Tejasvini (Aramm) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nayantara, Sunu Lakshmi

Tejasvini (Aramm) 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nayantara, Sunu Lakshmi

Right now I am standing in Sri
Harikota, a city in Andhra Pradesh. This place and day have
special importance for us. The reason is the GLSV
F6 rocket developed by.. ..ISRO, Indian Satellite
Research Organisation. Indian scientists are going
to set another milestone.. ..in the field of science by
launching the rocket from this place. The reverse countdown
has already begun. Why is this rocket being
launched from India only? There must be some reason. India is going to
become a super power. Today a rocket is going
to be launched from India. – What is its importance to you?
– I don’t care? – Today a rocket is going to be launched
from India. – Why should I bother? Can you tell us why is
it being launched from here? How would I know why
they are launching it? What is your opinion about
the launching of the rocket? What difference
our opinion will make? Sir, I have decided to
resign my post of collector. I had joined this job with a
purpose and not flor a good salary. I had taken up this job so
that I can live among the people.. ..and work for their welfare. Perhaps you have still not understood
the game of power and politics. Or, you are intentionally
showing ignorance. Is this also a part of the inquiry? Don’t take it otherwise. I asked as your senior
and well-wisher. Sir, you are heading
the inquiry against me. But I am not a pawn
in the power politics. I am a democrat and
I wish to remain so. In the suspension
letter issued by you.. ..only point three
has been answered. I haven’t misused my powers. Had I done so, its implications
wouldn’t have been as severe.. ..as those happening due
to not taking a hard decision. What you term as power politics,
I term it as anti-democracy. The people for whose
democratic rights.. ..you are concerned so much,
those ignorant people.. ..don’t even know
the meaning of democracy. In my opinion it
is stupidity to fight.. ..for the sake of those
illiterate and uncivilised people. Is it their fault? Isn’t it the government’s duty to
inform people about their rights? A government officer,
doing government’s job.. ..is pointing fingers
at the government? I don’t understand. Are you
with the government or against it? The people of the country
form the government. What is government in your opinion? Anyway, I am no longer
a government officer. I am a former collector against
whom inquiry is being conducted. This is the problem with you. This is an official process. Why are you turning
it into an emotional issue? I can understand how you must
have reacted in that situation. I have talked to you for only three
minutes. Try to understand the issue. At any such accident site,
either you or we.. ..don’t need to be emotional
or take it as a personal challenge. You are under inquiry
because of your kindness. Do you understand that? ‘She was going to die.’ ‘I was doing my duty without being
emotional or losing my balance.’ What happened? Is there no petrol? Why are you asking that?
It was full in the morning. Your worthless brother used it up.
You have spoiled him. Had you asked me before
giving him the scooter? I am calling up Sarvan. I will ask him to bring
petrol and a water bottle as well. My throat is parched due to thirst. He is not picking up the phone.
Please try from your phone. He must have kept
his phone somewhere.. ..and God knows
what he will be doing. Where did she go? Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! – Dhanshika!
– Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Snake. Come here. Dhanshika. That’s enough.
Throw away the stone and let us go. – Whose car is this?
– Who knows? Maybe we can get
some water from them. – What do you want?
– Can I have drinking water? We have these last two bottles. We won’t get water further on. Take this cold drink. No, madam,
it will give me a soar throat. Please give me water. Tell me is that your daughter? Yes, she is my child. – What is her age?
– She has just turned four. Has she been given polio drops? No, madam. What sound is that?
It is very melodious. It is the sound of
a bird but I can’t see it. It is a particular sparrow.
It is seen only during summer. Mostly it is alone.
It keeps flying around here only. – Okay.
– Children also catch it easily. Not only that,
it lays its eggs on foot trails.. ..and it makes a particular sound
when animals come out in the night. – Put the child down.
– My daughter Dhanshika. – Hi. What is your name?
– Dhanshika. Recite a poem. O sparrow. O sparrow. You are the queen of trees. You wake up early in the morning. God knows what you do. Whether you go to
study or for a job. – You return in the evening and bring
food for your chicks. – Very good. Open your mouth.
I will give you a chocolate. I have heard that a rocket is going
to be launched from this place. Yes, madam. The whole village
will celebrate on that day. No one will go to work. Sweets will be distributed
in the village. There will be veneration
also in the temple. Why are you so happy
on the launch of the rocket? It is a matter of honour.
Our country will become famous. It is not a small matter.
Everybody should feel proud. It is a good thing. – Madam, it is a call from the doctor.
– At this time? – Hello, sir? – ‘Just now you sent
a photo. Which place is it?’ Kattur. – ‘They are very nice photos.’
– Thank you. ‘We will put these
photos on banners.’ – ‘People’s trust on us will get a boost.’
– Yes, sir. ‘There is a bike with
pots dangling from it.’ ‘I think that region
is drought affected.’ ‘If some NGO or
a reporter spots it..’ ‘..an issue will be
created unnecessarily.’ ‘Do one thing. Click the photo
of the mother and daughter separately.’ ‘And both should look
happy in the photo.’ Okay, sir. – Can I click a photo?
– Certainly. – Click a photo.
– Okay. Stand there. Come forward. – Open your mouth.
– Madam, are you ready? Madam, I see some
people behind you. Hey, Raman, stop! I want some petrol. Three days back I had
filled up worth 30 rupees. I was going to borrow from
you and now you are asking from me? Okay, go. Who is this nurse
treating in the fields? – She is giving polio drops to my child.
– Let her give it. Ask her if there is a medicine
which can quench thirst for a lifetime. Hey, your father is coming. Run, run. Quickly. ‘I see. So under the
excuse of going to school..’ ‘..he comes here to swim.’ ‘Today I am going
to teach you a lesson.’ ‘How long can he
keep hiding in water?’ Mantu! He is underwater, right? Leave. He won’t come
out until you leave. Go! Go! Mantu! Mantu! Mantu! Are you an animal? Are you an animal? Has father left? I have been shouting since long.
Still you don’t listen. Come on. Hurry up. Hey. Hey, stop. Hey, stop. Mantu! You are being naughty. You are playing in water
instead of going to school. Study, or else you will have to
do manual labour like your uncle. Can’t you see? Daily people keep taunting
him about something or the other. And he keeps getting
thrashed as well. I get thrashed at school. Why would they thrash
you if you study properly? They also beat those who study. – They are demons. They skin us.
– What is this? You are saying your
teacher is a demon? Not only demon, he also
calls him father of God of death. Why does it hurt you if I said so? – Is he your father? – Is this how
you should speak to your uncle? I can use even worse language. – Ill-mannered.
– I am not ill-mannered. – Did you hear that, sister?
– You have begun to talk too much. – You have begun to talk too much.
– Look there. The rocket. Sister, he fooled you as well. – Hey! Mantu!
– Sister, you cn keep running now. How bad the situation is here?
There is not even one tree. How will the people
live in this place? Yes. These days everybody
wants wooden doors and windows. And then they complain
that there is no breeze. Do you remember we used
to play hide and seek.. ..behind the trees
here when we were children? Can anyone play now? Girls used to swing on these
very trees during Shravan month.. ..and we used to steal
fruits from this place. Listen, it is not just the
jungles which have been ruined. Even childhood memories
are becoming dim. Right. It looks like there
will be jungles of concrete.. ..Instead of trees in this place. Yes, Sumitra, tell me. Listen, Mantu cannot
hear with one ear. He is not letting me even touch it. I saw that pus is
coming out of his ear. Give the phone to him. Here, talk to him. – Yes, father?
– Son, since when you have lost hearing? Since last night, father. Give the phone to your mother. – Sumitra.
