Taxi No 9211 Movie (English Subtitles)

Taxi No 9211 Movie (English Subtitles)

Encode By Manudil ”MiIIions come to make
their Iives here.” ”Set their hearts here
and get trapped forever.” ”A goIden nest with
no pIace to rest.” Even the footpath has
no pIace here. ”Ember orthe Iast resort,
this is Mumbai!” This is Mumbai.
Time is money here. I have to cover 30 minutes
in 3 minutes fIat. Die if you so wish.
Why put others in troubIe? Ram it in yours? Bombay… the city of dreams, You meet aII kinds of
specimens here…. And each specimen has his
own unique way of screwing you. Now take a Iook at these two. The first specimen Raghav Shastri. He shouId have been
an eIectrician… He bIows a fuse for
the sIightest reason. ”Let me into your heart…” ”Just chiII chiII, just chiII…” Can you see me, from the outside? But I’ve been subjected
to your ugIy face… forthe past 5 minutes. Get out… – Raghav a.k.a. Raghu A reaI specimen… As in, his bIood group
isn’t A B or O… it’s K… BIood Group Krazy..
Krazy negative I buy a ticket from you everyday,
but I never win. Others do. What can I do
if you have bad Iuck. Why you bashing my Iuck.
Don’t you want to seII tickets? Why are you hitting me?
-Why are you jinxing my Iuck? If my Iuck wants to screw me,
what’s it to you? What’s aII this?
What’s wrong with you? This compIete specimen has Iost 23 jobs in the past 15 years.
These days he’s driving taxi. Just stop here Raghu… Hey, what happened?
why didn’t you stop? He’s a broke bastard…
If he can’t even pay for parking… What wiII he pay you? Hey Raghu, stop, stop…
Now what happened? AII four of them are
broke bastards? They’re sIy bastards.
One of them wiII pay… And four wiII pIay. Raghu… why do you not Iike anyone? What’s there to Iike?
What I do? What you do? What they do… these guys
who hop in with you? We aII set out in the
morning, hoping… that something good wiII happen… But night faIIs and
it’s nothing but … This specimen has a secret Iife. This Krazy’s wife beIieves
he seIIs insurance poIicies. Raghu’s wife doesn’t know
he drives a taxi. Raghu’s wife is a nurse ..Sunita She wants to work so that
they stop bickering about money But this basket case Raghu?
He says No. Their son is foIIowing in
M. F. Husain’s steps. He paints pictures that his dad
can put up in his cabin… LittIe does he know that those
pictures are put up in a cab. If you want to kiII yourseIf,
go ahead… why you messing with others? He drives aII day and
waIks at night. Hiding his cab from his wife he shaII
now waIk 2 kms to his house. You’ve been drinking? A IittIe. That’s why you’re so Iate. I was working overtime. PeopIe work overtime to
make more money. I don’t understand your
kind of overtime. You’re going from bad to worse,
Iike the grocer’s biIIs. You’re more worried about his
biII’s than about my feeIings You’re not having an affair
with him are you? If I was, we wouIdn’t
be short of food… Ok, no more.
We’II figure it out tomorrow. How many things wiII we
figure out tomorrow? Rishabh’s schooI fees,
the grocer’s biII, eIectricity biII… For how Iong can we put our
probIems off untiI tomorrow? That imaginary tomorrow
wiII never come when everything wiII
suddenIy be fine. Money money money.
Whether she’s on the streets or at home, aII a woman
wants is money. Why? Have you just been
with a hooker? WouId have been better if I had. You can’t even run
your own house… You’II get the hooker’s
eIectricity cut off too. Go to sIeep. I’II Iive the way
I want to… in my next Iife. Raghu was ourfirst specimen.
Now meet our second specimen. Jai MittaI. He has no idea he’s going
to be screwed today This specimen’s dad was
aIso a compIete specimen First he gave him everything. Then took
it aII away. Put the brakes on his Iife. You must wonder why he
did that. Let’s find out… ”Love does happen
aT The firsTsighT.” ”A coupIe of words can
make hearts faII in Iove.” ”The worId sTarts geTTing
fiIIed wiTh coIours.” ”EveryThing sTarts appearing
more beauTifuI.” ”This happens onIy in Iove.” ”Every face appears more radianT.” ”BreaThs Turn fragranT.” ”When eyes meeT,
The heart beaTs for The beIoved.” ”The gaze Turns mesmerizing.” ”Suspended in air,
we waIk on The cIouds.” ”Joys Transcend The
IimiTs of The skies.” ”Love affecTs such.” See you… Come with me… pIease I can’t, I’ve got to go.
It’s Iate. I’II see you tomorrow? Jai pIease… I’II miss you.
See you tomorrow. Drive safe ok? Bye. If you want to kiII yourseIf,
go ahead… why you messing with others? So Jai is the sort of character
Who’s nevertaken Iife seriousIy So his dad had to get serious
And he had to do something He did something
That no dad wouId reaIIy do… Ladies and GentIemen…
you aII know why we are here… My cIient, the Chairman
of MittaI Industries… Mr. Shyam MittaI is
no Ionger with us. As per his wishes His wiII be read before aII of you… I, Shyam MittaI, of sound body
and mind, hand over… AII my properties, shares,
estates, and aII other assets… To my oIdest friend, Mr. Arjun Bajaj. To my oIdest friend, Mr. Arjun Bajaj. Yes babes, I’m awake. How did you know it was me? Who eIse wouId bother me
this earIy in the morning? I’m bothering you? You’re the onIy one
who has the right to… First think about those rights,
you’re fighting for in court. Today is an important day
foryou Jai… We’II figure out my rights after
the court’s ruIed on yours Now Iook at the time.
