is this? Fashion. I think it is a new
t-shirt in the market. Have a drink. What guys. – Ok.
– Are you enjoying? Do you want to see this
aborigine’s special talent? He jumps. Hey jump. What do you think? Jump monkey. You will stare at me. Shall I bring the rod? – Jump.
– Vicky. Stop it. This is the way to talk to people.
Don’t you have any sense? What is wrong with her? I am going. Kavya. There is some grade
in washing clothes. There is a lot of
smell in Vasi’s clothes. Come. From today you will sleep here. Vasi, there is light
in the whole room. Here is the fan. Hang with it. That is A/C..cool.. Vasi, why did you open the window.
The A/C is on. Let him open. The foul smell will go out and the
electricity bill will also come less. Sir, they seem to
be high society people. I will send this photograph
to all police stations of the city. They will be caught wherever they are. Hi. I am so sorry Kavya,
I shouldn’t have behaved like this. It’s okay. Just relax. Father is coming tomorrow. Is his work over? He would have come
even if it was not over. He cannot miss your birthday. I know. This year it is going to be special. – Why so?
– Surprise. Okay. Are you coming to office? In some time. After taking a shower. Who is there? What are you doing here? Don’t you have decency? So you showed your indecency.
Why did I bring you here? Get out. I said get out. Go. Go, go.. Vicky, Vicky where are you? Wait madam, wait. I did not want to tell you but you
are having doubt on the wrong person. He is not your culprit. I will show you the truth. Get away. Stay in your limits. Junglee.. Damn it. What are you doing here? Don’t you have decency? Did you see madam? Everyone who
lives in a jungle is not an animal. And every person who lives
in a city is not a human being. The land is very expensive there. It would not be right
to start a new project. This is too much.
There is limit to everything. Have you thought of
torturing me all my life? And I will keep tolerating. Don’t do this drama. It has been
one year since you left the house. Because you did not value me. I don’t want to do that even and listen
I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Okay. Don’t disturb me as well. We will meet in the court. Oh no.. What happened buddy?
Did you have a fight with your wife? – My wife has made my life hell.
– Let’s go to the canteen. – I cannot tolerate it anymore.
– Everything will be fine. Vasi, what are you doing there? Come. It’s nice. Is this okay for you? Yes, it’s good. Looks good. Yes, perfect. Turn, turn.. – Vasi..
– Turn.. Excuse me. Sir.. Hey, who are you? Excuse me. What do you want? Help, help.. Hey, hey my phone. What are you doing? Hey, leave me please. What is he doing? – Who is he?
– Leave.. Hey, help.. – Vasi..
– What are you doing? – Vasi..
– Leave me. – Somebody help.
– Vasi.. He is kidnapping me. Someone help me. Hey Vasi.. – Please, stop..
– Vasi, please stop. Show me license. What is this? – Sir I gave license..
– What are you doing? Vasi, please stop. – Leave her.
– Stop. Please help. Stop. Vasi.. – What are you doing? Leave me.
– Stop Vasi. What are you doing? Stop.. Someone save me. He is kidnapping me. – Help me.
– Vasi.. – Help me, please.
– Leave her.. Put me down. Leave me. – Vasi..
– Help.. – Help..
– Please stop there. – Vasi stop!
– Put me down. Hey, who are you?
How dare you kidnap the girl? Come with me. – Vikas..
– Please sir. – Who is he?
– I don’t know him. I am seeing him for the first time. He is my employee, sir.
He is a very good man. Please, sir. I will talk to him.
I am sorry sir. I am really sorry. My wife, madam. Are you okay? I am sorry. In fact I should apologize. If I would have come once to
meet you after you left the house.. ..then everything
would have been fine. I just fought with you on the phone. No. It was my fault as well. I don’t know what all
I said without listening. Okay, so you were
trying to re-unite them. People are getting separated from each
other because of phone and internet. I think if these things are not there
then these distances will not be there. Behave well and don’t
do this kind of act again. Forgive me. – Don’t apologize.
– Hug her.. Kavya, I am your
uncle Ganesh speaking. I came to your office to meet you. I tried hard but the security
did not let me meet you. Listen to me. Hello.. Come, child. Dear, look who has come. Come child, come. Sit down. Did you kill my father? Before being your father
he was my brother, child. They told the accident as murder. And put the allegation on me. For this I cannot blame Raj Shekhar. Circumstances were such. Such talks will happen
wherever there is money. And doubt will
definitely arise in mind. What should I tell you? What
all things brother had dreamt for you? He wanted to give the
happiness of the entire world. But child,
destiny had something else in mind. Now it is my duty to
fulfill all his dreams. Child, that day I did not
come to talk about property. In fact I am not at
all interested in that. Don’t think that you are alone.