– Tell me what to do. We will take him to
the doctor this evening. I had thought that I
will save one day’s salary.. ..but my son has got
problem with his ear. I will have to find a way.. ..otherwise I will end
up spending 1,000 rupees. What did you say? Doctor Shanti? She makes you visit her for
three days for treating a scratch. If you go to her for treating
ear pain, within three months.. ..she will make you
mortgage your house. – What is it now?
– Why are you getting angry? I am not spending
money on my brother. How can I remain calm? You would understand if
you have to work in this heat. You are saying I am getting angry. Since morning I have
drunk four bottles of water. ‘Look, don’t worry.
We won’t go to the doctor.’ ‘Directly buy medicine
from the medical store.’ It will be wrong.
No matter how much the expense.. – ..but we will consult an ear specialist.
– Have you forgotten? I have to go to buy
cake for Dhanshika. – ‘Okay, I will get it from a medical
store.’ – Okay, get the medicine. – Sarvan, wait here. I will go
and buy medicine. – Okay. – Do you have painkiller?
– For what? – For ear.
– Is pus coming out of the ear? The ear is a bit damp and
bad odour is coming from it. – From which village have you come?
– Kattur. Kuttur? I have heard that there
is no pond or lake over there. – There is only salty water.
– They swim in that only. Pus forms when salt
water enters ears. I am giving these drops. Put them thrice in a day. – How much is it?
– 25 rupees. Hey, turn it off. You should have let
me watch the final round. Don’t fall asleep. I have to put medicine in your ear.
You can go to sleep after that. Listen, he keeps watching
swimming competitions. He is very fond of swimming. Do your work. What is wrong in it? Go and tell him to forget swimming. He should focus on studies. There is no place for swimming. Sports are not going
to achieve anything. If he studies his
life will become better. I will squeeze his neck
if I see him doing it again. Once upon a time
I was a Kabaddi player. I was physically very
strong but not good in studies. I am suffering till date. I have lost all my
ancestral property till now. Currently we survive
by doing painting jobs. I can’t even buy toys for children. The poverty which forced
you to give up Kabaddi.. ..will the same
poverty let him study? There is a hope
that if he studies.. ..he will get a job in future. We will earn some
respect in the society. Your life is different
from his life. Listen, don’t force
your failures on him. Look at this at least once. Are you telling me? I remember the day when
he hid in the water on seeing me. I almost stopped breathing. For a moment I felt
as if I had lost my son. I know that he has got talent. Still I am asking him to
stop swimming and start studying. You may think that I am wrong,
but what do I do? Tell me. If I am wrong,
may God take away my life. Why do you talk like this? Listen. Come here once. Mantu is awaking. Son, have you fallen asleep? Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. – Mother.
– Yes? – I want to show you something.
– What is it? This is something like a helmet. Father, I want to buy this. Yes, it is a helmet. – If you wear it, water won’t
enter the ears. – Yes. You never asked
for notebooks and pen. You are again going
to swim in water. Someday I am going
to cut off your ears. Bring vegetable curry in a spoon. Why are you spoiling him? Hadn’t I explained to you
last night not to scold children? But you go on scolding him. Pour water on my back. – I am his father, not his enemy.
– Yes. Give it. It is too salty.
Help him in his bath. Okay. Mantu, you should know swimming.. ..so that you can save
yourself from drowning. But swimming doesn’t
help you survive, okay? Again you are harping
on the same thing? Take bath by yourself. Come here. Come on. Come here. You too do things which
make you get scolded. Wear this while bathing
until your ear is healed, okay? Come. From now on bathe here. This is river,
pond and sea for you. If you again complain of ear ache.. ..I will pull your ears and
make them big like an elephant’s. All the time you keep
getting scolded by your father. So many cakes? Which one do you want? I want this one. Hey what are you sniffing?
Look here. Which one is this? This is vanilla. It costs 500. And this one? It costs 600 and the
strawberry one costs 650. This one? – The one down there?
– Yes. It costs 350. Okay, give it. Do you want to write a name on it? – Yes.
– What name should I write? Dhanshika. You want the name
in Hindi or English? Any one will do. Write it down. Write in English. Don’t you know English? Do you study in government school? Won’t you be able to understand? I will understand even
if you write in Urdu. Leave all that. Tell me what
your relation with that family is. Give us water. Give us water. Give us drinking water. Give us water. Give us water. Give us drinking water. Getting water is our right. It is our right. Give us water. Give us water. – Listen, the collector is on the way.
– Okay. – Hello, madam. You should not
have come this way. – Why? After knowing that you
will be passing by this way.. ..the villagers have gathered here. – What is their problem?
– The same one. Water. Isn’t there a water tank? Isn’t the plan for
water being implemented? Madam, there are three tanks. Due to low water level
they get salty water. Okay, you can wait here.
I will go and talk to them. Madam, don’t you have
to attend a function? We can cancel it. Being public servants our first
duty is to help the public, okay? Give us water. Give us water. Give us drinking water. Give us water. Give us water. Give us drinking water. Everybody has a right to get water. Getting water is our right. Everybody has a right to get water. Getting water is our right. Is this how you behave I front of
an officer? Don’t you have manners? We don’t mind showing
respect to the officer.. ..but there should be
someone to hear our woes. Remove it. But madam, the sun is very hot. Everybody is enduring the heat. Go. I would like to
say something to you. It is your right
to demand justice.. ..but it is wrong to
harass others to do that. Look over there.
So many vehicles are stuck. Children have to go to school.
Someone has to go to office. And someone has to
go to hospital also. Please let them go. We don’t want to listen to you. First fulfil all our demands. Only after that we will leave. – Fulfil our demands!
– Fulfil them! Fulfil them! Stop it.
You can resort to sloganeering.. ..if your demands are not met. I am telling you
that I will talk to you. But first,
please let the school bus go. All of you please
come to this side. ‘Let us move aside.
Let us move aside.’ We should listen to Madam. Madam, you told us to
let the children go to school. We will send them to school
but will they get water over there? Madam, if water is not available
no child from the village.. ..will ever be
able to go to school. Currently water problem
is not an ordinary problem. If I speak honestly, this problem
is the legacy of some corrupt people. Right now I can suggest
a solution to your problem. How can we believe your words? Madam, there is no
water till very deep down. There is only one shop
here which sells water.. ..and madam it is a mystery
how water is available to it. Touch any of our trees. If you touch any leaf it
will fall like an autumn leave. It seems as if all the moisture
has dried up due to wind. Madam, our condition
is like fish out of water. It looks as if the
fish is dancing with joy.. ..but the fact is that they
are death throes of the fish. Sometime ago people were dying
like animals due to an epidemic. But the powerful people
used that also for their benefit. There are medicines
available to cure illnesses.. ..but madam,
what is the cure for thirst.. ..other than watching people die? Can nothing be done for us, madam? I am of your father’s age. I beg to you. A father is begging
before his daughter. Dear, please do something for us.. ..otherwise all of us will die. Please do something for us.
Please do something for us. Dear, please do something, or else
no one will survive in this place. I won’t drink water
till your problem is solved. Please give me some time. Please. ‘There are medicines
available to cure illnesses..’ ‘..but madam,
what is the cure for thirst..’ ‘..other than watching people die?’ ‘Dear, please do something for us.’ – Yes, madam?
– Just now a water tanker passed by us. – Check where it is going.
– I will check right away. Look this balloon. – Yes, tell me.- ‘Madam, a bus
has broken down over here.’ ‘There are about 45 tankers.’ ‘All the water is being supplied to
big hotels and construction work.’ Seize all the tankers
and take them to the village. The villagers need the
water more than buildings. Just a minute. One second. I understood that you gave an order
to seize the tankers without permission. But it was absolutely wrong to supply
the same water to various villages. After all,
who gave you this authority? Sir, the laws should be of
the nature which benefits people. What is the use of the laws
which cause hardships to people? Don’t talk nonsense? Tell me, who gave you the
authority to distribute the water? Yamuna has quoted 1100.