Hurry up, you’re Iate. And don’t forget to get
the fiIe from the vauIt. Ok? Don’t worry RupaIi…
today it’II aII be ok. The court WiII ruIe in ourfavour. I hope so. That was Jai? -Yes… Today’s an important day for him…
For his future… and yours too…
Stick by him today… Hey Rishabh…
What are you doing? FieIding.
-Whose bat is it? Mine. So why you fieIding? Bat. You’ve got to become
TenduIkar, not Kaif. Understood?
Come on… bat. Mohit, It’s Jai. Yeah Jai… TeII me. – Mohit I need a ring…
and this time I want the best. ReaIIy? Is it someone speciaI? She’s so speciaI that
if aII goes weII… I won’t be buying so many
rings I’m going to marry her. What? Marriage?
CongratuIations. I didn’t think that you wouId
everfeeI the need to marry… Listen… couId you arrange
to pay some of your dues? Don’t worry.
I’II cIearthem aII today. Just keep the ring ready,
I’II coIIect it this evening. Watchman, if my friend comes
earIier give him the keys. -Yes sir. WiII you go Andheri? No. -Why? Do you Iie to your wife? What do you mean?
– Do you Iie or not? No. I do. She might spot
me there. I won’t go. Damn… now this guy.
Yes, Mr. Tiwari. Forthree months you’ve
been saying tomorrow… Today you wiII say it again-tomorrow. So before you say it I wiII
– Tomorrow. If by then, You do not pay me the three
months rent you owe me Forthe taxi, you’re history Mr. Tiwari… you know how
difficuIt things are for me… Listen, I’m the one who feIt
sorry foryou and said, ”Drive a cab.” You were
jobIess for 6 months… I thought I’d heIp you out,
and I’d make some money too. But you’re the onIy
one who’s benefited. You pay other’s debts
at my expense. I’II figure something out soon. Not soon… Tomorrow. If you don’t pay me by tomorrow… I’II show up at your house and
teII your wife that you drive a cab. No, Sir, no, PIease don’t do that.
You know how it is… I’II find a way by tomorrow.
But I’m driving now… Ok, Go ahead and work.
I’II caII again. May god be with you
AII the best. He’s such a nuisance…
Nothing but threats. Go to OHM vauIts near
Bandra NationaI coIIege. – Get in. The distance between these
two specimens …. Isn’t just the 4 inch
seat between them. There’s a much greater
distance between them. Raghu says that this
is his Mumbai… If he had his way, he’d take
peopIe Iike Jai MittaI… [In his cab,] and drop
them off outside Mumbai Jai says that this is
his Mumbai… He wishes that peopIe Iike Raghu…
were prevented from entering the city. We can’t say which specimen has
a greater right to the city. But this story… its about
both these specimens. Hey Sunny… how you doing? Listen… Come by around 8 pm… Yeah… Iet’s start earIy. In case I’m Iate, I’ve Ieft
a key with security… Ok? Hey boss… Drive fast. You know… the speedometer
shows upto 120 km/hour… Because it goes up to 120 km/hr. See how fast your meter
goes… go as fast. He’s screwed me… What did you say?
– Nothing. Speak Iouder. I can’t hear
you overthe traffic. AII I said is drive faster. HeIIo? – HeIIo, Jai…
Where have you reached. Juhu! -Juhu? You’re stiII in Juhu?
Come on, drive faster… ActuaIIy I’m not driving RupaIi… I had a smaII accident Iast night… Accident? You’re ok aren’t you? I’m absoIuteIy ok.
I’m coming in a cab… Oh god Jai… Anyway,
teII him to drive fast. Fast? He beIongs in
the 20th century. BuIIock-carts are going faster… MiIkmen on bicycIes wiII
pass us by soon… Jai, if you don’t get
there on time today… Life wiII pass you by. You wiII Iose everything
to Arjun Bajaj. Give him some money and teII him
to drive faster. Come on Jai. Ok, Ok RupaIi, Ok. Now what happened.
– It’s red. – So? There’s a friendIy cop
across the street. If I don’t get to court on time,
I’II be hanging around… Begging at this traffic Iight. This is Bombay… where time
is money. Understood? I need to traverse a 30 minute
distance in 3 minutes. Here, take this… And this… Keep the money, and foIIow
my instructions. That’s it. Now what are you thinking? Your Maharashtrian hero,
Shivaji rode Iike the wind with just one horse… You have 18 horse powers.
Put it in gear and say Long Iive Maharashtra. Long Iive Maharashtra. Here… Bet this on your horse. And make it run. PeopIe Iike you never
step on it, in Iife. The traffic jams… they’re
because of you peopIe. Sir, why you making fun of me. Here you are brother…
500 rupees. Drive fast. You won’t get into any troubIe. Oh man. There’s a car coming
at me. I have to brake. I don’t know whether I’m
sitting in a bIoody cab or in a buIIock cart.
He’s just not moving ya. Do me a favour.
Stop the car. Since you can’t move the car,
just stop, and I’II push it. I’m driving. I’m going fast.
You want me to have an accident? Here, take this… 1000 rupees.
Now hurry. Step on the gas. Come on… come on… faster… BIoody heII, I’m getting Iate. If the cops stop you, I’ve got money.
I’II take care of it. PIease go fast.
Press the acceIerator. Go fast. Go fast. Look, paI… I’m Iate aIready Ok ok… I’m driving fast.
– So go faster. This is an oId fiat not a Pajero. Cut them off… just Iike that. There’s a traffic Iight… run it. Here’s some more money.
Run the Iight. Come on… !%$*&! What have you done! Is your dad going to
pay for damages? My passenger wiII. What passenger?
Where is he? I don’t know where they come from…
piIed into cheap trains. – Hey. Why do aII of you
come to Mumbai? You dog. Are you drunk first
thing in the morning? You ran the Iight and
Iook what you’ve done. Are you deaf now?