I am there with you. You are not an orphan.
Your father is there. Your mother is there. Come here, child. Look, you have two sisters. This family will be
complete only when you come. Elder sister. Sister.. Kavya.. Kavya.. Vasi, are you okay? Are you fine? Are you okay Vasi? Doctor, one second. – X-ray..
– Yes sir. There is a minor fracture in his hand. Along with his treatment we should.. ..find about his family
with the help of police. Do you know this patient
has already come here once? He had lost his memory. If we come to know about his family
then he might remember something. – Ask that girl to go home.
– Okay sir. Sir, is there something special today? You have invited everyone. Today is Kavya’s birthday
but other than that.. ..we have got a German
project worth 2000crores. Many hindrances came
but eventually got it. Great sir. With this American company
we shall also do gold mining. We will be greatly benefitted. So Kavya industries
is going to be number 1 So double celebrations. Father, the third thing.. What about that? Well that’s a surprise. Just see whether Kavya
has got ready or not. I will go and see. – Kavya..
– No, no wait.. Are you ready? Vasi.. Kavya, are you making
this junglee a gentleman. Will you send him to fancy dress? I think he looks cute. Okay. Everyone is waiting for you.
Father has asked you to come down. Hurry up and come. I will come, you go ahead. Won’t you tell me
what the surprise is? Tell me. I feel irritated looking at him. How did you allow him
to come in the bedroom? Hey, how did you come inside? Go out. Get out. Vicky, there is no need to shout. Will you please ask him to go out? I want to talk something
personal with you. Vasi.. Go down. Vicky, why did you
close the door? Open it. Father is going to
make an announcement. About what? Our matter. Our matter? Which matter? Our relationship, of course. Relationship? What? I have told father about our love. That is why father has invited
all friends and relatives. He is going to announce
our engagement. It would be a big surprise for all. Your and my engagement. What’s wrong with you? I don’t love you. What are you talking? You always used to say
that I am everything to you. I know you love me. Vicky, there is a lot
of difference between.. ..liking someone and loving someone. Don’t confuse the two. So you never loved me. No Vicky. Try to understand. Kavya, I have already told father
and told about marriage to everyone. Now if we refuse then unnecessarily
we will be insulted. Please Kavya, accept me. I will do as you say. Slowly,
slowly you will start liking me. Please, Kavya.
You will start loving me. Don’t talk nonsense.
What’s wrong with you? Go and tell uncle everything.
He will understand. It’s purely a misunderstanding Vicky. – Kavya..
– What? – Kavya, please..
– Vicky.. – Leave me..
– Listen, listen.. – Listen to me Kavya. Listen..
– Help! I will not be able to live
without you. Kavya please.. – Leave me..
– Kavya.. Vasi.. Please leave me. Vicky, let me go. Vicky, Vicky.. Vasi.. I feel irritated on seeing you. Vicky.. Vicky.. Vicky.. – Father..
– Vicky.. – Vicky.
– Stop please. Vasi.. What happened, Vicky? Are you okay? Father, save me. – Leave him.
– Sir.. – Leave him.
– No.. Father.. Vicky.. Vasi.. I hope you did not get hurt. Get up, sir. – Stop!
– Sir, take care. – Get back.
– Sir! Leave me. Don’t lose patience.
I will call the police. Ambulance.. Vasi.. No madam, do not go there. Why are you thrashing him? No sir, no..control yourself. Catch him! Madam, wait..madam.. Leave him! – No sir, no..please..
– Leave.. Hey, stop him. Sir! Vasi, please.. – Someone call the police.
– Vasi, stop it. – Vasi, stop it.
– Madam move. Enough Vasi. Sir stop.. Vasi, please. Vasi, stop.. Stop it. Vicky.. – Vicky..
– Vicky sir.. Vicky are you okay? Vicky.. No. Hey, no.. Stop it. Vasi, enough please. – Vasi, enough. Please stop it.
– Stop there. No Vasi, no.. – No.
– No.. Police.. Take him away. Hey, Vasi.. Leave him. No. Vasi.. Hurry up! – Carefully
– Please don’t take him. Come on. Let’s go take him hospital. – Get a side.