Yamuna has quoted 1100. I quote 1200. Sumitra has quoted 1200.
Is there anybody else? – Sister, I quote 1300.
– 1300. Rajni quotes 1300. – Rajni quotes 1300.
– Sister, I quote 1400. Sumitra has quoted 1400.
Sumitra has quoted 1400. I quote 1500. Yamuna has quoted 1500.
Yamuna has quoted 1500. Sister, where is Yamuna? How is this going to help? I have to pay my
children’s school fees. I cannot quote
more than this, okay? Hey, Yamuna, surely you know.. ..that Sumitra has to
pay two children’s school fees? Have some compassion for her. ‘The next chit must
be opened in my name.’ Sumitra, this time the
chit will be opened in your name. – It is time for tea break.
– Where are you going? Everybody come and have tea. Come here. Let us have tea. Yes, give one to me. Hey, where is Dhanshika? She has gone in that direction. – Give me tea.
– Take biscuits also. – I also want biscuits.
– God knows where she has gone. – I have to find her.
– Sumitra, have tea. No, not now. I too want it. – Sister, give to me also.
– Hurry up. Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Where can she go? She will return. Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Where has she gone? Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika! ‘Sumitra!’ ‘Your daughter is here!’ ‘What has happened?’ ‘Sumitra!’ What has happened? The small girl. ‘Someone please help!’ What has happened to Dhanshika? – Don’t go there.
– What happened? Stay here only. Don’t go there. What has happened to her? – Dhanshika!
– Sumitra, wait. – Dhanshika!
– Sumitra, wait. – Dhanshika!
– Wait, Sumitra. Wait, Sumitra. Dhanshika? My daughter. Dhanshika! Sumitra, wake up.
Sumitra, open your eyes. Sumitra, nothing will
happen to your daughter. Sumitra, wake up. Sumitra. Nothing will happen to her.
We will bring her out. Dhanshika has fallen
into a bore well. In a bore well. ‘Where are you right now?’ Sir, we are in a field.
In Kattur village. Sir, please come soon.
Sir, please hurry up. What did he say on the phone? Earlier I had talked to him.
Now he is not picking up the phone. Come on, hurry up. – Come on. Hurry up.
– Hurry up. Move back. Move back. I can’t see anything.
It is very dark in there. Dhanshika! Dhanshika,
why are you not saying anything? Everybody keep quiet.
We have made a phone call. Maybe some help will
come from the collector. She is such a small girl. Dhanshika! Tell Kumar to get my phone. Hey, Kumar, bring the phone. – How deep it could be?
– It is about 36 feet. Hey, quickly bring ropes. Yes, let us go. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. – Hey, why did you stop the truck?
– I don’t know, sir. I will go and check. – Check it quickly.
– Okay, sir. Give him tools. Hello. Hello. Listen, I am lowering it.
I will try to record her voice. Don’t make sounds. Carefully. Lower it slowly. Slowly. Hey, call her mother. – Calm down.
– My daughter. Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dhanshika,
please say something, my dear. Someone take her aside or
else the girl will get frightened. Please take her aside. Dhanshika! Dhanshika,
please say something, my dear. We will bring you out. Don’t be scared. There
is nothing to be scared about. Your father is coming soon. We will bring you out. What will happen to the girl? Dhanshika. Dhanshika. How is the girl?
Can you hear any sound? Will you all keep
quiet for some time? – What is your problem?
– How will I be able to hear? ‘Dhanshika! Dhanshika,
please say something, my dear.’ ‘We will bring you out.’ ‘Don’t be scared. There
is nothing to be scared about.’ ‘Your father is coming soon.’ ‘Dhanshika!’ ‘Mother, I am feeling scared.’ ‘Please get me out of here.’ ‘Mother..’ My child. ‘Let us go.
Move aside. Move aside.’ ‘Hey, move. Move.’ ‘Hey, move. Move.’ – ‘How can I?
– Move aside.’ I can’t understand what is wrong. Hurry up, we are getting late. Sir, the ambulance cannot go ahead. Its path is also blocked. Dhanshika, can you hear my voice? We are throwing down a rope.
Grab it. Maybe she is not able to hear you. Dhanshika! Dhanshika! Dear, grab the rope!
Can you hear me? Catch the rope! Maybe she is not able to hear you. It is possible that
there is no network. Hello. Today, in Kattur village,
a farmer’s daughter.. Hey, shut up. This is barren land. There has been no rain since years. How can cultivation be done here? Today, Dhanshika,
the four year old daughter.. ..of a family of Kattur village,
was playing in the fields. Suddenly the girl fell into
an open bore well in the field. Yes, tell me. Madam, I am SP Dhananjay speaking. I am going towards Kattur village. I have received information
that a four year old girl.. ..has fallen into a bore well. Have you informed the
medical team about this? Inform the fire brigade as well. Ask VAO, executive magistrate.. ..and other officials
also to come immediately. – Madam.
– Are you executive magistrate Ganesh? – Yes, madam.
– Where are you right now? ‘I am on the way, madam.
I am going to Kattur.’ – On the way?
– Yes, I am in my car. ‘I will be there in 10 minutes.’ I can’t hear the car’s sound. Actually, there was no signal
so I have got down from the car. Work sincerely, please. – Who is the VAO of this place?
– Dhanpal, madam. ‘And where is he?’ He is at the spot. ‘Ask him to talk to me.’ Okay, madam. – Sir, your brand is not available.
– Yes madam. Hey, it is the call from DM. Mr. Dhanpal, phone call. It is the call from
executive magistrate. If I pick up the phone he
will saddle me with lots of work. If he asks about me,
tell him that I am driving. Okay. Sir. Hello, sir.
I am his assistant speaking. – Sir, right now he is driving.
– Where are you right now? Sir, we are going
to Kattur village. Sir, we will reach
there in 10 minutes. If you are in the car,
why there is no sound? Sir, the car has
stopped at a signal. Okay, okay. Madam collector
wants to talk to him. Ask him to call her
as soon as possible. Sir, I will ask him to call. What did he say? – Sir.
– Yes? The executive magistrate
is very smart, sir. He knew that we were not in a car. Smart? He is a useless fellow. He must be standing on the
edge of the road and chatting. He must have lied. – Sir!
– Has the ambulance reached there? Neither the ambulance, nor
the fire brigade has reached there. Find out about it. Listen. Quickly call
up the fire office. Why hasn’t the fire
brigade reached there? Madam, I had informed on 101,
but I don’t know why.. Keep updating me with
whatever news you get. – Please.
– Okay, madam. Today’s breaking news. This afternoon, a four
year old girl named Dhanshikha.. ..fell into a bore
well in Kuttur Village. The depth of the bore
well is about 148 feet.. ..and Dhanshikha is stuck
at the depth of about 36 feet. Initial investigation shows that
the open bore well is in the field.. ..of none other than Balkrishna,
the landlord of the village. – Hello. – Madam, I am DSP
Rajan Khanna speaking. The bore well is two years old. There was no water
so it was left open. We have found out that
there are many such bore wells.. ..which were never covered. Madam, we will try to bring
out the girl as soon as possible. The media is turning
this into breaking news. Have you interrogated the landlord? Madam, he has disappeared. Find him from wherever he is. Close all the open bore wells. Register FIR and keep me informed.. ..about whatever
updates you get, okay? Hurry up. How long will it take? There is jam all along the way. Hurry up. Hurry up. Look at that. Hold it. – Come on. Come on.
– Why isn’t the vehicle moving? Can’t you see?
The vehicle has broken down. Move back. Move back. Go away. Sir, my daughter has been trapped. We will move when it is repaired.
Go away. – There is no point in talking to them.
– Go. Go away. Move back. Sir, we are from a channel.