You dog…I’m taIking to you. Give me your Iicense. Hey. Why you hitting me…
Don’t touch me… I’m warning you. You grabbing my coIIar?
I’m teIIing you don’t touch me. When I toIerate it aII siIentIy…
you say I’m deaf! Look at this…
it’s an officiaI badge. So? You’II get one whack with it
and you’II know where we come from.
Understood? We have to come to Bombay to straighten
out the Iikes of you. You want to taIk big?
You want to grab my coIIar:? Why you getting physicaI?
Can’t you taIk? He took off.
Why didn’t you stop him? PoIice… What poIice?
What are the poIice -What? I’m warning you,
don’t you dare use your hand. CaII the cops… – He toId me to drive fast.
That’s why I banged the car. Hey… PoIice… poIice…
-What poIice… Don’t you know how to drive? He toId me to.
Why you screaming forthe cops? Locker Number 1129… Your key pIease… PIease insert
your key in the 2nd Iock. Yes… teII me Mr. Tiwari… I’ve caIcuIated…you owe me 30,600.
If you don’t pay me By tomorrow, I want my taxi back.
And… Iisten… I want it as it was.
Don’t try to seII or repIace any parts… Yes Mr Tiwari…
If you see the taxi… You wiII not be abIe
to say anything. Ijust want my money
tomorrow morning. It’II be done by tomorrow.
Don’t worry. Yes… you’II get it. Sir… This is our bibIe.
This is our ruIes and reguIations book. AII the ruIes are Iaid down here.
Let me see… Yes, Chapter 9…
incase of Iost key… PIease hurry…
-Ah… one minute, one minute. Sir, your probIem’s soIved.
It’s very simpIe… You see… You’II have to make out a
simpIe affidavit… -Yes… After which, our headquarters
wiII send someone to verify it Then we wiII be cIear as to
whetherthe key is reaIIy Iost. Afterthat we’II make you
a new key. Oh yes… The cost of a new key…
that’s in Section 2… How Iong wiII it take. I’II get it done quickIy foryou… UsuaIIy it takes more than 15 days…
I’II do it in 10. Maybe you don’t know who I am.
I’m Jai MittaI. Jai MittaI. Whetheryou’re Jai, or Veeru,
or Gabbar… it wiII take time. Can’t heIp it. You’re preventing me from
opening my own Iocker? Sir, I’m not preventing you… We’II go exactIy as per our
ruIes and reguIations… UnfortunateIy…
– Ok, I’ve understood… You’re one of those who
Iikes to act important. You want peopIe to come
and groveI before you… So that you feeI you
are their equaI… But this is where you beIong… and this is where you wiII stay
aII your Iife. BIoody Ioser. What a mess… there’s serious
damage. Who is it? It’s this guy…
– Hey… come on… come with me. What’s your number?
88666… come on. Where? -What do you mean ‘where?’
To a party. To the poIice station… come on…
– Take him aIong… Why shouId he take me?
You go… Sir… I’m taking care of it. Come on… stop making a fuss.
– He’s bribed you… Come on, what are you rambIing
on for… hurry up… It’s not my fauIt RupaIi.
I toId him to run the Iight… not to run into a car.
Anyway, I’ve mispIaced the key. What? How couId you do that? I think it feII off somewhere…
I’m going back to the accident spot. Oh god Jai, I hope you find it. Ok, Iocate it, and get to the safe.
I’II come pick you up ok? Ok. HopefuIIy I’II find it.
– It’II aII work out Jai…Bye. -Yup. Bye. Sir…
-What is it? He ran through red Iight. ReaIIy?
– Then he ran into a car. ReaIIy? – Then he ran roughshod
overthe car owner… What’s your probIem?
Running roughshod is our job And the city administrators job…
why are you interfering? Sir, it’s not my…
it’s not onIy my fauIt. Why? Weren’t you driving? No… I mean I was driving but
– So…? So… Sir, if I had money… your constabIe wouId
have Iet me go… He took a bribe from those
guys and Iet them off… And now I’m here. You saying the poIice are corrupt? Look sir, I don’t Iie. I teII it Iike it is. Hey… you taIking back
to the poIice? First you break the ruIes, then Look sir, I accept that
I was at fauIt… but I’m not the onIy one at fauIt. The person responsibIe forthe
accident was in a hurry, So he ran off. The other
person in the accident… Bribed your cop, and ran off. So you’re accusing us? No sir, I’m right, I’m not Iying. Search him… He has 500 rupees.
Check it out. Hey, you’re teIIing me
to search a poIiceman? I don’t understand.
Did you bring him in, or did he bring you in?
– ExactIy I’m not Iying sir…
Iook it’s in his pocket. You damn ! Look sir, wearing a uniform
and carrying a gun Doesn’t give you the right to abuse. Hey asshoIe… Iock him up…
– Come on… Piece of shit… Where do
you find these idiots… Hey Mister… there
was an accident here. I know that. – They’ve taken
him to Khar PoIice Station. Excuse me…
-Yes… There was an accident
at NationaI CoIIege… Do you know where the driver is?
-Who are you? Jai MittaI. You’re the one whose been
in the news aII day? You were to be in court…
what are you doing here? PIease teII me where he is,
I need to meet him. It’s him. He’s the one who’s
responsibIe forthe accident. Lock him up, send him
in here… it’s him. Go ahead. Sir… Sir… Sir handcuff him. – ok… Come on…
I’m here to get you out. Why are you teIIing me?
TeII the cop. He the one with the key
to this Iock, not me… Don’t worry about that…
you open a Iock for me… I’II open one foryou. So you’re taIking properIy now… I knew you weren’t here
for me, but foryourseIf. There’s no point arguing…
we can heIp each other. TeII me… where is the key? The key’s with me… but I can’t take you anywhere
in my wrecked cab I’m not taIking about the key
that makes your car run… I’m taIking about the key
that makes my Iife run. I don’t have any such key. Look, I’ve had enough
of your nonsense… Look, don’t stick your
finger in my face. I asked niceIy…
Or Enough sweet taIk Hurry up and teII me
where the key is… Or I’II Iock aII the
doors to your Iife… You’II Iock them?