– No. Madam, no..
Let him go. Come on, come on. Be careful.. Madam.. Madam, wait.. Madam.. Madam, what are you saying is right.. ..but not we but Andaman
police has arrested him. They kept him here for few hours. After completing the formalities
they took them from here. Where did they take him sir? Andaman. Did he have a big fight with someone? How many people have thrashed him? Only one person has thrashed him. Doctor, till when will
he gain consciousness? We will have to wait
for the scan report. Okay doctor. Mr. Raj Shekhar. Yes, doctor. We will be able to tell you his
condition once he gains consciousness. As it is his neck
bone has been fractured. Even if he is saved then lifelong
he will have to wear cervical collar. Take care. Sir, sorry to bother you. You will have to quickly
sign American project’s documents. Sir, send the documents to Kavya.. Sir, madam is.. I want Kavya’s dead
body within seven days. Jai Hind. Sir, shall we kill him without FIR? Don’t do anything here. – Take him to the jungle and kill him.
– Okay sir. Greetings sir. Can we meet Vasi, the man
whom you arrested from Chennai? You have received wrong information. No one has been brought
here from Chennai. But sir told this. Sir, the one who is standing
there arrested Vasi. Hello, can’t you understand
what I am saying? Get out. Buts sir told that he has
been arrested and brought here. Am I saying lies?
How dare you question a policeman? – Get out from here.
– We want to talk to him. – Hey, why are you pushing?
– Please, do not get angry. Listen to us. Look, we know Vasi is here. It was not his fault. The accident happened because of me. I took him to Chennai for treatment. He is a nice man. He was not at fault. Please release him. We will take him. Madam, don’t you understand Hindi? He is not here. Go away from here. Go away. – I am asking you to leave.
– We know that he is inside. – Where are you going?
– Leave me. – Get out from here.
– What are you doing? So rude. Get out from here.
Why don’t you understand? Let me go. Don’t you understand? Leave. Sir, sir.. Let’s run from here. Vasi.. No, madam. – Sir..
– Yes.. That aborigine is causing
destruction in the police station. Hey, turn the car. No.. – Calm down, junglee, calm down.
– Vasi no.. Shall I make you drink cold water? Hey, hide somewhere. Don’t shoot. Vasi, Vasi come here. Come on. Come with me. Maldam stop. I am coming.. Madam, be careful. To the right, right.. Hurry up.. Hurry up! Vasi. Hey, check all the cars. Have you seen a man
and a woman running? No sir, we have not seen. Hey, there he is in the truck.
Stop him, stop him.. – Stop the truck with log of woods.
– Okay sir. Stop the car. Oh my God.. Hurry up, hurry up.. Come on, Vasi.. Hurry up. – They are running..
– Vasi. Fast. – Come on hurry up.
– How much will you run? – They are running towards the forest.
– Run. Be careful. Madam don’t running alone. I am coming, you waiting.. Tree hugging. Vasi, come on. Vasi.. Sir stop don’t go please. Jara, if you are saved then
you will be able to save Anu. Jara! Are you alive? Do you know Vasi? His name is not Vasi but Jara. These people are not unnecessarily
running around in the jungle. Just as there are 100-200
meters races in cities.. ..even these aborigines
have their own competitions. Right now their target is
the beehive hanging from the tree. The one who reaches it
first will be called the winner. They do not hesitate to thrown
each other from the height of a tree. And they do not even feel bad. Whosoever wins in this
race is looked at respectfully. [Regional Language] [Regional Language] Look there.. Look there on the trees. Yes they are aborigines. They look like Tarzan. Take it. I have seen so many
Tarzans for the first time. They should be caught
and admitted in circus. – Not in circus but in zoo.
– Hurry up and take a selfie. Hey junglee, jump. Hey rabbit, come here. Come here. It’s nice. There is basically
no difference between.. ..people staying in cities
and those staying in jungles. Emotions like those of happiness,
sadness, love, hatred and jealousy.. ..are all the same. Even their games are quite similar. This is game of wrestling. It s somewhat like our wrestling. Players have to remain
within a circle. The only difference is
that here one player fights.. ..with many opponents
at the same time. The winner of this
game gets the right to.. ..become the head
of the tribe later on. According to a research
there is an estimate.. ..that there is good quality
of 10,000tonnes of gold.. ..and 1lakh tone of brass
reserves on this island. Raj Shekhar signed a deal worth 2000
crores with America mining company. He took 200sq km
of island area on lease. It is true that for thousands
of years these aborigines.. ..have been living in these jungles. But since there is no evidence
in the government records.. ..they have never
received any protection. That is why Raj Shekhar can make them
run away from here without any problem. Raj Shekhar is cutting these jungles. Now the existence of
these aborigines is in danger. That is why aborigines are revolting. Alert everyone. Hey, stop them. What happening? Sir, let’s go from here.