Let us pass. So what if you are from a channel? Shall I venerate you? Calm down. What are you doing? Madam collector is coming. Did you find the other clutch wire? Hurry up. Yes, madam? The clutch plate is also damaged. We are trying. How long will it take to repair it? It can be repaired only
after a mechanic arrives. Madam, it is a call
from the fire station. – Hello.
– Madam. There is an emergency. Immediately send a fire
engine to Kattur village. ‘madam, there is a minister’s
function. The vehicle has gone there.’ ‘Madam, I will send
it as soon as it returns. Send it as soon as possible. Okay, do one thing. Can
we drive by an alternative route? Madam, Kattur is
20 kilometres from here. There is a damaged
bridge on the way. It will take more than
half hour to reach there. Do we have that much time? Madam, it has been one
hour since the girl fell in. It can be risky if
there is much delay. Has a medical team reached
there form a nearby hospital? Two nurses have
already reached there. There are no oxygen
cylinders available. Do you mean the girl is
trapped there without oxygen? What is this? Why hasn’t
the bridge been repaired till now? Madam, it couldn’t be
done due to local politics. Politics is everywhere. How will the country
make progress.. ..when there are such insensitive
politicians and officers? Do one thing. push this vehicle
and park it in an empty place. My child! O God, please save our daughter. Come on. Push harder. That’s it. That’s it. Push. Push. Come on. Come on. Push. Push. Come on. Who are you waiting for?
No one will come. Why would they come? She is not a minister’s daughter. We will have to do something
if we want to save Dhanshika. Go and create disruption. Block the roads. Stop the trains. Burn buses. Burn cars. Then you will see what
prevents them from coming. Not even one government
officer has come. Listen, why are you inciting
people by saying wrong things? The fire brigade
vehicle has broken down. Not even one government
officer has come here.. ..because they don’t want to come. How did the people
from media reach here? There people are not
going to mend their ways. Why are you speaking like this? I too am one of you.
Have some patience. What can someone do
if the car breaks down? No one is worried about us. Listen. Why are you shouting? Is this how you talk
to high ranking officers? How will we work if you trouble us? Why don’t you understand? What do you do? You have come after
we created a ruckus. What are you saying? Hey, what nonsense is this?
Get away from here. Go. We won’t leave till you talk to us.
Come on, friends. Go away. Go away. Move! – Move!
– You cannot stop us. Balan is a landlord of Kattur
village in Thiruvallur district. A 140-feet deep bore well
in his land was left open.. ..because it didn’t have water. As a result, an innocent
four years old girl fell in it. Sumitra. Sumitra. – What happened, Sumitra.
– Careful. Careful. The administration took
such a long time in coming here. Madam, what do you
have to say about that? It has been two hours
since the girl fell in.. ..bur neither the ambulance
nr the fire engine has come. Will you take action
against the owner of the land? – Madam, please, do say something.
– Madam, come. Right now we cannot
give any statement. Let he do her job. Please. Madam, you didn’t
answer our questions. I have nothing to
say in this regard. I will give a statement
only after saving the child. Please cooperate with us. Madam, will you take any
action against the officers.. ..who are coming late? Please understand. No one intentionally comes late. They get late because
of the distance.. ..between the village and city. Please let us do our job. Is there no service for
those living far from the city? Is the distance there
only in times of trouble? The leaders come
by helicopter also.. ..when they want to ask
for votes at election time. This is their trait. People come here for
their selfish purpose. Slowly. Slowly. Madam. Madam. Madam. Madam, please save our daughter. You are like God for us. Please get up. My daughter is four years old. Have courage. Look, all of us have come
here to save your daughter. Trust me. Everything will be fine. Officer. – Madam.
– Please take her from here. Yes, madam. Come to this side, madam.
This side. – Is she all right?
– Madam, we are checking. Her physical condition? There is no poisonous gas in there.
The girl is alive. – How much is the depth?
– About 36 feet down. How long will it
take for the rescue? – Approximately two to three hours.
– Why so much time? Because the width is
less so it will take time. Will the girl be able
to survive till then? She will survive, madam. If oxygen is supplied she
can survive for three hours. – Bring the pipe.
– Okay. Make it fast. Nurse, after getting the
mask to her arrange for water. Hurry up. What is this? Madam, we are lowering the
mike and camera into the well. With the help of the camera
we will be able to see the girl.. ..on the screen,
and with the mike we will check.. ..her breathing patterns
and body movements. Okay. ‘God knows what will happen?’ ‘Will the girl be
alive as of now or not?’ ‘They left the bore well open!’ Come with me. Listen, zoom in her eyes. Zoom some more. She doesn’t seem to be frightened. The girl is quite courageous. I think she is okay. She needs support. If someone wants to talk to her.. – Call her father.
– Sure. – I too want to talk to her.
– Call the girl’s father. Hey, Virendra, get up. Give him the headphone. Talk to the girl. Virendra, first stop crying.
The girl will get scared. – Dhanshika.
– My child. Dhanshika. Dhanshika. Dhanshika. Father, when will
you get me out of here? Dhanshika,
very soon we will get you out. Dhanshika. Dhanshika. Father, who is speaking? Dear, she is the collector madam. Father, what is her name? Dear, my name is Madhavi. Dhanshika,
today is your birthday, right? It is tomorrow, not today. Which chocolate should
I bring for you? Mother is going
to get a cake for me. She is also going
to write my name on it. Yes, dear. Your mother has
got your name written on the cake. Father, I cannot move my hand. Which hand? Which hand, my child? The hand with which we eat food. Dhanshika, do you find
it difficult to breathe? It’s very bad odour. Everything will be
fine in a little whilr. You must be sweating
due to the heat, right? Tell me. Is it very hot down there? I want to go to the bathroom. Dear, do it there only. My child. If I pee in my clothes
my mother will scold me. No, no, I won’t scold you. My child. I did it. – What kind of clothes is she wearing?
– Why? Actually,
madam, we are going to pull her up. If her clothes are sturdy
we will put a hook through them.. ..and will pull her up. Don’t do that. Don’t worry. If her clothes get torn
she will again fall down. If we make butterfly knot in the
rope her hand will be locked in it. After the hand is locked
we will pull up the girl. But won’t her shoulder
get dislocated? Madam, there are chances of that. Any other option? We have another option
but it is risky. Earlier we used to
use wired to pull up.. ..but the wires used to scrape
the skin and body very badly. Doctor, is there no other way? Madam, there is no other way. We have to somehow
save the girl’s life. We will take care, ma’am. – Are you sure?
– Sure, ma’am. – Okay, please start the procedures.
– Right. The rescue team
talked to the girl.. ..with the help
of camera and mike.. ..and have confirmed
that she is safe. The administration is
constantly making efforts. As per the latest information, the
rescue team will try to pull out.. ..the girl by tying a butterfly
knot on her hand and locking it. Hey, what prank are
you playing with the poor? Even after all these years.. ..not even one machine
has been made for us Do you have only a
rope to save a poor person? Pull gently, or else the
government will incur a huge loss. Wasn’t only one person enough
if you wanted to use a rope? Why did you bring the collector,
SP and doctor? Do we lack a supply of ropes? Couldn’t we have pulled
her up by ourselves? You didn’t make even
a machine to save the poor. Everything is for the rich. Hello. One, two, three, four. “Our ramshackle hut is
better than any other place.” “It is better than any place.” “The leaders cook their rice by
setting fire to the huts of the poor.” “It is better than any place.” Today, once again a four year
old girl fell into a bore well. Will the administration
be able to save the girl? Or will she die just
like previous cases. This is today’s question. In a country with population
of over one billion.. ..where cities and
villages both exist.. ..but our attitude
of our administration.. ..and the common people is
different towards the city dwellers.. ..and the village dwellers. Why is it so? You see, in India,
the government and the law.. ..are very lenient
towards such carelessness.. ..and so this becomes a civil case. Had the same incident
occurred in a foreign country.. ..it would have become
a criminal case. So you tell us whether the girl herself,
or someone else is responsible.. ..for that girl falling into a
bore well which was left uncovered. You see, a four year old
girl wouldn’t intentionally jump.. ..into a bore well
risking her life. The government agency
is the most at fault.. ..which was supposed to check.. ..whether the bore
well was covered or not. And of course,
the owner of the bore well as well. You see, this is not the
very first case of this nature. Not at all. In the past also this
has happened many times. In the past thousands of children.. ..have fallen into bore
wells and list their lives. You know that. Had this been the very
first case of this nature.. ..we could have said
that this is just an accident. But it is not so. Very slowly.