I’ve aIready Iocked your doors… I threw your key in the sea. Go on, jump from the
gateway of India to get it… Even if you get the Navy to
heIp you… you won’t find it Sir, Iook at this.
Look what he’s doing… Move, hey whacko,
Ieave him… What happened? He has my key and
he won’t return it. He’s proving how what a
Iow human being he is… Yes. I’ve proved it.
I threw away your key. Hey, one minute.
Search him. You were teIIing me to search him.
Now he’II search you… I’m stiII teIIing you,
he’s got 500 in his pocket. Shut up… just shut up… Are you Iooking for
the key orthe Iock? Stand straight, Iet me check…
Sir, I can’t find anything. Did you check properIy? I checked properIy.
Didn’t you see? There’s nothing. Come on out of there….
– This man is reaIIy wicked, inspector. He has the key, but he’s
making a fooI of us. But we checked in front of you.
He doesn’t have the key, What can we do? Go now… to the Gateway of India,
jump into the sea, In your underwear, and
check if the key is there… Hey… what do you think
you’re doing? Leave him, this is a poIice
station… go home… Book him under as many cases
as possibIe. I’II pay for it. Yes, ok… come on…
– Look, he got scared. Once I’m out he’II be in troubIe…
he’s scared. You taIk too much.
What are you doing? Come on… Look at him sir… see what
kind of person he is… I’II fix you. Put yourfinger down. Shut up… just shut up. Me… but he… Iook he
puIIed the chair out too. WiII you just shut up? How are you Mr. BatIiwaIa? Fine? Oh heIIo Mr. MittaI. Mr. Jai MittaI. What happened to your voice? How has it dropped so Iow, with a Iow human being Iike me? I think that maybe you’ve
misunderstood me. I think that maybe you haven’t
found your key… Am I right Mr. MittaI? Wow Mr. BatIiwaIa… you’re
honest, and smart too… I shouId not have spoken
to you the way I did. I shouId have apoIogized. Sorry Ok. It’s ok Mr. MittaI… Mr. BatIiwaIa, now what? Let me teII you a story, if
you don’t mind. Do you mind? No. No, sir. Once upon a time, my wife
DoIIy had a huge fight With me, over money. She abused me to her heart’s content,
bIabbing on and on, TiII, a short whiIe Iater,
she cooIed down compIeteIy… From wiId tigress to poor cow. Then she apoIogized,
she asked forforgiveness… She tried to butter me up,
she tried to seduce me… But I stiII didn’t give herthe money. So… what’s the moraI of the story? And who is the bIoody Ioser? What happened?
– Don’t ask… Where are you taking us?
-Andheri poIice station. Why? What do you mean why?
From there you’II go to court… Take me straight to court.
Why Andheri poIice station? I won’t go there. Hey, quiet.
Enough of your chatter. You took 500 rupees
from that guy. Hey, shut up. 500 rupees,
500 rupees, 500 rupees… Are you sure he has the key? Trust me RupaIi…
the way he was speaking… The kind of person he is…
he has it. If he wasn’t in jaiI, I’d… HeIIo HeIIo, RupaIi? Our case is up next.
Jai’s coming right? I hope he’s not asIeep… Jai’s with me… we’re coming there,
Shivraj… but… This time we have a genuine probIem. I’m handIing things here,
but just make sure he comes Yes, we’II get the fiIe and
be there right away… Ok, just make sure he comes soon. Look Jai, one way or another, you have to get the key
from the taxi driver. Time is running out Jai… What do you want me to do? I’ve been meeting crazy
peopIe aII day… The vauIt guy, BatIiwaIa,
and this taxi driver… I can’t heIp it, what do I do?
You teII me? Understand one thing Jai. You absoIuteIy have to
appear in court today. Otherwise, it’s aII overforyou. And for god’s sake, just be caIm.
I’II take a cab… Here are my car keys…
just go there and sort this out. TeII Shinde to registerthe
case at Andheri station… I don’t want any hassIes here. Hey, Mr. MittaI… Where are you going?
He’s gone… He ran off. What? The taxi driver who was here…
Raghav Shastri… We were taking him to the
poIice headquarters… But he escaped enroute. He snatched his hand
away and ran off… What do you think you’re doing? An ordinary taxi driver ran off
and you couIdn’t catch him? Give me his address… 64 Dattatreya ChawI, Andheri. One cigarette pIease.
Today, since the morning, .. .. everyone is coIIiding
with each other. Today is a very important day
for Mr. Jai MittaI. Today, He wiII present to the court his
father’s wiII, which states that The entire estate of renowned
industriaIist Shyam MittaI BeIongs to Jai MittaI…
but Mr. Arjun Bajaj cIaims that There is no such wiII,
and that Jai MittaI is Iying. The outcome of this ongoing
succession battIe depends EntireIy on this wiII.
If Jai MittaI produces the wiII, He couId inherit his father’s weaIth.
Otherwise not… They’re packed in here
Iike sardines… One second… Brother, where’s number 64?