There is danger here. Run.. Sir, they are not letting us do work.
We have the permission as well. Who will face those jungles sir? You tell me.
Please help us. How many leaves will you take
by giving excuse of money problem? Sir, seriously there
are problems in the house. There are many problems here as well. They have invested
crores in Angalwadi. With government’s permission
they are putting up a mining project. But those aborigines
are interfering in their work. Take someone with you
who knows their language. Try to explain them and
if they do not understand.. ..than thrash them and throw them out. Talk to them. [Regional Language] [Regional Language] They are saying that your
law will not be applicable in jungle. This is their motherland. They will decide as to who
will stay here and who will not. Even these uncivilized
people are acting smart. Tell them that if within
one hour they do not leave with.. ..their families then
no one will remain alive. [Regional Language] [Regional Language] Not just one hour,
they are not going to go.. ..away from here
for next thousand years. Till now they have just
hunted animals and birds.. ..so don’t force them
to hunt human beings. You are very proud.
You dare to threaten police. Hey, shoot everyone. Come on shoot. Father, father.. – Child..
– No. How did you come here? A tiger tried to attack
me and this uncle saved me. My daughter is God’s blessing. We were blessed with her
after 16 years of marriage. How will I repay this favor? You all remain happy. I had sent you to vacate the jungle.. ..and you are narrating
stories of aborigines. – Sir, they saved my daughter.
– Stop talking nonsense. Do not mix duty and feelings. Sorry sir. It’s okay. Vacate that place. Now go and talk to Michael. Okay sir. Hello, control room. Take him away. If you are saved then only
you will be able to save others. Take this. Jara.. Jara.. Jara, Jara.. Catch him. Catch him. Catch him. – Police..
– Fast.. Hurry up. I had thought that police might have
killed him by registering a false case. So that they can keep
everyone in wrong notion. I felt nice seeing him alive. Really. Sir, where are the
people of his tribe? I have heard they are in Annamalai. Since they do not have a head they are
not able to decide as to where to go You should go from here. If he reaches people of his tribe then
again they will be able to survive. Madam, sir is right. This is a jungle.
He will find his own way. We should go back. What are you talking Pandyan? I cannot leave Vasi alone.
He needs our help. I will help Vasi reach
them and we will support him. We will have to help
people of his tribe. We will take Vasi along with us. Madam, what is this nonsense? You can go if you wish to. – Madam..
– I will talk to uncle. How can I leave you
alone and go, madam? Vasi, come with me. Vasi. You cannot go alone. He is taking madam. What will be your future? My bad luck. Madam, madam. Why are you inviting trouble? What are you doing? I am not getting the signal. How shall I call uncle? Madam this is a jungle. There is no signal here. You will find only lions. That aborigine kidnapped Kavya. She is an educated girl,
she will not go with that junglee. Look, he has thrashed my son hard. Listen to me. I give you 24 hours. I want Kavya at any cost even
if you have to kill that junglee. Sir, even we want to kill him. Sir, the jungle is
dense for next 50kms. – It will not be easy to find him.
– What you want? How many helicopters do you want? Whom shall I ask to call?
The governor of this place. Or from any minister. I want Kavya back. There is only greenery around.
God knows where his tribe would be. It cannot be seen. Kavya.. May be the people of
his tribe are that side. Was that the case? The world does google
and he does eagle. Madam, the bird will reach in 10 seconds
and he will reach in 10 minutes. I think after drinking evening
tea we can leave from here. What are you saying?
How can we leave Vasi? You will go behind him
and I will not go without you. We will not get gold medal
but I will still increase the speed. Run, run.. He is Surya Prakash,
commando from Delhi. He is specialist of
deep forest operation. In the last operation
he thrashed the naxalites. Aborigines understand
the jungle better than us. It is difficult to trace
them without local support. What will we have to do for that? Even after walking for 10kms
we have not reached the tribe. That eagle map slept in its nest. Pandyan, why did you come here? Did I come willingly?