Very slowly. Carefully. Slowly. Lower the rope. Keep lowering the rope. Very slowly.
Very slowly. Carefully. Keep the rope to the left. Slowly. Dhanshika,
put your hands inside the rope. ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ The girl is not putting
her whole hand inside the loop. We cannot waste any more time. Tighten the loop. Hurry up. ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ ‘God Almighty, please protect her.’ Listen, Balkrishna, pull the rope. Slowly. She is holding the rope. Slowly. The girl is coming up. Very slowly. Keep it in the centre.
In the centre. Keep her away from the sides. Keep it in the centre.
In the centre. Yes, okay. Yes.
Keep pulling up. Keep pulling up. Carefully. Gently. Very slowly. Very slowly. Don’t be hasty. Mother, I can’t bear it. Mother, it is hurting very much. Dhanshika,
keep holding onto the rope. Don’t let go of it, dear. Look, the girl is scared.
Don’t pull it faster, okay? Pull her up very slowly.
Very carefully. Mother, it hurts very much! Mother, my hand is slipping! – Mother!
– Dhanshika! – Mother!
– Dhanshika, my child! – Dhanshika!
– Mother! Mother! Go fast and check
what the situation is. Hurry up. Please save my daughter. Please save my daughter. – Sumitra.
– Sumitra. Move aside. Move aside. Back off. Back off.
Move aside. Let her pass. Look. Look, please calm down. We will save the girl somehow. Someone, please bring water. Take her to the ambulance. Hey, nobody should move forward. Sumitra. Look, what happened to her? Check her. Fast. Dhanshika. Doctor, increase the
length of the oxygen cable. This length of the
cable is of no use. Quickly join one more
cable and increase its length. – How long will it take? – Madam,
it will be done in two minutes. Please hurry up. Come fast. Come with me. Come. One more hurdle has
come in rescuing Dhanshika.. ..who is trapped in a bore well. The firemen were trying
to pull up the girl with a rope.. ..but she again fell down
as the rope slipped from her hand. Balkrishna, stop,
we can hear the girl’s breathing. – At what depth she could be?
– Approximately 36 feet. Doctor, she is finding
it difficult to breathe. – I will check. I will do it.
– Find out what happened. Madam, there is lack
of oxygen at that depth.. ..so the girl is
taking deep breaths. Madam, we have
increased oxygen supply. Her breathing will become normal. Doctor,
why is there no improvement? She still seems to be breathless. – Keep the oxygen level balanced.
– Okay, sir. – Increase the level slowly.
– Yes, sir, I am increasing it. – What is the level right now?
– Sir the level is four. – Four?
– Four. Four level. – Increase it slightly above four.
– I am increasing it, sir. Doctor, her condition
is still the same. Find some solution. Do something. – Okay, madam. I will do it.
– Quick. Call up the hospital. Dhanshika, can you hear my voice? Sir, we had supplied
oxygen till level 36. Till then the girl was normal. Now we have increased the level
of oxygen but she is suffocating. Sir, should we increase
the level of oxygen? Zoom it some more. Some more. Madam, this place is near the sea. There will we methane
gas down there. So oxygen may be ineffective. Madam, I have talked to my seniors. I don’t want any explanation. What can you do as a doctor? Just tell me this. Can you help
in making her breathing normal? Doctor, what can we do right now? Tell me one more thing. How long can she survive if
she goes on suffocating like this? Madam, I feel sorry to say,
but her condition is very serious. Half an hour at the most. Sorry. Right now all we can do
is to increase oxygen level. Madam, we have no other option. – My daughter.
– Calm down. Calm down. – My daughter.
– Everybody is trying. – Everything will be fine.
– Move back the crowd. They are disturbing us.
What are you doing? – Let us go!
– Move aside. Let us go! – My daughter.
– Let us go! – Let us go!
– My daughter. – Why are all these people here?
– Nothing has happened. – What happened to Sumitra?
– Nothing has happened. Just sit here. – Sumitra! Sumitra!
– Listen.. Sumitra. Sumitra. Mother. – Hey, you cannot come here.
– Sumitra. – Get down. – What happened?
What happened to Sumitra? – Hey, the patient is on drip.
Move aside. – Sumitra. – Let’s go.
– Someone please make him understand. Shut up.
You couldn’t save my daughter. – How will you save my wife?
– You cannot take her. – Get down.
– You are doing a wrong thing. – Hey, what are you doing?
– Sumitra. – Sumitra.
– Stop. – Move aside.
– What are you doing? – Move aside.
– What are you doing? – Where are you taking her?
– What are you doing? – Listen!
– Listen. – Sumitra.
– Hurry up. Sumitra. – Someone go there and bring
them back. – Yes, madam. Virendra!
Don’t come back, Virendra! Don’t come back! These people have
nothing except rope! Now no one can save your daughter! If she dies, just think
that she died of dengue or TB! Save your wife at least! If your wife stays
here she too will die.. ..on seeing your
daughter’s condition! Go away, Virendra! Hey, stop, Virendra. – Go away!
– Sumitra. Take her to the ambulance. – Please, try to understand.
– Move back. Move back. Go away! – Hurry up. Take her.
– Hurry up. Come on. Sumitra. Hurry up. Hurry up. – Stop. Stop.
– Move back. Move back. Carefully. Lay her down carefully. – Carefully.
– Sumitra. Move back. All of you move back. Virendra, why are you
adding to everybody’s problem? Control yourself.
Your family needs you right now. Virendra, madam is making
all the efforts she can. Can’t you see? What is
the use of getting despaired? The people form TV channels
are waiting outside. Don’t create a scene
in front of everybody. Virendra,
try to understand the point. No, sir. Please leave us alone. If we wait here,
he will die of crying. What will we be left with? – Virendra.
– Please forgive me. Have some courage.
Aren’t we making efforts? – Dear, have you eaten anything?
– No. Get some food for the boy. – Sir, just for one minute..
– What has happened here? – I will tell you. I will tell you.
Let us go inside. Calm down. Wait. Wait. Go. Go. Hey, where are you going? They are from the media.
You all wait here. – I too am from a TV channel.
– Which one? I am from a TV channel.
Why are you bothered? Move back. – Move back.
– How can you stop me? – Move aside.
– Move back. Every year we pay taxes. – How can you stop us from going there?
– No one will move forward. – Can’t you even save a child when the
need arises? – Don’t act too smart. Move back. No one will move forward. Move back. Move back. Madam, we are not general public.
We are reporters. Can you tell us the
progress in this case? Why aren’t you telling the
press about the girl’s condition? Madam, we all want to know whether the
girl is safe or not. Tell us, madam. Madam, the government has made.. ..many strict rules regarding
the maintenance of bore wells.. ..but nobody follows them. Children frequently fall into them. What do you have to say about it? Currently hundreds of
bore wells are lying uncovered. Madam, what action have
you taken in this regard? Why don’t you tell us?
Madam, why are you silent? Madam, you are the
collector of this area. Will you take this case seriously.. ..or will you ignore
it just like other problems? In all these years you have
not been able to make available.. ..proper equipment for rescuing
people trapped in bore wells. – How long will this go on? – Madam,
why are we unable to do anything? How will you rescue a
girl by throwing just a rope? Madam, tell us the truth.