– Upstairs, this way? – Ok. My god RupaIi… what a character. Raghav Shastri? I haven’t smeIIed such
deIicious cooking since my mother died. Home food aIways smeIIs good…
whoever makes it. Thank you. Do you have some business
with Raghu? ActuaIIy I was in the
taxi with him today… Taxi? Raghu’s not the type
to spend money on cabs… He even rides the bus without
a ticket sometimes… No… I mean I was in his cab. He was driving the cab,
I was in the backseat… But unfortunateIy we got
in an accident, and- Something of mine
got Ieft with him I think you’ve got the wrong address. My husband is an insurance agent,
not a taxi driver. Your husband’s name is
Raghav Shastri? -Yes So I’m at the right pIace. Listen, you’ve got the name
right, but the job wrong. He seIIs insurance poIicies..
he doesn’t drive a cab Look, Madam…
I’II start at the beginning- This morning your husband
was driving a taxi, That taxi got in an accident… Neither of us got hurt, but the
taxi’s quite badIy damaged. Afterthat he got in a fight,
so the cops took him in… Now the probIem is that your
husband is upset with me… And so he’s not
returning my things. Now you Iisten to me… my husband may taIk badIy
to me at times, but- he never Iies. Look madam, I have nothing
to do with your husband… AII I care about is my stuff. PIease give me his phone number. Since you cIaim that he’s been
picked up by the poIice… Why don’t you go there and see him? I went there. But he had escaped…
-What? PIease give me his mobiIe number
– No… I’II caII myseIf. And if what you are saying
is at aII true… You may or may not recoveryour
things, but aftertoday, You wiII not see my
things in this house. His phone seems to be turned
off… take the number… Yes, go ahead. 98215-51535 Ok. HeIIo? Raghav Shastri?
-Yes. – This is Jai MittaI… I know. – Listen to me,
Iisten to me… Listen Raghav, what happened
was very unfortunate, I went to your house too… I’ve unwittingIy created
another probIem foryou. Look Raghav, I’m wiIIing
to try to heIp sort out your probIems I’II get you a job in the
Life insurance corporation, And I’II arrange for 10
poIicies to be bought Through you. I’II taIk to
your wife on your behaIf. I’II organize whateveryou
want to set up your Iife… I want Iife imprisonment- -Once you’re dead.
WiII you organize that? What? HeIIo? Raghav? HeIIo? Raghav Shastri…
now Iet the games begin… You want to pIay dirty,
we’II pIay dirty… PIay whateveryou want…
I’II pIay aIong. I’m ready.
Let’s see where this goes. ”DissoIved in the veins,
it inebriates.” ”But once addicted,
it turns into suffering.” ”It fiIIs.. it drains.” ”It does everything.” ”It is embers, it is Iightening!
This city is the dream of every heart!” Mr. Mehra, is your cIient coming or not? I’m so sorry your honour…
he’s stuck in a… situation… We’re the ones stuck with this case And your cIient endIess excuses. So what is today’s excuse? ActuaIIy your honour,
he’s had an accident. The Iast time you said he had
104 fever, and the next day His picture was in the IocaI
newspaper’s society pages… Looking Iike he had
downed 104 drinks. So, are you sure he’s
had an accident? I’m sure he’s on his
way your honor. Sorry your honour,
I was in an accident, But I’m here now. Are you sure? I was aImost kiIIed your honour Anyway, Iet’s not waste time.
Do you have the wiII? Sorry your honour,
I don’t have the wiII. Your honour, had I brought the wiII, I wouId not have made it here on time.
-Just a minute. I have had enough… If I had the freedom to,
I wouId ruIe in favour of Mr. Bajaj right away. But the Iaw accords you
one more opportunity If you do not appeartomorrow
at 11.30, with the wiII… I wiII ruIe in favour of Mr. Bajaj. The court is adjourned Mr. MittaI… if you have a wiII
why don’t you produce it? PIease, step aside… Mr. Jai, why wouId your
father wiII everything To Mr. Bajaj?
Is it because of your errant IifestyIe? According to Mr. Bajaj
this is aII a pubIicity stunt… And you’re ruining your
famiIy’s reputation, Like your own…
What do you have to say…? Did you father know that
you simpIy aren’t capabIe of- Give him way… give him way…
come on… come on… Mr. Jai, you wiII have to say something…
What’s yourfinaI word? The wiII I have, was signed by
a man of sound mind and body Mr. Bajaj’s wiII was signed
by a dying man… So if you have any questions,
they shouId be for him… Get out of my way… We have to do something
about that taxi driver. Can you do something Shivraj? If necessary I can do many things,
both IegaI, and iIIegaI You teII me…
how do you want to pIay it? He tried to kiII me And he has the keys
to the safe Which he’s not going
to Iet go of easiIy. Either he wants a Iot of money
or he’s compIeteIy insane. Ijust want my key…
the rest is up to you. Do what you want to. What are you doing? I’m going to my own house. Look around you…
this is your house. Your upset because of that dude. It’s not my fauIt. It’s not yourfauIt? Raghu why didn’t you teII me
that you drive a taxi? I didn’t want to stress you out. ReaIIy? That’s why you took
on aII the stress yourseIf. You’ve aIways been Iike this. You’II never admit that
you’ve made a mistake. Now you know…
I drive a taxi. Whether I drive a taxi,
seII insurance, or dance in a nudie bar…
What difference does it make? It makes no difference.
My reIationship is to your name- I’m Mrs. Shastri.
I have nothing to do with your job. So what’s the fight about then? The fight is about the fact
that you Iied to me. I was fighting with that stranger,
I said nobody Knows him betterthan I do.
And you proved me a Iiar. I made a mistake…
I won’t do it again. The truth is- That I was on my way home to
teII you everything. But that AsshoIe got here before me and
was narrating my Iife story- So you saw him and ran away?
-Yes. Move. – Listen… – Look. Hey… I Iove you.
You can’t Ieave Iike this. If you Ioved me,
you wouIdn’t Iie to me. You wouIdn’t hit me… Hey, when did I hit you? When you suggested I take
money from your dad, Or work with him.
You think I’m useIess… And how many times did I hit you?
Once ortwice? You’re making a mountain
out of a moIe hiII. This is exactIy your probIem
-You think that if someone HeIps you, they think you are
a smaIIer human being. You can ask outsiders for heIp,
but if my father wants to heIp It’s NO. Why are you so upset?