I had to come forcefully. We are getting late
just because of you. I am not a superman. Not in my life have I walked
so much as I have walked today. I am not born in jungle like him. It was a joke. He starts
staring at every little thing. Don’t stare. An evil may fall on me. Operation Zero. There are three ways
to get into this jungle. Mountainous area, jungle or sea. The radius of jungle is about 50kms. We will make three teams
of our force and enter. From 50 to 40 and then to 30 And then we will reach at point zero. That is why its name
is Operation Zero. During the search one
team will surely find him. Approximately in 48 hours. Please go ahead. When will we find his tribe? Make me reach home, friend. Help me also. Pandyan..I am feeling very hungry. Omelet is in the pan,
cottage cheese in the cooker. I have ordered pizza as well. This would have happened
if we were at home, madam. Here we will have to hunt and eat. My dear tribal friend,
have pity on us. When you came to our house
then we made you ate many delicacies. You had burped in satisfaction. Hunt and make us eat something. We served you so now you serve us. Stop staring and
make us eat something. Don’t look at us.
Make us eat something. Vasi, I am hungry. Give us something to eat. Where is he gone.. Are there fruits kept behind? Very good. Madam, there is no
value for money here. You only need loving people here. What is blue bird doing here? In the entire jungle this
is the only place you found. Get lost! Fly away. Till we are here do not disturb us. Fly away, fly away.. That is not a bird but a camera. I know the difference
between a bird and camera. She is the one. Close, close.. – Move up. We are going right.
– Yes sir.. Pandyan, stop. That is a camera. Someone is watching us. Lock it. Target. Follow.. Following sir. Hurry up move.
Someone is following us. – Keep following them. Keep going..
– Okay sir. Vasi, come on. Come. I repeat,
I repeat..target on the move. – We are trying sir.
– Keep going, keep going.. – Good, good..
– Yes sir. – Come, come..
– Target found. Direction east. Hurry up. Keep following. Keep going. Team 2, come in. – Yes sir. Team 2
– Target found. Direction East. Direction East 79degree. Team 1, team 1.. Madam, look there.
Police is near to us. What are you doing? Where did the go? Yes sir, yes sir. I am trying. Drone is not in my control, sir. That is the target. Come on follow.. Okay. Sir, look up. Damn it. Team 2, team 2 come in.
Target missing, target missing. Please do respond. Answer me. Be careful madam. Madam.. Madam..save, madam.. Madam.. Kavya.. Kavya. Help! Kavya! Vasi.. Madam.. Vasi.. I am here. Have you forgotten me? These military men will kill me. Listen, take me along. Vasi.. Vasi.. What are you doing here? Come on, come on.. Come on, come on..hurry up.. This place is so beautiful. I wish I would have
stayed back with you here. He should not be able to escape. When I am with you then.. ..I am neither scared of
the height or depth of this water. They must be this side or this side. I feel like holding your
hand and keep moving on.. Come on fast. Hurry up. Come on fast. Hurry up. They have left from here.
I know where they would have gone. Vasi, there is no house,
car, credit card here.. ..but I do not feel their absence. One thing is there and
that is peace of mind here. And for that I want to thank you. Vasi, look there. People of your tribe. Come. It would be difficult to
find them at night. Eat food now. Okay sir. No.. Vasi, let’s go from here. Let’s go. Vasi, let’s go. Hey.. Vasi.. Vasi, let’s go. Please.. – Please..
– Go and catch him. Follow them.. – Come on, let’s go.
– Catch.. Don’t shoot. It might hurt Kavya. Kavya.. – Go go..
– Come.. Hurry up. Stop! Kavya.. Vasi.. Vasi.. Pull him. Vasi.. Madam, we have come to take you.
You come to this side. Madam, we are going to kill him.
Come to this side. We are going to kill him. No, please.
Vasi is absolutely innocent. Madam, come to this side.
We don’t have time. Now you believe that your
daughter ran away with him. It is not necessary to
know governor or minister. But you should know
about your daughter. To save your daughter
we are after his life. He has come so far so it
means he is in search of his tribe. So what if we finish the entire tribe.
I just want my daughter. There is no need to harm them. I am
ready to give them whatever they want. Sir, they are very dangerous people. They do not understand
the language of love. You want your daughter
so you will get her. Okay. Tribal man, you left me. It took me so much time to find you. Come.. – Come..
– Madam is also here. – Sit down, sit.
