Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Teaser Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Teaser Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

(Dramatic beat) -[Dani] Two days ago I had this nice, simple life. And now it’s a nightmare. (Choir sings) ♪If travel is searching♪ ♪And home has been found♪ ♪I am not stopping♪ (Liquid metal sound) (Choir sings) (Explosion) ♪I’m going hunting♪ (Smash) (Drums) ♪I’m the hunter♪ (Heartbeat) (Gunshots) (Explosion) (High-pitched tone) Who are you? (Music builds) My name is Sarah Connor. I’ve never seen one like you before. [Sarah] Almost human. (Metal clank) (Forceful hits) [Grace] I am human. [Music builds] ♪I’m the hunter♪ Why do you care what happens to her? [Sarah] Because I was her. (Ominous music) (Music builds) (Explosion) (Drums beating) (Airplane whoosh) (Metal scraping) (Roaring flames) (Choir sings) (Train rattle) How do we win? We win- [Grace] -by keeping you alive. (Metal hits) (Liquid metal sound) ♪I’m going hunting♪

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  1. There was only one way to make this movie… Redo T3, but less shitty and with Edward Furlong.

    It's 2019. John Conner is a drunken nobody, living on the edge of society. On the outs with mother. Haven't seen each other in decades. No one believes any of the shit he's seen… Turns out judgment day represents his only meaning in life. When the terminators return, he realizes he can't run from his porpose. The end.

    Not a knock on the other actors, but no one cares about new characters.

    And Gabriel Luna's Rev 9 is fine, but it shoulda fucken been played by Robert Patrick. Just Benjamin Button his face.

  2. Of course the new heroic (good) terminator had to be female! New movies need to have more and more female main characters. Directors & producers are still not getting it: Having plenty of female cast, still isnt replacing well developped & thoughtrough storylines! Here is a good suggestion for everyone who tries to pull political feminism into movies and other artwork: you are reducing your own sales by this especially, when everyone can see that awkwardly forced feminism, affects the quality of a movies story!!!

  3. What the hell is everybody on about. This looks pretty ok to me. There's a female lead, like Terminator 2, Seems like every single character has some kind of story behind them. Arnold seems to have just a minor role and that's a good thing, if you are trying to bring a franchise back. Is seriously the only problem for people that there might be a lesbian in the film? Is that all that takes now to label a film a propaganda of some sorts? Am I missing something?

  4. John: So this other guy/girl? "they're" a terminator like you, right?
    Terminator: Not like me. An lgbT-1000. Advanced proto-dyke.
    John: You mean more advanced than you are?
    Terminator: Yes. A manic polyamorous
    John: What the hell does that mean?
    Terminator: gender fluid.

  5. Im sure this is just a parody and not a real movie directed by a SJW Woke crowd……. Oh wait

    Instead of this movie, they should just show T-2 in theatres at 4k resolution 3d at 60fps…….. would make money again.

  6. Lifeless acting? check
    Cheap looking Terminator CGI shtick? check
    Topical character design based on recent trends? check
    Overly complicated plot that over explains everything as it goes? check
    Complete lack of tension or anticipation? check
    Will wait to torrent for free 2 months later? check check check check

  7. Arnie in Terminator was incredible, the aura of a real, impending threat. As the tag line intimated, he was never going to stop. Although any arnie film is by its very nature awesome, it’s now like how many times can we wheel out an octogenarian and make some dollar from rehashing a franchise

  8. John Connor (MAIN CHARACTER) had to die for the mexinator, Ellen Degeneres-3000, and dora the explorer to be pushed in front and center. No thanks to you killing off our main characters, forcing diversity, forcing PC agendas, and your greedy and unoriginal ideas. NO THANKS. Could have brought Edward Furlong and Michael Bien back too along with a better story/characters but naaaa..let's SUBVERT eXpEcTaTiOnS. FUCK THIS HEAP OF SJW GARBAGE

  9. LGBT1000: GOOD, Strong Empowered Latina Dreamer: GOOD, Border Patrol Terminator: BAD, Border Patrol Agents: BAD, ORANGE MAN: BAD

  10. First there was the ''Toy Story 4''.
    And then there's ''The Lion King''.
    And now this?
    2019 has been living up to the
    ''Year of the Ultimate Throwbacks'' claim!

  11. What happened on genisys? This doesn't look like a continuation it's like timeline smoke some weed and endup being high as fuck! I can at least make some excuses like genisys have some connection and looks like a sequel at T4 at first glance! But this!? It's like genisys never happened!

  12. All women cast what a surprise, this film is going to be bad. It's going to be full and saturated with cgi, Sarah and arnold are how old now? Give it a rest. And most if not all especially the women couldn't even hold or fire a minigun like in t2. It's going to crash and burn. AGAIN! Films was good when they did everything for real and hardly any cgi. And most importantly going all female. It's boring. Stop satisfying the feminists. I'm getting so bored of Hollywood because of it and America in general.

  13. Dykeinator with an illegal t-1000? Sorry but I am not interested in seeing this, I just come for my thumbs down on this PC shitcake they are making.

  14. Would be nice if you could just close the book of Terminator and burn it up already. The first two movies were awesome, the third one was ok. Should have stopped there

  15. At this point, these films are not even meant for the US anymore. As I quote Rammstein, “we’re all living in America”

  16. hahaha.. you guys are all funny and all negative.. I guess we have seen it all.. the graphics and effects of cgi and were not excited anymore just like the old days when technology is just emerging and people are curious and happy about the original movie.. its 2019 and nowadays people want more.. we want new effects never seen before and story that will inspire us and new characters that will rock the movie.. cheers..

  17. – "I am a human, but improved … … my tits have been removed …". I would say that it is even an insult to women who have suffered breast cancer. Anyway, I am clear in life that I will not see her or in VHS.

  18. Why do they fcking show spoilers of the new terminators in the trailer?? Can't they just build curiosity by showing very little so people want to actually watch the movie?

  19. I have watched the horrible movies that came out after T2, I had decided not to see any Terminator movie ever again, but… but… SARAH CONNOR IS BACK! LINDA HAMILTON IS BACK! AND SHE LOOKS BADASS AS HELL. I will watch this movie, please be good… PLEASE! At least make frigging sense! Please!

  20. ok so terminator genesis budget was 155 million dollars and they made 440 million dollars in the box office. for terminator it only cost them 94 million dollars to make the Terminator 2 judgment day movie and where able to make a beautiful T-1000. so why does this new liquid terminator look like they only put 5 million dollars into it? where did the rest of the money go for dark fate?

  21. lots of people hating, the same one that cant sit still while this one drops out ^_^ i know i cant. this looks very good.

  22. Even watching the trailer, makes you think what year are we in, this film makes no sense, a direct sequel to T2, looks like I will avoid this pile of crap, where are the good looking terminators and endo skeletons, clearly none to be found here, just shit CGI, making you think this is how terminator used to be, clearly wasn't

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