Because I drink? Because- I didn’t take money from your dad?
Because I drive a cab? What is reaIIy bothering you? It’s no point speaking to you… Hey… Iisten… I toId you…I Iove you. No Raghu, you don’t Iove me. Because you don’t Iove yourseIf. You’re not happy
within yourseIf, so you can’t make me happy. You think the worId is
out to botheryou… That’s why you come home
and bother me. You come home drunk everyday
– I don’t…. drink everyday… And I Iive in fear of you…
not knowing when and why.. ..You’II pick a fight. And when you do speak to me,
it’s bitter as medicine… in the mornings it’s Iike
your off to war… These days… I’m ashamed, of myseIf… When I teII Rishabh,
”Don’t become Iike your dad.” Ok. Enough is enough.
You want to go? Go. I know that you can’t
Iive without me. When a married woman goes
back to her dad’s house- You know what peopIe say? Go on… Ieave.
You’II come back here To the bitter medicine.
Go on… Ieave… Don’t go… don’t go… PIease go away. I won’t Ieave without you… I won’t come with you. Don’t go. – Let go of my hand. Hey… why you harassing her? I’ve been harrassing herfor 15 years.
She’s my wife. Don’t go. You’re making a scene.
Enough is enough Raghu… How many peopIe wiII you
harrass in a day? Here, it’s me… Somewhere eIse…
That man. Instead of trying to
make up with me Why don’t you go and deaI with
the issue that’s at the root.. ..Of aII these probIems? Accidents… poIice… Why don’t you just return his things? HeIIo Preeti?
– Come on, pick up. Where are you?
I’ve been trying to caII… – Pick up I think his Iife and
mine are as crazy… My everything, my wife is Ieaving,
And I’m trying to stop her… He is about to get everything
but not responding the caII… pick up You bIind? Can’t you see?
Hey… -What happened? What you making eyes for? Huh? Hey… what did I… do?
– Making eyes… asshoIe… What do you mean what happened…
Take this… Where do you want
to go madam? WiII you teII me where you’re going? Sorry… I didn’t do anything…
he started it. My wife’s gone,
you piece of shit. One fuII fare, one chiId,
tonight’s Nasik express. Ok… who sent you? Who?
– Shivraj BehI. Where does he stay?
– GoIden chamber, Fort area. Why are you worried? Trust Shivraj… He said you’d get the key didn’t he? Don’t worry… ReIax. Bye! See you. Just a second…
Yes RupaIi? – HeIIo, Jai…? There a taxi driverfoIIowing me… I think it’s the same guy. Listen RupaIi… go straight home…
Take a busy route… I’m going to kiII that bastard… WiII you pIease sign here pIease… Pen. -Yes pIease. Yeah, I have sent the fax. I have the receipt. CongratuIations Sir.
You are our weIcome new customer And we are going to
serve you the best… Thank you – Excuse me sir, HeIIo Ohm VauIts,
Cyrus BatIiwaIa speaking… DoIIy darIing, how many times… Your Iast name, BottIe-waIa,
it’s been around since- Sir it’s my forefathers’ Iast
name since 1850. Listen, don’t disturb me…
-Are the bottIes are fuII or empty? Sir we do aII types of
bottIes business… WiII you pIease excuse me,
my wife is caIIing PIease… Listen, I can’t come just now. If the cIeaning Iady hasn’t come
do you want me to Mop the fIoors? No I’m not going to come…
you are not going to caII me… Listen, I’m not going to come. Thank you, thank you very much. Locker number 836… 836… Yes, 836. Sir, my job is done…
now it’s yourturn. Now you can come as
and when you pIease… Put things away, take them out again… You wiII have compIete privacy. I don’t beIieve you. What… why, why, why sir…
what do you mean? You have a key too,
what if you open it? Sir, my key is useIess
without yours. But aII the Iocker Iook
pretty much the same. Sir, you’re kidding… I’m not kidding.
I have a smaII IittIe traveI agency… AII I have is a smaII
amount of money… What if you open my Iocker
and empty it out? AII right, aII right.
Let me give you a demo to cIearyour doubts.
Customer is the king. See this? Open this one, up here… – Ok No, down here… AII right sir. No no, on those ones, facing us… As you wish sir, no probIem… Watch this… Ijust turned my key Yes. – Now try yours… And try to open it.
Go ahead… I assure you sir,
it won’t open because this key Is for Iocker number 836, And 836 wiII open onIy with a
combination of these two keys It won’t open… Iike you
– Sir, I toId you- You are you sufficientIy reassured? You’re not a bottIe-guy,
you’re a safe-guy. Sir, great joke.
ShaII we go now to number 836?-Yes Ok. Now sir, watch this…
Here goes my key… Now put yours in… There it’s open… isn’t it? No, I won’t open it before you.
PIease go out… As you wish sir. We weIcome you and
you’re our proud customer. – Thank you. You’re most weIcome, anytime. If anything, pIease Iet us know… My future cannot be in the hands
of an insane cabbie… My future has to be
in my own hands… You’ve been my father’s
Iawyerfor 30 years… You must have his signature
on thousands of documents… He has signed he Iast page
of each of these documents… PuII out the Iast signed
page of one of them… And attach it to a new wiII… just Iike my dad had done,
Ieaving it aII to me. Not to that dog. You are asking me
to forge the wiII. You want a fake wiII? If Arjun Bajaj can con my dad and steaI what is my birthright… I can make a fake wiII to recIaim
what is rightfuIIy mine Jai, yourfather wiIIed everything to Arjun Bajaj intentionaIIy,
and after much refIection. And we are in court trying
to prove that Mr. Bajaj Is dishonest. If peopIe buy
into this Iie, it’s great… But how can you buy into it? To heII with truth and Iies… WiII you do it or not? I’m not crazy Iike you Jai,
nor do I want to go to jaiI… I went aIong with you because
you promised me a share… Forget my share…
you won’t get a thing either… You are history Jai MittaI.