Is the girl alive, or already dead? Please switch off
your mikes and cameras.. ..because I am not giving
an interview or a speech. Whatever I say right
now will be just news for you. On hearing your questions
and looking at your anger.. ..it seems that you want
the landlord to be arrested.. ..and to see that the girl is safe. Which one of you asked is
I will get the landlord arrested? I asked, madam. He will certainly be arrested. And I promise that by evening
Dhanshika will be out of the bore well. But for that you
will have to cooperate. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Okay, madam. Today’s incident
is being watched on TV.. ..by not just only the common man,
but all the MP’s, all the ministers.. ..and maybe even the
president of the country. Had it been a rich person’s
daughter in that bore well.. ..perhaps all of them would
have issued statements by now. But since the girl
belongs to a poor family.. ..why isn’t anybody
concerned about her? The rich-poor divide has
been in existence since millennia. When a rich person is in
trouble it becomes national news. But when a poor villager faces
trouble, no one takes an interest. If a girl gets raped in a big city
it is turned into a national issue. But if a girl is harassed or raped
in a small village it is ignored. Currently the location of a crime
or the victim’s social status.. ..is more important than the crime. Arrest the landlord! Arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest the landlord! Arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest him! – Minister!
– Shame on you! – Minister!
– Shame on you! – Excuse me, ma’am.
– Yes? The MLA has come. – Minister!
– Shame on you! I have reached the location. Bye. – Hello, madam.
– Hello, sir. Madam, I thought you will handle
the operation from your office.. ..but you are here at the location. Madam, I had informed everybody. – Minister!
– Shame on you! Madam, just a second. You told the press that
you will arrest the landlord. It is good.
But now you will keep quiet, madam. I will explain to the public.
Just don’t compel the DSP. Do you get my point? I am MLA due to his help only. You cannot arrest a
member of the ruling party. So be careful, madam. I was told that the girl’s
father is a worker of your party. – Minister!
– Shame on you! – Minister!
– Shame on you! – Minister!
– Shame on you! – Minister!
– Shame on you!` – Sir.
– Yes. Tell me. Is that woman mad? Is she going to
show me an attitude? Hey, she is not like any
other common government officer. She is straightforward.
Tell her to talk to me. Okay, fine. Madam, the minister is on the line. Sir. – Listen.
– Yes, sir, tell me. You should neither interfere in
this matter, nor arrest the landlord. Sir? Hello. Hello. He terminated the call
before I could say anything. Go and tell the minister that by
this evening I will get him arrested. You are challenging MLA
about arresting the landlord? It would have been better.. ..if instead of wasting
time in consoling the public.. ..you had used that time
in convincing MLA and the minister. It is your duty
to serve the minister. And it is the duty
of the MLA and ministers.. ..to serve the public
which elects them. But these politicians have
turned democracy into a joke. No matter how much
wrong a politician does.. ..or how many lies he tells,
but the public worships him.. ..while they have no respect
for officers like you.. ..who think of their welfare. But we can’t ignore them. You talked to a police
officer in the manner.. ..of a revolutionary leader asking
pinpointed questions on mike. Do you want to hear it? Listen to this. ‘They are the public. Unorganised.’ ‘So will the police
too behave like them?’ ‘Isn’t it your duty to ask
why they are acting like this?’ ‘Tell me.’ Madam, you had water to
be supplied to the villagers. They were supplied water.
They want to thank you. ‘Madam, you have
fulfilled your promise.’ ‘We are very grateful to you.’ ‘May God grant you a long life.’ ‘We will never forget your favour.’ ‘May you always be happy.’ – Hey, do come forward.
– If the girl doesn’t survive.. ..I will bury alive all
of you in this very land, got it? Don’t talk nonsense. – Let us do our work.
– Move back. Hey, are you threatening me? – You don’t know me.
– Move back. I will deal with each of you! – None of you will be spared is the
villagers get angry. – Go away. Go. – Go away.
– They are getting more agitated. We must drive them away. Sir they won’t leave easily.
We will have to create a cause.. ..so that we can
remove them forcibly. Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! Move away. Hit them. Hit them! Hit them! Hit them! What is going on? Madam, the villagers
are pelting stones at us. They are the public and unorganised.
Are you going to behave like this? After all why they are doing this?
Try to find that out. Is this how you handle
such a critical situation? Stop this right now. Madam, the villagers
are illiterate and ignorant. They are not going
to listen to reason. – I will talk to them personally.
– Madam, please don’t go. I will send Dhanpal.
He will explain to them. We don’t have that much time.
I will talk to them. Madam, they don’t deserve
an explanation from you. They don’t behave with respect. After all why would
they respect us? Do you want them to fear us? Has any of your senior
ever treated you with respect? Have you ever shown
attitude before them? To earn respect you
need to show respect first. Who is there? There is no need to be scared.
Please come out. I have come to talk to you only. Oh, she is collector madam. Greetings, madam. Why did the police
throw stones at you? The police did all that at
the behest of the landlord and MLA. How long will this go on? I will take strict action against
the police officer who did this.. ..but you too will
have to maintain peace. Will you get the landlord arrested? The landlord will be arrested. If you all cooperate,
the MLA will also be arrested. Madam, both these
things will never happen. You are making tall claims here. They are very influential.
You won’t be able to do anything. Last month there was
a very big party at his home. Hugh ranking officers
had attended it. All of them enjoyed the party. They had a very big feast. Now tell me,
madam, can anybody arrest him? Last month that bore well
was ordered to be covered. No one covered it. A cow fell down. It broke its leg. None of them have
anything called mercy. They came with a rope. Madam, tell us, can she be
rescued with the help of a rope? You mean to say that you will save
that girl and arrest the landlord. We know that you are
making false promises. Madam, please leave
us to our fates. Madam, water. Madam, was the water
as sweet as coconut water? We have been drinking
this water only. The old and the young,
all are being forced to drink.. ..this dirty water
since many years. More than half the illnesses
are caused due to this water only. Madam, please save
the girl somehow. God has sent you for us. We will worship you all our lives. Despite knowing that you
won’t be able to save her.. ..you still kept on trying? It gave the public a false hope. You could have driven
them away by using force. Why did you waste
time in pleasing them? Is there any option remaining
for saving the girl? Madam, there is a way. There is an officer who has created
a robot for this type of situation. Why didn’t you tell
this to me earlier? After great difficulty we found
his number but it is not reachable. If you permit shall
we try to trace his address? – Try to meet him. – Madam, he is
the resident of a village in the east. We have already
sent VAO to his house. Find him and bring
him here immediately. – I want him under any circumstances.
– Okay, madam. – Hello.
– Maharajan. Captain G. Maharajan. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon, ma’am. – Please come.
– Yes, ma’am. A girl has been trapped
in the bore well. We have tried all options
but we are unable to do anything. Now tell me what you can do. The girl is still alive. Please try
to bring her out as soon as possible. Do you know of any
way to bring her out? I can understand.
I am an indication engineer. The soil in this area has turned
into thin mud due to moisture. There is the risk of the
soil sliding down if we dig. Instead, we will dig a 40 feet deep
pit parallel to the bore well.. ..and we will connect
it to the bore well. A member of my rescue
team will enter the tunnel.. ..and bring the girl
to the pit we have dug. Are you sure about it? I think after that
there should be no problem. Okay. Make it quick then. Go ahead. – Carry on.
– Sure, ma’am. Remove everybody from this place. – Yes, sir.
– I want this place clear. – Even one person should not remain.
– Okay, sir. Remove them. Make everyone move. Come on.
Move. To that side. To that side. – Clear the entire area. Hurry up.
– Move. Move. – Come on. Move from here.
– Go away. I want clear space. Stop. Stop it. Stop it. The ground has developed a crack. – I can’t hear you.
