Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

♫ Talk. Talk fast. You first. ♫ My name is Sarah Connor. August 29th, 1997 was supposed to be Judgment Day. But I changed the future. Saved three billion lives. Enough of a résumé for you? No. You may have changed the future but you won’t change our fate. ♫ I know you’re scared but I’m here to protect you. Never seen one like you before. Almost human. I am human. Just enhanced. Why do you care what happens to her? Because I was her. ♫ Sarah! (Gunfire) I can see you’re very upset. I’m going to help you protect the girl. (Gunfire) Nobody else is gonna die because of me! If you don’t make it, everybody dies. Expect a big ping, brother. My whole body’s a weapon. (Beeps) Sorry. When this is all over I am going to kill you. I understand. ♫ (Gunfire) ♫ I’ll be back. (Explosion) ♫

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  1. If movies were like fan scripts this franchise would have been legendary…. a new terminator movie would have made 1b+ and would have been hyped . But instead we got such bad movies like Salvation / Genesys and this one . WASTED POTENTIAL . Would have been legendary.

  2. Saw it.

    The good: Ahnold, Sarah Connor, saw the tall girl's nice ass, plenty of face meltin', robot killin' action

    The bad: John Connor has to die because he's white and male so a Mexican woman can take his job, Ahnold bangs a Mexican just like in real life, hearing the fucking Terminator talk about drapes.

    2 1/2 ⭐

  3. Looks cool to me. I want to see it. You complain all the time then they will keep rebooting old movies. Pony up the $$$.

  4. For me Terminator was over after the T2. You can never supersede T2 no matter how hard you try. Hate to see al these sequels cashing in on the T2 popularity.

  5. U want my honesty. I hate this movie, we all just simply time travel all over again and save someone all over again. Why can’t we just have a continuation of Terminator Salvation where Marcus Regenerates his heart comes back to life and helps ends the war with John Connor once and for all. With a plus having scenes of where we see John send his father, the terminator back in time himself.

  6. Too much racism for me. If I want to hear Spanish woman talk all that “white girl” crap. I can just drive into my city. Funny too, they hide it in the subtitles.😏

  7. All us toxic males don't deserve to have movies made for us anymore. Fuck you Hollywood. Can you imagine what would really happen if there was a serious threat to mankind ? From women it would be "off you go boys, we'll keep the home fires burning for you." There'd be no Sarah Connor saving the world for all the LGBTQ crowd. Then the Democrats would be shrieking for some guns to defend themselves with. No you can all fuck off. Hopefully Skynet would waste them first.

  8. I already watched it, the story was great and the action is good but CGI is not. I enjoyed it.
    So its the battle between new AI Terminator comes 2049 (legion) vs T101 Arnold by cyberdyne system.
    If Iron Man was alive he will laugh.

  9. Another "What If?" sequel worth watching for fun, but I don't buy it as a direct sequel to Cameron's T1 and T2. I'll go just to support my fellow professionals. ☕🎥

  10. $120,000,000 loss so far. Why do you keep shitting on fans, and bleeding your woke strong women shit all over everyone? Ellen Ripley is what we want, not some chick with a cock sized clit.

  11. After watching this movie. It's definitely the Best behind T & T2. No question. The Franchise has been already tainted, because so many Terminator movies came out that didn't live up to the expectations from the audience. That's why this movie won't get a fair criticism. But I love it!!!

  12. Guys, I just saw the movie, it’s actually really good. Not PC, just a good movie. If your an actual fan, you’ll like the movie

  13. Terminator 2 is exact remake of Terminator 1 only Arno is good guy in part2
    It was better that Arno in Dark Fate play as Bad Guy as Terminator 1 ..
    For me is Terminator 1 the best movie.

  14. Just watched it – Fabulous! Plenty of Sarah Connor, Arnold, and new character of Grace was Ah-mazing. I loved the storyline (Dani) and the dialogue was superb.

  15. trans-humanist agenda (tick) feminist agenda (tick) youth should reject its ancestors and its civilisation 'no use for the past' for we are a progressive unit (tick) lol it is hilarious to see Hollywood go full blown retard to push its EVIL agenda.

  16. Feminism in short is women piggybacking on men’s invention tailored for men and men only.
    Women “empowerment” but none of the originality. Sounds like feminism always needed a host – men!

  17. After watching Terminator 2 yesterday.. i think i get what purpose of Dark Fate.. and how it play along.. to close end all John Connor's timeline.. we blinded by previous movies.. and think all the same.. but if you follow again T1, T2, and T3 (T6).. it have its own graph..

  18. Horrible movie man, they try to spin out money from legacy terminator,the director was good at Deadpool, what’s happening here man , it’s too crazy.

  19. This movie was ok, not bad nor good, but ok. I rather watch Terminator than any Disney movies. Disney ruined Star War and marvel's.