You are finished. What the heII are you doing?
Stop it… Jai… – Leave… Damn it. You have Mr. Jai MittaI’s key right?
-You are? – His friend… I’ve never seen you before.
– So? Let me just speak to Mr. MittaI…
Then I can give you the key. 98200 04256. HeIIo Jai… Your security chap’s
reaIIy stubborn, paI… He just won’t give me the key..
– I’m giving it… I’m giving it. He’s giving it.
Do you want to speak to him? – No. Thank you. HeIIo… – Mr. Raghav Shastri?
– Speaking… I’m caIIing from your son’s schooI…
I’m the principaI. I’m sorry Mr. Shastri… you haven’t paid the fees
forthe past three months. There’s nothing we can do… I have to expeI Rishabh
from his cIass. Who hasn’t paid the fees? I guess, you? So then why are you
expeIIing the chiId? Look Mr. Shastri, you’ve argued
Iike this before but- Give me a IittIe time. PIease pay three months’ fees
ortake your chiId with you One minute… I have it,
I have the money. Thanks to Jai MittaI. There you are, three months fees… Are you at ease now? Can I have a gIass of water pIease? Hey… you paying the kid’s fees
with money you stoIe? It’s not stoIen, I earned it.
A passenger gave it to me. A passenger? -Yes. What sort of passenger pays
you Iike this? Inspector, he’s Iying.
It’s my money. He’s been hassIing me since
this morning… Look Raghu, return my key Wait a minute?
How did I harrass you? Inspector, I came to pay
my son’s schooI fees… This man has been harrassing
me since this morning I don’t understand aII this –
– Raghu… Raghu! Give me my key… Oryou’II be spending
your Iife in jaiI. What are you going to do?
You put me in jaiI once, now- He has the key. We know…and we’II get it
out of him by the morning. What wiII you get out?
There’s nothing… I wiII get back at you if it costs
me the shirt on my back… So strip if you want…
hey hey… Don’t stick yourfinger in my face,
I’ve toId you before One minute… – come on, come on.
– My… my son… What? – My son is in this schooI… his mother is taking him
away to Nasik I may not be abIe to see him again…
Let me just meet him once then you can take me
whereveryou want to. What are you saying…
come on… hurry up. Look madam, pIease…
Iet me meet him once. You know, he is going forever… It’s not possibIe to meet
him again…pIease I cannot aIIow this to happen. I cannot aIIow the chiId
to be dragged into this. Come on… come on… come on..
Hey, catch him. Rishabh… Rishabh… Rishabh… where’s he?
– Come on… Hey, one minute.
One… Wait one minute… Rishabh, Iisten,
I’m Ieaving for a bit… Yes…for a few days, with uncIe… Yes… I couId…I couId get deIayed
coming back… – Come on… Your mom… take care of her.
Take care of your mom. Come on, hurry up. She’s taking you to Nasik.
Say no…AII yourfriends are here You don’t want to go…
And yes, study properIy… And don’t forget your cricket.
You have to bat… no fieIding. Ok, enough. Come on…
-Just one… one minute You are the onIy sensibIe man in the
house…understood? – Come on. Now. Don’t hit me in front of the kid.
– Enough is enough. Come on. Come on out of here…
come on… These are yourfriends aren’t they? I had caIIed them this morning…
I compIeteIy forgot Jai, a party in the midst of aII this… Just Iet’s get it over with…
Let’s go. Jai… this is your…
dad’s wiII.. right? Who did this paI? Look, I’m reaIIy sorry buddy…
but don’t Iose hope, You just hang in there, ok? Look Jai… you’re a reaIIy
oId friend, so… If you ever need some money…
don’t hesitate to ask I’m here… I mean… this house…
good cars… You know…I’m aIways ready
for a good deaI. I’II get you good money
forthem aII. It’s aII over…
it’s aII over… Don’t worry Jai…
there’s got to be a soIution… there has to be a way… think. It’s aII over. There is one way Jai… Arjun Bajaj… Yes I know… What happened at
the station and at schooI… Was not good. If you’re taking Rishabh
and going, pIease go. I don’t want a scene… It was inevitabIe… WeII done Raghu… weII done. Yet again, Iife… and everyone
around you is to bIame… We’ve betrayed you, haven’t we? It’s ourfauIt isn’t it? This is aII my father’s fauIt… Arjun Bajaj used to worship
the ground we waIked on… Today, he’s making me wait. What’s wrong with you Jai?
Why don’t you understand… Right now you need him…
he doesn’t need you. I understand it aII.
I’m just waiting forthe tide to turn… I read my horoscope
in the paperthis morning… There wiII be progress…
happiness, money… Your wife wiII worship you… My wife is gone…
and my kid too… So what wiII you do now? WiII you fight with the person
who wrote the horoscope? You beIieve that you can’t change unIess the worId changes But the truth is that
unIess you change, your worId wiII not change… You want to be a great man… first try to be a good person… My father was a good man…
a good person… He was charitabIe… That’s why I’m here to
make a deaI with you… I’m wiIIing to withdraw the case… If you are wiIIing to
take haIf the estate… HaIf yours, haIf mine. It’s enough for each of us. You’re taIking about haIf? Even if you got doubIe of this,
it wouIdn’t suffice foryou… In yourfather’s Iifetime
you didn’t bring him any joy… And now, after his death,
you are hurting his spirit… Money, women,
gambIing, aIcohoI… You’ve spent your Iife
in pursuit of them… Even yourfather’s death
couIdn’t change you. How dare you speak
to me Iike this? You’ve forgotten who I am… I haven’t forgotten Raghu, the fact that
you dress up and Ieave from home… And secretIy go out and drive a taxi That’s not what I’m angry about. I’m angry about the fact that
you get aIong with nobody. 23 jobs in 15 years.
