TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

-[Dani] Two days ago I had this nice, simple life. And now it’s a nightmare. Who are you? My name is Sarah Connor. I’ve never seen one like you before. [Sarah] Almost human. [Grace] I am human. Why do you care what happens to her? [Sarah] Because I was her. How do we win? We win- [Grace] -by keeping you alive.

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  1. No shit sherlock How is that even possible that All of these comments about the terminator 6 is hate or mean and when you look at that like it is 220k wtf

  2. Before to drop your fucking negative comments about a movie you even haven't saw yet…You have to think about a couple of things. If you liked T1, T2 (or even the terrible T3) you can't be so misogynist since there were always be a woman as protagonist of this franchise (Sara Connor) or even as Terminator (the T-X in T3). You're disgusting… and then… I bet you liked Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman or Tomb Raider…

  3. This is supposed to pick up from where T2 left off. From what I can see in the trailers, not even close. They need to imagine it is the early 90s, not produce a movie to satisfy social justice warriors and liberals with characters that aren't even remotely terrifying. Terminators are supposed to be badass!!!

  4. Is this taking place somewhere in Mexico? Why does the terminator look like an illegal alien? Or is this PC crap?

  5. People shut the hell up and stop hating on this film, genesys was awesome,and this is awesome too.the fact that they are still making these movies is great.

  6. It’s basically a remake of Terminator Salvation,w ith the exception that 2 original cast members will be back.

  7. Arnold is the legend, but I always wondering why don't skynet send 1000 advanced killer bots there at 1 time?

    Then Arnold works with the whole US army to fight them back…

    The next serie should be called: TERMINATOR – Union Day

  8. Terminater 6 where is my skinny jean and boys haircut. terminater 1 where my boomstick and black leather jacket .

  9. A word from Mark Collett on the state of present-day Hollywood: https://youtu.be/rzVPk3bJ8KI

  10. You know – Arnold and all other guys are good for nostalgia, but that's about it. The first Terminator was popular, not only because it has some sci fi in it, but Arnold actually looked and acted like an unstopable machine with minimum words and mimics (as robot should) – he went through anything without any remorse with ease to kill his target, now Arnold looks like (and is) an old man, and Connor story played itself years ago.

    Do something new and simple – cast someone like Brock Lesnar in Terminator role, he is a freak of nature, he is legit UFC champ, so when he presented as an even more invincibe robot, you will accept him in unstopable machine role. Tweak the story – Conor shouldn't be the main target any longer, go for some guy who will make a weapon that will one day destroy Skynet's core – do not cast some teenager guys in this role, your target audience is more mature, probably going with someone beautifull woman who CAN play good will be the best choice. Accept that Terminator shouldn't risk himself just for fun, but will go against anything if it NEEDED. Do not give him protector from the future, maybe a message only will be enough, so it is today's soldiers against the machine of the future, and do not make it USA patriotic, this is not about the country – it's about the future vs today.

  11. They are much modern than islamic ppl …they can see them selves how old they have been but still they belv on God or not?

  12. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Series is the best continuation after Terminator 2. Dailymotion.com has most of the episodes free if you want to watch it.

  13. " Somebody the other day asked whether or not I think Hollywood would make an all-female reboot of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street? "

  14. 1984: Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor found love
    1991: John Connor and terminator found love
    2019 : I want to go to the theater to found love again

  15. My simple plot for Terminator Dark fate:

    It's the middle of the war between humans and machines. Arnold is just a human ex-marine that is living his end of days through the rubble but Terminators are on to him to extract his DNA and create the T-800. (We don't take T3 in consideration)
    He is old, he is tired, and he tries to hide. He is devastated once he learns the story that some Terminators from the past looked like him, from his new retired cop friend played by an old Robert Patrick. It's just a matter of time 'till a terminator finds them. Once they are found they try to fight off a bulky non-skinned Terminator guerilla war style. They know that they cannot win. After a while they both get caught and get cloned. Patrick dies honorable death in order to free up Arnold. At the end, Arnold finds the resistance leader, John Connor (Edward Furlong) they form a bond because John feels he already knows Arnie and looks to him as an old father figure. They agree to send a T2 into the past to make sure a young John is protected. As a redemptive way Arnold proposes that they create the type of Terminator that can learn and understand human emotions and that could teach John to be a man and a leader, Arnold sacrifices himself like a hero and uploads a part of his consciousness onto the T-800 chip that is only activated when needed (by Sarah in the T2). This death scene should play as an homage to the death of the T-800 in T2. When the aparatus that sucks the life out of him turnes on with the human Arnie in the main seat, the Terminator theme starts in the background. In order to show the humanity in this installment, the Terminator soundtrack should all be played by an orchestra.
    This could be a blockbuster and movie that could evoke real emotions that could remain a classic for all time, if done correctly.

  16. How does Rev9 skeleton walk around? It has no brain, no hydraulic pistons, and no visible motors of any kind?))))) T800 looked a real robot with all those tubes and motors everywhere

  17. I've been let down by the franchise TOO MUCH! Unless they have a finale for the series involving Arnold defending a little girl from the military and sacrificing himself for (oh wait)…….Then COUNT ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!

  18. Like g eazy said it best: "If you're mad well too bad. Sounds like a personal issue". Y'all getting mad about 3 bitches starring in a movie and calling it feminism. Retards

  19. Honestly, this feels like the studio has looked at the past two Terminator films, taken what works and what could have worked, and made something that has potential. I'll be checking it out.

  20. Imagine Donald Trump as the terminator…

    "I'm here on a HUGE mission folks. Nobody can successfully handle this mission like I can, believe me." (SNIFF) Then I'm going to make skynet pay for the wall, believe me, its gonna be a huge wall. (SNIFF) John connor says that I am a huge asset to his team. Nobody can handle this mission better than I can, believe me." (SNIFF)

  21. 0:41 cant be serious with this unfinished look to the cgi. the effects company failed on this one
    I have a feeling at the end-credit scene, arnold will say: "I'll be black…"

  22. i like how all these middle-aged, older assumedly mostly caucasian republican males are triggered at a simple movie trailer becaus of the FACT that the lead protagonists is a SHORT haired female character w NO MENTION of sexuality or preference & the antagonist is a assumedly of a hispanic origin playing the lead villain 🤦‍♀️ I dont get it… even if the movie flops, how are those the TWO reasons why itll flop ? 🤔

  23. Terminator 1991: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle

    Biker : You forgot to say please.

    Terminator 2019: I need your dress, skinny jeans, bikini , tampon and coupons
    Biker : wut!

  24. What was wrong with the original Björk version of Hunter?

    Also, I have no idea what's going on but it's a terminator film so we're all going to check it out regardless.

  25. God the hate this movie is getting is just hypocritical, the terminator movies allways had some sort of female leads there even have been female terminators. People complained about the later movies not ha ing female leads that trained them self for the role the way hamilton did to look appropriate for the role and now they got a lead character who looks actually fit for the role but people are still complaining, I don't think any of you complaining even watched any of the movies but just hoped into a bandwagon. "Oh it has a female lead so it must bw feminist, THEY RUINED THE FRANCHISE!!! despite it having multiple female leads in the previous movies allready!1!!11"

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