  20. With all the money this movie lost HOPEFULLY Hollywood is getting the idea people are sick of the girlpower future is woman crap. I know I will not go to another girl power movie. I will keep my money they can keep their PC crap.

  21. i’m apparently the only one in the world who liked this movie, not mentioning half the comment section probably hasn’t even seen it. it’s great, i’ve seen other terminators and this is still one of the best. just cause it has a few diverse characters doesn’t mean the whole movies automatically ruined. the whole theatre had a good time when we saw it, it’s not bad. don’t see it if you don’t want to, but don’t complain if you don’t see it.
    and no, the trailer doesn’t give away the whole movie.

  22. Just came back from watching the movie. 1st time seeing this trailer like I didn't know this trailer existed but my god it ruined so many cool shots from the fiilm.

  23. Terminator: Dark Fate is not a bad movie…. yes it can be better.but it is worth watching 7 and half out of ten!!!

  24. That moment that movie with Christian "get off the fucking set" Bale is no longer the worst thing in the Terminator franchise

  25. The guys Arnold is already very old, and the TERMINATOR is Schwartz for everyone and just for the fact that he is still in this film and for the first two films it’s not necessary to pour HOW TO … what is the SAME TERMINATOR !!!!!! !!! TUN-TUN-TUN-TUDUN !!!!! TUN-TUN-TUN TUDUN !!! TUN-TUN-TUN TUDUN !!!)))))))))

  26. Getting rid of John Conner was the BIGGEST mistake! What were they thinking!!!?! And why Hollywood isn't learning that this force feeding of trying to be more diverse with characters just doesn't work, which there was NO NEED for any ways!! Linda Hamilton is badA$$! Why try more!? The new ones were weak, no one could get behind them enough to care… You've destroyed it.

  27. All these anti-women comments. If T2 came out today, people would be complaining about a strong Sarah Connor being a femi-nazi. 99% of action movies have strong white male leads. God forbid that goes down to 95%

  28. What have you done with this series? This is some feminist gibberish, mush. The characters are childish and weak. Who came up with this? Disgrace.

  29. Ah y'all are so friggin pathetic with your "woke" shyte. I go to a movie to get lost for a couple of hours. Reality will still be there after a couple of hours. Whatever issues you have, for just a couple of hours, I would like to forget. So I do a movie. Others? Rock climb, jump out of a plane, go scuba diving etc. Me? Movies. So I went to a movie that has machines taking over the world we know. Terminators too. Terminators, really? But guess what? When I went, I knew full well what to expect. I expected a lot of special effects. Alot of killing. A franchise that has been done over and o er again, but guess what? I went anyway. I sat through this movie and I friggin forgot the outside world for a bit. I got lost for a bit in this fantasy movie. We saw an older Sarah Conner and even older Arnold and you know what? It was friggin amazing. We saw a slight twist to the usual plot, which I have to admit, took me by surprise. But it didn't matter!! The Twist actually works! The new savior, Mackenzie Davis? Dang she was fearsome! She had the moves and you can bet your last dollar that she was beyond hot. So having to see her for a couple of hours, was an added bonus, and next Lee made it just a tad bit more enjoyable, having to see someone like her, playing such a pivotal role and it didn't hurt that she so easy on the eyes!! Yeah, I friggin loved this movie. Everyone that was in the theater, judging by the shouts and oooohs and aahhhha's and the clapping at the end of the movie, enjoyed it too. You want a "story?" A movie that will garner all that attention and be nominated for 50 Oscars? Then by all means GO SEE IT. DON'T come I here expecting that. Come see it, if you just wanna see a totally enjoyable, bad ass movie, that gets you to separate from life for just a couple of movie. Loved it. Y'all? Well, you have right to Express your opinions too, but understand that you're just a bunch of pretentious wankers!!!

  30. I love how most of thr other terminators have built im bombs guns etc while arnold just brings a gun of knowhere and kicks some ass

  31. Everyone defending this movie should just shut the hell up and go watch a transformers movie or marvel because if you liked this garbage movie then you only do because it had jokes in it and cool action and thats all you guys give a shit about. Its the new generation.

    But T1 and t2 were more than just that, those movies had a great story and characters you actually gave a damn about and way better effects in it than this stupid cgi fest of a movie.

  32. Now that this turd turkey is officially a flop (who didn’t see that a mile away) I’m guessing they will be soft rebooting the series again, ignoring all movies (including this one) except for the first 2. Or Maybe the idiots can take a hint and quit trying to revive this franchise.

  33. How is it that the T-800 has aged? I understand it’s supposed to be a robot covered with an artificial skin and all that, but how is that he looks 20 years older than he did in T2 and even T3?

  34. It’s just suppose to be a terminator movie having the t-800 model in it was a classic touch. I respect it because basically any badass can be the next Terminator mofos!
    The chicks were hot and it was a good story.
    Clearly the end; I hope not

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