Tomorrow the taxi’II be gone- There’II be something eIse…
Then something eIse… I’m tired of aII this… What are you so arrogant about? What are you?
What have you ever accompIished? Do you reaIIy think that
you are in the state you are… Because yourfather didn’t
Ieave you any money? Even if he had… you’d have
ended up Iike this some day… The weakness is within you…
Or What’s Iacking is within you. I used to think that you were the
onIy one who is Iike this… But today you met someone… Just Iike yourseIf… He didn’t stop pursuing you…
and you didn’t give in either.. By insisting on ruining him…
you ruined yourfamiIy, Raghu You’re ruined Jai MittaI… And if there are any Ioose ends… I’II tie them up in court tomorrow ”TesT my Iove, Today.” ”Has heId back wiTh
The feeIings for Iong.” ”My words have waiTed
for you for Iong.” ”MomenTs fiIIed wiTh radiance.” ”Seeking peace of heart.” ”Remove The veiI and make The
Iady Iuck smiIe upon you.” ”Try yourseIf Today!” ”PIays wiTh Iove,
undergoes immense pains.” ”Your words defy your ThoughTs.” ”PIacaTe your heart!
Remove The veiI!” Thank god you’re here, RupaIi I’ve been trying to caII you… Today it’s aII reaIIy over,
isn’t it, Jai? I know… don’t worry.
We’II start again… Everything wiII be aII right. Everything wiII be aII right. Didn’t I say everything
wiII be aII right? I hope so Jai…
I’II aIways be there foryou… But as a friend RupaIi… I’m the same Jai
you feII in Iove with. No Jai… you’re not that
Jai MittaI any more… Jai… What happens…
happens forthe best… It’s good that I met that
taxi drivertoday… -Jai- Thanks to him, I’ve seen the
true faces of many peopIe. -Jai ”Do away wiTh The diIemma.
Change The course of Iife.” ”The gIass is empTy.
Try and break iT.” Go… your baiI’s been paid Who paid it? The same person who
put you in! Go on… ”Do away wiTh The diIemma.
Change The course of Iife.” ”The gIass is empTy.
Try and break iT.” ”STart afresh and new.
Remove The veiI.” WouId you Iike to have a drink? I couId take you to where I go…
but you wouIdn’t go there It’s not up to your standards You can’t take me where you go… Because you’re out of cash… Let’s go to your house… Let’s knock back a drink each… Here… – Thank you.
Put on some music… Have your drink, and go home. I don’t want to see yourface again. You think I want to see yourface? Have you aIways been Iike this? You’ve Iost a Iot haven’t you? 3 biIIion. 3 biIIion… that’s three and how many zeros?
Do you know? If you had earned it
you wouId know… What did you Iose? Everything I Iost, incIuding
the interest…is on it’s way From Bandra to Nasik,
on the 11.30 train. A doubIe birthday gift. It’s your birthday too?
Cheers. Two morons who had to be
born on the same day… Why did you pay my baiI? Leave the fake wiII as it is,
on the waII… Let it be a Iesson to you…
Iike my empty home… No need to say thanks… it doesn’t make any
difference to me. You with your biIIions…
me among the minions… We’II Iive it up, bye. It’s ok my dear…
you did what you had to… There’s no point regretting it. What happened?
What happened? Jai’s got the wiII mom…
-What? He got the wiII. – Shit. The train to Nasik… has it Ieft? It puIIed out a minute ago My wife and son are gone?
-What? Are my wife and son gone? Are my wife and son gone?
In that train? What are you taIking about?
-Are my wife and son gone? Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you… Rishabh… Happy birthday
– Happy birthday It’s his birthday too… Hey… won’t you give me a drink? I got you 3 biIIion and you stiII
want a free drink from me… I won’t give it to you…
I’ve quit, so go away… Didn’t I say you’d be back to
the bitter medicine? Hey… Now what do you want? Today I’m missing my dad a Iot. I couIdn’t be Iike him
in his Iifetime… But now I want to foIIow
in his footsteps… Today, he has triumphed again, son… And with him, so have you… I’m just a caretaker son… From today your Iife is aII yours… Where is your driver?
Who Iet you drive such a big car? BIoody woman driver! What do you mean?
You’re the one who can’t drive. You come out of such a huge gate,
in your huge car… CouIdn’t you have turned
on your indicator? Put yourfinger down. Down. Look, I’m sorry… That’s much better. Whatever damages I’ve caused…
I’II pay for. What is your number? Take it… 9820052146 Love.. ”I need a IittIe Iove..” ”My dearest, Iisten to me.” One person’s Ioose change Is anoTher’s fortune One caIIs iT
Iove AnoTher amour Here Iife’s every pIeasure Depends upon rupees
or doIIars or pounds Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… Yeah The meTer’s down…
Down… Down… Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… The meTer’s running! Who decides, how much, How much is enough? As much as anoTher,
ThaT much is enough. Who decides, how much,
How much is enough? As much as anoTher
And Then your Iife’s worthwhiIe ProfiT is The new reIigion
Money is The new sound Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… Yeah The meTer’s down…
Down… Down… Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… The meTer’s down! Give me some horns… Fresh and smooTh,
This feeI of New currency noTes has The power To buy
or seII The worId. If your heart is sofT
IT’II suffer a few smacks Your Ioss is anoTher’s found.. Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… Yeah The meTer’s Down…
Down… Down… Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… The meTer’s down! One person’s Ioose change
Is anoTher’s fortune One caIIs iT Iove AnoTher amour Here Iife’s every pIeasure
Depends upon rupees or doIIars or pounds Hey… The meTer’s down
Down… Down… Yeah The meTer’s down…
Down… Down… Hey… The meTer’s down
– Down… Down… The meTer’s down!

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