Terminator: Resistance – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Terminator: Resistance – Announcement Trailer | PS4

Here they come! Take cover! Having fun yet, Rivers? Through here.
Come on! Jacob, get up. Jacob Rivers,
marked for termination. Are you all right, Jacob? We intercepted some interesting data. It turns out you’re part of a prestigious group, a group of people that
Skynet marked for termination. You need to find a way to get out of there. I want you to take a team of my soldiers and
fight your way to Skynet’s Defense Grid. Watch out! More of them up here! It has to end tonight.

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  1. Please dont be a game on rails. Google says its gonna have multiplayer so that gives me some vague hope that it not just coop rails. Also the trailer shows aiming down crosshairs with is a goodish sign😅

  2. Just one more million in budget, and I'd buy this.
    It looks like they're doing the best with what they've got. But it's just barely enough for me.

  3. Always been a terminator fan. Imma buy it, last terminator 3 game wasnt so bad I enjoyed it, definitely have to check it out,

  4. The graphics looks like a mobile game 😟😕😐😑😬 Plus this was probably the most cheesiest trailer I’ve seen in 2019. This is disappointing to say the least 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. I am ecstatic there will be a new terminator game, but worried it was made from the makers of Rambo: The Videogame. I cannot wait for some actual gameplay and not just all this cinematic fluff that can easily mask a horrible game in the background. Binary Domain (XB360) from Sega was an excellent Terminator-like game that lets you shoot at robotos & half-dead robots that would claw their way to kill you…too bad it was not just rebranded as a Terminator game as it would have been kick azz.

  6. Another failed terminator game… why not devote longer time like 5 years… n make agood game…1 the graphics looks like u just had the ps4 yesterday. N 2 in 1 video of 2m I saw the same big robot 5 times. Rocket 3 times… like the only thing worth buying this game for is for the original beat music…. I'll wait till June n itll be free on playstation plus

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