– Stop. Stop immediately. Come out immediately. Stop digging. Come out right now! We are coming outside. Come on.
Come on. Hurry up! Come out! – Please, madam. Please, come on.
– Leave me. – My daughter!
– My daughter! – Let us go in.
– Please. – My daughter!
– Let us go. My daughter! What is going on? What happened? Ma’am, there is a crack
leading towards the child. If the crack increases further,
we will all be in real danger. The faster we evacuate,
the better it will be for us. But we are in the middle
of the process. How can we lose it? Ma’am, there is no time to panic. We
have to stop the process immediately. – We are just waiting for your
permission. – But what about the child? Ma’am, there is no choice. For just one life,
we can’t lose many other lives. No, I can’t. For safety,
we can take the other workers out.. ..but I will not stop
this child’s rescue operation. Ma’am, I was just
addressing the problems. Please don’t misunderstand me. Okay. Do whatever you have to do,
but we cannot stop this. This has to continue. Sure, ma’am. Natural Disaster Rescue Force
stopped its mission of rescuing.. ..the girl trapped in a
bore well when a crack developed.. ..in the surface of the
ground while digging a tunnel.. ..towards the girl
at the depth of 40 feet. Today a rocket was launched
about 25 kilometres away.. ..from a tiny village where
a girl is trapped in a bore well. 800 crore rupees were
spent for launching the rocket. Only time will tell if
this will benefit the world. But only a few thousand
rupees are required.. ..for rescuing a girl
trapped in a bore well. Why are we falling behind in it? A student has created a
robot for such rescue operations.. ..which required just
30,000 rupees to make it. Can’t we spend even
this amount to save a girl? Well, mainly the rural people
will benefit from this invention. But an investor doesn’t
get the expected returns.. ..by investing in such projects. Obviously, this becomes a totally
useless project for a businessman. These rural people
don’t have the glamour.. ..which a film star
or a cricketer has. The government and the
media should encourage.. ..in a big way
such talented people. They should make role models
which would encourage them. It is our duty to spread
awareness among the public.. ..about such inventions and
tell people about their benefits.. ..so that such incidents
don’t take place. And we will have to do
all this with a joint effort. Do you know that the speed
of a rocket built by man.. ..is about 7
kilometres per second.. ..which is more than
the velocity of sound? But efforts have been going on
since many hours to rescue Dhanshika.. ..the girl trapped in
a 96 feet deep bore well.. ..but till now there
has been no ray of hope. But we do have the
latest technology.. ..to extract methane
or hydrocarbons.. ..from the depth of several
hundred metres under the ground. But till date the government
has not been able to devise.. ..the technology to
bring out a human being.. ..from the depth of just 96 feet. There is no lack of
talent in our country. But perhaps foreign countries
are taking more advantage of it. I am asking a direct question. Don’t we have any other option? It may take Manikundan
many hours to reach this place. It might be late night. Can’t we make one
more effort till then? Madam, it is not that
we don’t want to make efforts. Madam, we have tried
all the possible solutions. The truth is that we cannot
do anything beyond this. We wouldn’t sit idle
if we could do something. Madam, we would have risked
our lives to rescue this girl.. ..was trapped in some other
place instead of a bore well. After all, the government
pays us to do our duty. I have got an idea. Why not lower a child tied
with ropes to pull out Dhanshika? Machines are not living
things but a child is. I understand your point. But we can try it out
by taking safety precautions. You are right but whom can we send? I have already thought about it. If we take precautions and proceed,
both children can be safe. We should always think positive. The life of the girl trapped in the
bore well was already in danger. And the villagers were anyway
angry with the administration. And in this situation you were thinking
of risking one more child’s life. That is why the MLA asked
you to change your decision. But you ignored his suggestion. The landlord said that
very soon the efforts.. ..to rescue Dhanshika
will start once more.. ..although it is not clear how
he will go ahead with this mission. But in the meantime,
at the place of this incident.. ..the situation has
turned very dangerous. The girl’s life is
in danger constantly. For the time being, Balkrishna,
the landlord has been arrested. Hey, get out.
I don’t want anybody in here. Get out. Do you need to be told separately?
You too get out. – Sir, I am working here.
– You have done enough work. Madam, are you dreaming
of becoming a leader overnight.. ..by saving someone’s life? Why all this drama? What will people say if a girl
falls into a bore well and dies? She died. But if one more person
dies it will be murder. That will be the breaking news
on every channel tomorrow morning. This is my area.
Will I be able to answer.. ..when a question is raised
in this regard in the parliament? The reporters waiting
with the cameras.. ..will put me in
the dock and not you. Doctor, come here. Come here. In your opinion how
longer she can stay alive? Don’t misunderstand me. You must have witnessed
such deaths earlier also. Sir, in this situation she
could have died much earlier.. ..but it is amazing
that she is still breathing. How long will she keep breathing? Isn’t she going to die in the end? Collector madam is staring
as if I am going to kill her. Hey, listen. Come here. Is there any other
way remaining to save her? – There is only one way.
– What is that? I will keep trying
as long as she is alive. Now tell me what should I do? Should I keep watching
a small girl dying? Just like you,
should I turn my gaze away? Will you be able to sleep
peacefully after her death? People are hoping that
I will save that girl. Is it a crime to keep
someone’s hopes alive? Whether thinks good
or bad about me.. ..but I will make honest efforts. I will try my lever
best to save her. Only if I let you do it. This is my problem.
I will reply if the girl dies. Our government will
give compensation to them. My party will give money to them. I will give money. We will wipe their
tears with money. What else does a poor person want? There is no greater balm than cash. Listen and understand
what I am saying. Keep up the pretense
of trying to rescue her. After taking her to the hospital
we will declare her brought dead. Do you understand? Hey, Bhupati,
keep 5 lakh cash ready tonight.. ..as compensation for her death. She is going to die. Only two people run our country. The leaders and the officers. The public approaches us
to find a solution to its problem. But it votes these people and
hand over all the powers to them. This issue is not
just about this girl.. ..but in fact it is about the trust
of the people who voted for them. It hurts very much when such
leaders look down on these people. Right now there are two
different faces of this country. One is Rocket India,
and the other is Bore Well India. Rocket India is the
symbol of progress.. ..and Bore Well India
represents poor India. So tell us out of the two, which
one is the real face of India? First of all we will
have to clarify the purpose.. ..behind launching the rocket. Then only its importance
can be understood. The mission is to locate
potential mines in the land, and.. You mean there are minerals. The purpose is to look for
minerals, and apart from that.. ..to locate potential
nines of metals. India has not been able to fully
explore her mineral resources.. ..unlike other developed countries. Water resources have also
not been utilised properly. Rocket is a scientific
success for us. It is the government’s
job to turn this success.. ..into people’s victory
in the real sense. This achievement presents
an image of development.. ..in a specific
area of our country. But on the other hand,
a very large part of India.. ..not only the
Government of India.. ..but in fact the people
living in India’s developed parts.. ..also don’t pay
attention to these things. And everybody ignores them. Father, won’t you save me? Dhanshika. Dhanshika. Why there is no video?
Check the monitor. Dhanshika. Dhanshika. Dhanshika. What’s wrong? Check immediately. Dhanshika. She has departed. She has departed. I am not able to see anything. Nothing has happened. Calm down. No, I am not able to see the child. – Bring water.
– My daughter. Calm down. Madam Madam, there is no problem there. There is no problem there.
The problem is with the camera. Nothing has happened. Calm down. Madam. Madam, it is working.
It’s working. – Dhanshika.
– Calm down. Nothing has happened. Dhanshika, can you hear me? Nothing will happen
to your daughter. She is fine. She is fine.
Don’t get nervous. Please. Nothing will happen
to your daughter. Are you listening? Nothing
will happen to your daughter. Water. Water. Quickly get water. Throw some water on the girl.