– Madam, what is this? After leaving me alone you
are teaching me how to sit and stand. – You did not even think of
my condition. – Sit down. What if a tiger would
have eaten me on the way? Come. Tiger! – Tiger! Run..
– Come here. Pandyan..why are you getting scared?
Where are you going? Pandyan, he is very cute.
Come here Pandyan. Where are you going?! Tiger is there.. Run.. Pandyan, wait. So many aborigines over here. They are tribal people. [Regional Language] Jara, Jara.. Jara, Jara.. Jara, Jara.. Jara, Jara.. Come here and listen to me. – How come you are here?
– Where is Kavya? You go and I will bring her. I brought her. Sir, did you see Vasi’s dance? There is no time for all this. You wanted them to meet but
you have put them in a great danger. Your uncle has sent a
battalion to take you back. – Is uncle also with them?
– Yes. Michael might be reaching
here any moment with his team. They all are in danger because of you. They just need Kavya. Let’s go. You are right madam.
This would be fine. Let’s take him along with us. Let him be here. I will have to go and talk to uncle.
This is the only way to save them. Will you be able to live without him? These are his people. Only Vasi can protect
their happiness and their life. And that is more important
than staying with me. What are you saying?
You are sacrificing your love. I had thought coming
here is a wrong decision. It was wrong on part
to think him as junglee. But you want to save all of them. I am proud to be your servant, madam. You have a great heart. Kavya.. One minute. I’ll be back. [Regional Language] Jara.. [Regional Language] We did’nt get any evidence. We are trying to find him. – Hopefully we will find him soon.
– Hello, tell me. Signal is weak here. Hello, hello.. Sir.. – Kavya madam.
– Over. I brought you up as my daughter. That junglee thrashed my son
so hard and you went away with him. How dare you raise hand on a girl? Stay in your limits. Low standard servant,
you must have instigated her. – Sir..
– Shut up. Take him away from here. Throw him somewhere. Throw him front of Tiger. What are you doing? Uncle, hit me.
Say whatever you wish to. Vasi is not at fault in this.
That day Vicky was.. Shut up. Your father 2crores
which I made 2000crores. Did I do this so that you
can run away with that junglee? Do you think I am a fool? Vicky has become handicapped for life. Listen to me carefully.
You will have to marry my son. Then let me see how you escape. Uncle, I am ready
to accept your condition. Vasi and his people
are in serious problem. Someone wants to
snatch away their land. Some big company. You talk to them. The company is not of someone else.. ..but yours. It is yours. Kavya Group Of Industries. You are the owner of that company. Here are documents
that you have signed. I was in America for
two months for this project. Sir, you had promised.. ..that if Kavya returns then
you will leave those tribal people. You fool.
We had a doubt on your faithfulness. We have been able to
catch them because of you. We played a small game with you. Michael I am taking Kavya with me. The project should
be ready in six months. None of them should remain alive. – Come.
– Yes sir. – Uncle please..
– Sir, don’t do this. Sir this is wrong. Sir, leave Kavya.. Sir, please leave the tribal people. Please listen to me. Uncle, please. Uncle, please let me go. Uncle, please. Vasi.. Kavya.. Kavya.. Vasi.. Vasi.. Vasi.. No, no uncle. Stop it, uncle. Stop! Uncle, please stop. Hey, wait.. Vasi.. Vasi.. Uncle, stop it. – Give me the gun.
– Leave it. Give me the gun. Leave it. – No..
– Kavya.. Vasi stop. Kill him. Please.. Vasi.. Thrash him more. Vasi.. Vasi.. Help.. Vasi, save me. Please.. Vasi.. Vasi, help.. Vasi.. Vasi, Vasi, save me. Vasi, help.. Please, help me. No.. Vasi.. Vasi, Vasi, no.. Stop.. I am fine. I will not hurt him. You come with me. Come.. Are you sparing him? He spared your life. Why? Because I told him. Kavya, I did this all for you. This is your industries.
Kavya Industries. Kavya Industries..this is your dream. Not of this Kavya. Your love is materialistic.
You just love money. Enough. I do not want
your industry or money. You can keep everything. But this land is only mine. Only I will decide as to
who will stay here and who will not. Okay. What are you talking, Kavya? For this aborigine fool. Yes. Aborigines are true people. People like you who live
in city are actual jungles. You sell people for money and power. You just live for your
selfishness and for nothing else. – Kavya..
– You go away from here. This is not a request.. ..but an order.

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