Quickly. Nothing will happen
to your daughter. Have courage.
Have courage. Nothing will happen. My daughter has died.
Dhanshika has died. – Hello. – ‘Madam, is it true
that the girl is dead?’ ‘Tell us, madam.’ Virendra! My daughter. No. My daughter. I want to go to my daughter. My daughter. My daughter. My daughter. My daughter. Let go of me.
I want to go to my daughter. – Please don’t go in there.
– Let go of me. – Let go of me.
– Please try to understand. Nothing will happen to her.
Believe me. We will save her. Let me go to my daughter. If you behave like this
your daughter will get scared. If you become nervous
how will we work? Let me go to my daughter! Madam, she is alive.
We heard her voice. Dhanshika is alive, ma’am.
She is breathing. Bring the crane down.
I want to see from the top. Hurry up. Raise it. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. Madam, Dhanshika is alive.
You can see if you want. Come fast, madam. Tell her parents.
Go quickly and tell them. Move away everybody
from down there. My daughter. My daughter. Everybody calm down!
The girl is alive! Everybody come out
and check yourself! – Did you listen?
– My daughter is alive. Sumitra! Sumitra,
our daughter is alive. Sumitra! My daughter. My daughter. Dhanshika is alive, Virendra. – We are ready, madam.
– Do what I said. Let us go.
Let us go. Let us go. Hurry. Madam, it will not
be safe for him to go. Stop them from going there.
Please do something. The landlord was the one
who kept the bore well open. Were we able to stop him? So what do you expect
from these people? We are going to save our child. Why do we have to convince
these people about everything? Did you have th guts
to say anything to him? No one is supporting me.
How much can I do single-handedly? If we can’t save that girl today,
we won’t be show our faces.. ..for the rest of our lives. Please, madam. Don’t say so. Madam, at least
you should not say so. Madam, I don’t care about my life,
but I won’t be able.. ..to live even for a
moment without my children. Hey, why are you getting despaired? Aren’t we there? Aren’t we there? Don’t you see madam?
Has she despaired? Dhanshika also is confident
that we will save her. So why are you getting despaired? Does one lose courage so easily? Whether someone helps us or not,
but we will save our child. – Everybody come with me.
– We will bring her out. On our own. In future we
won’t let any minister come here. – You are the real culprits.
– Don’t speak nonsense. – You rule the country.
– Let us do our work. You are responsible for all this. – Let us do our work.
– Keep quiet. You have turned
our lives into hell. Let us go.
We don’t care what happens. Do you know how wrong
your decision was? You put two children’s
lives at risk. You alone are responsible for that.
Do you understand that? Do you know what you have done?
You are anti-government. O God, please help.
Please protect our child. The child must remain safe. – O God, please save Dhanshika.
– Carefully. – O God.
– Carefully. Carefully. – Slowly. Slowly.
– Carefully. Carefully. Please go back. – Slowly.
– Carefully. – No one will make any sound.
– Yes, yes. Father! Father,
I am feeling very scared! I can’t breathe, father! Please pull me up, father! Father, I am feeling very scared. Pull me up! Pull me up! Father, I am feeling very scared. Hurry up, father! Father, please quickly pull me up! My son. I hope nothing
happens to him. Pull. Pull quickly. Bring him out. – Pull.
– Bring him out. Please pull faster. Nothing should happen to my son. Father. Father. Father. What else could I have done?
Sir, we had neither equipment.. ..not any other option available. In this situation I couldn’t have
looked at it from an officer’s viewpoint. Sir, at that time as a common citizen,
I did what I felt was right. The boy we send down
is a very good swimmer.. ..and sir, he can control
his breath for a long time. Thinking about that
we all took that step. Carefully. Carefully. Son. Son. Mantu! Mantu! – Mantu, wake up.
– Bring water. – Son, open your eyes.
– Mantu. Son, open your eyes. Son. – Water.
– Move aside. – Water.
– Drink water. – Son!
– Water. He is okay. He is okay. Madam, the boy’s
pulse rate is slow. I am afraid the MLA’s
words my come true. The boy’s body as well
as heart are already weak. Was this a wrong decision? Will the parents be able to stay
alive after seeing their child die? You see these people losing. But I see them fighting courageously
against adverse situation. They are going to win today. I see courage in them. Help them if you have a heart. But not as a doctor,
but in fact as a human being. We are not government
officers right now. To be honest,
these people made me realise.. ..that anything is
possible with courage. Let me tell you an ordinary
woman is standing before you.. ..and not the collector. But after becoming
collector I realised.. ..how difficult it is to remain an
ordinary person while being in power. I will forget about my position
and become an ordinary person.. ..and put in my best
efforts to save Dhanshika. I won’t listen,
no matter what anybody says. Mantu, you are the only
one who can save Dhanshika. You are scared of the dark, right? You couldn’t stay in the
dark even for a few minutes. Just think. The whole day
your sister has been in the dark. And only you can bring
her out of that darkness. Mantu, you will create
history by saving Dhanshika. In this country whenever someone
meets with such an accident.. ..and similar rescue
missions are undertaken.. ..you will set an example for them. That is why I am telling you.
Save your sister. Mantu, today you won’t
save just your sister.. ..but in fact your success
will expose before everybody.. ..the failure of
science in our country. You don’t have much
time to save her. I know that descending
in the depth of the earth.. ..is more difficult
than going to the moon. I also know that you
will be able to do it. Go. – Madam, my son will go.
– No, no, send my son. – No, no, my son will save her.
– My son, madam. – No, I will send my son.
– No, my son will go. – My son will go.
– My son will go. – My son will go.
– My son will go. I will bring out my sister. Looks like he has reached there. Ask him. Is he near Dhanshika? Are you near her? Mantu! Mantu, answer me! Tell us are you near her? Come on, pull him up. Pull. – Pull. Pull. – Father,
pull me up. I am holding her. – Carefully.
– Pull up. Pull up. – Dhanshika!
– Nothing should happened to them. My daughter. – Carefully. Carefully.
– Slowly. Slowly. – Pull.
– Pull quickly. – Pull. Pull.
– Pull. Oh, God. Hey! Dhanshika.
Mantu brought her out! – Dhanshika!
– Dhanshika, my child! – My child.
– My child. – My daughter is alive.
– My child. Be thankful that
the girl was saved. If your decision
had proved to be wrong.. ..it would have created
a very big problem for us. Do you understand the implication
of what you have caused? Don’t take me in the wrong way.. ..because I am answerable
to higher authorities. Personally I have
no problem with you. Madhavi, why don’t
you talk to the minister? Sir, it is not my duty
to convince politicians. In fact it is to serve the people. Democracy is not merely
a form of government. It is essentially an attitude
of respect and reverence.. ..towards your fellow men. Law books taught me this thing. This is applicable not just to me but
to each and every citizen of India. Madhavi, listen to me. No matter what happens,
but do not resign from your post. So should I become a
slave and work for others? Sir, we work hard day and night.. ..and with many dreams
pass civil exams.. ..so that we can serve the
people and do something for them. But it doesn’t happen, sir. But out hands get tied because
of these corrupt politicians.. ..and we are unable
to use our authority. If my education and
my post is of no use to me.. ..and I am forced to
do someone else’s bidding.. ..what is the use of
remaining on that post? The one and only mission
of my life is to serve the people. My post has become a wall for
me which separated me from people. Therefore I am resigning. But out hands get tied because
of these corrupt politicians. Madam, please save
the girl somehow. God has sent you for us.
We will worship you all our lives. Are you dreaming of becoming
a leader overnight.. ..by saving someone’s life? He is begging to his daughter. Dear, please do something
for us or else all of us will die. Please do something for us. I, Madhavi, vow that from now on
I will become an ordinary person.. ..and be just towards everyone. I will serve people with
true passion and hard work.

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